MindSweep 2012 – Results in brief

The inaugural edition of MindSweep was held in 25 venues across 8 countries. We thus had 350 quizzers from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Norway, USA, the United Kingdom and India taking part.

The contest was won by Pat Gibson (UK) who scored 110 points out of a possible 200. Kevin Ashman (UK) finished second with 101 points. Mark Grant (UK) took third place on the same score.

The top scores from each of the other participating countries are as follows:

USA: Dan Melia (82)
Norway: Lars Heggland (69)
Germany: Sebastian Klussmann (43)
Malaysia: Movin Miranda (74)
Singapore: Caleb Liu (52)
Sri Lanka: Samanth Subramaniam (78). Lathike Niriella made 42.
India: Swaminathan G. (76)

And now, for the champions in each category.

The Arts: Kevin Ashman (16/20)
Literature: Mark Grant and Josh Kosman (12/20)
Cinema: Mark Grant (15/20)
Music: Josh Kosman (13/20)
Sports & Leisure: Pat Gibson (16/20)
Business: Mitesh Agarwal (15/20)
Science: Chris Quinn (14/20)
Food & Drink: Santosh Swaminathan (13/20)
Social Sciences: Sankhya Krishnan(11/20)*
Connects: Pat Gibson (10/20)

The Bangalore leg of the event was won by Arun Hiregange (67). Thejaswi Udupa (61) and Anustup Datta (57) finished second and third respectively.

A full list of the international rankings will be put up shortly.

*Corrected following receipt of Chennai scores

MindSweep 2012 – Questions and Answers

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Part I – Answers

Part II – Questions

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Part II – Answers

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