MindSweep 2017–Bangalore Results

The quiz was attempted by 49 takers. Given below is a list of the top ten finishes in the city.

  1. Thejaswi Udupa–114
  2. Anustup Datta–100
  3. Santosh J Swaminathan–97
  4. Chandrakant Nair–90
  5. Arun Hiregange–87
  6. Avinash Thirumalai–72
  7. Achyuth Sanjay–72
  8. Suresh R–68
  9. Praveen VR–64
  10. Preyoshi Ganguly–63

Preyoshi also takes the Women’s title in Bangalore. Hrishi Uncle has the coupons for best school and college finishers. These winners are requested to collect their prizes from him at ASKQANCE 2017.  The consolidated rankings are put up elsewhere on this site.