KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held its 16th edition of the Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz on Sunday, 20th October 2019. After a common written prelims, separate finals for 10+2/PUC students and undergraduate college students were held.


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PU/college quiz in progress.

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The KQA Senior School (10+2/PUC) Solo Championships had an interesting field in that several high school students (VIII-X) qualified and did well even though they were technically punching above their weight. Some version of this might have occurred in the Collegiate Grandmaster Finals as well. The schoolkids needed to get back home after a long day, and that was perhaps why the upsets were fewer.

Aaditya Kannan had run away to 120 points after Santosh Swaminathan finished his set. At the end of the second set, he was still in the lead, albeit by a somewhat reduced margin of 50 points. Abhineet, Samuel and Rohith Paul put up determined fights instead of giving up, and made a lot of ground in this section. The first two are both high school students–KQA congratulates them for this solid performance.

Anusree Ashit took home the prize for the best woman entrant.

The final placings:

  1. Aaditya Kannan (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 170
  2. Abhineet (HIGH SCHOOL) BGS INTL. 120
  3. Samuel (HIGH SCHOOL) ST. JOHN’S HS 113
  4. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 105
  5. Anusree Ashit (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 98
  6. Sanjana Kartik (SENIOR SCHOO)L MAIS 95
  7. Adithya Acharya (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 93
  8. Aaditya S Rao (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 65



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PUC lone wolf finalists and winners – and look, they got certificates this time (hi @one_yand_aaf_gurlphrend)

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Julian Costa of IISc won the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster title for 2019.

He qualified for the 12-question shootout after the finals a little ahead of a close field comprising Saishyam Srikanth, Rohith Paul and Aswin Anilkumar, but then went on to build up a more substantial lead in a format that required strategising for a low-scoring round. Rohith, a Class XII student, did very well to finish third, after missing out narrowly on a podium finish in the Senior School finals.


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The college solo shootout by @al_lude

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Final placings; the top four will hold the title of KQA College Grandmaster.

  1. Julian Costa IISC 175
  2. Aswin Anilkumar CHRIST DEEMED 143
  3. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 137
  4. Saishyam Srikanth ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 127.5
  5. Rohit Ravichandran ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 80
  6. Aaditya Kadambar IISC 78
  7. Raj IISC 45
  8. Jayanth N. BMSCE 20



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Winners and other finalists of the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Championship – congrats all! (Tag yourselves, please)

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A full list of the Collegiate Rankings will go up on the KQA website shortly.

For those interested, the prelims of the college quiz can be viewed here.


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