MindSweep 2.0 results

The full results of MindSweep 2.0 are available here.

Pat Gibson (England) retains his crown with a phenomenal score of 117. The geography-wise list of winners is as follows:

Scotland: Anne Hegerty (99)
USA: Joshua Kosman (96)
India: Swaminathan G. (82)
Wales: Iwan Thomas (72)
Singapore: Jake Jacobs (63)
Norway: Knut Heggland (62)
UAE: Nikhil Soneja (58)
Germany: Sebastian Klussmann (56)
Netherlands: Marcel Visschers (46)
Malaysia: G. Sivapatham (20)

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks again to all the coordinators and supporters.

Note: For couple of participants, we do not have the category-wise split of the score.

The questions and answers for the quizzes are available at:
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