MegaWhats 2016 – Results

MegaWhats 2016 was attempted competitively by 140+ teams across 15 locations in India and one location in Dubai.

Post adjudication of all papers, the highest recorded score across all teams is 72 by We Are Like This (W)only from Bangalore comprising Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Ochintya Sharma and Thejaswi Udupa. Close behind are the Aardvarks from Mumbai with 70; Metaquizziks from Bangalore take third place, pipping Remembrance of Things Fast from Chennai on sudden death with both teams on a score of 68, and The Travelling Pillsburys from Mumbai round off the Top 5 with 67.

As before, the Top Ten teams from among the city winners will join the next six highest scoring teams in the semi-finals to be held as part of ASKQANCE 2016 in Bangalore on June 24. The qualifying cities are Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Goa, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Coimbatore.

The non city-winner teams are from Bengaluru (MQ), Chennai (Memory Bank and QED), Mumbai (Travelling Pillsburys and Matunga Manram) and Dubai (The Mavericks). The organizers had pre-announced that teams from Dubai would only be considered in the ‘next 6’ category, and not as a city winner.

Victorious Secret from St James’ School, Kolkata comprising Daibayato Basu, Shourya Sarkar and Spandan Sengupta scored the highest among all school teams with 22, and the team calling themselves Kinky Tailor Sold Her Eye from Bhubaneswar scored the highest among all college teams with 49; they are also the city winners from BBSR and qualify for the semi-finals..

In Bangalore, the six teams who scored above 50 were:
We Are Like This (W)only – 72
Metaquizziks – 68
SJC Quizzers – 59
Forecasting Couch – 56
The Village People – 56
CIDs from Kerala – 52

“For more such team names come to Interrobang 2017” from Bangalore scored the highest among all college teams in the city with 41. “The Quizaders from Arul Mani Land” scored the highest in the school category in Bangalore with 19.

From international locations who took the quiz non-comp, we have received scores from Kuwait, which saw one team comprising Ramesh Athreya, Dr Boby,
R Karthikeyan and Rohan John record a score of 29 points.

All qualifying teams are requested to drop a note to confirming their availability in Bangalore for the semis on June 24. We need clear confirmation from the teams by May 31.

If any team is unable to make it to the semis, their slot will be offered to the next highest scoring team, starting with the team named Ingit Bergman from Mumbai.

Our congratulations to all the qualifiers and a big thank you to all the fellow quiz associations who organized this quiz at various locations.

The detailed results across all centres are given here:

  MegaWhats 2016 Rankings                  
RankingTeam NameCityCategoryScore
1We Are Like This (W)OnlyBengaluruOpen72National Winner (Q)
2AardvarksMumbaiOpen70City Winner (Q)
4Remembrance of things FastChennaiOpen68City Winner (Q)
5The Traveling PillsburysMumbaiOpen67Q
6Matunga ManramMumbaiOpen66Q
7Memory BankChennaiOpen65Q
8MegaWtfPuneOpen64City Winner (Q)
9Hammer and TongsKolkataOpen64City Winner (Q)
10Feni Vidi Vici Grouchy?GoaOpen61City Winner (Q)
13Ingit BergmanMumbaiOpen59
14SJC QuizzersBengaluruOpen59
15Sheikh YerboutisDubaiOpen58
16Insignificant OthersChennaiOpen57
17Delhi RumDelhiOpen56City Winner (Q)
18Asslt'd NutsMumbaiOpen56
19Forecasting CouchBengaluruOpen56
20The Village PeopleBengaluruOpen56
21Bhaag Moti BhaagDelhiOpen53
22Swami And FriendsHyderabadOpen52City Winner (Q)
23CIDs from KeralaBengaluruOpen52
24Rebel AllianceChennaiOpen50
25Kinky Tailor Sold her EyeBhubaneswarCollege49College, City Winner (Q)
26Susa and Soda Bottle OpenersChennaiOpen49
27Varun, Logik, Gajju and PeelerajaBengaluruOpen47
29Vetes VulpesDelhiOpen45
30Vital SignsKolkataOpen45
31Charge of the Quiz BrigadeKolkataOpen44
32Three Guilty, One GoltiChennaiOpen43
33Kede bada HaramkorBhubaneswarOpen43
35We Drink and We Don't Know ThingsDelhiOpen42
36For more such team names come to…BengaluruCollege41College Winner
375000 to 1KolkataCollege41College Winner
38Non College Quizzers from I.I.T. BombayMumbaiCollege40College Winner
39Bulbul Cuckoo Hoopoe MynahBengaluruOpen39
40Tirupur TughlaqsKovaiOpen39City Winner (Q)
41LDF Varum Ellam SheriyakumTVMOpen38City Winner
42Kivi & TeamBengaluruOpen38
43Quizzing for Nirvana!BengaluruOpen38
44Three and A Half MenChennaiCollege38College Winner
45The PolitburoPuneOpen38
46Team WargsPuneOpen38
47Doesn't MatterHyderabadOpen38
48Masters and PadawansPuneOpen37
49MSSSHyderabadCollege37College Winner
50Mission RecognitionChennaiCollege36
51Sankhli SamuraisBengaluruOpen35
52Mother and ChillerPuneOpen35
53Heisenberg: The Man, the Myth, the LegendHyderabadOpen35
54Team ZS (Work life imbalance)PuneOpen34
55Guns, Germs and thighsMumbaiOpen34
56Ishaan, Sohail, ShubhankarDelhiOpen33
57Jayant, Utkarsh, Alan, JayaprakashBengaluruOpen33
58JUST IN TIMEThrissurOpen33City Winner
59Bulbul Cuckoo Hoopoe MynahMysuruOpen33City Winner
60Four horsemen of the apoplecticsKolkataOpen32
61IOSS Shwarman's UnitedDubaiCollege32College Winner
62Bosskey and the HeartistsChennaiOpen32
63Sangeeth, Sreehari, Arunav, AdityaGoaCollege31College Winner
64Megawhatever Floats Your BoatBengaluruOpen31
65The LanternsHyderabadOpen29
66Doctors without OrdersPuneCollege29College Winner
67Pune QuizzersPuneOpen28
68Shreyas and teamBengaluruCollege27
70Martyrs of Succulent KarooChennaiOpen27
71AC and AFMCPuneCollege27
72Mega ScrewupsBengaluruCollege26
73Farzee DegreeKolkataCollege26
75Somali PiratesTVMOpen26
76Dubai IrregularsDubaiOpen25
77Sheyal PanditKolkataCollege25
78QUIZ MAFIAThrissurCollege25College Winner
79Akshay, Devna, RohanDelhiOpen25
80The Kolaveri QuartetMumbaiOpen24
82RBI + 1TVMOpen23
83Deathly SilenceMumbaiOpen23
84Pirates of SomaliaBengaluruOpen23
85Four Wise MonkeysKovaiOpen23
86Soumya, Adarsh, Bikash, PuneetBhubaneswarCollege22
87Nayan, Kalyan, Bhibuti, KamalGuwahatiOpen22City Winner
89Blind Man Driving VolkswagenMumbaiOpen22
91Victorious SecretKolkataSchool22School Winner
94664 Neighbours of the BeastChennaiCollege22
95Toughie DaPuneCollege22
96Pata NahinDelhiCollege21College Winner
97Tera HertzBengaluruOpen21
98VIRYA QUIZCLUBThrissurOpen21
99League of Ordinary GentlemenPuneOpen21
101No team namePuneCollege20
103The FourthsDelhiCollege19
105The Powerpuff GirlsDelhiOpen19
106The Quizaders from Arul Mani LandBengaluruSchool19School Winner
107Anam, Sandipan, AmlanSilcharCollege19City, College Winner
109Prasad, Shashank, Sriram, AdityaMumbaiOpen19
110Salt N PepperTVMOpen19
111Teams are too MainstreamBengaluruSchool18
112Pirates of TravancoreTVMOpen18
113Rituraj, Raj, Hirok, AryamanSilcharCollege18
114BIJU UNITEDThrissurOpen18
115Some Random Thing daBengaluruCollege17
116Mega Banthu MegaBengaluruOpen17
117Somashish and teamKolkataOpen17
118ONCE UPON A TIME IN GECThrissurOpen17
119Ooh La LaChennaiSchool17
120Vishu, Krishna, Siddarth, VishalChennaiSchool17School Winner
121Mysore PakMysuruOpen17
122Half Baked Hash BrowniesBengaluruCollege16
124Three Men in a QuizDelhiCollege16
125Doctor Dope Iyer and HigherKovaiCollege15College Winner
126Trump's WallChennaiCollege15
127The Wise QuackersPuneCollege14
128Chaar AayogDelhiOpen13
129Forty TwoChennaiSchool13
131Haseen KamineyBhubaneswarCollege10
132Ramb-OMysuruCollege10College Winner
133S#!t HappensTVMOpen10
134Les QuizerablesDubaiOpen9
135Kool Town QuizzersBengaluruOpen9
137NIT pickersGoaCollege8
138Four Angry MenKovaiCollege7
139Q Ball ClubKovaiSchool7School Winner
140Suryanarayan and TeamKovaiCollege6
141Mohit, Pritom, MayankGuwahatiCollege5College Winner
142Sanatan and UttamBhubaneswarCollege4
143Karma InsideKovaiCollege3
144NM QuizzersKovaiSchool1

MindSweep 2016–Results & Rankings

Pat Gibson wins MindSweep 2016 with a score of 145 out of a possible 220.  Anne Hegerty finishes second with 133, also the best performance by a woman quizzer. Andy Tucker, also of the UK, finishes third with 128.


Among the categories, Gibson won Sciences and Social Sciences outright with identical scores of 39. Anne Hegerty won Arts with a score of 37. Living was won by Jayakanthan R. with 34 points.

Three Indian quizzers finished in the top 10 (not counting Ujjwal Deb, who took the quiz in Eindhoven):  JayakanthanR. (117),  Vinoo Sanjay (113), and Jayashree Mohanka (112).

The setters thank  all those who took MindSweep 2016 for generously giving up several hours of a Sunday morning for the quiz. Thanks go out to the various clubs and associations across the world that collaborated with us in holding the quiz.

These are the final rankings for 2016.

NameCountry/CentreThe ArtsThe SciencesSocial SciencesLivingTotal
1Pat GibsonUK / Burton35393932145
2Anne HegertyUK / Burton37343329133
3Andy TuckerUK / Burton34283432128
4Ujjwal DebNetherlands/Eindhoven31272930117
6Paul SinhaUK / Burton27302631114
7Vinoo SanjayMumbai33242531113
7Barry SimonsUK / Burton30273422113
9Jayasree MohankaCalcutta29283124112
9Chris JonesUK / Burton24243331112
11Swaminathan GChennai27272928111
12Aadisht KhannaDelhi/ India33222728110
13P S RajagopalChennai24313220107
13Daniel MeliaUSA / Bay Area32223023107
15Aniruddha SenguptaGoa29252031105
16Movin MirandaMalaysia28202927104
16Rahul KottalgiMumbai26242529104
18Nikhil SonejaDubai, UAE29222131103
19Avinash ThirumalaiBangalore18332229102
20Santosh SwaminathanBangalore3120163299
20Arun HiregangeBangalore2628162999
22Anustup DattaBangalore2723222698
23Thejaswi UdupaBangalore2424222797
24Koen HartsuikerNetherlands/Eindhoven2322222794
24Mark RyderUSA2020292594
26Rajiv RaiMumbai2317213293
27G KrishnamurthyDubai, UAE2120272492
28Ravi MundoliChennai2524231789
29Manu SudhakarChennai2031122588
30Ashwin KumarBangalore2218192685
31Govind GrewalMumbai1616212679
32Ajachi ChakrabortyCalcutta2314192278
32Kiran VijayakumarChennai2521122078
32Shafeek MKDubai, UAE1814222478
32Sachin DMumbai1916192478
32Aditya GadrePune1517192778
37Diane HallaganUK / Burton2511182377
37Ian FennellUK / Burton1718271577
37Krishnamurthy ViswanathanUSA / Bay Area1617222277
40Aniket KhasgiwaleMumbai2018152376
41Suresh RamasubramanianBangalore1516242075
42Nikhil sondeMumbai1625141974
43Nisha PillaiUSA / Bay Area1814172473
44Chandrakant NairBangalore1626102072
44Navin RajaramChennai1520201772
44Yogesh PaiCoimbatore1020182472
44Abel GilsingNetherlands/Eindhoven2110142772
48Krittika AdhikaryBangalore1916241271
50Vinod S KrishnanDelhi/ India1816122369
50Marcel VisschersNetherlands/Eindhoven1210252269
52Aniruddha ChariCalcutta178241867
52Gautam GhosheCalcutta1018221767
54Sandeep ShankarCalcutta1215211765
54Alok MohanDubai, UAE2210132065
54Omkar DhakephalkarPune924161665
54Chris GrandisonUK / Burton1416171865
58Ingit Mumbai1713112364
58Kaushik ChatterjeePune823181564
60Bala SMumbai1415102362
60Michael Dennis BiemansNetherlands/Eindhoven820112362
60Nitish KhadiyaUSA / Bay Area151792162
63Ritwik KChennai1711112261
63Ajay JaisinghaniDelhi/ India1612211261
65Anand SivashankarBangalore1413151860
65Achyuth SanjayBangalore15`1891860
65Prasann PotdarDelhi/ India1913111760
65Shantanu BhardwajUSA / Bay Area1517181060
69Praveen VRBangalore1815161059
69Rajesh ShankaranPune1117161559
71Guido ter StegeNetherlands/Eindhoven1313112158
71Sudarshan AjiUSA / Bay Area161591858
73Anurakshat GuptaPune1510161657
73Ian WelhamUK / Burton1311161757
75Venkatesh SrinivasanBangalore161561956
75Sohail SardanaDelhi/ India811172056
77Gokul SDelhi/ India171091854
77Abhirami GThrissur152451054
79Saketh BChennai1211151553
79Rajiv D'SilvaGoa1311111853
79Prakhar guptaMumbai1014171253
82Sumeer KDubai, UAE101771852
82Vidyadhar GadgilGoa610221452
84Anish V. IyerBangalore121861551
84Sandeep MathiasMumbai1116101451
86Tanmay PrustyBangalore81842050
86Sangeeth VarmaGoa1114111450
88Shreyas Karanth Bangalore131271749
88Abhijeet BalakrishnanThrissur161081549
88Kaushik RamajayamUSA / Bay Area151361549
91Lakshmi JosyulaHyderabad1015101348
91Suman RayMumbai711121848
94Srisha HaridasBangalore15149947
95Anurag SarkarCalcutta111091646
96Jinson ChackoBangalore131171445
96Balaji SBangalore91491345
96Spandan SenguptaCalcutta101481345
96Sharath JoseHyderabad151231545
100A S Pranavi Chennai111371344
100Murali KDubai, UAE813131044
12Pradyoth JohnBangalore13981543
102Rishiraj S.Bangalore131561143
102AbhimanyuDelhi/ India1011101243
105Sudip Kalyan DeyCalcutta71271642
105CR NaveenCoimbatore51551742
105Anurag Danda Pune71291442
108Prasanna KarmarkarHyderabad71471341
109Jithin JacobBangalore61213940
109Vinod HariharanBangalore61271540
109Bedbyas DattaCalcutta16741340
109Ajey PatilGoa31671440
109Ananthapadmanabhan India/Trivandrum61911440
109Pranjal GuptaPune613101140
115Arun A.SThrissur13107939
117Swetha PChennai9164938
117Delson RocheGoa213111238
117Anil KothuriMumbai10871338
120Nikhil JoseBangalore111051137
120Manjula SIndia/Trivandrum71081237
120Vinyas MaddiUSA / Bay Area71351237
123Siddarth KBangalore7951536
123Lokesh KazaBangalore7561836
123Hem MaradiaBangalore10871136
123Shankar RaiCalcutta4197636
123Amit PandeyaMumbai8881236
123Ajai RagdePune77121036
123Arnabh SenguptaPune41651136
130Gokul PanigrahiPune11135635
131Kishore R.Bangalore51181034
131Aditya MallyaGoa11751134
131Srikar RaghavanMysore7981034
134Ritwik GhoshCalcutta1277733
134 Shubhankar BahlDelhi/ India49101033
134Kevin PaulMysore9721533
134Abdul VahidThrissur6158433
134Sandesh MohanThrissur41271033
139Harman SinghMumbai10104832
140Hritvik JhaPune2176631
140Anil RaghavanThrissur796931
143Harikartik RameshBangalore3126930
143Nayan MedhiGuwahati4791030
143Anirudh AnilkumarPune41241030
145Thejaswi PBangalore7831129
146Roshan Jaisinha DattatriChennai2153929
148Rupam BhattacharyaCalcutta51121028
148Dipak PadmakumarDelhi/ India488828
148Jose ThomasIndia/Trivandrum7104728
148Anmol DhawanPune498728
153Satish IyerCalcutta3181527
153Vishnu S KumarThrissur866727
156Abid AbdullahChennai1061926
156Tathagata ChatterjeeDelhi/ India659626
156Rakesh TPIndia/Trivandrum497626
156Shafeeq SIndia/Trivandrum101626
156Aditi PrabhudesaiPune7541026
156Nandu AshokThrissur488626
162Vishnu PrashanthCoimbatore854825
162Manoj Kumar P.Coimbatore188825
162Jayant VermaDelhi/ India5641025
162Harikrishnan MBThrissur394925
166Gautam HegdeBangalore286824
166Hari ABangalore3551124
166Shashwata PalBangalore870924
166Shubhankar AgrawalChennai396624
166Srinath SundareshwaranCoimbatore195924
166Arunav KonwarGoa3103824
166Tushant MittalHyderabad296724
166Alok ReonThrissur21021024
174Avi KhareBangalore647623
174Shashank TyagiDelhi/ India483823
174Sreehari Goa2831023
174Rahul VemuruHyderabad1531423
174K.N. ChakrabortyPune558523
174KV SreeramThrissur756523
174Amith PThrissur285823
184Shiva S RaiBangalore0114722
184Krishna KinnalBangalore690722
184Sripartha Krishna YerramilliChennai590822
184Akshay B VinayakIndia/Trivandrum674522
184Aviral SMumbai574622
189Partha Sarathi GoswamiCalcutta394521
189Ramachandran SChennai5103321
189Kalyan LahkarGuwahati473721
189Zaman S KhanIndia/Trivandrum734721
189Varad ModakMumbai385521
189Aravind AnilThrissur385521
189Meera K.Thrissur385521
189Abeeth SThrissur195621
189Mohammad FasilThrissur3104421
189Sohail NijasThrissur492621
200Appu SIndia/Trivandrum452920
200Padmaraj EIndia/Trivandrum258520
200Varun GuptaMysore295420
200Omkar BoratePune570820
204Shishira R MaiyyaBangalore364619
204Manish Kumar JhaBangalore833519
204Bala AdityaChennai3101519
204Bibhuti HndiqueGuwahati3104219
204Soumya MurthyHyderabad743519
211Jayaprakash BRBangalore543618
211Susheel ChanferMumbai532818
211Debajyoti AdhikariPune265518
211Aswin S.Thrissur483318
215Chandrashekar V.Bangalore257317
215Nigel Thomas Bangalore181717
215Saurav SurekaBangalore631717
215Neeraja VenuBangalore265417
215Sahil RamchandaniGoa265417
215Rajath RIndia/Trivandrum281617
221Ashwin Senthil KumarChennai154616
221Pranav C.Coimbatore353516
221Prakhar SainiDelhi/ India241916
221Athul AjayIndia/Trivandrum0111416
221Siddharth UrsMysore181616
227Bharath NandanIndia/Trivandrum543315
227Aniket MitraMumbai3111015
227Mahesh G BhatMysore263415
227Writankar KunduPune073515
227Siddharth JainPune442515
232B ManaswiniHyderabad163414
232Anand S PillayIndia/Trivandrum431614
232Rahul KhatriMysore343414
232Archit GargPune063514
232Akshit KampaniPune372214
232Aswin MohanThrissur180514
232Indrajith MenonThrissur162514
240PS BalajiCoimbatore052613
240Lucky KaulHyderabad251513
240Ajimon J stanleyIndia/Trivandrum152513
240Ashwin Mahesh Pune182213
244Kavin AyyaparajCoimbatore440412
244Akash ZutshiDelhi/ India132612
244V SiddharthHyderabad5712
244Rashmi RaviMysore271212
248Vivek AggarwalDelhi/ India312511
248Jasmeet SinghDelhi/ India241411
248Syed HishamMysore144211
248R. VenkatasubramaniumPune205411
252Chirag MalkaniBangalore210710
252Amrit Sodhi Bangalore142310
252Avishkar RMumbai252110
252Jameer KBThrissur153110
256Bharath AKBangalore13239
256Aalhad ParulekarBangalore35019
256Viswas BunyanChennai15039
256Niraj SrinivasHyderabad03069
256Rohan Ram SetlurPune279
256Neeraj PSThrissur12159
263Dharma RaneGoa15028
263Sivakumar BIndia/Trivandrum538
263Pradeep Shanbhigu VMysore05218
263Rajesh BejgumPune02158
267Omkar VinherkarHyderabad04127
267Vipul V.S.Mysore11147
267Saraswat ChatterjeePune437
267Deepanjan DeyPune257
272Hariharan S.Coimbatore10236
272Manas HadkarGoa14016
272Darshan Kumar GMysore12126
272Varun VadigeriMysore15006
272Anandhu KrishnaThrissur21036
277Jayanth HegdeBangalore22015
277Nihal GandhiMysore03115
277Malhar KulkarniMysore145
277Basid KSThrissur03115
283Shashwata NaikMysore03104
283Shelvin JacobThrissur044
285Shubham SauravDelhi/ India00033
285Aswin VinodIndia/Trivandrum11103
285Geetha S NIndia/Trivandrum11103
285Divya GMumbai00213
285Sayyid Suhail IThrissur03003
290Ratan DoddalingannavarGoa02002
290Ajeeta AsthanaMysore02002


Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2016

Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2016 was held on 5th February 2016 in various centres.

Ramesh Athreya won the title in this edition, congratulations to him.

Top three positions (Open):
1. Ramesh Athreya – 75
2. Deepak Thomas – 72
3. Mohsin Mustafa – 60

Top three positions (Ladies):
1. Brighty Thomas – 28
2. Rohaina Aqueel Azizuddin – 27
3. Shilpa Nair & Sabiha Bilgrami – tied on 25

Top three positions (Schools – 8th standard & above):
1. Mohsin Mustafa (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 60
2. Rohan Saji John (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 57
3. Elrich Miranda (Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)) – 52

First Place – Students (Female): Rithika Cherukat (50)

Top three positions (Schools – up to 7th standard):
1. Rohita Mahesh (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 32
2. Jason Elijah Miranda (Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)) – 29

3. Jos Roy (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 24

Best Participating schools:
1. Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S) – 60 participants, 259 points by top five
2. Gulf Indian School – 18 participants, 148 points by top five
3. Indian Learners Own Academy (CBSE – I) – 10 participants, 116 points by top five

The youngest participant was Hatim Ali Jukker Wala who was a little more than ten years old.

The detailed results with top-30 ranks in various categories are given here.


AsiaSweep 2015 Results

Jayakanthan and Manu Sudhakar from Chennai are provisionally declared winners of AsiaSweep 2015. They scored 53.

Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka and Kinshuk Biswas from Kolkata finish a close second with 50. Samanth Subramanian and Ravi Mundoli from Chennai finish third with 45.

The table below shows received scores for 106 teams. These rankings are provisional and could change–we are yet to receive scoresheets from Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram and New Delhi.

KQA thanks all the proctors for giving this process their time and their energy. We also thank all our sister-associations and clubs in the country and beyond.

AsiaSweep 2016 will be held on Sunday, 11 December 2016.

RankingTeam CitySection I Section II Section III Total
1Jayakanthan RManu SudhakarCHENNAI1630753
2Jayashree Jayakar MohankaKinshuk BiswasKOLKATA1728550
3Samanth SubramanianRavi MundoliCHENNAI1627245
4Srinath BhashyamKiran VijayakumarCHENNAI1427344
4 Abhijit BannerjeeAnirudhh ChariKOLKATA1129444
4Navin RajaramAshwin KumarBANGALORE1725244
7Rahul KBalakrishnan SMUMBAI1426343
8Nishanth RamanRajathBANGALORE1819542
9P SrikantDeviprasad VCHENNAI1421641
9Hrishi VarmaPraveen VRBANGALORE1421641
11Shouvik GuhaSudip Kalyan DeyKOLKATA1522340
12Ananya DebS VenkataraghavanMUMBAI1325139
13Dr. ShankarKaustuv GuptaKOLKATA1717438
13AlagarsamyBhargava EMBANGALORE1518538
15 Alok Mohan Shafeek PDUBAI1320437
15Thejaswi UdupaArun HiregangeBANGALORE1419437
17Ganesh Krishnamurti Ramkey DUBAI1123236
17Vibhendu TAniket KMUMBAI1518336
17Gopal KidaoVV SivakumarCHENNAI1318536
17Dr.Kaushik ChatterjeeDr.AnurakshatGupta PUNE1715436
22Siddarth PaiJayadev BBANGALORE1515434
22Sreshth ShahAmrit Pritom Chetia NEW DELHI1320134
24Aniruddha SenguptaNitishGOA33
24Rtivik C Nihal HarishBANGALORE (College)922233
26Rohit Suresh, Pranav RKOVAI1217332
26Rahul JadhavMaitrey DeshpandeBANGALORE199432
26Abhishek KapoorApratim M NEW DELHI1117432
29Keshav AthreyaSuresh RamsubramanianCHENNAI918431
29Varun RajivSantosh SwaminathanBANGALORE920231
31Sachin DeshpandeKartik GaneshMUMBAI1215330
31Kavin C, Yogesh PaiKOVAI1217130
31Rajagopal PSArun RamanathanBANGALORE1414230
35Prithwiraj MukherjeeKarthik ShashidharBANGALORE1017128
35Chandrakant NairJithin JacobBANGALORE1016228
35Ajai JaisinghaniAbhinav Kishore NEW DELHI1214228
38Varun AgarwalKarthik SureshMUMBAI917127
39  Prasann PotdarSumeer KumarDUBAI1013326
40Vidyadhar GadgilShashwathGOA24
40Tauseef WarsiHaaris MateenAHMEDABAD714324
40Manaswi GVenkatesh SrinivasanBANGALORE1011324
43Omkar DhakephalkarPranav PawarPUNE1010323
45Suvajit CPrithwish DMUMBAI813122
45Jinson ChackoShiva S. RaiBANGALORE713222
47Prateek VSandeep A MathiasMUMBAI910221
47Anil, GigiTHRISSUR1010121
47Sriram BurgulaPratheek NaiduBANGALORE (College)713121
51Anand RaoVinayak UTMUMBAI811120
51Abhishek UpadhyaAnand SivasankaranBANGALORE911020
51Jayant VermaRavtej Singh NEW DELHI612220
54Khagendra Chakraborty Anmol DhawanPUNE89219
54AbhijitShomBANGALORE 99119
57Sujith E, Abdul VahidTHRISSUR87318
57Balasubramanyam P, Gokul STHRISSUR710118
59Anuj Shetty Abhay VikramMUMBAI78217
59Vivek AnirudhMUMBAI88117
59Shardul VaidyaHemanth GAHMEDABAD510217
59Mohit TalwarIndranil GhanoadePUNE69217
63Arun AS, Ananthu KrishnaTHRISSUR68216
63Prateek SharmaPratik Karki NEW DELHI78116
66Gokul PanigrahiOmkar BoratePUNE510015
66Achyuth SanjayAshwin BalakrishnanBANGALORE77115
72MaitreyiAbhinav GOA14
72Amrit Visa Jashkaran GadhaviAHMEDABAD48214
72Rohan SethlurSaraswat ChatterjeePUNE49114
76Chirag MutgiBANGALORE66113
77Piyush SinghKB PrashanthBANGALORE64212
78Akhilesh Balakrishnan, Vasudev CTHRISSUR54211
78Vishwa SunilAHMEDABAD56011
78Pawan KumarDrishty SenPUNE55111
78Rohan RayYukti Anand NEW DELHI47011
84Sreeram, MeeraTHRISSUR46010
84Shrey ShyleshVyom VyasAHMEDABAD64010
84RuturajAshwin VadarajanPUNE46010
87Tejas SrinivasanSoham GaunekarMUMBAI3519
87Sayooj Sojen, Neeraj TTHRISSUR4419
87Srikant NairPreetha VijayanAHMEDABAD5229
87Vishal PanjetaShishira MaiyaBANGALORE (College)4329
87Sohit BangreAniruddha MondalBANGALORE (School)2529
94No team nameTHRISSUR4408
94Anoop Joby Augustine, Swathi PGTHRISSUR2428
94Rahul, UthreshKOVAI4408
94Mukilan A, Gowtham SamyKOVAI8008
100Akash Kumar, MuhilanKOVAI3407
102Saful Ahmed, Harikrishnan MBTHRISSUR2406
102Pranaav C, Siddharth PratapKOVAI3216
102Viraj MavaniKartik MistryAHMEDABAD4116
102Anish UnnikrishnanD.R.NairPUNE3216
106Adithya S Menon, Shyam K PisharodyTHRISSUR2305
106Vishnu S, Aravind P MenonTHRISSUR1225
106Stanny DavisAHMEDABAD2305
106Shaswhata PalSharath MaiyaBANGALORE3205
111Kumar ShivamBedangaGUWAHATI224
114Pragadeesh, SanjayKOVAI3003
114Rohan ShahAditi PoreAHMEDABAD2103
118Neeraj BhadraNishit GMUMBAI0000
118Aviral SMUMBAI0000

Those who missed the quiz can check it out here:

Questions only:




Mahaquizzer 2015 Scores and Ranks

Mahaquizzer 2015 was attempted by 292 participants from 13 cities across India. Vinoo Sanjay from Mumbai defended his title and emerged the Champion with a score of 91 points. He will receive his trophy at asKQAnce 2016 – the 33rd Anniversary Quiz Festival of the KQA. Our congratulations to Vinoo on a superlative performance.

Jayashree Mohanka from Kolkata won the Ladies category with a score of 63 points; Siddarth Pai from Bangalore, representing the ICAI won the college category with a score of 51 points; Julian D’Costa from Goa won the school category with 41 points. Our congratulations to them.

The quiz was also attempted by participants in several countries and Kevin Ashman from the United Kingdom recorded the highest score among all international participants, scoring 89 points.

The Karnataka Quiz Association thanks all the quiz associations and quizzing groups across the country, as well as all the venue partners, for helping organize Mahaquizzer 2015 successfully.

Mahaquizzer 2016 will see three new faces join the setting team at KQA. Till then!

India Scores

RankNameScoreTotal *s***CityCategoryPosition
1Vinoo Sanjay911257MumbaiOpenMAHAQUIZZER 2015
2Samanth Subramanian831385ChennaiOpenChennai Winner
3Shouvik Guha821156KolkataOpenKolkata Winner
4Jayakanthan R771376ChennaiOpen
5Rahul Kottalgi731257MumbaiOpen
6Arul Mani691376BangaloreOpenBangalore Winner
7Ravi Mundoli691266ChennaiOpen
8Suraj Menon69716BangaloreOpen
9Varun Rajiv67835BangaloreOpen
10Keshava Guha651284BangaloreOpen
11Aditya Gadre65954MumbaiOpen
12Thejaswi Udupa65523BangaloreOpen
13Annie Sen Gupta64963GoaOpenGoa Winner
14Gopal Kidao64945ChennaiOpen
15Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka631055KolkataLadiesNATIONAL Ladies Winner
16Govind Grewal621257MumbaiOpen
17Sachin Deshpande62743MumbaiOpen
18Srinath TB62633ChennaiOpen
19Rajagopal PS611064BangaloreOpen
20Chandrakant Nair611046BangaloreOpen
21Kiran Vijayakumar60945ChennaiOpen
22J Krishnamurthi58835HyderabadOpenHyderabad Winner
23Amrit PC561147DelhiOpenDelhi Winner
24Anirudh Chari561064KolkataOpen
25Manu Sudhakar56954ChennaiOpen
26P Srikant551367ChennaiOpen
27Arun Hiregange551266BangaloreOpen
28Achyuth Sanjay551046BangaloreOpen
29Hari Parameswaran55835DelhiOpen
31Navin Jayakumar55413ChennaiOpen
32Ani (Lakshmi Josyula)54844HyderabadLadiesHyd Ladies Winner
33Nikhil Sonde54734MumbaiOpen
34Kunal Swardekar53624PuneOpenPune Winner
35Navin Rajaram52844BangaloreOpen
36Suresh Ramasubramanian51936ChennaiOpen
37Siddarth Pai51725BangaloreCollegeNATIONAL College winner
38EM Bhargava51633BangaloreOpen
39Praveen VR51532BangaloreOpen
40Kinshuk Biswas49633KolkataOpen
41Yogesh Pai49624CoimbatoreOpenCoimbatore Winner
42Aniket Khasgiwale49312MumbaiOpen
43Nilay Puntambekar48936MumbaiOpen
44Venkatraghavan S48624MumbaiOpen
45Abhinav Dasgupta47532GoaOpen
46Ajay Jaisinghani47514DelhiOpen
47Alagarsamy AP46844BangaloreOpen
48Anil Kothuri46615MumbaiOpen
49Hari Krishnan46514ThrissurOpenThrissur Winner
50Jayadev Bhaskaran46211BangaloreOpen
51Vibhendu Tewari45752MumbaiOpen
52Ashwin Kumar45523BangaloreOpen
53Gautam Ghosh44523KolkataOpen
54Rohit S44321CoimbatoreOpen
55Anannya Deb44312MumbaiOpen
56Prasanth John Abraham43835DelhiOpen
57Vidyadhar Gadgil43633GoaOpen
58Anand J43422BangaloreOpen
59Rashmi V42844BangaloreLadiesBLR Ladies Winner
60Srisha Haridas42752BangaloreOpen
61Mustafa42725HyderabadCollegeHyd College Winner
62Karthik S42523BangaloreOpen
63Vijay Sarathy42413ChennaiOpen
64Navin Sharma42404MumbaiOpen
66Julian D'Costa41835GoaSchoolNATIONAL School Winner
67Sandeep Shankar41734KolkataOpen
68Debarpan Ghosh41523HyderabadCollege
69Pradyoth C John40835DelhiOpen
70Prasanna K40725HyderabadOpen
71Rithwik K40523ChennaiCollegeChennai College Winner
72Arun AS39505ThrissurOpen
73Abhilash S38624BangaloreOpen
74Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar38303GoaCollegeGoa College Winner
75Arun Ramanathan37523BangaloreOpen
76Prithwish Datta37413MumbaiOpen
76Sandeep Albert Mathias37413MumbaiCollegeMumbai College Winner
78Maitrey Deshpande37404BangaloreOpen
79Samrat Sengupta37312MumbaiOpen
81Arnab Bhattacharya35752MumbaiOpen
82Siddhanth Rao35000ChennaiCollege
83Kunal Roy34514KolkataCollegeKolkata College Winner
84Ramanathan Vignesh34505ChennaiCollege
85Sudip Kalyan Dey34303KolkataOpen
86Karthik Suresh33422MumbaiOpen
87Vasudev Chakravarti33413ThrissurCollegeThrissur College Winner
88Omkar P D33404PuneCollegePune College Winner
89Mithilesh Gurujala33202HyderabadOpen
90S Ramesh32734BangaloreOpen
91Gokul S32413ThrissurCollege
91Swaroop Indira Ramaswamy32413ChennaiOpen
93Prajwal Agrawal32312DelhiOpen
94Bedbyas Datta32211KolkataCollege
95Chirag Mutge31606BangaloreOpen
96Balu John31514ThiruvananthapuramOpenTVM Winner
97Abhay S Kulkarni31312BangaloreOpen
97Jithin Jacob31312BangaloreOpen
99Niranjan Murali31303ChennaiOpen
100Gokul Panigrahi31212PuneOpen
100Geo Thomas31211MumbaiOpen
102Ritvik Chattopadhyay31202BangaloreCollege
102Sreshth Shah31202DelhiCollegeDelhi College Winner
104Anush V Iyer30413BangaloreOpen
105Rama Subramanian30312HyderabadCollege
105Nayan30312GuwahatiOpenGuwahati Winner
107Arjun S Kallapur30202HyderabadSchoolHyd School Winner
108Kavin Aadithyan C29404CoimbatoreCollegeCBE College Winner
109Varun Agarwal29312MumbaiOpen
110Snehashis Panda28211MumbaiCollege
110S Venkatasubramaniam28211ChennaiCollege
112Aditya Sridhar27413BangaloreOpen
113Rajarshi Roy27312BangaloreOpen
113Siddarth Krishnakumar27312ChennaiOpen
115Piyush Singh27211BangaloreOpen
115Sujith E27211ThrissurOpen
117Kapinjal Kishore Sharma27110GuwahatiOpen
118Manaswi "Snats" Gundi27101BangaloreOpen
118Abhay Vikram27101MumbaiCollege
120Nitish Wagle27000GoaOpen
120Ullas Pavithran27000GoaCollege
122Anuj Shetty26404MumbaiCollege
123Tauseef Warsi26000AhmedabadCollegeAhmedabad Winner + College Winner
124Deviprasad V25312ChennaiOpen
125Jinson Chacko25202BangaloreOpen
125Gigi George25202ThrissurOpen
127Jayant Verma25110DelhiCollege
128Priyanka Mukherjee24321KolkataOpen
129Vinod Hariharan24312BangaloreOpen
130Izhar Ansari24211KolkataOpen
131Dr Unnikrishnan Menon24202ThrissurOpen
133Haaris Mateen23312AhmedabadCollege
134Santosh Varma23220ThiruvananthapuramOpen
135Vidyacharan GV23211ChennaiCollege
135Abid Abdulla23211ChennaiCollege
137Aniruddha Mitra23110AhmedabadCollege
137Anurag Panicker23101ThrissurCollege
140Gokul S Nair22202ThiruvananthapuramOpen
140Syed Murtuza Hashmi22202HyderabadCollege
140Rishi Vanukuru22202MumbaiCollege
143Sankalp Awasthi22101PuneOpen
144Saswat P22000PuneOpen
144Ashok Danda22000PuneOpen
146Akshar Varma21312AhmedabadCollege
147Abijit Hariharan21110ChennaiCollege
148Rajat Subhra Banerjee21101KolkataOpen
149Neeraj Bhadra21000MumbaiOpen
149Paul Gatward21000GoaOpen
151Rahul Vemuru20211HyderabadCollege
151Paul Martin P20211ChennaiCollege
153Rahul Thangaraj20202CoimbatoreCollege
154Sankar Roy20110KolkataOpen
155Somashish Ghosh20101KolkataOpen
156Debajyoti Adhikari20000PuneOpen
156Tejas Srinivasan20000MumbaiCollege
159Aneesh Kallapur19202HyderabadCollege
159Sandesh Mohan19202ThrissurCollege
161Sri Ram Burgula19101BangaloreCollege
161Vivek Arte19101MumbaiCollege
161Abdul Vahid PA19101ThrissurCollege
161Meera K19101ThrissurLadiesThrissur Ladies Winner
165Krishna S19000ChennaiSchoolChennai School Winner
166Tushant Mittal18312HyderabadCollege
167Shashwata Pal18202BangaloreCollege
168Vyom Vyas18101AhmedabadCollege
169Kumar Shivam18000GuwahatiCollegeGuwahati College Winner
169Purushottam Gupta18000MumbaiCollege
169Dr Binu Raju George18000ThrissurOpen
169Krishnakumar Ramachandran18000ChennaiCollege
169Viola Rodrigues18000GoaLadiesGoa Ladies Winner
174Sreyashi Dastidar17101BangaloreOpen
174Abhijith B17101MumbaiOpen
176Saishyam Srikanth17000BangaloreSchoolBLR School Winner
177Arun Ghosh MS17000ThrissurCollege
178Shishira R Maiya16211BangaloreCollege
178Amlan Phukan16211GuwahatiCollege
178Balasubramanyam Pattath16211ThrissurCollege
178Govindarajan CV16211CoimbatoreOpen
182Maitreyi Gupta16202GoaLadies
183Abhra Das16110GuwahatiOpen
183S Riyas Ahmed16110ChennaiCollege
185Sowmya16101MumbaiLadiesMumbai Ladies Winner
186K Ramdas16000AhmedabadCollege
187Shrey Shylesh15202AhmedabadCollege
188Amod Sardesai15110AhmedabadCollege
189Mayank Agarwal15101PuneOpen
189Varun Rustagi15101DelhiCollege
191Dr Rajesh Panicker15000ThrissurOpen
191Aakhash Kumar15000CoimbatoreSchoolCBE School Winner
194KV Sreeram14211ThrissurOpen
195Vishnu Prashanth R14101CoimbatoreCollege
196Aaditya Kannan14000BangaloreSchool
196R Talukdar14000BangaloreOpen
196Satish Mudaliar14000BangaloreOpen
196Akshay Seal14000GuwahatiCollege
196Sandipan Goswami14000GuwahatiCollege
196Shajeev S Pillai14000AhmedabadCollege
196Umesh Kumar Dubey14000KolkataOpen
196Sunil Sardesai14000GoaOpen
204Amrit Visa13211AhmedabadOpen
205Harikrishnan MB13202ThrissurCollege
206Arpita N Shetty13110AhmedabadLadiesAhmedabad Ladies Winner
206A Sharan13110ChennaiCollege
206Mukilan A13110CoimbatoreOpen
209Lucky Kaul13101PuneCollege
210Srikant Nair13000AhmedabadCollege
210Anoop Joby Augustine13000ThrissurCollege
210S Ashwin Balaji13000ChennaiOpen
210Sahil H Ramchandani13000GoaCollege
214Samitra K12202BangaloreLadies
215Bhushan Patel12000AhmedabadOpen
215Rohan Shah12000AhmedabadCollege
217Swathi G11110BangaloreLadies
219Samyak Chaturvedi11000AhmedabadOpen
219Nishit Ganatra11000MumbaiOpen
219Harikrishnan NJ11000ThrissurSchoolThrissur School Winner
219Shreyas S11000ChennaiOpen
219DS Aravind11000ChennaiCollege
224Shyam K Pisharody10211ThrissurCollege
225Muhilan M10110CoimbatoreSchool
226Anuradha Kannan10101BangaloreLadies
226Shreya Rao10101BangaloreLadies
226Pratheek I10101BangaloreCollege
229Bedanga Kashyap Das10000GuwahatiCollege
229Akhilesh Balakrishnan10000ThrissurCollege
229Safal Ahmed10000ThrissurLadies
229K Aravind Srinivas10000ChennaiCollege
229Srinath Sundareshwaran10000CoimbatoreOpen
229Shivansh10000KolkataSchoolKolkata School Winner Jt.
229Utkarsh Sinha10000KolkataSchoolKolkata School Winner Jt.
236KS Diwakar9110CoimbatoreOpen
237Aswin Mohan9000ThrissurCollege
237Dr Resmi Menon9000ThrissurLadies
239G Keshav Chandra8110HyderabadCollege
240Abhijit Shinke8000PuneOpen
240Jashkaran Gadhvi8000AhmedabadOpen
240Parikshit Rao8000ChennaiSchool
243Antara Bhattacharya7101MumbaiSchoolMumbai School Winner
244Deepika Shami7000ThiruvananthapuramLadiesTVM Ladies Winner
244Pratyush Pran Sarma7000GuwahatiSchoolGuwahati School Winner
244Omkar Borate7000PuneCollege
244Tej Shah7000AhmedabadOpen
244Dr Akshaya Kumar Das7000MumbaiOpen
244Adithya S Menon7000ThrissurCollege
244Siddharth Prathap7000CoimbatoreSchool
244K Sathes Kumar7000CoimbatoreCollege
252Sharath R Maiya6000BangaloreSchool
252Adarsh Pavithran6000ThiruvananthapuramOpen
252Suchit Dange6000PuneOpen
252Sankara Subramanian S6000PuneCollege
252Karishma B6000AhmedabadOpen
252Shashank Rakesh6000AhmedabadOpen
252P Ajay6000ChennaiSchool
252Rahul Venkatesh6000CoimbatoreCollege
252S Pragadeeshwaran6000CoimbatoreOpen
252Venkatesan MT6000CoimbatoreOpen
252Joseph Francisco da Silva6000GoaOpen
263Aniruddha Mondal5000BangaloreSchool
263Siddhartha Vattem5000HyderabadOpen
263Kushal Shah5000AhmedabadOpen
263Oishani Ghosh5000MumbaiSchool
263Varun RS5000ChennaiSchool
263Sanjay Srinivasan5000CoimbatoreOpen
263Kavin A5000CoimbatoreCollege
270Sneha D Soni4000PuneOpen
270Jugal Thakkar4000AhmedabadOpen
270B R Manjunatha Swamy4000MumbaiOpen
270Ramshad S4000ThrissurCollege
270Vishnu R Nair4000ThrissurSchool
270N Hari4000CoimbatoreCollege
270G Uthresh4000CoimbatoreCollege
278Vishal Panjeta3000BangaloreCollege
278Shiva S Rai3000BangaloreOpen
278Sahit S Bangre3000BangaloreSchool
278Bibhuti Handique3000GuwahatiCollege
278Supriya Ghaytadak3000PuneLadiesPune Ladies Winner
278Gaurav Bagrecha3000AhmedabadCollege
278A Akshaj3000CoimbatoreSchool
285Vishnu S2000ThrissurCollege
285Anandhu Krishna M2000ThrissurCollege
285MS Rajaraman2000CoimbatoreSchool
285N Danwani2000CoimbatoreCollege
289Dibyajyoti Kalita1000GuwahatiOpen
289Dhrubajyoti Burman1000GuwahatiCollege
291Choradia Rahul Sampat0000BangaloreCollege
291S Ramkumar0000CoimbatoreCollege

International Scores

1Kevin Ashman89OpenUK
2Pat Gibson84OpenUK
3Mark Grant83OpenUK
4G Krishnamurti7564OpenDubai
5Andy Tucker70OpenUK
6Alok Mohan6665OpenDubai
7Siddhartha Shankar6441OpenSan Diego
8Iwan Thomas64OpenUK
9Nikhil S6343OpenDubai
10Chris Jones63OpenUK
11Sriram Padmanabhan5566OpenNew York
12Hari Kadappa5363OpenSan Diego
13Aditya Sriram Sankaran48OpenParis
15Siddharth Vij4641CollegeNew York
16Keerthi Raghavan4332OpenNew York
17Ranajeet Soman3451OpenNew York
18Advay Sriram3311SchoolNew York
19Prabhakar Bandaru3140OpenSan Diego
20Saee Joshi2911LadiesNew York
21Dushyant M285CollegeNew York
22Subal Sahni2700OpenSan Diego
23Sarada Anne2620CollegeNew York
24Venkhatesh Ravisekar26OpenParis
25Hariharan Sriram2311CollegeNew York
26Sarah Toporoff23OpenParis
27Raunaq P2111OpenDubai
28Deepika Vasudevan2000OpenNew York
29Vishnu Pachuveetil1500OpenNew York
30Mythreyi Ranganathan1400LadiesNew York
31Mathangi Ramesh1322OpenNew York
32Kim M1211OpenDubai
33Senthil Krishna10CollegeNew York

Wing Commander G.R. Mulky Memorial Quiz on 31 May

The Xth Annual Wing Commander G.R. Mulky Memorial Quiz will be held on Sunday 31 May 2015 at Canara Union, 8th Main, Malleswaram. The quiz is open to all. Interested participants may form teams of up to four members.

Registrations: 1000 hrs onwards
Prelims: 1030 hrs–1130 hrs
Finals: 1200 hrs to 1400 hrs

Researched and hosted by
Sujata Sharma and Urmila Lakshmanan

Prizes for all finalists.

Entry Fee: Rs. 100/- per team

To reach the venue, you could either head up 15th Cross from Margosa/Sampige Roads till you reach CV Raman’s House/Chitrapur Math and turn left for 8th Main. Fourth or fifth gate on the right.

Or come to Malleswaram circle and take the first available left after you hit Margosa Road, get past Malleswaram Club/Grounds and head straight till you hit a T-Junction–which is 8th Main. Turn right here, and continue some way up, watching for 13th cross. CU is about five gates away, on the left.

asKQAnce 2015 – Schedule

The Karnataka Quiz Association will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year and is hosting asKQAnce – a three-day festival of quizzing from Friday to Sunday, June 26 to 28, 2015. All the quizzes will be held at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists on Queen’s Road. This is the schedule:

Friday, June 26
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM – MegaWhats Semi Final 1 by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
3:15 PM to 4:45 PM – MegaWhats Semi Final 2 by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
5:00 PM to 8:30 PM – Cannabis Indica – the India Quiz by Navin Rajaram and Hrishikesh Varma

Saturday, June 27
9:30 AM to 1:00 PM – Kibitz Simple – the Sports Quiz by Sohan Maheshwar, Manish Achuth and Alagarsamy AP
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM – MegaWhats National Finals by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
4:30 PM to 9:30 PM – Son Of Lumiere – the Films Quiz by Santosh Swaminathan and Anustup Datta

Sunday, June 28
10 AM to 1:30 PM – Collected Works – the Arts Quiz by Vivek Karthikeyan and Venky Srinivasan
2:30 PM to 6:30 PM – Sesame – the Open General Quiz by Mitesh Agarwal and Thejaswi Udupa (with breaks for hi-tea and prize distribution for Mahaquizzer/MegaWhats)

The time taken from IAT to the airport is about 75 minutes and the Cantonment railway station is only five minutes away. Please plan your return trip accordingly.

Look forward to seeing all of you at asKQAnce 2015.

Mega-Whats 2015 Results

A total of 129 teams from 16 centres in India and Dubai wrote Mega-Whats 2015. These are the toppers in each category:

Open: QED (Samanth, Swami, JK, Gopal) from Chennai – 86

College: The Fake is a Lie (Abhishek Kapoor, Jyotesh Singh, Anagh Mukherjee, Apratim Mukhopadhyay) from Delhi – 60

School: Les Quizerables (Shrey, Vignesh) & Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Behind (Akhil Nori, Gaurang, Akhil Siddharth, Shaurya), both from Bangalore – 17

These are all the scores after re-correction, with city winners in each category indicated. As was done last year, the top 10 city winners and remaining 6 top scores qualify for the finals. In case any teams drop out, their spots will be filled by the remaining highest team overall. Tie-breaks were resolved by sudden death from the first question.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the city quiz associations and proctors who helped us hold Mega-Whats this year.

1QED (Samanth, Swami, JK, Gopal)Chennai86Open - City Winner (Q)
2Insignificant Others (Sankhya, Sreeram, Vijay Sarathi, Ramanan)Chennai79Open (Q)
3We Are Like This Wonly (Bhargava, Movin, Anustup, Udupa)Bangalore77Open - City Winner (Q)
4Memory Bank (Anil, Ravi, Dr. Jayakumar, Mrs. Jayakumar)Chennai71Open (Q)
5Matunga Manram (Vinoo Sanjay, Balakrishnan S, Nikhil Sonde, Govind Grewal)Mumbai71Open - City Winner (Q)
6Latabai ki Kasam (Vikram Joshi, Sumant Srivatsan, Vibhendu Tiwari, Anil K.)Mumbai70Open (Q)
7Mitesh (solo) (Mitesh, Mitesh II, Mitesh III, I need no fourth)Bangalore69Open (Q)
8Swami and Friends (Alagar Samy, Krishnamurthi J, Lakshmi J, Mustafa Hashmi)Hyderabad67Open - City Winner (Q)
9Hammer and Tongs (Jayashree Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, A. Guha, S. Guha)Kolkata66Open - City Winner (Q)
10Ingit Bergman (Ingit, Shubhankar G., Anannya Deb, Aniket Khasgiwale)Mumbai65Open (Q)
11CIDs From Kerala (Captain, VR, Buffalo, Jithin)Bangalore64Open (Q)
12Aardvarks (Avinash Mudaliar, Ramya M., Rahul Kottalgi, Arjo Ganguly)Mumbai64Open
13Rebels Without A QuizChennai62Open
14Krishnamurthi G, Ramkey V, Alok M and ShafeekDubai61Open - City Winner (Q)
15The Fake is a Lie (Abhishek Kapoor, Jyotesh Singh, Anagh Mukherjee, Apratim Mukhopadhyay)Delhi60Open/College - City Winner (Q)
16Delhi Ke Thugs (Dr. Bhattacharya, Kunal Malhotra, P. Srikant, Shresth Shah)Delhi59Open
16Surreal and Fluoroscent (Salil Bijur, Aadisht Khanna, Ajay Parasuraman, Ashwath V)Delhi59Open
16Sober, High, Higher and Aiyer (Rohit Rao, Anand Aiyer, Siddarth Pai, Jayadev Bhaskaran)Bangalore59Open
16Mega WTF (Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre, Srirang Raddi, Kunal S)Pune59Open - City Winner (Q)
20Concious Recoupling (Ajay Jaisinghani, Tanmay Prusty, Preyoshi Ganguly, Siddharth Sen)Delhi58Open
20ICNH (Anil Raghavan, Harikrishnan, Jaidev, Manu Sudhakar)Thrissur58Open - City Winner (Q)
22Petit Bourgeois (Sahitha, Roshith, Vijay)Delhi56Open
23SJC Quizzers (Arul Mani, Sachin, Nagaratna, Sripradha)Bangalore55Open
23Collected Works of Nexus Baggage (Keshava Guha, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Vivek Karthikeyan, Navin Rajaram)Bangalore55Open
25The Djinns in Jeans (Tothagata C, Vinod Krishnan, Abhinav K, Shreekanth Reddy)Delhi52Open
26Deviprasad, Balaji, Arun, RajuChennai51Open
26Inmaniacs (Gautam Ghosh, Abhijit Banerjee, Bhaskar Datta, Anirudh Chari)Kolkata51Open
28Forecasting Couch (SRS, Logik, Anand, Keshav)Bangalore50Open
29Suvajit C., Prithwish, Karthik Ganesh, Shamika M. Mumbai49Open
30Raunaq, Jonathan, Sumer and SandeepanDubai48Open
31Idivettum Pemariyum (Nilima Rajdev, Justin T, Ashwin Sudhir, Niranjan Sudhir)Trivandrum47Open - City Winner (Q)
32Feni Vidi Vici Grouchy (Nitish Wagle, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Rajiv D’Silva, Aniruddha Sengupta)Panjim47Open - City Winner
33Tirupur Tughlaqs (Yogeesh Pai, Surya, Indumathi, C.R. Naveen)Coimbatore46Open - City Winner
338.5 (Sachin, Varun, Adjitya, Manish)Bangalore46Open
35Megha Vats (Achyuth, Pranjal, Murty)Delhi45Open
36Matric Fail Inc (Bhrigu Talukdar, Akshay Seal, Pranami Tamuli, Amrit Pritam Chetia)Guwahati44Open - City Winner
37Vanar Sena (Sasidhar, Ritvik, Niyam, Keshav)Bangalore43College - City Winner
38The Zero Whats (Chirag, Chetan, Abhay, Rahul)Bangalore42Open
39Kasturiba Nagar KasamusaChennai41Open
39We Are From IINChennai41College - City Winner
414 Monks Without a Straw (Lathish, Debji, Rahul, Nishant)Bangalore40Open
41Bannerghatta Jammers (Abhilash, Debashish, Jayaprakash, Sreyashi)Bangalore40Open
41Soda Bottle Opener Wallahs (Prasanna, Jose, Shilpa, Priyambad)Hyderabad40Open
44Booze is the Cigaratte of Our Energy (Abhinav Dhar, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Saransh Mohapatra, Sheikh Wasim Sajjad)Bhubaneswar39Open - City Winner
45Nishant, Maitrey, KarthikBangalore38Open
45Trivially Challenged (Arko Ganguli, Mayank Majumdar, Shayak Chakraborty, Somashish Ghosh)Kolkata38Open
47Abhijeet, Rithwik, Rushabh, SreeramThrissur37Open
48Abijit, Abid, Kunal, SiddhanthChennai36College
49Deplorable (Pankaj Pukhan, Deepak Padmkumar, Garima Paul, Udita Gaurav)Delhi35Open
49Beer View Mirror (Vijay, Avijeet, Harsimran, Shiva)Bangalore35Open
49Sex and the Old City (Mithilesh.G, Vishal.B, Bharadwaj P., Shreyas.D)Hyderabad35Open
49Atul, Abhishikth, Vamsi, KrishanHyderabad35Open
53Undecided (Shyama, Ananya, Allan, Supreeth)Bangalore33Open
54Sana, Vinod, Varun, RameshChennai32Open
54Srisha, VishnuBangalore32Open
56Some Real Devotees of Kinetic Energies (Debashish, Sarbajit, Devarshi, SRD)Kolkata31Open
57Will Manikam Make It (Katik M, Atishay S, Aditya, Vashistha)Delhi30Open
57Keshy Venks is MassChennai30Open
57NLSIU (Parth, Jeydev, Abhishek, Osho)Bangalore30College
57Why So Studious? (Pranav, Nanjundeshwara, Hans George, Moshir Harsh)Bangalore30College
61Balwant Rai ke Kutte (Shalim, Kapinjal, Jitaditya)Delhi29Open
61Two Night Stand (Sameer Dharur, Murtuza Hashmi, Lokesh Kaza, Sukruth Koundinya)Hyderabad29College - City Winner
61Gokul, Arnold, KhagendraPune29Open
64Girish, Sulagna, UtkarshBangalore28Open
64Old Monks (Dr. Nirmal Joy, Dr. Alby John, Er. Jose Thomas, Er. Munidarshan) Trivandrum28Open
64Nakul H., Subin Gafoor, Vishnu.S. KumarThrissur28College - City Winner
67Abhishek Veeraraghavan, Rama Subramanian and Rahul KhatriMysore27Open/College - City Winner
67Devang Ghia, Sumeet Pai, Suresh RaoMumbai27Open
67Maximus Minimus (Amrit Sharma, Nayan Medhi, Jyotishsman Gogoi, Souvik Bhattacharjee)Guwahati27Open.
67Eleventh Hour (Satwik Raut, Sampad Pattanaik, Baibaswata)Bhubaneswar27Open
71Vivin K, Shreyas and ShreyasDubai26Open
71Totally BlankChennai26Open
73Adda Quiz (Subhasish Dutta, Anubhav Joshi, Abhishek Patiri, Ashutosh Das)Tezpur25Open/College - City Winner
73Sheyal Pandits (Shinjon Chatterjee, Dipanjan Pal, Debtanu Sen, Arnab Auddy)Kolkata25College - City Winner
75Murali, Rajesh Sharma, Rajesh Panicker and PulinDubai24Open
76Shantanu G, Sampuran, KartikPune23College - City Winner
77Mega-Whatevers (Srijit Kumar, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Vishwanath Rajan, Ajey Patil)Panjim22Open
77X Factor From Barak Valley (Dipankar Sharma, Aveek Baruah, Amitabh Sharma)Guwahati22College - City Winner
79Ittiam (Venkatramana, Umang, Deepshika)Bangalore21Open
79Whatever!! (Adhithyan, Tharunya, Jyothishraj)Bangalore21College
81Wein Chun (Santhosh, Ashwin, Annirudh, Vishnu)Coimbatore20College - City Winner
81Baba Black Sheep (Sachin B)Delhi20Open
81Team 9 From Outer Space (Ravi, Lochan, Rahul, Itishree)Bangalore20Open
814 Chan Loka (Aditya, Deven, Omkar, Kaustubh)Pune20Open
81The M.A.S.K. (Midhun S, Ashish John, Sudev N.M., Ibrahim Khaleel)Thrissur20College
86Praneet, AusmitaChennai19Open
87Aldona Apples (Kanchan Gatward, Kv Gouthami, Beverly Mendonca, Viola Rodrigues)Panjim18Open
87Subzero (N.Shravya, S. Kaustubh, Tushant, V.Rahul)Hyderabad18College
87Cowboys from Chennai (Kaushik T G, Goutham S.)Mumbai18Open
90Les Quizerables (Shrey, Vignesh)Bangalore17School - City Winner
90Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Behind (Akhil Nori, Gaurang, Akhil Siddharth, Shaurya)Bangalore17School - City Winner
90Kaatu Freakz (Roshan Zain, Arun S, Aravind M J, Athul Ajay)Trivandrum17College - City Winner
90Ashwini’s Boys (Paul Gatward, Ashwini Patil, Anant Prabhu, Linus)Panjim17Open
90Mega Pots (Sahil, Alok, Saswat, Prateik)Pune17Open
95MYZORNIS (Sandipan Goswami, Amlan Phukan, Padmanav Barua, Saurav Das)Guwahati16College.
95Micro-Whats (Toyad Pattanaik, Prateek Mishra, Soumya R. Mohanty, Adarsh K. Mohapatra)Bhubaneswar16School - City Winner
97We Have To Give Now Only? (Tanay Ravi, Aabharan H)Bangalore15School
9712/3 Berley Burlians (Deepayan, Abhijit, Archit, Sanket Tripathy)Bhubaneswar15College - City Winner
97ACubed+D (Anoop Joby, Aravind Anil, Denita Mendez, Abdul Vahid P.A.)Thrissur15College
100Vetla Vettiya Irukom (Harikrishna, Sathya Narayanan, Aravind, Surya Narayanan PCoimbatore14College
100The Piggs Bosons (Atharva, Chaitanya, Kaivalya Karkare, Ashwin Mascarenhas)Panjim14School - City Winner
100Docsons (Binu Raju George, Serin, Unnikrishnan Menon)Thrissur14Open
103M Karthikeyan, Prasath PR, Poorani, GayatriCoimbatore13College
103Ninety-Four (Ajith John Joshua, Saloni,
Manish Agarwal)
103Invictus (Shashank, Rutvik)Bangalore13School
103Bribed the Quiz Master (Animesh Swain, Soham Panda, Anurag Bhol, Mukti Pradhan)Bhubaneswar13Open
103The Infernos (Aaditya R, Aman)Thrissur13College
108Ooh La La MalalaChennai12School - City Winner
108Amateur Mature (Sushant, Anish, Abhishek)Bangalore12Open
108Bajaunga Again (Akshat, Pranav, Surya, Anshuman)Bhubaneswar12School
111Quizards (Anand S Pillay, Akshay B Vinayak, Zaman S Khan, Vishakh ValiathanTrivandrum11College
111Rambo (Sridhar)Trivandrum11Open
111Titans (Deepak Nandakumar, Ashlyn Tom, Kishor S, Akhil O. Asok)Thrissur11College
114Qzer's (Surat S, Nithyaselvan R, Dhilip R, Vivek Kannai K)Coimbatore10College
114Jal Jazeera (Sujit J Patil, Ashish Negi)Delhi10College
114Two and Two More Men (Hassan, Amaresh Sarangi, K. Abhisek, N.S. Swarup)Bhubaneswar10College
114Unusual Suspects (Debajyoti, Nishant, Prajwal)Pune10Open
118Abhijit S Gupta, Sridhar Sashank, Tejas JoshiBangalore9College
118The Quizaders of Arul Mani - Land (Saishyam, Arjun, Rahul, Malavika)Bangalore9School
118Sai Karthik, Siddharth, Keshava, Sunil KumarHyderabad9Open
118Vertigo (Jishnu, Maya, Vishnu, Kannan A.)Thrissur9College
123The InvinciblesChennai8Open
123Yolo, Who Go Solo! (Karthik, Jibran, Siddarth)Bangalore8College
123Erudite Challenge (Spandan Dash, Anwesh Das, Ronisha Das)Bhubaneswar8School
127Spartans (Kishore, Akash, Vishnu, Aravind)Coimbatore3Open
128Vidhya Niketan Public School (Ashwath Sibi, Naresh K, Sivnarayan)Coimbatore2School - City Winner
129Youngster (Antony A. Jaison & co)Thrissur1School - City Winner

Open Quizzes on Sunday, 10 May 2015

We will be holding three quizzes on Sunday, May 10, 2015 at the office of Ujjivan Financial Services, Koramangala.

Sense a Femur
The Annual KQA Humour Quiz

QMs: Santosh Swaminathan & Arul Mani

Written for Teams of two
Regn. Fee Rs 100/team
Starts at 9:45 AM (please be on time, since we have a tight schedule!)

May Open Quiz

QMs: Siddarth Pai, Rohit Rao and Jayadev Bhaskaran

Teams of four or less
Prelims followed by finals
Regn. Fee Rs 100/team
Prelims starts at 1130 AM

What? A solo quiz. Questions appear on screen, you write the answers down on a piece of paper.
QMs:  Thejaswi Udupa, Kiran Vijayakumar, Priyambad Pattanayak, Navin Rajaram, G. Krishnamurthi, J. Krishnamurthi, Jayashree Mohanka, Balakrishnan Satyam and Annie Sengupta.

60 questions, 120 minutes. Expect short/not-so-long questions with quite a few visuals.
Starts at 3 PM sharp; the Bengaluru leg will be proctored by Thejaswi Udupa and Navin Rajaram. Please note that it’s a coordinated start time across the country.

The Norwegian Open Quiz

The Norwegian Open Quiz for solo contestants will be held on Saturday 11 April. The quiz comprises 270 questions to be answered in writing in three sessions.


Registrations: 1230 hrs

Session 1
Followed by scoring

Session 2
Followed by scoring

Session 3
Followed by scoring

The entry fee is Rs. 100/- per participant. School/College students can pay a reduced entry fee of Rs. 50/-, with valid ID.

Third Floor, Humanities Block
St. Joseph’s College.
36, Langford Road
Bangalore 560027

(Past the Hockey Stadium and Divyashree Chambers)

Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in Open, College and School categories.

Proctor: Nagaratna Patil

Prior registration is very helpful for photocopies and such.
Please text your name/s to Arul Mani (97312-14519) to confirm.

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