Results of Open quizzes held on February 25th, 2018

Here are the results of the three specialist quizzes held at KQA today.

1 – The Africa Quiz, by Hrishikesh Varma and Vivek Karthikeyan (the former to be fair was torn between hosting and trolling VR)

I – Ashwin Kumar, Thejaswi Udupa – 215 points
II – Praveen VR, Avinash Thirumalai – 145 points
III – Anush Iyer, Arun Prasad – 90 points

2 – Yell Iruve, by Siddharth Pai and Jayadev Bhaskaran, hosted with poise under fire by Nagaratna Patil

I – Avinash Thirumalai, Maitrey Deshpande – 86 points
II – Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR – 67 points
III – Ashwin Kumar, Thejaswi Udupa – 57 points

3 – Tech That, by Yagneshwaran H and Venkatesh S

I – Mitesh Agarwal, Santosh Swaminathan, Ashwin Kumar, Thejaswi Udupa – 205 points
II – Anush Iyer, Mukunth Raghavan, Arun Prasad, Rishiraj S – 157 points
III – Shafeek MK, Tanmay Prusty, Ajay Parasuraman, Saahil Sharma – 140 points

Congratulations to all the winners.