Mega-Whats Venues

Rotary House Of Friendship,
Lavelle Road,
Bangalore – 560001
Proctor: Arun Hiregange

Odisha Engineering College,
460 Sahid Nagar,
Proctor: Abanis Nayak

IISER Mohali,
Knowledge City,
Sector 81, SAS Nagar,
Manauli PO 140306
Near ISB, Mohali
Proctor: Srijit Mukherjee

Room no. 101
Department of Management Studies (DoMS)
Proctor: Kiran Vijaykumar

PSG Institute of Management,
Proctor: Anuradha Yogesh

Zuari Hall,
The International Centre Goa,
Dona Paula
Proctor: Ira Almeida (09822127995)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences
14 A, Bhuban Road
Guwahati – 781001
Proctor: Arunav Chowdhury (9508461715)

off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills,
Next to the M-Modal building,
Opposite GVK One Mall.
Proctor: Vivek N D

Surya Sen Bhavan,
Jodhpur Park.
432 Prince Anwar Shah Road,
Kolkata 700068.

Opposite Aurobindo Seva Kendra/EEDF Hospital.
Bus stop: Taltolla between South City and Jadavpur Thana(PS).
Procotor: Shankar Ramalingam

Pinstorm office,
Ground Floor, Swati House,
Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road
North Avenue
Santa Cruz(W)
For directions or help, call Atul Mathew (9930754026)
Proctor: Kumar Abhishek

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Proctor: Lingaraj (9873762010)

COEP, Pune
Proctor: Amit Patil (09970144577)

Devamatha CMI Public School,
Patturaickal, Thrissur
Proctor: Dr Vijaynath V (9447380969)

Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill.
Proctor: Prof P Vijayakumar

Quizzes in December

We will hold two sets of quizzes on Sunday 2 December 2012 and Sunday 9 December 2012.

We have five quizzes slated for Sunday 2 December 2012 at The Institution of Agricultural Technologists, off Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

We begin with the Annual Lone Cub and Lone Kid championships for Std VIII-X and Std V-VII respectively, followed by three open quizzes.

Event I
Middle and High School Solo Championships

Lone Kid
Open to solo contestants from Stds. V, VI and VII.
Schools can send up to 4 participants

Prelims: 0930hrs-1000hrs
Finals: 1015hrs-1100hrs

Prizes for all finalists

QMs: Hrishikesh Varma and Praveen V.R.

Lone Cub
Open to solo contestants from Std. VIII, IX and X.

Schools can send up to 4 participants
Prelims: 0930hrs-1000hrs
Finals: 1100hrs-1200hrs

Prizes for all finalists

QMs: Santosh Swaminathan and Sohan Maheshwar

Event III

The Bangalore Quiz

Written quiz
Teams of two members
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- per team
Prizes: Book Coupons for Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 1000/-


QMs: Landmark Venky and Mitesh BizGawd Agarwal

Event IV
We are also hosting, on request, the Quiz Dubai Open Solo Quiz, set by Dr. Chandrashekar Rao.

Timings: 1400-1500hrs

Open to all
90 questions in 60 minutes
Solo, written quiz
Entry fee Rs. 50/-

Event V
December Open Quiz

Hosted by Thejaswi Udupa

Open to all
Teams of four members
Entry Fee: Rs. 100/-
Free entry for school teams
Prizes for all finalists




We are also glad to report that we have a venue for MindSweep and Mega-Whats to be held in Bangalore on Sunday 9 December 2012. The venue is The Rotary House of Friendship on Lavelle Road. We thank the Rotary Club, Lavelle Road for supporting this KQA effort.

ASKQANCE 2012 – Day 2 Results

June 30, Day 2 of ASKQANCE 2012 had a  packed schedule with 2 open quizzes and the second semi-finals and the finals of Mega-Whats.


QMs: Arul Mani and Kiran Vijaykumar

In the second semi-finals, We Are Like This Wonly secured their spot in the finals winning by a comfortable margin but there was a close fight for the other 3 spots.

  1. We Are Like This Wonly – 285 points.
  2. Travelling Pilsburies – 255 points.
  3. Dilli Ke Thugs – 215 points.
  4. Mad O’Wot – 200 points.
  5. Metaquizziks – 185 points.
  6. Mega-WTFS – 130 points.
  7. Cunning Stunts – 115 points.
  8. Two and a Half Men – 30 points.


QMs: Rajagopal P.S., Vivek Karthikeyan & Siddhartha Shanker

The quizmasters kept the participants on their toes, answering questions about elements, identifying equations and even filling in blanks in poetry! The scoring was so close that two teams tied for first place and decided to split the honours instead of breaking the tie.

  1. Insert Cool Name Here – 104 points.
  2. We Are Like This Wonly –  104 points.
  3. Pouncing As Science (aka Metaquizziks) – 95 points.
  4. Nexus – 77 points.
  5. Questionable Characters – 64 points.
  6. Travelling Pillsburies –  64 points.
  7. Cunning Stunts – 47 points.
  8. Swami’s Friends – 42 points.


QMs: Thejaswi Udupa and Venkatesh Srinivasan

Metaquizziks going under the alias of Metal-Quizziks in a surprise result qualified for the finals of a sports quiz. They also bravely participated in the absence of Arul Mani who was busy setting questions for the Mega-Whats finals for later in the day.

  1. Insignificant Others – 235 points.
  2. Flibberti-Kibitz – 175 points.
  3. Swami Obamananda – 165 points.
  4. We Are Like This Wonly – 160 points.
  5. CIDs from Mumbai/Kerala – 155 points.
  6. Untitled – 130 points.
  7. MAAZ FC – 125 points.
  8. Metal-quizziks – 85 points.


QMs: Arul Mani & Kiran Vijaykumar

After a short break for tea and snacks, quizzers poured into the hall to witness the finals of Mega-Whats. With teams from Kolkata, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore & Delhi, it had a truly national flavour.

QED, a team from Chennai took an early large lead and kept it through the quiz to win by very large margin. This didn’t mean there was no excitement at all; The teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places though frequently exchanged places as the quiz progressed, and even before the last couple of questions, there was a chance for teams to surge ahead to get 2nd place.

An interesting round on connections where teams could also stake confidence on their answers to take higher points helped some teams get a nice leg up in the scoring.

  1. QED – 390 points.
  2. Insignificant Others – 265 points.
  3. Dilli Ke Thugs – 250 points.
  4. We Are Like This Wonly – 237.5 points.
  5. Feni, Vidi, Vici, Bitchy – 215 points.
  6. Travelling Pillsburies – 215 points.
  7. Hammer and Tongs – 190 points.
  8. Mad O’Wot – 155 points.


The President of the KQA, Ochintya Sharma also released the yearbook for 2011-2012 containing questions from many of the quizzes conducted by the KQA in the past year. He thanked the efforts of the many quizmasters that contributed questions to the yearbook as well as those that helped edit it. The KQA school quiz book for 2011-2012 will be released at the ASKQANCE School and College quizzes to be held in July 2012.

KQA Yearbooks including older copies can be purchased at most KQA events held in Bangalore.

ASKQANCE 2012 – Day 1 Results

It’s that time of the year again, when quizzers from across India descend upon the IAT Hall on Queen’s Road for KQA’s anniversary festival of quizzing, ASKQANCE.


QMs: Arul Mani and Kiran Vijaykumar.

We kicked off the quizzing with the first semi-final of the Mega-Whats Face Off with 8 teams from Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Goa fighting for the 4 places in the finals. Here are the final scores:

  1. Insignificant Others – 290 points.
  2. QED – 275 points.
  3. Hammer and Tongs – 235 points.
  4. Feni Vidi Vici Bitchy – 200 points.
  5. Swami and Friends – 190 points.
  6. Questionable Characters – 135 points.
  7. Insert Uncool Name here – 105 points.
  8. Tiruppur Tughlaqs – 85 points.


QMs: Dibyendu Das, Mitesh Agarwal & Rajath Krishna

The prelims for the travel quiz was closely fought and 9 teams qualified for the finals with the difference between the 1st team and the 9th being just 4 points.

The finals also went on to be in a similar vein, with Hammer and Tongs, the team from Kolkata winning by a narrow margin and the difference between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams being just a point or two.

  1. Hammer and Tongs – 269 points.
  2. Excess Baggage (the travel quiz avatar of MetaQuizziks) – 255.5 points.
  3. We Are Like This Wonly – 254 points.
  4. QED – 251 points.
  5. Delhi Sucks – 175 points.
  6. Feni, Vidi, Vici, Bitchy – 172 points.
  7. Tough Luck – 132 points.
  8. Insert Cool Name Here – 113 points.
  9. Pass the Ketchup – 71 points.

Mega-Whats 2011–Acknowledgments

232 teams sat for Mega-Whats across 12 cities this year.

Our thanks go out to QFI-Chennai, K-Circle and HQC, Hyderabad, BCQC in Pune, BQC in Mumbai, Kutub Quizzers in New Delhi, SEQC in Goa, CQC in Coimbatore, and to the quizzing communities in Kolkata, Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram and Mysore for organising venues and prizes.

Thanks to all our proctors for kindly volunteering to put their faces, and voices, to our questions (always a high-risk job) —Siby Kuriakose in Panaji, Prof. Vijayakumar in Thiruvananthapuram, Dr. Vijayanath in Thrissur, Rudradeep Bhattacharjee in Kolkata, Yaggy and Krishnan in Mumbai, Kaustuba Venugopal and Ram Narayan in New Delhi, Varun Shenoy in Mysore, Mr. Devarajan in Hyderabad, and  a special word of thanks to two people who stepped in at the last minute to proctor, thereby saving us much bother and embarrassment–Ms. Nithya in Coimbatore, and Gaurav Keskar in Pune.

This is perhaps the best place to acknowledge the hard work  put in by several KQA guys. Ashwan Lewis, who set up a trouble-free interface for registrations and took that headache off our shoulders, the team of  Navin Rajaram, Landmark Venky, Hrishi Varma and Ashwan who kept in touch with other cities, and Appu, DD and Mitesh for organising the Bangalore venue and dealing with registrations on the day.

The Mega-Whats Face-off will occur during the KQA Anniversary in June 2012 and will feature the winners from each of the 12 cities. The four other places in the semi-finals will go to the teams that achieved high scores and a place in the top 15 without actually winning a city.  These teams are Insignificant Others (78/Chennai), We Are Like This Wonly (75/Bangalore), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (70/New Delhi) and Mad O’ What (64/Mumbai). A limited ranking list is up at TOP 80 MW2011

Mega-Whats 2011–Results

Q.E.D (Chennai) have won the Mega-Whats title for the third year running. They scored 85. The runner-up position was shared by MetaQuizziks (Bangalore)  and Insignificant Others (Chennai) on 78.  The top 80 scores (provisional) can be viewed here: TOP 80 MW2011

232 teams took part in all.

The city-wise results for Mega-Whats are given below.


20 teams appeared

  1. OPEN:FENI VIDI VICI BITCHY (Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Rajiv D’Silva, Anjali, Doc M)            52
  2. COLLEGE :VICTORIOUS SECRETS (Ronak Gupta, Avinash,  Ashin,  Akshay Surendra)      27
  3. SCHOOL: SHARADA MANDIR (Mohnish Sardesai, Vivek Nayak, Rohan Saxena, Dhawal)     11


19 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: MEGA-WTFS (Ramanand J., Harish Kumar B.V., Salil Bijur, Kunal Sawardekar)     57
  2. COLLEGE: KILROY’S DOPPLEGANGERS (Kshitij Jyoti, Kamesh Gupta, Mridul J., Saikat Sarkar)              33


12 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: HAMMER & TONGS (Jayashree Mohanka, Shouvik Guha, Anil Vaswani, Kinshuk Biswas)  75
  2. COLLEGE: IIT KHARAGPUR (Sourav Das, Varun Aggrwal, Reeju Datta, Sourya Pal)                          30
  3. SCHOOL: LAKSHMIPAT SINGHANIA ACADEMY (Yash Mehta, Pronil Roy, Rohin D., Soham Basu)  16


17 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: SWAMI AND FRIENDS (Alagarsamy, Krishnamurthi, Lakshmi, Bhargava )                      69
  2. COLLEGE: SWAMI’S FRIENDS (Rohan Naidu, Krishna Akhil, Pratik Gupte, Aditya Vikram)          35
  3. SCHOOL: GITANJALI SENIOR SCHOOL (Vasishta, Aakash, Varun, Viswanath)                                                  16


26 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: DILLI KE THAGS (Dr. Bhattacharya, Sid Sen, Hari P., Sabyasachi)  70
  2. COLLEGE: FMS DELHI (Nikhil Dubey, Nikhil Sonde, Arpan Srivastava) 43
  3. SCHOOL: DPS-ROHINI ( Rishabh Aggarwal, Pranay Baldev, Shikhar Sahdev)             11

DILLI KE THAGS tied with JAANE BHI DO YAARON. The tie was settled on the 7th question using the score-comparison method.


21 teams appeared.

  1. OPEN: Q.E.D (Gopal Kidao, Swaminathan, Samanth, Jayakanthan)   85
  2. COLLEGE: UNTITLED (Nitish Krishna, Mithraa Varun, Ashwin, Sudarshan)                   29


20 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: CUNNING STUNTS (Justin Thomas, Siddharth Menon, Ankan Kazi)           39
  2. COLLEGE: NIT-CALICUT (Akhil, Jebin, Neville, Sanjana) 20
  3. SCHOOL: QUIZ DE LA PLACA (Harikrishnan, Aravind, Ajay, Rajath)         05

CUNNING STUNTS tied with WHY THIS KOLAVERI DA, ARUL? The tie was settled on the 2nd question using the score-comparison method.


12 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: INSERT UNCOOLNAME HERE (Anil Raghavan, Harikrishnan,Manu Sudhakar)        60
  2. COLLEGE: Ahana Anil, Jayaram,  Sruthi: 10
  3. SCHOOL: INGLORIOUS QUIZZERS ( Akhilesh,, Anand, Harisanker) 09


14 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: TRAVELLING PILLSBURYS (Rajiv Rai, Anil Kothuri, Sumanth Srivatsan,Vibhendu),  70
  2. COLLEGE: Abhishek, Pranav, Vighnesh, Aditya  37



41 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: METAQUIZZIKS (Mitesh Agarwal, Cheriyan Alexander, Varun Rajiv, Santosh)  78
  2. COLLEGE: NITK-Surathkal (Samarth and team)       37
  3. SCHOOL: ST. JOSEPH’S BHS (Akshay Tiwary and team)  08


11 teams appeared

  1. OPEN:  TIRUPUR TUGHLAQS  (Senthil, Yogesh Pai, Natarajan K., Ashok) 37
  2. COLLEGE: WTK (Kavin,Gowtham,Manoj)        09
  3. SCHOOL: VEYRON (Praveen, Sanjay, Ashwin, Abiram)    03



19 teams appeared

  1. OPEN: TWO AND A HALF MEN (Aarthi, Shyam, Hari) 24
  2. COLLEGE: SJCE (Abhishek CHauhan, Rajat VS, Kevin Paul, Adithya) 15
  3. SCHOOL: SADVIDYA HIGH SCHOOL (Manish, Jayadatta, Pranav, Rohan) 04



Mega-Whats 2011 – The Complete Quiz

The all-India (and some overseas!) results for Mega-Whats 2011 will be announced in a few days, but here’s the quiz for all those that might have missed it on the 11th. Or maybe those that want to spot their favourite “succulent karoo” questions once more.

Mega-Whats 2011 – Venues

Mega-Whats 2011 will take place at the following venues across India at 3pm on the 11th of December 2011.

UPDATE: Please note a correction to the Hyderabad and Pune venues

Institute of Agricultural Technologists,
Queens Road

Department of Management Studies
Landmark : Next to Cafe Coffee Day near Gajendra Circle
Indian Institute of Technology -Chennai
Chennai – 600 036
Proctor: Kiran Vijayakumar

The International Centre Goa,
Dona Paula
Proctor: Siby Kuriakose

Assam State Zoo
Proctor: To be announced

Landmark Bookstore,
Road # 12, Banjara Hills
(Next to Ohri’s Restaurant)
Proctor: T Devarajan

Usha Martin Academy,
PS Shrijan Tech Park,
5th Floor, DN52, Sector 5,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 91
Proctor: Rudradeep Bhattacharjee

PSG Institute of Management,
Avinashi Road
Proctor: Anuradha Yogesh

Pinstorm, Ground Floor,
Swati House (Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road),
North Avenue, Santa Cruz (W)
Proctor: V V Krishnan

SDM Institute of Management Development,
Chamundi Hill Road
Proctor: Varun Shenoy

2LT 1
IIT – Delhi
Proctor: Kaustuba Venugopal

Room No. 13, Mechanical Engg. Department
College of Engineering Pune,
Pune – 411007
Proctor: Vishwajeeth Narvekar

Seminar Hall,
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur
Proctor: Dr. Vijaynath V

Seminar Hall
Mar Ivanios College
Proctor: Prof. Vijayakumar

Mega-Whats 2011

UPDATE – View the full quiz 

The third edition of Mega-Whats, our National Open Quizzing Championship will be held on Sunday, 11 December 2011.

The quiz will be held across thirteen cities simultaneously. Apart from Bangalore, we have confirmations from Chennai, Guwahati, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Mysore, New Delhi, Pune, Thrissur, and Thiruvananthapuram.

The Bangalore edition will be held at the First Floor Hall, Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

Since this hall is much smaller (accommodates 35 teams, and by accommodate we mean squeeze in), and since we had people squatting on the floor last year, please register in advance to ensure good seating.

An entry form is provided here–scroll to the end of the page:

The details:

For more details, please call Arul Mani at 097312-14519

Mega-Whats 2011 – Registrations

The following is a list of participants registered for Mega-Whats 2011 updated as of 6 December 2011. For more information on the event please go to:

UPDATE: Online registrations are now closed. You can still register on-the-spot at the venue.


  1. MWBAN01      RVCE (Vijay Ramesh, Trisha & team)
  2. MWBAN02      Metaquizziks
  3. MWBAN03      LSD
  4. MWBAN05      We Are Like This Wonly
  5. MWBAN06      Fat Boys and Little Men
  6. MWBAN07      Disqualified
  7. MWBAN08      Yeddy’s Buddies, The Reddys
  8. MWBAN09      Rossellini – Pasolini
  9. MWBAN10      KD
  10. MWBAN11      How Can She Slap
  11. MWBAN12      Holy Nexus
  12. MWBAN13      CIDs From Kerala
  13. MWBAN14      Moo Jig Maa
  14. MWBAN15      Charudut, Nithesh & Team
  15. MWBAN16      Questionable Characters
  16. MWBAN17      God Shave the Queen
  17. MWBAN18      The Unusual Suspects
  18. MWBAN19      Rest House Croissants
  19. MWBAN20      Rajat, Jayant & Team
  20. MWBAN21      Jairaj, Ashwin & Team
  21. MWBAN22      St. Joseph’s Boys High School (Vikram, Akshay & team)
  22. MWBAN23      Frank Anthony’s Public School (Jeydev & team)
  23. MWBAN24      Nandakumar D & Team
  24. MWBAN25      Page3Floor3
  25. MWBAN26      LTTE
  26. MWBAN27      4.5 Lorises
  27. MWBAN28      Got MiLF?
  28. MWBAN29      NALSAR University of Law
  29. MWBAN30      V.V.S.Sardar Patel High School
  30. MWBAN31      Blender’s Peda
  31. MWBAN32      Yevgeny Yevtushenko
  32. MWBAN33      Kevin, Pat, Ronny & Tore
  33. MWBAN34      Kristu Jayanti College
  34. MWBAN35      Tejeshwar & team

  36. MWBAN36      EWIT(Mohammed F & team)
  37. MWBAN37      Sri Kumaran PU College (Pranav VC & team)
  38. MWBAN38      NITK (Pranav J & team)
  39. MWBAN39      Rajini – Might help me win this quiz
  40. MWBAN40      Omnipresent Obbattus
  41. MWBAN41      RVCE (Navneeth C V & Team)
  42. MWBAN42      Almost There
  43. MWBAN43      Srihari & team
  44. MWBAN44      Wimpy & team
  45. MWBAN45      MSRIT (Nakul Shetty & team)
  46. MWBAN46      Ramblers
  47. MWBAN47      We quiz MilF-getters just for practice
  48. MWBAN48      Jitaditya N, Harsha, Nikhil & Sandeep P
  49. MWBAN49      Vinay Nair, Siddarth K & Mohammed R
  50. MWBAN50      Banana Republicans (QF)
  51. MWBAN51      LogicaOne
  52. MWBAN52      Quizards
  53. MWBAN53      Tweakers And Swindlers
  54. MWBAN54      Rahul & Sowjanya
  55. MWBAN55      The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  56. MWBAN56      Quizziqual


  1. MWCHE01      SBOA school CBSE
  2. MWCHE02      Insignificant Others
  3. MWCHE03      Tommy and Friends
  4. MWCHE04      Satyabhama’s Chargers
  5. MWCHE05      Pass the Ketchup
  6. MWCHE06      QED
  7. MWCHE07      Hari & team
  8. MWCHE08      SASTRA
  9. MWCHE09      Trollmasters
  10. MWCHE10      NIT Trichy (Nitish K, Mithraa & team)
  11. MWCHE11      redington
  12. MWCHE12      Memory Bank
  13. MWCHE13      Curiosity is our birth right.
  14. MWCHE14      hyderabad nawabs and chennai kolaveris
  15. MWCHE15      Saraswati
  16. MWCHE16      Siddharth M, Jagdheesh S, Nikhil S, Harish V
  17. MWCHE17      Haari, Saathiesh, Soundaar
  18. MWCHE18      Venkat, Abhinav, Anupam & Karthik
  19. MWCHE19      Shreyas Padmanabhan, Aravid Ramachandran & team
  20. MWCHE20      Invincibles
  21. MWCHE21      The Knights Who say ‘Pass’
  22. MWCHE22      CCCC
  23. MWCHE23      In Google and Wikipedia We Trust
  24. MWCHE24      Why this Kolaveri
  25. MWCHE25      Just Like That


  1. MWKOV01      Kakapo’s Revenge
  2. MWKOV02      Holy Cross (Karthik Krishna & team)
  3. MWKOV03      Tiruppur Thugs and 2 Bystanders
  4. MWKOV04      Sastra
  5. MWKOV05      Mookambigai College (Madhumidha & team)


  1. MWGOA01      Aryaans
  2. MWGOA02      A Team
  3. MWGOA03      Our Lady of the Rosary High School, Dona-Paula (Samrah, Maithili & team)
  4. MWGOA04      The Benchwarmers
  5. MWGOA05      Navy Children School (Albert J, Anand & team)
  6. MWGOA06      Sharada Mandir School (Dhawal P, Mohnish S & team)
  7. MWGOA07      Feni Vidi Vici Veni
  8. MWGOA08      Watts In The Name !!!??
  9. MWGOA09      Victorious Secrets
  10. MWGOA10      THE VIKINGS
  11. MWGOA11      Mushtifund High School
  12. MWGOA12      Incredible 4
  13. MWGOA13      the infinite four


  1. MWGUW01      Assam Engineering College
  3. MWGUW03      Flushing Meadows
  4. MWGUW04      Shrimanta Shankar Academy (Abhilash & team)
  6. MWGUW06      Army Public School, Narangi (Arunav & team)
  7. MWGUW07      Shrimanta Shankar Academy (Suvam & team)
  8. MWGUW08      Pass
  9. MWGUW09      Gauhati Commerce College (Ankit, Pratik & Bhaskar)
  10. MWGUW10      Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti
  11. MWGUW11      Gurukul Grammar School ( F4 )
  12. MWGUW12      Mnemonics
  13. MWGUW13      Gauhati Commerce College (Arunav, Uddupta & team)
  14. MWGUW14      Holy Home
  15. MWGUW15      J.B college (Priyam, Manash & team)
  16. MWGUW16      The Smiling Assassins


  1. MWHYD01      Krishna, Pratik, Rohan
  2. MWHYD02      Quizzing Irregulars
  3. MWHYD03      Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!!
  4. MWHYD04      Swami and Friends
  5. MWHYD05      Ratna Kumar, Rajini & team
  6. MWHYD06      Daydream believers
  7. MWHYD07      CMEC (Preetham, Mahesh & team)
  8. MWHYD08      Shaving Ryan’s Private Part 2
  9. MWHYD09      Abhimanyu, Sabarisan, Dinesh
  10. MWHYD10      Madhu, Bhargav and team
  11. MWHYD11      Not Applicable
  12. MWHYD12      INFYnity
  13. MWHYD13      Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans Public School Jubilee Hills (Anirudh P & team)
  14. MWHYD14      Holy Beards
  15. MWHYD15      Paranoid Androids
  16. MWHYD16      Gitanjali Senior School (P Vasishta, Aakash & team)
  17. MWHYD17      clairvoyancer
  18. MWHYD18      Bhanu, Kumar, Vijay & Kiran
  19. MWHYD19      Aam Aadmi
  20. MWHYD20      Kulla Sekar Maggu Monk

  22. MWHYD21      Vitam College
  23. MWHYD22      Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans Public School Jublee Hills (Abhinav G & team)
  24. MWHYD23      bonaparte’s
  25. MWHYD24      Bhavans Vivekananda Degree College (Gurtejbir S & team)
  26. MWHYD25      Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Public School (Srikanth R, Shiva Sai & team)
  27. MWHYD26      Four Degrees Below Zero


  1. MWKOL01      LOGOS
  2. MWKOL02      Hammer and Tongs
  3. MWKOL03      Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata
  4. MWKOL04      3 Tenthies and a ninth- Lakshmipat Singhania Academy
  5. MWKOL05      IEM
  6. MWKOL06      Q&A
  7. MWKOL07      fiction
  8. MWKOL08      Comeback Heroz
  9. MWKOL09      ALTER EGOS
  10. MWKOL10      Felix and Jimmy go to White Castle
  11. MWKOL11      Potoldanga Thunder Club
  12. MWKOL12      The Puncture in the Tyre
  13. MWKOL13      We Are Not Ramleela
  14. MWKOL14      Nalsar University of Law (Abdaal Akhtar)
  15. MWKOL15      The Devil of Gahana
  16. MWKOL16      Cathedral Mission High School (Asif Iqbal, Mayank Tandon & Zeeshan Zaki)
  17. MWKOL17      Pronil Roy, Yash Mehta, Rohan Dostidar & Soham Basu
  18. MWKOL18      Tea, Coffee, Snacks


  1. MWMUM01      Vikram, Mukund & team
  2. MWMUM02      Travelling Pillsbury
  3. MWMUM03      Chauthe Pe Chautha
  4. MWMUM04      IIT Bombay (Nuruddin Bahar & Team)
  5. MWMUM05      IIT Bombay (Pranav S & Team)
  6. MWMUM06      Just for Fun
  7. MWMUM07      NMIMS
  8. MWMUM08      Debasish Misra & team
  9. MWMUM09      Buzzer Checkers
  10. MWMUM10      Uncle’s Momos
  11. MWMUM11      Arjun, Divya & team
  12. MWMUM12      midtown madness

  14. MWMUM13      Klueless
  15. MWMUM14      New Horizon Public School, Airoli
  16. MWMUM15      JBIMS,Mumbai
  17. MWMUM16      Tigers Wood
  18. MWMUM17      Factoid Busters
  19. MWMUM18      Team no:17
  20. MWMUM19      Quizzing Quartets
  21. MWMUM20      Pragaetihasik Jeevashm
  22. MWMUM21      LP is our Leader
  23. MWMUM22      Spartans


  1. MWMYS01      Department of Studies in Physics, Mysore University
  2. MWMYS02      SJCE Mysore
  3. MWMYS03      Maharaja Junior College (Samarth, Sagar & team)
  4. MWMYS04      Aarti S & Subramanian S H
  5. MWMYS05      Eddy & Chaddi Bros Inc
  6. MWMYS06      FF
  7. MWMYS07      NIE (Adithya, Ravikiran & Team)
  8. MWMYS08      Fourth Dimension
  9. MWMYS09      What’s In A Name


  1. MWDEL01      LBSIM
  2. MWDEL02      IIT Delhi (Shiva D & team)
  3. MWDEL03      Brajendu B & Team
  4. MWDEL04      Hari P, Sid & Doc B
  6. MWDEL06      Apratim, Jyotesh & team
  7. MWDEL07      Chandan Kumar, Shashi Bhushan & team
  8. MWDEL08      Nikhil Jha & team
  9. MWDEL09      IIT Kharagpur
  10. MWDEL10      Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron
  11. MWDEL11      St.Stephens/IIT Guwahati
  12. MWDEL12      TNT Tears
  13. MWDEL13      Tugh-Luq
  14. MWDEL14      FMS Delhi (Nikhil Dubey & team)
  15. MWDEL15      Adittya Mubayi and Team
  16. MWDEL16      The Three Musketeers
  18. MWDEL18      Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan (Kaustuv Sahdeo & team)
  19. MWDEL19      Chetan Soni, Dhruv Goel & team
  20. MWDEL20      Don Quizzote
  21. MWDEL21      AlphaQ
  22. MWDEL22      IIT Delhi (Harshit Sinha & team)
  23. MWDEL23      Delhi Public School Rohini (Kartik J & team)
  24. MWDEL24      Still Questionable in Delhi
  25. MWDEL25      Delhi Public School, Rohini (Pranay, Rishabh & team)
  26. MWDEL26      Guneet M, Yuvraj P, Archit C & Akshay S
  27. MWDEL27      FMS (The God of Small Thongs)
  28. MWDEL28      Delhi Public School, Faridabad (Himanshu M & team)


  1. MWPUN01      Armed Forces Medical College (Kshitij, Saikat & team)
  2. MWPUN02      Barr-barians
  3. MWPUN03      SIBM Pune (Hari S N & team)
  4. MWPUN04      Ranajeet S & team
  5. MWPUN05      NASS
  6. MWPUN06      Barr Chala United
  7. MWPUN07      Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (UG)
  8. MWPUN08      Wooden Spooners
  9. MWPUN09      Sushruth, Aparna & Vivek
  10. MWPUN10      MIT Pune
  11. MWPUN11      SIIB, Pune
  12. MWPUN12      COEP


  1. MWTHR01      Gafoor ke dosths
  2. MWTHR02      S, M, L & XL !!
  3. MWTHR03      Muhammed Bava, Vineeth, Roshan & Faisal
  4. MWTHR04      Quiz All Over the Face!
  5. MWTHR05      Insert uncool name here
  6. MWTHR06      Nuts & Nerds
  7. MWTHR07      Govt Law College ,Ernakulam (Feny Joy, Rishikesh & team)
  8. MWTHR08      Bony Raju, Francis Kurien T & team


  1. MWTVM01      Who The Eff are Man United?
  2. MWTVM02      Saintgits college of Engineering
  3. MWTVM03      EL SHADDAI
  4. MWTVM04      The Lost Generation
  5. MWTVM05      Manoj KC &Team
  6. MWTVM06      COLLEGE OF ENG. TVM (Abhishek BS & Team)
  7. MWTVM07      moolah…periya…err!
  8. MWTVM08      Loyola School (Harikrishnan & team)
  9. MWTVM09      Fallen Angels
  10. MWTVM10      Why this Kolaveri da Arul?
  11. MWTVM11      Thirondoram Thyeppans
  12. MWTVM12      666

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