XXXVI Canara Union Lone Wolf on Sunday, August 26, 2018

KQA rises again from its post-Askqance stupor and will shake off its hibernation sickness with the 36th edition of the legendary Canara Union Lone Wolf quiz on 26th August (Sunday).

QM Navin Rajaram will put solo participants through their paces in this general quiz.

It will start at 10 AM on Sunday, 26th August.

The venue is the Canara Union in Malleswaram. (Location:

It is a prelims/finals open general quiz for solo participants.

Note 1: The venue is NOT Ujjivan in Koramangala. Also, the pin on Facebook is not accurate – please use the Google pin for navigation.

Note 2: The KQA yearbook for 2017-18 – launched in July 2018 – will be available at the venue at ₹500/copy.

A limited number will be brought to the venue – if you’re interested in purchasing a copy, please message 9902444486 to ensure availability of your copy.

Please call 8884125047 in case you have trouble finding the place.

Results of quizzes held on May 27, June 10 and WQC Bangalore

Here are the results of the Bangalore leg of the World Quizzing Championship held on June 2

Overall winners

I – Ashwin Kumar – 105 (113–8)
II – Arul Mani – 103 (111–8)
III – Thejaswi Udupa – 102 (112–10)
IV – Debashree Mitra – 100 (109–9)
V – Arun Hiregange – 95 (103–8)
VI – Santosh Swaminathan – 91 (101–10)
VII – Varun Rajiv – 89 (96–7)
VIII – Rajagopal PS – 83 (92–9)

Category Winners

Culture – Ashwin Kumar, Arul Mani
Entertainment – Arun Hiregange
History – Arul Mani, Debashree Mitra
Media – Varun Rajiv
Lifestyle – Arul Mani
Science – Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange
Sports – Arun Hiregange
World – Ashwin Kumar, Thejaswi Udupa

Congratulations to all the top scorers!

Here are the results of quizzes held on May 27.

Comikaze, the KQA Comics Quiz
QMs: Debanjan Bose and Siddharth Pai

I – Varun Rajiv and Ashwin Kumar – 26 points
II – Santosh Swaminathan and Thejaswi Udupa – 24.5 points
III – Sohan Maheshwar and Gautam Shenoy – 23.5 points

The Abominable Open Quiz, a quiz on the Himalayas
QM: Ashwin Kumar

I – Thejaswi Udupa – 30 points
II – Sachin Deshpande and Debanjan Bose – 29.5 points
III – Varun Rajiv and Santosh Swaminathan – 24 points

The May Open Quiz
QMs: Rajagopal PS and Arun Ramana than

I – Varun Rajiv, Ashwin Kumar, Santosh Swaminathan – 130 points
II – EM Bhargava, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Ajay Parasuraman, Atul Mathew – 95 points
III – Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Ochintya Sharma – 45 points

Congratulations to all the winners.

Results of quizzes held on June 10:

After nearly 300 questions spread over three quizzing days across the season, Chandrakant Nair gets crowned as the new Solus Rex champion, getting his nose ahead of Ashwin Kumar in his breakthrough year. Boy wonder Preetham Upadhya comes third. Here are the scores.

I – Chandrakant Nair – 296 points
II – Ashwin Kumar – 291 points
III – Preetham Upadhya – 247 points
IV – Manu Sudhakar – 220 points
V – Santosh Swaminathan – 205 points
VI – Debashree Mitra – 183 points
VII – Varun Rajiv – 155 points
VIII – Keshav Atreya – 150 points

Results of Artefacts Quiz conducted by Vivek Karthikeyan:

I – Navin Rajaram and Manu Sudhakar – 34 points

II : Avinash T and Praveen VR (and) Venky Srinivasan and Tanmay Prusty – 28 (Tie)

Results of History Quiz by Urmila:

I – SRS, Debashree, Ajay Parasuraman, Tanmay Prusty

II – SJC Quizzers (Arul, Nagaratna, Avinash, Prithwiraj)

III- Anush, Nishant, Maitrey Pranav R

Congratulations to all the winners!

AsKQAnce 2018 – Schedule

AsKQAnce 2018, KQA’s annual quiz fest – the Woodstock of quizzing (it’s fun?), the Burj Khalifa of buildings (it’s big?), the Pacific of oceans (it’ll be peaceful?), the Silk Board of traffic jams (lots of people?), the Manoj Prabhakar of 90s all-rounders (er… what?), the Tesla Model 3 of heightened expectations (maybe not), the original iPhone launch event of #hype (please stop), the… uh, Thejaswi Udupa of Twitter (…) – is just one month away!

Here’s the final schedule:

Friday, June 29th

1030 AM: MahaMahaquizzer

A showdown between the Top 16 (well, #17 and #18 made it after some dropouts) of Mahaquizzer 2017.

QMs: Avinash Thirumalai, Movin Miranda, Sai Ganesh, Sreyashi Dastidar.

230 PM: MegaWhats (semi finals and finals)

For the 16 qualifiers from MegaWhats 2018.

QMs: Mitesh Agarwal, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Vivek Karthikeyan.

Saturday, June 30th

10 AM: Y Tu MoMA Tambien 

An open quiz on the Arts, for teams of 4.

QMs: Lakshana Kripash, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen Kumar VR, Hrishikesh Varma

3 PM: Son of Lumiere 

An open quiz on Movies, for teams of 4.

QMs: Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa, Varun Rajiv

Sunday, July 1st

930 AM: The G.S. Hiranyappa Memorial Quiz

An open quiz on History/Geography for teams of 4.

QMs: Ashwin Kumar, Nagaratna Patil, Rajagopal PS

230 PM: Sesame

The Open general quiz for teams of 4.

QMs: Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange, Santosh Swaminathan

The venue for all three days is the Institute of Agricultural Technologists (IAT) on Queens Road.

So book your tickets, make your plans, and just come off!

Results of MindSweep 2018

251 quizzers across 4 continents came together – um, over the course of a week – to write MindSweep 2018.

The quiz was won by Pat Gibson with a score of 138.

Andy Tucker takes second place with 117, and close behind in third place is Vinoo Sanjay with 115, which is also the highest score amongst quizzers in India. The Women’s title goes to Anne Hegerty with a score of 104.

Among the topics, Pat Gibson won the Arts (with a score of 38) and the Social Sciences (with a score of 35). P Srikanth won the Sciences with a score of 34, and Jayakanthan R. won Living (won life, even) with a score of 35.

A special thank you to all the participants, from #1 to #251: 200 questions across 150 minutes is never easy, and it’s a credit to each and every one of you to willingly subject yourselves to it.

The KQA also thanks its sister quizzing organisations and the proctors in each city who helped with venues and local publicity.

Please find the results below.














RankNameCentre/CountryThe ArtsThe SciencesSocial SciencesLivingTotal
1Pat GibsonBurton/England38333532138
2Andy TuckerBurton/England34243227117
3Vinoo SanjayMumbai/India24293329115
5Anne HegertyBurton/England25223225104
6Dan MeliaSF/USA22233226103
7Samanth Chennai/India20213031102
8G KrishnamurthiDubai/UAE23242528100
9Thejaswi UdupaBangalore/India21291931100
10Nick MillsBurton/England2127252598
11Santosh JSBangalore/India2320203497
12Ani Sen GuptaGoa/India1730272094
13Manu SudhakarChennai/India2028202492
15Nikhil SonejaDubai/UAE1918292490
16Aadisht KhannaDelhi/India1424242890
17Abhishek KapoorDelhi/India2522251688
18Neil MacaskillBurton/England2018291784
19Krittika AdhikaryBangalore/India1624212384
20David EdwardsBurton/England2124211783
21Govind GrewalMumbai/India2220162583
22Preetham UpadhyaBangalore/India1626162482
23Chris JonesBurton/England2117192481
24Mark RyderSF/USA2018222181
25Sachin DeshpandeBangalore/India1725192081
26Jayashree J MohankaKolkata/India1323222280
27Sumant SrivatsanMumbai/India1921172380
28Arun HiregangeBangalore/India2021182180
29Kiran VijakumarChennai/India1820172378
30P SrikanthChennai/India834152178
31Rithwik KThrissur/India2520151676
32Anustup DattaBangalore/India1522182176
33Nikhil SondeMumbai/India1328151975
34Debashree MitraBangalore/India1216272075
35Ashwin KumarBangalore/India1822161874
36Jyotesh SinghDelhi/India1026191974
37Anirudh ChariKolkata/India1910271773
38Ian FennelBurton/England1813192070
39Chandrakant NairBangalore/India1923151370
40Praveen VRBangalore/India2015142069
41Venkatraghavan S.Mumbai/India1117201967
42Syed Mustafa HashmiHyderabad/India731151366
44N. ChandrashekharKolkata/India1610152364
46JK LakshmiHyderabad/India523152063
47Kautubh ChakrabortyDelhi/India1114191862
48Diane HallaganBurton/England1611171660
50Aditya GadreMumbai/India1611132060
51C Yogesh PaiCoimbatore/India1020151459
52Alok Prasanna KumarBangalore/India1115191459
53Ananya DebMumbai/India1417171058
54Sandeep Shankar Pune/India919181258
55Svyatoslav MalenkyyVinnytsya/Ukraine141818858
57Omkar DhakephalkarPune/India418221357
58Sudip Kalyan DeyKolkata/India421112056
59Gokul SDelhi/India1613141356
60Arnabh SenguptaPune/India719111855
61Rishiraj SBangalore/India820121555
62Sathvik ABangalore/India520131654
63Rabin JacobDelhi/India722121354
64Rajiv D'SilvaGoa/India915121652
65Pranav PawarPune/India1013171252
66Aswath VenkatramanDelhi/India139141652
67Vinod SivaramakrishnanDelhi/India613132052
68Swapnil Sinha Delhi/India812161551
69Shafeek MKDubai/UAE1013141350
70Vinod GaneshLondon/England813121750
71Shrikant NarasimhanLondon/England812102050
72Nikhil IndlaHyderabad/India1010151449
73Anurakshat GPune/India413211149
75Sandeepan ChaudhuriDubai/UAE713101848
76Adarsh Kumar MohapatraBhubaneswar/India62251447
77Gerleo NimalanChennai/India18156847
78Ninad SatputeDelhi/India85181647
79Sudharshan KarthikChennai/India911121446
80Dr. Chandrashekhar RaoGoa/India79121745
81Sourja SenguptaKolkata/India81415845
82Arnold D'souzaPune/India711121545
83Anush V IyerBangalore/India18871245
84Baibaswata JenaBhubaneswar/India71471644
85Anirudh AnilkumarPune/India51681544
86Jinson ChackoThrissur/India81481444
87Ajay JaisinghaniDelhi/India114151444
88Pranava DharDelhi/India32191144
89Gautam GhoshKolkata/India81116843
90Sharath JoseBangalore/India81610943
91Gigi GeorgeThrissur/India61611942
92Chaitanya HegdeBangalore/India71081742
93Abhinav DharDelhi/India71291442
94Kunal Roy Kolkata/India12128941
95Anuj ShettyMumbai/India51481441
96Riccu VargheseBangalore/India510111541
97Aurko SenDelhi/India510161041
98Somasish GhoshKolkata/India111111740
99Anand SivashankarMumbai/India101151440
100Paul BE GatwarGoa/India76121439
101Anand RThrissur/India41781039
102Spandan SenguptaKolkata/India41461438
103Piyush KediaKolkata/India311111338
104Anshul NaseryMohali/India51581038
105Tejas SBangalore/India71281138
106Rhovee VistanAbu Dhabi/UAE2881937
107Ranjana NinanDubai/UAE91151237
108Prasanna KarmarkarHyderabad/India4991537
109Rohan KulkarniMumbai/India31581137
110Rahul Girish KumarThrissur/India510111137
111Vidyadhar GadgilGoa/India48131136
112Ajey PatilGoa/India3179736
113Nitish WagleGoa/India6591636
114Abhijeet BalakrishnanThrissur/India9136836
115Harikrishnan m.bThrissur/India61731036
116Muhammad Munavvir VVDelhi/India61641036
117Sreekar RaghothamHyderabad/India61012735
118Razia ShaikhHyderabad/India21371335
120Gaurav RBangalore/India31291135
121Sai PrashanthChennai/India5147834
122Adit Vishnu PM.Thrissur/India5147834
123Gokul NairChennai/India31451133
124K MuraliDubai/UAE2169633
125Pushan SenguptaDubai/UAE41081133
126Abhay VikramMumbai/India39101133
127Amal MohanBangalore/India5881233
128Tanmay PrustyBangalore/India6791133
129Nishit Pandya Ahmedabad/India2971432
130Sreejesh PSThiruvananthapuram/India51110632
131KV SreeramThrissur/India51131332
132Harish Krishna*Chennai/India1187531
133Shayak ChakrabortyKolkata/India5611931
134Sujith ECoimbatore/India4107930
135Delson RocheGoa/India2137830
136Ayuj ConsulDelhi/India6510930
137CR NaveenCoimbatore/India2136829
138Arjun BharadwajBangalore/India27101029
139Ambarish SureshAbu Dhabi/UAE4124727
140Anshul RoyAhmedabad/India5115627
141Rahul KakodkarGoa/India3941127
142Sahil RamchandaniGoa/India2116827
143Shashwata PalBangalore/India495927
144Tathagata ChatterjeeDelhi/India948627
145Viola RodriguesGoa/India1115926
146Sankar RoyKolkata/India2128426
147Rajat GururajBangalore/India289726
148D. GhoshKolkata/India2511624
149Pranav IyerMumbai/India2831124
150Harman SinghPune/India466824
151Viswas viswamThrissur/India3104724
152Jaivardhan SinghDelhi/India379524
153Vyom Vyas Ahmedabad/India573823
154Siddharth SuranaMumbai/India0841123
155Biju JamesAbu Dhabi/UAE5105222
156Kim MascarenhasDubai/UAE1911122
158Roshan DattatriGoa/India1112822
159Samir GuptaPune/India2116322
160Aditi PPune/India743822
161Rahul SuranaPune/India258722
162Anirudh SundarBangalore/India2131622
163Venkataraman RBangalore/India575522
164Akshay GuptaDelhi/India1142522
165Prakhar SainiDelhi/India293822
166Jameer KVCoimbatore/India175821
167Harsh HegdeGoa/India454821
168Anirudh SurendranathBangalore/India273921
169Jayaprakash BRBangalore/India566421
170Sherwin RodriguezBangalore/India355821
171Krishna S.Chennai/India482620
172Sreejith VCoimbatore/India193720
173Suhas PrasaanaGoa/India265720
174Arman SharmaBangalore/India185620
175Sattwik RoutBhubaneswar/India147719
176Ramanuja DesikanChennai/India634619
177Shankha Ghosh DastidarKolkata/India760619
178Bharat KashyapDelhi/India273719
179Ishaan Pratap SinghDelhi/India1241118
180Shajeev PillaiAhmedabad/India641617
181D Sathya NarayananCoimbatore/India352717
182Mayur Shett Goa/India185317
183Subhadeep sarkarKolkata/India465217
185Shiva S RaiBangalore/India0102517
186Kshitij Chandra Delhi/India257317
187Nikhil JhaDelhi/India156517
188Abhishek MishraDelhi/India065617
189Sugata MukherjeeKolkata/India053816
190Debajyoti AshikariPune/India365216
191Manjula SThiruvananthapuram/India5110016
192Anuradha DhawadkarAhmedabad/India1311015
193Ankit JenaBhubaneswar/India144615
194Rama SubramaniumHyderabad/India870015
195Suryadipta BiswasPune/India075315
197Nathan MonizGoa/India133714
198Soumya Kanti MajumdarKolkata/India254314
199Aditya GadiyarBangalore/India325414
200G. AkshayDelhi/India171514
201B JayasuryaCoimbatore/India052613
202Ananthu CVThrissur/India071412
203Aswin AnilkumarThrissur/India062412
204Shishira R MaiyaBangalore/India061512
205Rajarshi RoyBangalore/India154212
206Ashish SinghDelhi/India005712
207Jalaj Maheshwari Ahmedabad/India022711
208Suvam Kumar HotaBhubaneswar/India133411
209Sanat MishraMohali/India041611
210Rashima MohammedThiruvananthapuram/India0110011
211Abhineet RKBangalore/India043411
213Suvarna DhakeAbu Dhabi/UAE422210
214M Sharat ChandarCoimbatore/India231410
215Nikhil JadhavPune/India232310
216Rithwik RaoBangalore/India042410
217Saahil SharmaBangalore/India331310
218Advitya VermaDelhi/India222410
219P YadukrishnanCoimbatore/India11259
220S HariharanCoimbatore/India32319
221Devwrat DubeMohali/India27009
222Ved KunteMohali/India25119
223Nadeem AnsariMumbai/India41229
225Aswin SThrissur/India06219
226Ipsit UtkarshDelhi/India13239
227Madhavan MohananThiruvananthapuram/India11428
228Kartikay ChadhaDelhi/India34108
229Aftab AlamDelhi/India04228
230Shivansh MishraKolkata/India03137
232Adarsh DasDelhi/India00437
233Vikas SethiaAhmedabad/India13026
234PS BalajiCoimbatore/India04026
235Arafat AlamDelhi/India00066
236Swathi P GPune/India04105
237Shaqib ShaikhAhmedabad/India00224
238Srinith Prabhu NCoimbatore/India22004
239Hafsa ShaikhHyderabad/India01034
240Rajesh PerumbilavilDelhi/India01214
241Keshav BhimsariaAhmedabad/India02103
242Prateek PaatniPune/India02013
243K Raghuram AcharyaluBangalore/India01113
244V ChandrasekharBangalore/India10203
245R Roshan Krishna Coimbatore/India00112
246Rahul SonejiPune/India01012
247Pratik BhandareGoa/India00011
248Chirag PantDelhi/India00101
249Ali Puthawala Ahmedabad/India00000
250Kartik Mistry Ahmedabad/India00000
251CN PrabhakarGoa/India00000

Results of Mega-Whats 2018

MegaWhats 2018 was attempted by 111 teams in fifteen centres across India, Dubai, and Kuwait. Teams had to try their hand at 76 questions, across two sections, for a maximum score of 100 points.

As before, we are selecting the Top 10 teams from among the city-winners, and the next six highest scoring teams to face-off in the semi-finals to be held at asKQAnce 2018 in Bengaluru.

The highest score in the country, 83 points, was recorded by Aardvarks from New Delhi consisting of Amrit Chetia, Aryapriya Ganguly, Kunal Savarkar, and Rahul S Kottalgi. One other team, QED, from Chennai crossed the 80-points mark, with a score of 81 points.

The Bangalore edition saw an unprecedented tie, which was resolved through sudden-death; BMQJ comprising Ashwin Kumar, EM Bhargava, Santosh Swaminathan, and Varun Rajiv topped the Bangalore edition with 76 points, narrowly edging out the CIDs from Kerala (Krishnamurthi J, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen Kumar VR, and Hrishi Varma) who had the same score. Reigning National Champions, We Are Like This Wonly, were close behind with 75 points. All three teams qualified for the semi-finals.

The city winners from the following ten cities have qualified for the semi-finals:

  1. New Delhi – Aardvarks – 83
  2. Chennai – QED – 81
  3. Bengaluru – BMQJ – 76
  4. Mumbai – Zulfikar-e-Ingit – 75
  5. Kolkata – Hammer and Tongs – 71
  6. Dubai – Sheikh Yerboutis – 68
  7. Goa – Feni, Vidi, Vici – 57
  8. Hyderabad – Swami and Friends – 54
  9. Pune – The Colonels and their Batmen – 47
  10. Thrissur – Tequila Mockingbirds – 44

The next six teams to qualify are:

  1. Insignificant Others – Chennai – 78
  2. Remembrance of Things Fast – Chennai – 76
  3. CIDs from Kerala – Bangalore – 76
  4. We Are Like This Wonly – Bangalore – 75
  5. Travelling Pillsburys – Mumbai – 73
  6. Matunga Manram – Mumbai – 71

All these teams are required to confirm their availability for attending the semi-finals of MegaWhats scheduled on Friday, June 29 at 2 PM. Please send an email before May 31 to confirming your team’s attendance for the same. If any teams drop out, then the team with the next highest score, starting with Memory Blank from Chennai, will be offered their slot.

A team from DPS Noida, calling themselves Sniper Gang #420 No Scope consisting of Ayuj, Bathik, Jaivardhan, and Pranava, recorded the highest score among all school teams with an excellent score of 39 points. A team from IIT Madras calling themselves Better Call Paul comprising Ferril Samal, Gerleo Nimalan, Paul Martin, and Sukruth K topped the college category across India with 48 points.

The Top five scores recorded in Bengaluru included the three teams mentioned in the qualifier lists above; the fourth place was secured by SJC Quizzers with 67 points, while Sridevis and an Extra took fifth place with 61 points. The school team with the highest score was a team comprising Aaditya Kannan (PSBBLLA), Prajwal G (Sri Kumaran’s), and Saishyam Srikanth (Vagdevi Vilas) with 15 points, while Team How2 comprising Dhruv Sriram, Sathvik A, Tejas B, Varun Murthy topped the college track with 39 points.

Our congratulations to all the participants, and to the winners. Many thanks to all the quiz associations, proctors, and others who helped make MegaWhats 2018 city prelims, a success. Hoping to see all of you at asKQAnce 2018 starting June 29, 2018. Detailed scores can be found below.

  MegaWhats 2018 Leaderboard     
1AardvarksNew DelhiOpen83National Winner (Q)
2QEDChennaiOpen81City Winner (Q)
3Insignificant OthersChennaiOpen78Q
4BMQJBengaluruOpen76City Winner (Q) On tiebreak
5Remembrance Of Things FastChennaiOpen76Q
6CIDs from KeralaBengaluruOpen76Q
8Zulfikar E IngitMumbaiOpen75City Winner (Q)
9Travelling PillsburysMumbaiOpen73Q
10Matunga ManramMumbaiOpen71Q
11Hammer and TongsKolkataOpen71City Winner (Q)
12Memory BlankChennaiOpen69
13Delhi RumNew DelhiOpen69
14Sheikh YerboutisDubaiOpen68City Winner (Q)
15SJC QuizzersBengaluruOpen67
16Sridevis and an extraBengaluruOpen61
18Forecasting CouchBengaluruOpen58
19Peter PanchaliBengaluruOpen58
20Three CornersDubaiOpen58
22Feni Vidi Vici GoaOpen57City Winner (Q)
23Whistler's Mother's DayMumbaiOpen57
24Rebel AllianceChennaiOpen57
25Answering ServiceKolkataOpen56
26The ExtremophilesKolkataOpen56
27Swami and FriendsHyderabadOpen54City Winner (Q)
28Milo’s FourmenNew DelhiOpen54
29Boka JuniorsKolkataOpen54
30Almost FirstHyderabadOpen53
31Siddharth, Sreekanth, Kaustubh and AtulNew DelhiOpen53
33Surreal and FluoroscentNew DelhiOpen51
34Better Call PaulChennaiCollege48Natl. College WinnerIIT-Madras
35Four StudiesBengaluruOpen48
36The Colonels and their BatmenPuneOpen47City Winner (Q)
37Cobbled and SewnPuneOpen44
38RASS-MalaiNew DelhiOpen44
39Tequila MockingbirdsThrissurOpen44City Winner (Q)
403 Men in a 500D to say nothing of GiriBengaluruOpen43
41Paper St Soap Co.BengaluruOpen43
42Jyothi, Shafeeq, Prasanth, AnandBengaluruOpen43
43Tom’s Dick HarryNew DelhiOpen43
44Young Guys (& their Seaman)GoaOpen41
45Rasagola RevolutionariesBhubaneswarOpen40City Winner
46Parantap,Prateek, Raman & SandeepMumbaiOpen40
47P.S. I don't Love YouChennaiCollege39
48How2BengaluruCollege39BLR College Winner
49Sniper Gang #420NoScopeNew DelhiSchool39Natl School Winner(DPS Noida)
50Last Minute Registrations FTWNew DelhiOpen39
51Mallus ForemenThrissurOpen39
52May the fourth be with us!MumbaiOpen38
53Rags To RichesHyderabadOpen38
54Maa Maati Manushi ChillarPuneOpen37
55Lone Wolf No CubNew DelhiCollege37
56Tiruppur TughlaqsCoimbatoreOpen37City Winner
57Misplaced MisfitsBengaluruOpen36
58Hum Honge Kamyaab Ek DinHyderabadOpen36
59Masha DinkaThrissurOpen36
603 Men and a GOATBengaluruOpen35
613 Freshmen in a Boat (To say nothing of the Secy)New DelhiCollege35
62Movers and ChandrashekarGoaOpen35
63Gang Of SpoilersBhubaneswarCollege34
64Dr Jose and the PussycatsBengaluruOpen33
66D’Artagnan and MuskeetersNew DelhiCollege32
67Gajiro ke SaudagarTezpurCollege31City Winner
68Failed to RegisterPuneOpen30
69Inglorious BasterdsPuneCollege30
71Dramedy of the CommonsBengaluruOpen28
72Introvert, Extrovert, Javert and Lil Uzi VertMumbaiOpen28
73Ramesh Athreya , Dr. Bobby & Meera ManojKuwaitOpen28
74NIT-K LSO - ABengaluruCollege27
76Elongated MuskratsHyderabadOpen26
77On Shaikhy GroundHyderabadOpen26
78Da-Lit AFNew DelhiSchool26
79Victorias SecretCoimbatoreOpen26
82Fire in the Pot BellyHyderabadOpen25
83Daft Punk-ajKolkataCollege25
85Unnikrishnan and AnandThrissurOpen24
86Inglorious PounceterdsNew DelhiSchool23
87Curd rice cartel plus GujjuGoaCollege23
89Remembrance of Things LastNew DelhiOpen22
90Baba Ramdev Have you any food?MumbaiOpen20
91Betta call KaulGoaCollege20
92Anil and GigiThrissurOpen20
93Iruttu Araiyil MegawattsCoimbatoreCollege18
94We Are A CaarTrivandrumOpen16
95MahismatiNew DelhiOpen16
96Reservoir DogesPuneCollege15
97HuMann Ki BaatBengaluruSchool15
98The 4 letter wordCoimbatoreCollege15
99Nanda, Mukilan, Srinith, Jitendran CoimbatoreCollege15
100TU r lorahokolTezpurCollege14
101Jayasuriya, Shrinivas, AnirudhCoimbatoreSchool14
102The DefendersPuneOpen12
103Sharon Thomas , Emily Cherian, Emma Cherian & Kurian ThomasKuwaitSchool12
106A.M.A.RNew DelhiSchool9
107Quizipedia of DodoBengaluruSchool8
108Unusual SuspectsPuneOpen7
109Team IITrivandrumOpen7
110Why So Serious?BhubaneswarSchool5
111Fauji BratsNew DelhiOpen5

Open quizzes on Sunday, 27th May 2018

The KQA will be hosting three open quizzes on 27th May (Sunday) at the Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Head Office in Koramangala (Grape Garden address on Google maps):

10 AM: ComiKaze, the Comics quiz by Siddarth Pai and Debanjan Bose

A quiz on all things comic books, graphic novels, mangas, illustrated works… by whatever name it goes. It is a written quiz for teams of two. Open to all.

130 PM: The Himalayas Quiz by Ashwin Kumar

No need for alpenstocks, crampons and ice axes. Oxygen cylinders might be of help. It’s a general quiz on the Himalaya; questions won’t be restricted to geography and mountaineering. He has assured us that it will easier than climbing the mountain. It is a written quiz for teams of two. Open to all.

4 PM: The May Open by Rajagopal P.S. and Arun Ramanathan.

A general quiz for teams of four by two seasoned QMs – sure to be an enjoyable experience. It is a prelims/finals quiz. Open to all.


Please call +91 88841 25047 in case you have trouble finding the place

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486.

AsiaSweep 2017 Rankings

We present the AsiaSweep rankings for 2017.  89 teams took part.

Aryapriya Ganguly and Amrit Chetia from New Delhi win AsiaSweep 2017 with a mammoth score of 125. In second place, we have Moviun Miranda and Nicholas Phang from Kuala Lumpur with a score of 108. Rahul Kottalgi and Avinash Mudaliar take the third place with a score of 99.

You can view the rankings here:

RankCityTeam Member 1Team Member 2Score (Points)     
Section I (Out of 20)Section II Section III Section IVSection VTotal (Out of 160)
2Kuala LumpurMovin MirandaNicholas Phang173324232108
3MumbaiRahul KottalgiAvinash Mudalia16341533199
4ChennaiSamanthRavi Mundoli98
56angaloreAshwinNavin Rajaram17321532996
5BangalorePreetham U (PESIT)Ritvik18381322293
7BangaloreArun HiregangeThejaswi Udupa17331812493
10BangaloreChandrakant NairPraveen VR17301432185
11MumbaiVenkatraghavan S.Anannya Deb15331521984
12MumbaiVibhendu TewariAbhinav Dasgupta18261232180
14MumbaiNikhil SondePrithwish Datta17311211778
15BangaloreNisganth RamanMaitrey Deshpande18221322176
16MumbaiPravin VarmaBalakrishnan Satyam11281312275
16DelhiAkshay Rohan12291411874
18BangaloreGautam GhoshArun Ramanathan1526922173
18BangaloreRajagopal PSAvinash TN18161321968
21HyderabadNikhil Nithin11+420822368
21TezpurDebasish BasisthaSiddharth Gautam10161332668
23BangalorePreyoshiTanmay Prusty1624521966
25Abu DhabiRhovee VistonBiju James7211512165
26TezpurAbhijit SinghBiswajit Saha10211631565
28VinnysyaSvyatoslav MalenkyyOleg Rodnov6301111162
29BangaloreSantosh SwaminathanHrishi Varma15121621661
30DelhiRabin JacobAbhinav Dhar16161031560
32MumbaiPraturit JoshiSandeep Albert Mathias15131321558
32Kuala LumpurMinhow ChenNgeow Wu Tien13181211458
35BangaloreAshwinHem Maradia1119133854
36BangaloreAnirudh (College)Amal1622321154
36GoaRajiv DsilvaSrijit Kumar1712631452
39BangaloreVenkatGautam Shenoy9191021050
42MumbaiAnand Sivasankar-1210811849
43BangaloreGaurav RBhargav BS121582946
44GoaNitish WagleVidyadgar Gadgil10121031146
45BangaloreSuresh RamasubramaniamAjay Parasuraman107811844
45GoaSahil RamchandaniDevadas Krishnan72151943
47BangaloreSumukh Chandrashekar612711440
47TezpurRajibul AwalKaushik Borthakur961211139
32MohaliOjaswi Gupta111063838
53DelhiAsish SinghShrey Shylesh61363937
54DelhiPrateek SharmaTeammate51860736
55MohaliAditya PanditDhruv Mittal11892535
56MumbaiVarun SuleAnshul Nasery91061834
57BangaloreRitwik (NITK)Harshit41940633
57GoaRoshan DattatiiDuiij Sinha10851933
60GoaPaul GatwardMayur Shett111141532
61ChennaiNivedPranav Hari31
62BangaloreBhargava EM101501430
63HyderabadDebjitSharath Jose7+3941529
64BangaloreKarthik Karvate (IIT-Gnagar)Atishay Jain12721628
65BangaloreSuhas (IITM)Dhruv6670928
65MumbaiVenkataraman L.Nikunj Sharma12533427
67BangaloreJhanavi AAnanthakumar Rajamani71221426
67BangaloreShishiraPal (M71032426
67BangaloreShiva S RaiGovindh7103226
67DelhiYogesh YadavSandipan Goswami7433926
73CoimbatorePranav CSathya Narayanan D6444523
74ChennaiAkashSai Prashant22
75MumbaiKumaresh RameshSohan Dibyachintan6352521
75CoimbatoreSharat ChandarRoopesh4640521
75GoaSuwas PrasannaVitthal PY.7532421
78BangaloreDBC (College)9920020
79CoimbatoreVishnu Prashanth (Lone Wolf)5442217
80MumbaiAdvay Aundhekar-6530115
84CoimbatoreParshudarAditya Vinod1211611
84CoimbatoreSanjay SeetharamanRobert Nixon5031211
86CoimbatoreHariharan Roshan Krishna4122110
89CoimbatoreSudharshanMukund V001113

MindSweep and MegaWhats Venues 2018

These are the details for venues and proctors for MindSweep 2018 and MegaWhats 2018.
All cities except Ahmedabad will be hosting both quizzes on Sunday, May 13th.

The organisers at Kolkata have informed us that they have space for only 6 teams at the venue for MegaWhats. Please register and check with them on availability.

CityVenueMindSweep ProctorMegaWhats Proctor
AhmedabadAhmedabad University.Kushan Patel (9033464561)NA
BengaluruInstitution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road.
Hrishi Varma (8884125047)Venky Srinivasan
BhubaneswarBakul Childrens' Library, Satya Nagar.Prateek Mishra (7008632346)Ankit Jena (8763996882)
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School, Mylapore.Vikram Rajan (8939513211)Vikram Rajan (8939513211)
CoimbatoreConference Room, Brookfield MallAnuradha Yogesh (9791420459)Anuradha Yogesh (9791420459)
DelhiIIT Delhi.Shubhankar Bahl (9910038334)Raghav Kaushal (9119990653)
GoaInternational Centre Goa, Dona Paula.Kanchan Gatward (9970317245)Kanchan Gatward (9970317245)
HyderabadColumbus Hospital, Chikoti Gardens, Begumpet.Krishan Shetty (8451087782)Krishan Shetty (8451087782)
KolkataThe Institute of Marine Engineers.Kinshuk Biswas (9836353838)Subikash Paul (9836293774)
MohaliIISER Mohali.Afham Ashraf (8943188763)
Anubhav Kumar Srivastava (8416883604)
MumbaiIC2, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay, Powai.Suvajit Chakraborty (99308 53913)Suvajit Chakraborty (99308 53913)
PuneJohn Hunter Hall, Lecture Hall 12,
Dept of Surgery 1st Floor, Main building (above Bharadwaj auditorium), Armed Forces Medical College.
Gokul Panigrahi (9730398608)Avaneendra Bhargav (9011040388)
TezpurTezpur University.Munindra Hazarika
(88119 04099)
Munindra Hazarika
(88119 04099)
ThiruvananthapuramFortune IAS Academy.Muni Darsan (9846194142)Muni Darsan (9846194142)
ThrissurSt Thomas College. Dr. V Vijaynath (9447380969)Dr. V Vijaynath (9447380969)

Open quizzes on Sunday, 6th May, 2018

The KQA will be hosting two open quizzes on 6th May (Sunday) at Ujjivan in Koramangala.

11 AM: The India MELA quiz by Hem Maradia – a quiz on Indian Music Art Literature and Entertainment. It is a written quiz for teams of two. Open to all.

230 PM: The KQA Lone Wolf Quiz by Navin Rajaram. A general quiz for solo participants by Navin Rajaram, who has conducted many highly enjoyable quizzes for the KQA in the past. It is a prelims/finals quiz for individuals. Open to all.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of this WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486.

Location on Google Maps:

Please call +91 88841 25047 in case you have trouble finding the place

Open Quizzes on Sunday, 15th April 2018

The KQA will be hosting two open quizzes on 15th April (Sunday) at the offices of Ujjivan Small Finances Bank in Koramangala:

1. The History of Ideas Quiz, a written quiz for teams of two or less.

Time: 2pm

QM: Navin Rajaram

A word of advice from the QM: ‘everything is either history or an idea’

2. The KQA Food Quiz, a quiz for teams of four or less

Time: 4 PM:

QMs: Lakshana K, Mitesh Agarwal and Santosh J Swaminathan


Please call +91 98449 53179 in case you have trouble finding the place


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