Solus Rex Semifinals on 22nd April, 2018

The semifinals of Solus Rex will be held on 22nd April for the top 25 from the gruelling 60 question prelims that happened in November.

As is traditional for Solus Rex, there will be certain specialist topics that they can be expected to be asked questions on in the semifinals.

The topics for this year are

1. Ports of the World
2. Birds and Animals of South America
3. Heads of States in the 21st Century
4. Sculptures and Statues

All semifinalists are encouraged to use the next couple of weeks to research on these topics, as they will play a rather significant role in the format of the semis. You may even find yourself earning a nickname like Songkran Maheshwar did (from the topic Festivals of Asia.) Or contribute to quizzing jargon as Solus Rex 2018 co-host Arun Hiregange did with Brodsky Face. (from the topic Winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature)

For all quizzers who aren’t part of the semifinals lineup, there is something in this for you too! The quizmasters Arun Hiregange and Thejaswi Udupa solicit guest questions on these topics, and the best questions, apart from being used with full credit in the semis, also stand to win book vouchers!

To contribute questions, please ping Thejaswi Udupa.

The qualifiers are:

1. Santosh Swaminathan – 35.75
2. Srinath Bhashyam – 28.50
3. Anustup Datta – 28.00
4. Preetham Upadhya – 27.50 (College)
5. Josyula Krishnamurthi – 26.75
6. Varun Rajiv – 24.75
7. Manu Sudhakar – 24.50
8. Debashree Mitra – 24.25

9. Arul Mani – 24.00
10. Ajay Parasuraman – 23.25
11. Ashwin Kumar – 22.75
12. Navin Rajaram – 22.50
13. Hrishikesh Varma – 22.00
14. Gautam Shenoy – 20.50
15. Keshav Athreya – 20.25
16. Suresh Ramasubramanian – 19.00

17. Venkatesh Srinivasan – 17.50
18. Rajagopal PS – 17.00
19. Balaji Subramanian – 16.75 (College)
20. Chandrakant Nair – 16.25
21. Praveen VR – 15.75
22. Kishore Rajendra – 15.50 (College)
23. Rishiraj Shanmuganandan – 14.75
24. Vivek Karthikeyan – 14.00
25. Sriram Burgula – 14.00 (College)

Results of quizzes held on March 11 and April 1

Here are the results of the two college quizzes conducted by the KQA on the 11th of March, 2018:

The XXIII Vidyasagar Rajan Memorial Inter-collegiate quiz, set by Manish Achutha, Abhishek Upadhya and Nishanth Raman:

I – Preetham, Ritvik and Bhargav, PES University
II – Sri Ram, Pratheek and Kunal, Christ University
III – Noaman, Drishaj and team, NLSIU

The KQA Collegiate Solo Championship, set by Sohan Maheshwar and Santosh Swaminathan:

I – Preetham, PES University
II – Kunal, Christ University
III – Adit, IISc

Thanks to all who turned up (and to Titash, for the informal sports quiz he conducted in the morning), and congratulations to all the winners.

Here are the results of quizzes held on the first of April.

The Karnataka Quiz, by Kaustuba Venugopal and Lingaraj

I – Sachin Deshpande and Sharath Babu – 19
II – Sumanth Jayaramaiah and Keerthan G – 16
III – Rajat Upadhyaya and Jayannt Upadhyaya -14

Lao Me Thanda, by Aditi Surendra and Thejaswi Udupa

I – Santosh Swaminathan and Arun Hiregange – 170
II – Lakshana Kripash and Praveen VR – 115
III – Sachin Deshpande and Sharath Babu – 105

The KQA Music Quiz, by Arjun Mohan and Berty Ashley

I – Aditi Surendra, Debanjan Bose, Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa – 280
II – Sreyashi Dastidar, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Sethumadhavan, Abhishek Upadhya – 160
III – Nishanth Raman, Bhargava EM, Rajagopal PS, Sanskaar – 150

Congratulations to all the winners!

Open quizzes on Sunday, 18th March 2018

Time again, for yet another KQA Sunday. We will be holding two open quizzes on Sunday, March 18th, 2018.

1. Pop Ki Kamai, the Pop Culture Quiz for teams of four or less

Time: 11am (TIME CHANGED FROM 10am to 11am)

QMs: Sai Ganesh (feat. Debasish)

2. Irish Stew, an annual General Open quiz of bits and bobs, for teams of four or less

Time: 3pm

QM: Anustup Datta

The prizes for this quiz are sponsored by Quizician.

Please note that the venue for both the quizzes will be the Institute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road.

Location on Google maps:

Please call 88841 25047 in case you have trouble finding the place.

Results of Open quizzes held on 4th March, 2018

Here are the results after a long and well attended KQA quizzing Sunday.

1. The Empirical Strikes Back, the KQA Science Quiz by Avinash Thirumalai, Rajagopal PS and Ashwan Lewis

I – Anustup Datta, Ochintya Sharma, Arun Hiregange, Thejaswi Udupa – 289 points
II – Hrishikesh Varma, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR – 218 points
III – Jyothi Mohan, Shafeeq S, Prasanth Vijay, Arun Ramanathan – 196 points

2. Hub-bubba, the Bangalore Quiz by Thejaswi Udupa

I – Manish Achutha, Nishanth Raman – 32 points
II – Rajat Upadhyaya, Jayant Upadhyaya – 23.5 points
III – Srikrishna Ramamurthy, Venkatesh S – 23 points

3. The March Open Quiz, by Sreyashi Dastidar, Preyoshi Ganguly, Debashree Mitra

I – Lakshana Kripash, Hrishikesh Varma, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR – 385 points
II – Navin Rajaram, Bhargava EM, Santosh Swaminathan, Venkatesh S – 323 points
III – Arun Ramanathan, Avinash Thirumalai, Rajagopal PS – 266 points

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for turning up in large numbers

asKQAnce 2018

asKQAnce 2018, the annual KQA jamboree, the original Woodstock of quizzing, is scheduled for June 29th, June 30th, and July 1st.

Here’s what we have lined up.

June 29th, 2018, Friday.

Morning session: Mahamahaquizzer, a showdown between the Top 16 of Mahaquizzer 2017.

QMs: Movin Miranda, Sai Ganesh, Sreyashi Dastidar, Avinash Thirumalai

Afternoon/Evening session: MegaWhats (semi-finals and finals), for the qualifiers from MegaWhats, the team written quiz that will be held countrywide on May 13th, 2018

QMs: Mitesh Agarwal, Vivek Karthikeyan, Venkatesh S

June 30th, 2018, Saturday

930 am: The KQA Arts Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Lakshana Kripash, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen Kumar VR, Hrishikesh Varma

3pm: Son of Lumiere, the KQA Movies Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a (very short) written prelim followed by a (short) final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Anustup Datta, Varun Rajiv, Thejaswi Udupa

July 1st, 2018, Sunday

930am:  The GS Hiranyappa Memorial Quiz, the History & Geography Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Ashwin Kumar, Rajagopal PS, Nagaratna Patil

3pm: Sesame, asKQAnce’s flagship General Open Quiz, for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange, Santosh Swaminathan

Outstation teams, go ahead and book your tickets. We’d love to have you all back again this year.

Open Quizzes on Sunday, 4th February 2018

The KQA will be conducting two general open quizzes on Sunday, 4th February 2018 at Ujjivan in Koramangala.

At 12 PM is a general quiz conducted by ‘CIDs from Kerala’, a team that needs no introduction… well, at least Major Chandrakant Nair doesn’t.

Teams of 4 or fewer. Open to all.

At 4 pm is a general quiz conducted by two of the most exciting young quizzers in the country today – Sreshth Shah and Preetham Upadhya.

Open to all – the quiz is a ruckus, ie teams will be formed on the spot. Just bring yourself and tell your friends.


Please call 88841 25047 in case you have trouble find the place.

MahaQuizzer 2017 – Rankings

MahaQuizzer 2017 was attempted by 273 people in 17 cities across India.

For the first time ever, we have a tie for the top spot: two quizzers will share the title of MahaQuizzer this year.

Rahul Kottalgi becomes the ninth person to hold the title of Mahaquizzer, which he will share with two-time winner Vinoo Sanjay. Our congratulations to both. The Wing Commander GR Mulky for Quizzing Excellence will be presented to them at Askqance 2018 – the 35th Anniversary quizfest of the KQA.

The Ladies Category was won by former MahaQuizzer Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, who finished third nationally, behind our two winners. Preetham Upadhya from Bangalore topped the College category with an outstanding 53. Six of the top 10 this year are former winners of MahaQuizzer.

The Karnataka Quiz Association thanks all the quiz associations and quizzing groups across the country, as well as all the venue partners, for helping organize Mahaquizzer 2017 successfully.

RankNameScoreTotal *s**s*sCity
1Rahul Kottalgi81936Mumbai
Vinoo Sanjay81936Mumbai
3Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka781257Mumbai
4Jayakanthan 7811110Chennai
5Thejaswi Udupa751147Bangalore
6Anustup Datta75835Bangalore
7Samanth S741046Chennai
8Aadisht K71945Delhi
9Arul Mani6913211Bangalore
10Shouvik Guha67927Kolkata
11Ravi Mundoli 66927Chennai
12Annie Sen Gupta65936Goa
13Manu Sudhakar65835Chennai
14Ashwin 631046Bangalore
15Amrit Pritom Chetia63725Delhi
16Sachin Deshpande 63624Delhi
17Navin Rajaram621028Bangalore
18Varun Rajiv61826Bangalore
19Anannya Deb61734Bangalore
20Govind Grewal60734Mumbai
21Arun Hiregange591028Bangalore
22Pravin Varma59927Mumbai
23Kunal Sawardekar58826Pune
24Anirudh Chari58615Kolkata
25Santosh J S58514Bangalore
26Shrirang Raddi58514Pune
27Aniket Khasgiwale58413Mumbai
28Suresh Ramasubramanian571129Bangalore
29Chandrakant Nair57936Bangalore
30Balakrishnan S57835Mumbai
31Aditya Gadre57321Mumbai
32Rajagopal PS561129Bangalore
34Venkatraghavan S55817Mumbai
36Gopal Kidao55633Chennai
37Prithwish Datta54523Mumbai
38Anand Shivashankar54312Mumbai
40Preetham Upadhya53725Bangalore
41Kaustubh Chakraborty53624Delhi
42Alok Prasanna Kumar53514Bangalore
43Nikhil Sonde52826Mumbai
44Sandeep Shankar52734
45Sreeram B 52422Chennai
46Avinash TN51624Bangalore
47Pranav R51413Bangalore
48Vinod Krishnan 50606Delhi
49Preyoshi Ganguly50422Bangalore
50Venky Srinivasan50413Bangalore
51Praveen VR49624Bangalore
52Bhargava EM48303Bangalore
54Rajiv D'Silva46303Goa
55Keshav Athreya45202Bangalore
56Atul Mathew44826Delhi
57Julian D'Costa44642Bangalore
59Achyuth Sanjay43514Bangalore
60Samrat Sengupta43303Mumbai
61J Krishnamurthi42615Hyderabad
62Bedbyas Datta42404Kolkata
63Alok Mohan42303Kolkata
64Sangeeth S Varma41615Chennai
65Rithwik K41000Thrissur
66Mario F39413Chennai
67Anil Kothuri39303Mumbai
68Abhinav Dasgupta39211Mumbai
69Nitin Menon39000
70Gautam Ghosh38523Bangalore
71Navin Sharma38404Mumbai
72Roshith Mohan38312Thrissur
73Arun AS38303Thrissur
75Gokul S 38303Delhi
76Shafeeq S36312Thiruvananthapuram
77Balu John36211Thiruvananthapuram
78Sandeep Albert Mathias35431Mumbai
79Omkar D35422Pune
80Nikhil 35321Hyderabad
81Maitrey Deshpande35321Bangalore
82Vidyadhar Gadgil35000Goa
83Arnabh Sengupta34523Pune
84Gigi George34303Thrissur
85Ranajeet Soman34110Pune
86Gokul Panigrahi33422Pune
87Abhijeet Balakrishnan33321Thrissur
88TG Shenoy33312Bangalore
89Raghu Gopalan33202Bangalore
90Prasanth John Abraham32514Kolkata
91Deviprasad V31404Chennai
92Sai Prashant31404Chennai
93Baibaswata B Jena31202Bhubaneswar
94Kunal Naik31101Bangalore
95Prasanna Karmakar30826Hyderabad
97Tanmay Prusty30413Bangalore
98Vinod Rajamani30110Mumbai
99Devadas Krishnan30000Goa
100Yogesh Yadav29202New Delhi
101Sandipen Goswami29101New Delhi
102Kishore R28734Bangalore
103Gaurav R28321Bangalore
104Gokul S Nair28211Thiruvananthapuram
106Sudip Kalyan Dey28101Kolkata
107Pranav Pawar28101Pune
108Anirudh Anilkumar27211Pune
109Soutjo Sengupta27110Kolkata
110Ankur Kaul26404Bangalore
111Somasish Ghosh26321Kolkata
112Sharath Jose26312Hyderabad
113Tathagata Chatterjee26202Delhi
114Arun Ghosh26110Thrissur
115Midhun S25413Thiruvananthapuram
116MVR Murty25413Bangalore
117S Chandrasekhar25321Bangalore
118Girish Ganapth J25202Bangalore
119Rahul Kakodkar25000Goa
122Arun Ramanathan24202Bangalore
123Debashis B24101Tezpur
124Achintya Sharma23514Delhi
125TC Venkatasubramanian23000Bangalore
126Sankar Roy22321Kolkata
127Kumar Shobhit22303Jamshedpur
128Izhar Ansari22101Kolkata
129Sahil Barhate22101Delhi
130Krishna S Girish21211Bangalore
131Rumaiza Fathima21101Chennai
132Mayur Shett21101Goa
133Paul Gatward21000Goa
134D Ghosh21000Kolkata
135Sumeet Kumar20211Kolkata
136Akash KS20202Chennai
137Sudharshan Narayanan20101Bangalore
138Mukilan A20000Ahmedabad
139Snehanshu Gupta20000Mumbai
140Amal Mohan19312Bangalore
141Varun Sule19202Mumbai
142Harikrishnan MB19110Thrissur
143Arman 19110Bangalore
144Abhijit Singh19101Tezpur
145Manish Manke19101Pune
147Kumaresh 19101Mumbai
149Mithilesh G18413Bangalore
150Gautam Chaturvedi18312Jamshedpur
151Abhinav Dhar18211Delhi
152Tanuj Kumar K18110Jamshedpur
153Sushila Kamath18101Bangalore
154Sandeep Jain18101Bangalore
155Manjula S18000Thiruvananthapuram
157Elliot Desouza17321Jamshedpur
158Syed Shakeel Imdad17312Kolkata
159Srihari Raju17211Hyderabad
160Pratyush Jha17101Delhi
161Shiva S Rai17000Bangalore
162Anirudh S Sundar16220Bangalore
163Dr Madhavan VP16211Thrissur
164Siddharth Mishra16101Bangalore
165Shantanu Sharma16000Ahmedabad
166Anjali Sengupta16000Goa
167Kevin Vegda15211Ahmedabad
168Advay Aundhekar15101Mumbai
169G Pranav Hari15000Chennai
170Aditya Sekhar15000Bangalore
171Sethupathi K15000Bangalore
172Sahil H Ramchandani15000Goa
173Nadeem Ansari15000Mumbai
174Dhruv Mittal14321Mohali
175Pranav Iyer14211Bangalore
176Chandrasekharan Krishnamohan14211Bangalore
177Kaushik Borthakur14202Tezpur
178Karthik S Karvaje14110Bangalore
179Adit Vishnu PM14000Bangalore
180Sumukh H14000Bangalore
181Roshan Dattatri14000Goa
182Ashwin Kumar KS14000Jamshedpur
183Suryadipta Biswas14000Pune
184Indrajith Menon13101Thiruvananthapuram
185Bishanka D13101Ahmedabad
186Ajay Kumar KS13101Bangalore
187Divij Sinha13000Goa
188Ankit Jetwani13000Jamshedpur
189Debajyoti Adhikari13000Pune
190Sreemathy Surender13000Mumbai
191Sundan Srinivas Harish12101Mumbai
192S Hariharan12000Coimbatore
193Meera K12000Thiruvananthapuram
194Nived S Bharadwaj12000Chennai
195Ashutosh Pandey12000Bangalore
196Roshan Desai12000Jamshedpur
197Siddharth Gautam11303Tezpur
198D Sathya Narayanan11101Coimbatore
199Siddharth Srivastava11101Ahmedabad
200Pratheek I11101Bangalore
201Biswajit Saha11101Tezpur
202Rajibul Awal11101Tezpur
203Anirudh R S11000Bangalore
204Ashish Singh11000Delhi
205Ved Vineet11000Jamshedpur
206Sreeram Madhavan V10101Thrissur
207Suraj Kamat10101Goa
208M Sharat Chandar10000Coimbatore
209Parth Oberoi10000Chennai
211Arun K Pavithran9101Thiruvananthapuram
212Nishat Belwadi9101Goa
213Supriya G9101Delhi
214Siddharth Surana9101Mumbai
215Kavin A9000Coimbatore
216Vishnu Prashanth9000Coimbatore
217Rishabh 9000Chennai
218Adithya Mohan9000Chennai
219Sahil Gupta9000Jamshedpur
220Baibhab Pattnaik8101Bangalore
221Ajwad Shaikh 8101Mumbai
222Aswin Anilkumar8000Thrissur
223Sree Ganesh Balaji S8000Chennai
224S Iniyan8000Chennai
225Sourav Kundu8000Bangalore
226Venkataraman L7110Mumbai
227C Pranav7000Coimbatore
228Surya Vasisht7000Bangalore
229Jibitesh Beheka7000Kolkata
230Sanjay Seetharaman6000Coimbatore
231Subham Sarkar6000Bangalore
232Sandeep Chatterjee6000Bangalore
233Suhas Prasanna6000Goa
234Ratnadip Das5101Kolkata
235Ananthu CV5000Thrissur
236Jibin PV5000Thiruvananthapuram
237Krishna P Unny5000Chennai
238Angel Jose5000Chennai
239Yakshita H5000Chennai
240Mrudula RC5000Bangalore
241Swathi PG5000Pune
242Krishnapriya S4000Thiruvananthapuram
243Karthik Mistry4000Ahmedabad
244Vatsal Shah4000Ahmedabad
245Harshit Kumar4000Bangalore
246Ari Pulawala3000Ahmedabad
247Dharshini R3000Chennai
248PS Balaji3000Chennai
249Nishant P3000Bangalore
250Rithwik Rao3000Bangalore
251Vitthal P Y3000Goa
252Umesh Meena3000Delhi
253V Mukund2000Coimbatore
254Maitry Bhatt2000Ahmedabad
255K Palani2000Chennai
256Raghavendra Achar2000Bangalore
257Archana Murali2000Bangalore
258Sharath R Maiya2000Bangalore
260Aaryan Manoj2000Pune
261Joshi Heet2000Mumbai
262Parshudar PK1000Coimbatore
263Paras K1000Mohali
264Athira MJ1000Thiruvananthapuram
265Robert M Kunju1000Thiruvananthapuram
266Saksham Jain1000Bangalore
267Anantha Kumar1000Bangalore
268Sushmi Harsha0000Thrissur
269Sarath MS0000Thrissur
270Abin Jose James0000Thiruvananthapuram
271Pranjal Singh0000Ahmedabad
272Dhruv BP0000Mumbai

MahaQuizzer and AsiaSweep Venues 2017

These are the details for venues and proctors for MahaQuizzer 2017 and AsiaSweep 2017.  All cities except Vadodara will be hosting both quizzes on Sunday.

While MahaQuizzer will be offered off-piste for entrants abroad, AsiaSweep will be offered competitively in some of these venues.

UPDATE: We now have a venue in Tezpur, Assam. 

CityVenueMahaQuizzer ProctorAsiaSweep Proctor
AhmedabadIIM AhmedabadShajeev Pillai (9998593050) Jeet ( 9427601304)
BengaluruInstitution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road, BangaloreHrishi Varma ( 08884125047) Arul Mani (9731214519)
BhubaneswarD-2/1, Madhusudan Nagar, near Cosmopolis.Dattatreya Sundaraya ( 8895081886)Dattatreya Sundaraya ( 8895081886)
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore,
Chennai 600004
Vikram Rajan (08939513211)Vikram Rajan (08939513211)
CoimbatorePSG Institute of ManagementAshwin (9941846000)Ashwin (9941846000)
DelhiCommunity Hall, Maitri Apartments, Plot-17, Sector-10, DwarkaShubhankar Bahl (9910038334) Abhishek Kapoor (9958988479)
GoaRoom A 10, Faculty Block A, Goa University, BambolimKanchan Gatwad ( 9970317245) Nathan Moniz (7083224153)
HyderabadColumbus Hospital, Begumpet Riyaz Usman ( 9948661033) Krishan Shetty (8451087782)
JamshedpurXLRI, JamshedpurRikesh Bhattacharyya (9176640756) Rikesh Bhattacharyya (9176640756)
KolkataInstitute of Marine Engineers, 31/3 , Sahapur Colony,Flat no. A-1/2, New Alipore,
Kolkata (near new alipore triangular park)
Auritro Chowdhury (9831078519) Subikash Paul (9836293774)
MohaliIISER MohaliArdra Nandakumar (8288994751)Ardra Nandakumar (8288994751)
MumbaiIIT BombayShubhankar Gokhale (9820244492) Nadeem Ansari (8879519783)
PuneIISER PunePranav Joshi (072609 79878) Ravina (9021181604)
ThrissurGovt. Engineering College, ThrissurVijaynath V (9447380969)Vijaynath V (9447380969)
TrivandrumFortune IAS Academy, KuravankonamMuni Darsan (9846194142) Muni Darsan (9846194142)
VadodaraIAS, Ellora ParkDigant (9429136613)No event
Tezpur Tezpur University
Tezpur, Assam
Snehashis Parashar (9577077227)Snehashis Parashar

The 28th Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz on Sunday 12 November 2017

The Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz is an annual open quizzing event for teams of four or fewer, held in memory of Ganesh Nayak, a pioneering quizzer from the city. 

The 28th edition will happen on Sunday, November 12th at 2 pm at IAT on Queens Road. The quiz will be researched and conducted by a team comprising Varun Rajiv, Ashwin Kumar, Mitesh Agarwal, and Santosh Swaminathan.

There will be prizes for all finalists.

KQA Lone Cub and Lone Kid Quizzes for school students

KQA Lone Kid Quiz

 Middle School Quiz (for solo participants)—Guidelines

 A general quiz for students of Stds. V, VI and VII.

 The Rules

Participating schools may field a maximum of four participants.
This is a solo quiz—the entrants will take the quiz on their own.
There is no entry fee.
There is no prior registration needed; participants can register on the spot
Participants must bring pens/pencils; paper will be provided.
The quiz will cover topics of general interest and requires no specific preparatory effort.
 All participants must reach the venue in time for registrations by 9:00 AM
A written preliminary will be held to select 8 finalists.
Prizes & Certificates will be awarded to all 8 qualifiers—plus a prize for the best performance by a girl entrant from Std. V, VI and VII.
The winner will be declared Bangalore’s Sub-Junior Quizzing Champion for 2017.


Registration: 0900hrs-0915hrs
Quiz Prelims: 0915hrs-1000hrs

Finals: 1000hrs-1100hrs
Prizes: 1100hrs

KQA Lone Cub Quiz

High School Quiz (for solo participants)—Guidelines

A general quiz for students of Stds. VIII, IX and X.
The Rules

Participating schools may field a maximum of four participants.
This is a solo quiz—the entrants will take the quiz on their own.
There is no entry fee.
There is no prior registration needed; participants can register on the spot.
Participants must bring pens/pencils; only paper will be provided

The quiz will cover topics of general interest and requires no specific preparatory effort.
All participants must reach the venue in time for registrations by 11:00 AM
A written preliminary will be held to select 8 finalis

Prizes & Certificates will be awarded to all 8 qualifiers—plus a prize for the best performance by a girl entrant from Std. VIII, IX and X.

The winner will be declared Bangalore’s Junior Quizzing Champion for 2017.


Registration: 1100hrs-1115hrs
Quiz Prelims: 1115hrs-1150hrs

Finals: 1200hrs-1315hrs

Prizes: 1315hrs

For more details, please call Thejaswi Udupa on +91 98867 25754 or Santosh Swaminathan on
+91 98449 53179.
The venue is Indian Institute of Agricultural Technologists, on Queen’s Road. Entry is possible through a wicket-gate on Queen’s Road, and through another gate on Connaught Road.

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