MindSweep in the NY/NJ area

UPDATE: Gaurav has informed us of some changes in the train schedules, please do read section 1.1 below if you were planning to take a train from NYC.

Gaurav Sabnis (gaurav.sabnis@gmail.com) will be proctoring the edition of MindSweep in the NY/NJ area and has asked us to put up these comphrehensive directions to the venue.

Please do email him to confirm your participation so that he knows how many to expect. You can also contact him on Twitter at @gauravsabnis.

10 am, Sunday December 9th 2012

Room 104, McLean Hall (intersection of River St and 5th St)
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Link to the building on Google Maps

1. Public Transport

1.1 Coming from NYC by Train
Usually, this would have been a no-brainer. But post-Sandy, the Hoboken PATH service is still closed. Although the Newport PATH station operates on weekdays, it is closed this weekend. You will have to take a PATH train from WTC to Exchange Place. Then take the Hudson Bergen Light rail train outside the Exchange Place station to Hoboken terminal. Then walk from there. Please note that although the PATH operates from 33rd St in Manhattan on weekdays, it won’t be working this weekend. So coming from the city, you will HAVE TO go to WTC to take a train.

1.2 Coming from NYC by Ferry
By ferry, there are 2 stops, more or less equidistant from the venue. You can take the ferry to Hoboken Terminal from Pier 11 or World Financial Center. Or to Hoboken 14th Street from W 39th St in Manhattan or World Financial Center. It’s roughly a 10 minute walk from both these ferry stops.

1.3 Coming from NYC by Bus
The 126 from Port Authority is generally the best bet. But check the best options online on the day itself.

1.4 Coming from Jersey City/Newport
The Hudson Bergen Light Rail is the best option if you live along the Hudson river in NJ. Buses are good too, so you can look those up online.

1.5 Coming from deeper within Jersey
The Hoboken NJ Transit routes are partly functional. The Hoboken terminal, while closed for PATH, is working for many NJ Transit lines. Check out the best routes to get there on the NJT website or Google Maps public transport option. It’s a 10 minute walk from the terminal to the venue.

2. Driving (and Parking)
To drive to the venue, just follow your GPS or Google Maps directions. We weren’t able to get permission for university parking lots, as there are other events happening on campus. Street parking is free on Sunday on many streets. Be sure to check out the signs. There are also 4 different parking garages within a couple of blocks of the venue.