ASKQANCE 2012 – Day 2 Results

June 30, Day 2 of ASKQANCE 2012 had a  packed schedule with 2 open quizzes and the second semi-finals and the finals of Mega-Whats.


QMs: Arul Mani and Kiran Vijaykumar

In the second semi-finals, We Are Like This Wonly secured their spot in the finals winning by a comfortable margin but there was a close fight for the other 3 spots.

  1. We Are Like This Wonly – 285 points.
  2. Travelling Pilsburies – 255 points.
  3. Dilli Ke Thugs – 215 points.
  4. Mad O’Wot – 200 points.
  5. Metaquizziks – 185 points.
  6. Mega-WTFS – 130 points.
  7. Cunning Stunts – 115 points.
  8. Two and a Half Men – 30 points.


QMs: Rajagopal P.S., Vivek Karthikeyan & Siddhartha Shanker

The quizmasters kept the participants on their toes, answering questions about elements, identifying equations and even filling in blanks in poetry! The scoring was so close that two teams tied for first place and decided to split the honours instead of breaking the tie.

  1. Insert Cool Name Here – 104 points.
  2. We Are Like This Wonly –  104 points.
  3. Pouncing As Science (aka Metaquizziks) – 95 points.
  4. Nexus – 77 points.
  5. Questionable Characters – 64 points.
  6. Travelling Pillsburies –  64 points.
  7. Cunning Stunts – 47 points.
  8. Swami’s Friends – 42 points.


QMs: Thejaswi Udupa and Venkatesh Srinivasan

Metaquizziks going under the alias of Metal-Quizziks in a surprise result qualified for the finals of a sports quiz. They also bravely participated in the absence of Arul Mani who was busy setting questions for the Mega-Whats finals for later in the day.

  1. Insignificant Others – 235 points.
  2. Flibberti-Kibitz – 175 points.
  3. Swami Obamananda – 165 points.
  4. We Are Like This Wonly – 160 points.
  5. CIDs from Mumbai/Kerala – 155 points.
  6. Untitled – 130 points.
  7. MAAZ FC – 125 points.
  8. Metal-quizziks – 85 points.


QMs: Arul Mani & Kiran Vijaykumar

After a short break for tea and snacks, quizzers poured into the hall to witness the finals of Mega-Whats. With teams from Kolkata, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore & Delhi, it had a truly national flavour.

QED, a team from Chennai took an early large lead and kept it through the quiz to win by very large margin. This didn’t mean there was no excitement at all; The teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places though frequently exchanged places as the quiz progressed, and even before the last couple of questions, there was a chance for teams to surge ahead to get 2nd place.

An interesting round on connections where teams could also stake confidence on their answers to take higher points helped some teams get a nice leg up in the scoring.

  1. QED – 390 points.
  2. Insignificant Others – 265 points.
  3. Dilli Ke Thugs – 250 points.
  4. We Are Like This Wonly – 237.5 points.
  5. Feni, Vidi, Vici, Bitchy – 215 points.
  6. Travelling Pillsburies – 215 points.
  7. Hammer and Tongs – 190 points.
  8. Mad O’Wot – 155 points.


The President of the KQA, Ochintya Sharma also released the yearbook for 2011-2012 containing questions from many of the quizzes conducted by the KQA in the past year. He thanked the efforts of the many quizmasters that contributed questions to the yearbook as well as those that helped edit it. The KQA school quiz book for 2011-2012 will be released at the ASKQANCE School and College quizzes to be held in July 2012.

KQA Yearbooks including older copies can be purchased at most KQA events held in Bangalore.