Call for QMs for 2023-’24 Season

The KQA calendar is back, and we need QMs!

Running from September till June, it will have written + prelims/finals quizzes on Sundays, and midweek pub quizzes on Wednesdays.

If interested in signing up, email by Sunday (July 16) for further instructions.

(1) We encourage first-time QMs to apply

(2) It’s not first come/first served

(3) Once emails are in, we’ll send the entire pool the available slots and what setting entails, and subsequently finalise the roster.

So, even if you’re 50-50 about it, email now and decide later.

(4) Please email only. No DMs on Twitter or replies on WhatsApp or whatever else. It’s easier to coordinate.

MahaMahaQuizzer and MegaWhats Finals 2023

The finals of MahaMahaQuizzer 2023 will take place at 10 am on 30 June, the first day of Askqance 2023. The participants are listed below.

  1. Sachin Deshpande
  2. Jayakanthan (Chennai)
  3. Rahul Kottalgi (Bangalore)
  4. Santosh JS (Bangalore)
  5. Thejaswi Udupa (Bangalore)
  6. Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka (Kolkata)
  7. Keshava Guha (Delhi)
  8. Amrit P C (Delhi)
  9. Nikhil Sonde (Mumbai)
  10. Rajiv Rai (Mumbai)
  11. Praveen VR (Bangalore)
  12. Manu Sudhakar (Kochi)
  13. Dinesh Krithivasan (Chennai)
  14. Chandrakant Nair (Thrissur)
  15. Sourjo Sengupta (Kolkata)
  16. Abhinav Dasgupta (Mumbai)

The semifinals of MegaWhats 2023 will take place on the first day of Askqance 2023. The teams for each semifinal are listed below.

Semifinal 1 @ 230pm

1. ZeF
2. Zero Gravitas
3. Hammer and tongs
4. Feni vidi vici
5. String quartet
6. QA, Bangalore
7. CIDs
8. Nexus

Semifinal 2 @ 345pm

1. Adutha Varsham
2. Matunga Manram
3. Aardvarks
4. In search of lost prime
5. QED
6. QA, Chennai
8. Peter Panchali

VENUES – MindSweep and MegaWhats 2023

These are the confirmed venues for MindSweep and MegaWhats 2023

NOTE: There is no venue in Kozhikode.

1AhmedabadAhmedabad University
2BengaluruInstitute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School, Mylapore
4CoimbatorePSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
5GoaGoa Business School, Taleigao Plateau.
6GuwahatiAssam Engineering College
7HyderabadColumbus Hospital, 1-10-63/4/1,Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Chikoti Gardens (Begumpet) Hyderabad
8Kochi2nd Floor, Ashis Building, Above Ashwas Counseling Centre, Alphonsa Street, Marine Drive, High Court Jn, Kochi
9KolkataThe Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Kolkata Branch,
Flat A-1/2, 1st Floor, Siddhartha Apartments,
31/3 Sahapur Colony,
Block J, New Alipore,
Kolkata 700 053.
10MangaloreConference hall, Vinaya hospital, Pintos lane, Kadri, Mangalore
11MumbaiRajyog Family Restaurant & Bar
12New DelhiThe Print Shop

A29 Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 2, New Delhi 110027
Near Shadipur Metro Station (Blue line)
13PuneSeminar Hall 1, Ground Floor, Instrumentation Building, COEP
14SilcharNew Gallery classroom complex, NIT Silchar
15TezpurTezpur University
16ThiruvananthapuramCollege of Engineering Trivandrum
18ThrissurJose Lecture Hall,
Government Medical College, Thrissur.

MahaQuizzer 2022 – Results & Rankings

The results of the 17th edition of MahaQuizzer are below.

Nearly 300 people took Mahaquizzer, braving Covid fears.  This edition also saw the century mark being topped for the first time; this was done by four quizzers from different cities.

However, the winner is a familiar name: Vinoo Sanjay of Mumbai has won the title of Mahaquizzer with a score of 110, the highest in the competition’s history. He is also the first four-time winner. Our congratulations to him.

The next three on the list are Suraj Menon (107, Pune), Sachin Deshpande (104, Bangalore), and Jayakanthan (103, Chennai). The highest-scoring woman is 2012 champ Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, who finished eighth with 97.

The five highest scorers in Bangalore were Sachin Deshpande, Rahul Kottalgi (98), Santosh Swaminathan (98), Thejaswi Udupa (97), and Praveen Kumar VR (95).

The winner of the Junior section was Bharath Krishna from Thrissur, with a score of 27. We hope to see more school turnout in the coming years.

The winners will be given the trophies at Askqance 2023, which will be held in June. We thank all our quiz setters, proctors, and fellow quizzing organisations for making this edition a success. We’ll see you again in December 2023.

NOTE: We are yet to receive scores from Bhubaneswar and Dibrugarh.

#NameScoreTotal *s***City
1Bharath Krishna27211Thrissur
2Meghna Sudhis14101Kozhikode
3Bhavya Narayan 13000Kozhikode
4Samarth Sandeep Bhargava9110Bangalore
5Janardhan KR7000Bangalore
6Krishaan Kumar6000Bangalore
7Navaneeth Krishnan5000Kozhikode
8Gautam Arun3000Kozhikode
9Amay Jitesh3000Kozhikode
10Karthik Rathish3000Kozhikode
11Vydoorya Lovejish2000Kozhikode
12Dakshitha P Nair2000Kozhikode
13Chinmayi G S0000Kozhikode
14Rishidath P0000Kozhikode
15Bharat Abishek0000Kozhikode
#NameScoreTotal *s***CityCategory
1Vinoo Sanjay110633MumbaiOpen
2Suraj 107835PuneOpen
3Sachin Deshpande104642BangaloreOpen
5Rahul Kottalgi98624BangaloreOpen
6Santosh JS98505BangaloreOpen
7Thejaswi Udupa97725BangaloreOpen
8Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka97523KolkataLadies
9Keshava Guha97514DelhiOpen
10Amrit P C96532DelhiOpen
11Nikhil Sonde96202MumbaiOpen
12Rajiv Rai95303MumbaiOpen
13Praveen VR95303BangaloreOpen
14Manu Sudhakar94624KochiOpen
15Dinesh Krithivasan93725ChennaiOpen
16Chandrakant Nair93514ThrissurOpen
17Sourjo Sengupta92817KolkataOpen
19Abhinav Dasgupta89624MumbaiOpen
20Ravi Mundoli89624ChennaiOpen
21Venkatraghavan S88523MumbaiOpen
22Varun Rajiv88404BangaloreOpen
23Shouvik Guha85514KolkataOpen
24Anustup Datta84413BangaloreOpen
25Arul Mani83514BangaloreOpen
26Vivek Krishnan83202HyderabadOpen
27Annie Sen Gupta82312GoaOpen
28Piyush Kedia82303MumbaiOpen
29Prithwish Datta81743MumbaiOpen
30Kunal Sawardekar81303PuneOpen
31Aditya Gadre81211PuneOpen
32Kiran V81211ChennaiOpen
33Gokul S80615DelhiOpen
34PS Rajagopal80202ChennaiOpen
35Krishan Shetty78202MumbaiOpen
36Govind Grewal76633MumbaiOpen
39Krishna S Girish75303BangaloreCollege
40Baibaswata Jena75303DelhiOpen
41J Krishnamurthi75101HyderabadOpen
42Shafeeq S74312KolkataOpen
44Nirmal Rajagopalan73404ChennaiOpen
45Abdul Raouf73303BangaloreOpen
46Sania Narulkar72431MumbaiLadies
48Vilas Pavithran72202GoaOpen
49Venky Srinivasan71523BangaloreOpen
50Jaidev Karunakaran69303BangaloreOpen
52Sreekanth Reddy 68404DelhiOpen
53Sandipan Goswami68303GuwahatiOpen
54Srihari Raju67303HyderabadOpen
55Jithin Jacob67303ThiruvananthapuramOpen
56Karthik S66523BangaloreOpen
57Shoubhilk Bhattacharya66431GuwahatiOpen
58Pranjal Agarwal66422BangaloreOpen
61Shreyas Karanth66202BangaloreOpen
62Udatta Duarah65413GuwahatiOpen
63Sandeep Shankar65321PuneOpen
64Abhishek Hariharan65312MumbaiOpen
65Sumeer Kumar65101BangaloreOpen
67Sanat Pai Raikar64211BangaloreOpen
68Udbhak Krishnamani64202ChennaiCollege
69Rajiv D'Silva64101GoaOpen
70JK Lakshmi63312HyderabadOpen
71Abhaas Dasgupta63312JamshedpurCollege
72Abhinav Dhar63202DelhiOpen
73Pranav Hari63101MumbaiOpen
74Syed Shakeel Imdad62202HyderabadOpen
75Alagar Samy62202BangaloreOpen
76Abid Abdulla62202BangaloreOpen
77Tejas B62101JamshedpurCollege
78Anil Kothuri61312MumbaiOpen
79Vinay Upadhyay61202GuwahatiOpen
80Ashvini R Natu60101MumbaiLadies
81Atul Mathew59422BangaloreOpen
82Anisha Karnail59312BangaloreLadies
83Somasish Ghosh59211DelhiOpen
84Bryan Robert59211BangaloreOpen
85Aswin Cheerath Anilkumar59202HyderabadOpen
86Gerleo Nimalan58303PuneCollege
87Prithwiraj Mukherjee57321AhmedabadOpen
88Rashmi Vallabhajosyula57312BangaloreLadies
89Kushan Patel57211AhmedabadOpen
90Kishore R57110BangaloreOpen
91Gigi George57101ThrissurOpen
92Shubehendu Saha56202DelhiOpen
93Abhay SK56101BangaloreOpen
94Gautam Ghosh56000KolkataOpen
95Anagha Wankhede55303BangaloreLadies
96Sumukh Herlekar55303PuneOpen
97Dr V Sri Nagesh54312HyderabadOpen
98Aryan Patel54101BangaloreOpen
99Varun PD53101BangaloreOpen
100Ronit Hazarika52312GuwahatiOpen
101Aniruddha Mitra52202MumbaiOpen
102Viswas Viswam KC52202KozhikodeOpen
103Nikhil George52000MumbaiOpen
104Saswata Acharya51202KolkataOpen
105Pranami Tamuli51110DelhiLadies
106Rama Subramanian51101HyderabadOpen
107Dr Unnikrishnan51101KochiOpen
108Vyom Vyas51000AhmedabadOpen
109Nayanjyoti Mehdi50101GuwahatiOpen
110Nirmalya Biswas50101SiliguriOpen
111Balu John50101ThiruvananthapuramOpen
112Madan Gopal M49202BangaloreOpen
113Shayak Chakraborty48211KolkataOpen
114Shrey Shylesh48202MumbaiOpen
115TC Venkatasubramanian48202BangaloreOpen
116D Ghosh48101KolkataOpen
117Sandip Sen47220BangaloreOpen
118Nikhil Arora47202MumbaiOpen
119Aditya Mukherjee47202DelhiCollege
120Srinath Sundareswaran47110CoimbatoreOpen
121Mukilan Ayyapparaj47101CoimbatoreOpen
122Vidyadhar Gadgil46101GoaOpen
123Kavim Aadithiyam C46101GuwahatiOpen
124Saransh Mohapatra46000KolkataOpen
125Appu S45211KozhikodeOpen
126S Ramesh45211BangaloreOpen
127Srijit Kumar45000GoaOpen
128Ashwin Titus44101MumbaiOpen
129Ritwik Ghosh44000MumbaiOpen
130Sreejesh PS44000ThiruvananthapuramOpen
131Shishira R Maiya43220BangaloreOpen
132Prajwal V43211DelhiCollege
133Ramaniya Desikan43202HyderabadOpen
134Nayanika Mukherjee43202DelhiLadies
136Abhijit Anand41202BangaloreOpen
137Francis Rooriques41110MumbaiOpen
138Abhijith Bhadran41101MumbaiOpen
139Arka Bhattacharya41101MumbaiOpen
140Adarsh B41101DelhiOpen
141Tony Nixon Mavely41101ThiruvananthapuramCollege
142Praneet Ruperts41101BangaloreOpen
143Ajay Kumar KS41000BangaloreOpen
144Sahil Ramchandani40101GoaCollege
145Daivat Bhatt39101AhmedabadOpen
146Sujith E38101CoimbatoreOpen
148Avinash Mishra38101KolkataOpen
149Abhineet RK38000ChennaiCollege
150Anuradha Dharunadkar38000AhmedabadOpen
151Viola Rodrigues37110GoaLadies
152Rithwik Rao37101BangaloreOpen
153Shreyas S Iyer37101BangaloreCollege
154Guhan N37101BangaloreOpen
155Denita Mendez36303KochiLadies
156Mayur Shett36000GoaOpen
157Ashwin Kumar K S 36000BangaloreOpen
158Dshita Das35211JamshedpurLadies
159Manjula S35202ThiruvananthapuramOpen
160Pragadeeshwaran S35000CoimbatoreOpen
161Abir Sen34211SiliguriOpen
162Manoj R34101KozhikodeOpen
163Sujit Ray33202DelhiCollege
164Pinakpani Kashyap33000GuwahatiOpen
165Praveen Jayaraj32000CoimbatoreOpen
166Elvis Francis32000ShillongOpen
167Tanmay Mehta31202AhmedabadCollege
168Anagha KH31101ThrissurLadies
169Paul BE Gatliard31101GoaOpen
170Mridul Ram Kalita31000GuwahatiOpen
171Parth H30211GoaCollege
172Bharath Krishna S30202ThiruvananthapuramCollege
173Naadeem Ahammed30000ThrissurCollege
175Izhar Ansari29000KolkataOpen
176Devika Shetty28202GoaLadies
177Dayal Narayan28101KozhikodeOpen
178Amit Sahai28101KolkataOpen
179Sammit Jain28000DelhiOpen
180Soumya Jois27211BangaloreLadies
181Jitadtya Narzary27000GuwahatiOpen
182SV Roshini26000ThiruvananthapuramCollege
183Debjit Das Gupta24101HyderabadOpen
184Parth Patel24101AhmedabadOpen
185Rajat Gururaj23101BangaloreOpen
186Sanveer Singh Puri23000DelhiOpen
187Aryaman Chand23000JamshedpurCollege
188Anjali Sen Gupta23000GoaLadies
189Aaryan Manchu23000DelhiCollege
190Maraikar Mohd. Aman Asif22211BangaloreOpen
191Bharath Harikumar22202DelhiCollege
192Rayshma R22101CoimbatoreLadies
193Neelam Goswami22000GuwahatiLadies
194Manas Garg22000PuneCollege
195Mayur Waman Walwe 22000PuneCollege
197Krishna Bhanushali20202BangaloreOpen
198Subikash Paul20000KolkataOpen
199Sarthak Tukaram Powar20000PuneOpen
200Aakash R Bhat19000BangaloreOpen
201Sven Freiesleben19000PuneOpen
202Praveen K V18202KozhikodeOpen
203Anitha Valliappan18101ThiruvananthapuramCollege
204Abhishek PT18101ChennaiCollege
205Vishnu Upadhyay18101DelhiCollege
206Sharath R Maiya16110BangaloreOpen
207Roshan Krishna16000CoimbatoreOpen
208Aditya Bhattacharyya16000SiliguriOpen
209Amit Auraunal15101PuneOpen
210Dhananjay Surana15000AhmedabadCollege
211Priyanka Ashtekar14000BangaloreLadies
212Aman Joshi14000JamshedpurCollege
213R Narayanan13000BangaloreOpen
214Sudipto Basak13000KolkataOpen
215V Chandrashekar12000BangaloreOpen
216Kabilesh Nataraj12000CoimbatoreCollege
217Bijili V Kamath12000KozhikodeLadies
218Rahul G11000KozhikodeOpen
219Sudarshan Sureshrao Sangle11000PuneCollege
220Tamal Dey10101SiliguriOpen
221Blesson Sim10000BangaloreOpen
222Shishir Shankhwalker9000GoaOpen
224Sujoy Bhadra8000JamshedpurCollege
225Latchiyapriyan AP8000CoimbatoreCollege
226Harishkumar A8000CoimbatoreCollege
227Dr Nishad Keelath8000DelhiOpen
228CH Sri Teja8000HyderabadOpen
229Mayank Kumar Mayank7000BangaloreOpen
230Gopakumar K7000KozhikodeOpen
231Gaurav Natkut 5000PuneCollege
232Nikhil Jose4000CoimbatoreCollege
233Arya Sumant Jadhav4000PuneCollege
234BS Krishnan3000BangaloreOpen
235Soumyadeep Biswas3000DelhiCollege
236Kamudhini Khobragade0000PuneCollege

Venues for Mahaquizzer and AsiaSweep 2022

These are the confirmed venues for Mahaquizzer and AsiaSweep 2022.



1AhmedabadIIM Ahmedabad
2BengaluruInstitution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road
3ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School
4CoimbatorePSG College of Management
5DelhiCommunity Hall, Maitri Apartments, Plot-17, Sector-10, Dwarka-75
6DibrugarhDibrugarh University
7GoaUrban Health Centre (opposite Hospicio Hospital) in Margao.
8GuwahatiThe Vinyl Cafe, RG Baruah Rd, Manik Nagar, Guwahati, Assam
9HyderabadColumbus Hospital, 1-10-63/4/1,Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Chikoti Gardens (Begumpet) Hyderabad
10JamshedpurXLRI (Mahaquizzer only)
11Kochi2nd Floor, Ashis Building, Above Ashwas Counseling Centre, Alphonsa Street, Marine Drive, High Court In, Kochi
12KolkataInstitute of Marine Engineers, New Alipore, Kolkata
13KozhikodeZamorins HSS, Thali
14MumbaiRajyog Family Restaurant & Bar
15PuneSeminar Hall, Instrumentation Building, COEP, Pune
16ShillongIIM Shillong
17SiliguriSiliguri Girls High School
18ThrissurGovt Engineering College, Thrissur
19ThiruvananthapuramCollege of Engineering Trivandrum

KQA Season Opener

We hope to ease out of quiet mode and into offline quizzes starting this April.
You are invited to join us for the KQA Season Opener on Sunday, 3 April 2022 at Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru.
This is meant to be a nice howdy, and will feature in equal parts some chit-chat, some calendar announcements, some quizzing, and some chai.
The session is free, but requires prior registration.
Please register here:
The Season Opener is open to all, and requires no prior affiliation to KQA or experience in quizzing.
Please do follow basic social distancing protocols–masks etc.
We will start at 4 pm, and will end by 5:30.

Go Ogle 2021

Go Ogle, KQA’s online challenge quiz, was instituted in 2005, as savage New Year’s Eve fun. Previous editions may be viewed here and here.
We are restarting the quiz this year. Go Ogle  opens at 9 pm, on 1st January 2022,  and will close at 9 am on Sunday, 9th January 2022.
This year’s contest is open to solo participants and to teams of two. Young Thomas Masun may be thrown into an identity crisis, but all you need to do is decide whose head you want to scratch.
The quiz can be accessed here, and from our social media handles on Twitter and Facebook. .
You are welcome to Google, as always.
Happy new year, and more quizzing, hopefully!

KQA activities in July 2021

KQA will host a Fortnightly Katte starting from Sunday, 18 July 2021, off our Discord server till such time as it becomes feasible to revert to  live quizzes.

Theme: Abbreviations and Acronyms
Time: 11 am-12: 30 pm, 18th July 2021

QM: Arul Mani

ˈA Katte is a raised platform, outside a house, or around a tree, where people can get together and chat, and drink tea or coffee.

KQA’s Fortnightly Katte will have about 15 questions set around an idea or a theme. No points will be awarded, nor are there any prizes. Just the very small joy of working a question out, without the aid of a search engine.

Since Discord supports video only for 25 people at a time, we will take people into the live quiz on a first come first served basis, and will close entries after we have reached capacity. . Others can spectate in a limited fashion on Discord; we will also publish the questions here for those who missed the session.

We will also resume Go Ogle Redux, our online frustration game involving quizzing, from 31 July 2021. This modified version is open to all, and will be put up at 9 am for all takers to solve within 24 hours. Team size is restricted to a maximum of 4 people.

KQA wishes all members and enthusiasts of quizzing safety and good health. Use this link if the prior one doesn’t work for you:

Go Ogle Redux January Prelims

Access the prelims here.

Open from 9:15 to 9:45 pm

GO Ogle Redux December 2020 Prelims

The Prelims are open till 9:15 pm, Click here

And the answers can be accessed here.


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