The Karnataka Quiz Association (KQA) was founded in 1983 by Wg Cdr G. R. Mulky (Retd), Deepak Murdeshwar, Rajeev Gowda, Thomas Uthup, K.N.Mahabala, Tribhuvan Kumar, P.Raju and Jagadish Raja.

If you’re looking for our quizzes:

Since 2003, questions asked at our Open quizzes have been compiled into Yearbooks. These yearbooks are available for purchase at all KQA events.

All editions of Mahaquizzer and MindSweep are available for download at the Quizzes page.

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KQA now has a quiz announcements WhatsApp group. Please join using this link to add yourself to the group (we share only info about quizzes. No spamming).

We also have a Team Finder WhatsApp group you can use to find teammates for upcoming quizzes. Join the group by clicking on this link.