MINDSWEEP and MEGAWHATS on 19 May 2024

The KQA is pleased to announce the return of its annual multi-city written open quizzing championships, Mindsweep and Megawhats.

Both quizzes will be conducted on Sunday, 19th May, 2024 in various cities.

Mindsweep, the international solo quizzing championship, is a written quiz for solo participants that will require takers to answer 200 questions in two back-to-back sessions of 75 min each. The quiz will commence at 10.30 AM IST.

Registration form and further details are at http://kqaquizzes.org/mindsweep/

Megawhats, the national team quizzing championship, is a written quiz for teams of up to four that will commence at 3.30 PM IST. Do note that the top winners of Megawhats will also be invited to take part in the Megawhats National Final on June 28 at AsKQAnce 2024.

Registration form and further details are at http://kqaquizzes.org/megawhats/

Venue details for each city will be notified soon. The venue in Bangalore is IAT, Queen’s Road.

If your location isn’t listed and you would like your city to conduct Mindsweep and Megawhats, or for any clarifications, please write to Hrishi Varma at kqaquizzes@gmail.com The more the merrier, and the only reason your city is not yet on the list is that the organising details have not yet been ironed out with the local quiz club so lean on them and tell them to get their act together

Prior registration is required for both quizzes, so please register at the earliest using the links mentioned above, and do spread the word.


The results of the 18th edition of MahaQuizzer are below. Nearly 300 people took Mahaquizzer.

Jayakanthan of Chennai has won the title of MahaQuizzer with a score of 112, the highest in the competition’s history. This is his first title. Our congratulations to him.

Two former champions also reached the century score: Vinoo Sanjay (100 (12*), Mumbai), and Rahul Kottalgi (100 (9*), Bengaluru). The highest-scoring woman is 2012 champ Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, who made 79.

The next four highest scorers in Bengaluru were Thejaswi Udupa (94), Santosh Swaminathan (92), Achyuth Sanjay (88) and Anustup Datta (83).

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we did not receive the answer sheets from Delhi. They are presented as we received them. We are yet to receive scores from Siliguri and Raiganj. Scores will be updated if we receive them.

The top sixteen players also qualify for Mahamahaquizzer 2024. The winners will be given the trophy at AsKQAnce 2024, which will be held in June 2024.

We thank all our quiz setters, proctors, and fellow quizzing organisations for making this edition a success.

We’ll see you again in December 2024.

1Jayakanthan11262Chennai Open
2Vinoo Sanjay10093Mumbai Open
3Rahul Kottalgi10072BengaluruOpen
4Rajiv Rai9782Chennai Open
5Suraj Menon9682Mumbai Open
6Thejaswi Udupa9461BengaluruOpen
7Rajagopal PS9273Chennai Open
8Santosh JS9251BengaluruOpen
9Amrit Pritom Chetia9100Delhi Open
10Hrishikesh Varma8962Mumbai Open
11Manu Sudhakar8962Thrissur Open
12Achyuth Sanjay8871BengaluruOpen
13Dinesh Krithivasan8861Chennai Open
14Prithwish Datta8833Mumbai Open
15Gokul S8800Delhi Open
16Calvin8600Delhi Open
17Anustup Datta8361BengaluruOpen
18Sourjo Sengupta8271Kolkata (JIMS) Open
19Shaswat Salgaocar8261Mumbai Open
21Mario F8072Chennai Open
22Abhinav Dasgupta7963Mumbai Open
23Jayashree Mohanka7933Kolkata Ladies
24Kunal Sawardekar7861Pune Open
25Chandrakant Nair7761Thrissur Open
26Krishnamurthi G (Goach)7742Chennai Open
27Govind Grewal7571Mumbai Open
28Shouvik Guha7564Kolkata Open
29Arul Mani 7542BengaluruOpen
30Samanway Banerjee7432Kolkata (JIMS) Open
31Kiran V7360Chennai Open
32Anush Iyer7260Mumbai Open
33Abdul Raouf7220Kozhikode Open
34Piyush Kedia7141Kolkata (JIMS) College
35Sania Narulkar7121Mumbai Ladies
36J Ramanand7040Pune Open
37Rohit S6951BengaluruOpen
38Sandipan Goswami6931Guwahati Open
39J Krishnamurthi6840Hyderabad Open
40Jaidev Karunakaran6832BengaluruOpen
41Sreekanth R P 6621BengaluruOpen
42Baibaswata Jena6600Delhi Open
43Sangeeth6550Thiruvananthapuram Open
44Karthik S6541BengaluruOpen
45Vibhendu6340Mumbai Open
46Roshith Mohan6310Thrissur Open
47Dibyo Halder6231BengaluruOpen
48Vilas Pavithran6121Goa Open
49Mustafa6051Hyderabad Open
50Venky Srinivasan6050Mumbai Open
51Ashvini R Natu6031Mumbai Ladies
52Maitrey D5932BengaluruOpen
53Rajiv D'Silva5930Goa Open
54Abid Abdulla5930BengaluruOpen
55Bedbyas Dutta5841Kolkata Open
56Siddhanth Rao5821Chennai Open
57Shankha Ghosh Dastidar5740BengaluruOpen
58Shamsuddin Haider5651Kolkata (JIMS) Open
59R Samyak5632BengaluruOpen
60Anannya Deb5521Mumbai Open
61Jithin Jacob5452Thiruvananthapuram Open
62Zaman S Khan5432Thiruvananthapuram Open
63Annway Ghosh5430Pune College
64Subhadeep Sarkar5430BengaluruOpen
65Murty MVR5430BengaluruOpen
66Arun Ramanathan5341Chennai Open
67Sriram Padmanabhan5330Pune Open
68Shrey Shylesh5320AhmedabadOpen
69Vijay Sarathy5320Chennai Open
70Somasish Ghosh5300Delhi Open
71Muhammed Munavvir VV5300Delhi Open
72Abhay Vikram 5300Delhi Open
74Anil Kothuri5240Mumbai Open
75Kunal Savarkar5222Mumbai Open
76Srihari Raju5220Hyderabad Open
77Sanat Pai Raikar5131BengaluruOpen
78Gautam Ghosh5052Kolkata Open
80Dr. V Sri Nagesh4931Hyderabad Open
81Kavya Ramasubramanian4920BengaluruCollege
82Prasanth John Abraham4920BengaluruOpen
83Arun A S4840Thrissur Open
84Kunal Roy4840BengaluruOpen
85J K Lakshmi4831Hyderabad Open
86Saransh Mohapatra4821Kolkata (JIMS) Open
87Vinod Hariharan4751BengaluruOpen
89Saswata Acharya4630Kolkata (JIMS) Open
90Siddharth Mishra4630BengaluruOpen
91Siddharth K4611BengaluruOpen
92Sumeer Kumar4550BengaluruOpen
93Prithwiraj Mukherjee4541AhmedabadOpen
94Balu John4511Thiruvananthapuram Open
95Sarvesh Shenoy4510Mumbai Open
96Santonab Chakraborty4431Mumbai Open
97Sushant Shekhar4430Manipal College
98Atul Mathew4430BengaluruOpen
99Varun Parthasarathy4411Chennai Open
100Mukilan Ayapparaj4330Coimbatore Open
101Shobhyam Chakravarty4230Kolkata (JIMS) College
102Ayush Agrawal4110Pune Open
103Rajat Gururaj4110Hyderabad Open
104Shayak Chakraborty4100Kolkata Open
105Anisha Karnail4011Pune Ladies
106Sudip Kalyan Dey4010Kolkata Open
107Adarsh3920Hyderabad Open
108Venkatasubramanian TC3920BengaluruOpen
109Sujith E3912Kozhikode Open
110Viswas Viswam K C3731Kozhikode Open
111Sagnik Chakraborty3730Hyderabad Open
112Francis Rodrigues3720Mumbai Open
113Ishaan Najeeb3710BengaluruOpen
114Samir Gupta3701Pune Open
115Rama Subramanian3621Hyderabad Open
116Rajesh Panchanadhan3530BengaluruOpen
117Chandrashekhar Rao3520Goa Open
118Mudit Bhardwaj3430BengaluruOpen
119Meghana Iyengar3420BengaluruCollege
120Sahil Ramchandani3420BengaluruOpen
121Rishav Dewan3420BengaluruOpen
122Viola Rodrigues3401Goa Ladies
123Sreejesh PS3330Thiruvananthapuram Open
124Monoswini Misra3320Silchar College
125Tony Nixon Mavely3320Thiruvananthapuram College
126Saee Joshi3310Pune Open
127Shubham Jha3300Pune Open
128Jitaditya Narzary3221Guwahati Open
129Devarshi Ghosh3220Kolkata Open
130Shiladitya Ganguli3220Kolkata Open
131Bishanka Dassarma3200Kolkata (JIMS) Open
132Ganesh Thambhahalli Satyen3131BengaluruOpen
133Ashutosh Das3121Guwahati Open
134Ayush Sharma3120Kolkata (JIMS) College
135Vivek Pinto3111Manipal Open
136Rahul Preman3110Kozhikode College
137Nikhil Jha3110BengaluruOpen
138S Ramesh3110BengaluruOpen
139Shom Biswas3101BengaluruOpen
140Dimpal Dutta3100Silchar College
141Sankar Roy3030Kolkata Open
142Elvis Francis3020Pune College
143Sreeram M3020Kozhikode College
145Nayan3001Guwahati Open
146Srijon Jana2920Kolkata (JIMS) College
147Kaivalya Karkare2920Goa Open
148Prajwal V2920BengaluruCollege
149Utkarsh Ruhela2910Mumbai Open
150Abhijith Bhadran2900Mumbai Open
151Anuradha Dharwadkar2900AhmedabadLadies
152N Viswanathan2900UdaipurOpen
153Akshay P2820Pune Open
154Athul Ajay2820Thiruvananthapuram Open
155Roshan2810Coimbatore Open
156Manoj R2810Kozhikode Open
157Sundar Srinivas Harish2810BengaluruOpen
158Abhishek Gupta2800Hyderabad Open
159Sriniketh B2720BengaluruCollege
160Abhijit Anand2701BengaluruOpen
161Imthiaz Ahammed2700Kozhikode Open
162Soumya S2700BengaluruLadies
163Aniruddha Mondal2640BengaluruCollege
164Jerry Jose2620Thrissur College
165Revanth Turlapati2600Hyderabad Open
166Rana Mayank Pratap2510Silchar College
167Shreyas Iyer2510BengaluruCollege
168Vinay Nair Karath2510BengaluruOpen
169Izhar Ansari2501Kolkata (JIMS) Open
170Paul B E Gatward2500Goa Open
171Pinakpani Kashyap2420Guwahati Open
172Sanveer Singh Puri2410AhmedabadOpen
173Sumanth Jayaramaiah2410BengaluruOpen
174Praveen Jayaraj A2400Coimbatore Open
175Amit C J2400BengaluruOpen
176Neelam Goswami2400Guwahati Ladies
177S V Roshini2330Chennai College
178Aravind S N2320Chennai College
179Manu Varma2300Kozhikode Open
180Arnav Patel2300Kolkata (JIMS) College
181Vibhu Prakash2300BengaluruCollege
182S V Ananthakrishna2300BengaluruCollege
183Pavan Madhukar Bhat2210Manipal Open
184Samyukta Anand2210Coimbatore College
185Arjun Jeewan2200Goa College
187Arnav Metrani2140BengaluruCollege
188S T Prasad2110Hyderabad Open
189Aumkaar Pranav Shukla2100Kolkata (JIMS) College
190Syed Mohammad Hashmi2020Hyderabad College
191Aditya Pal2000Kolkata (JIMS) College
193Kiran Ramaswamy 2000BengaluruOpen
195Aravind Suresh1920Thiruvananthapuram College
196Nikhil Shirsat1910Goa Open
197Bhargav Sadari1900Manipal College
198Ram Mohan1900Hyderabad Open
199Vatsal1900Kolkata (JIMS) College
200Asif Ahmed1900Guwahati Open
202Parijat Choudhury1710BengaluruOpen
203Subikash Paul1700Kolkata Open
204Manad1700Hyderabad Open
205Kanishkaa Balachandran1700BengaluruOpen
206Aoditya 1700BengaluruCollege
207Sukrit Sivaprasad1700BengaluruSchool
208Sankalp Chowdhury1610AhmedabadOpen
209Jayagopalan V1610Chennai Open
210Aaditya S Rao1600BengaluruCollege
211Priyanuj Parasar1512Guwahati College
212Vrinda Varma1510Kozhikode Ladies
213Amit Agrawal1500Pune Open
214Debabrata Malik1500BengaluruOpen
215Aatir Zaki1410Kolkata (JIMS) College
216Swagat Shubakanta Das1400BengaluruOpen
217Meghna Sudhir1310Kozhikode School
218Samyak Jain1300Kolkata (JIMS) College
219Tejas Lodaya1300BengaluruOpen
220Niyati Jois1300BengaluruSchool
221S Joshua1210Coimbatore College
222Prayag Mohanty1200Goa College
223Kamal Mehdi1200Guwahati Open
225Pranshu Singh1110Mumbai Open
226Rayshma R1100Coimbatore Ladies
227Jash Sirui1100Kolkata (JIMS) College
229Anoop N Nambudari1000Thrissur Open
230Atharva Pandare1000Manipal Open
231Bhavya H Varma910AhmedabadCollege
232Sreeram N Pai910Kozhikode College
233Vishwanath Varma910Kozhikode School
234Jayant Rankwa901AhmedabadCollege
235Alok Vijay Saldanha900Manipal Open
236Rohit R K 900Coimbatore College
237Riddhi Mondal900Kolkata (JIMS) Ladies
238Varun Ramachandran900BengaluruOpen
240Nikhil A Khattar810AhmedabadOpen
241Kabilesh Nataraj800Coimbatore College
242Pankaj Waghmare800Pune Open
243Vijeet V800BengaluruOpen
244Vigenshwaran A700Coimbatore College
245Bijili V Komath700Kozhikode Ladies
246Nilova Jasu700Kolkata (JIMS) Ladies
247Khevan Thanki700BengaluruCollege
248Harishkumar A600Coimbatore College
249Ridah P600Kozhikode Ladies
250Sounak Bhawal600Kolkata (JIMS) College
251Uddipana N600BengaluruCollege
253Gowtham V500Manipal College
254Nancy R500Kozhikode College
256Siddharth S400Kozhikode School
257Raza Faiz Arakkal400Kozhikode School
258U Kanishkar400Hyderabad Open
259Harshil Agarwal400Kolkata (JIMS) College
260Shivansh Srivastava300AhmedabadCollege
261Mohamad Asik300Coimbatore College
262Divyansh Agarwal300Hyderabad Open
264Ashok Kumar Gupta200Hyderabad Open
265Rohit J S100Coimbatore College
266Hariharan P100Coimbatore College
267Ayisha Farsana P P 100Kozhikode College
268Uzayr Faiz Arakkal100Kozhikode School
269Edsel Shannen D'Souza000Manipal College
270Ahil Anwar P000Kozhikode School
271Aseel Muhammed P000Kozhikode School
272Saamved Chakraborty000Hyderabad School
273Dhananjoy Chakraborty000Hyderabad Open
274Abheri Karthik000BengaluruSchool

VENUES – MQ and AS 2023

The list of venues for the 2023 editions of Mahaquizzer and AsiaSweep are listed below.

If there is any error or you would like to add your city to the list of venues, please contact kqaquizzes@gmail.com.

We have no venues in Jamshedpur,Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram.

IIM, Ahmedabad (New Campus)MQ, ASKushan Patel88492 09809
BengaluruUjjivan Small Finance Bank Head Office in Koramangala (Grape Garden address on Google maps)MQ, ASMaitrey Deshpande97428 33686
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School,
Chennai 600 004
MQ, ASRajagopal PS98800 61309
CoimbatoreLH-01, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore-641049MQ, ASSanthiya Krishnamoorthy8870829385
DelhiLH313.3, Lecture Hall Complex, IIT DelhiMQ, ASShubhankar Bahl9910038334
GoaGoa Business School, Taleigao Plateau.MQ, ASRajiv D'Silva98901 41715
GuwahatiAurus Mall Food CourtMQ, ASAkshay Seal8860774325
HyderabadColumbus hospital, Begumpet -- top floor conference room.MQ, ASPrasanna Karmakar90008 77436
KolkataThe Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Kolkata Branch, Flat A-1/2, 1st Floor, Siddhartha Apartments, 31/3 Sahapur Colony, Block J, New AliporeMQ, ASAbijit Banerjee9830487023
Kolkata (JIMS)JIMS Hospital and Medical College, KP Mondal Road, Buita, Budge Budge, KolkataONLY MAHAQUIZZERUjan Sen90510 22364
KozhikodeGovt Arts and Science CollegeMQ, ASPraveen85476 68852
ManipalKMC ManipalMQ, ASSanjay9880197605
MumbaiRajyog Family Restaurant & BarMQ, ASAbhinav Dasgupta98195 79559
PuneGoethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune.ONLY MAHAQUIZZERPranav Pawar94212 77399
RaiganjHall room of Banijya Bhawan, Mohonbati, RaiganjMQ, ASDebabrata Das9832422988
SilcharSilchar Medical College and HospitalMQ, ASShubhamoy Chanda7002139471
SiliguriSiliguri Girls High School, SiliguriONLY MAHAQUIZZERPratyush Kundu75860 93596
ThrissurAcademic Block, Room #24, St.Thomas CollegeMQ, ASDr Vijaynath94473 80969
UdaipurIIM UdaipurMQ, ASRuzul9049101133

MahaMahaQuizzer and MegaWhats Finals 2023

The finals of MahaMahaQuizzer 2023 will take place at 10 am on 30 June, the first day of Askqance 2023. The participants are listed below.

  1. Sachin Deshpande
  2. Jayakanthan (Chennai)
  3. Rahul Kottalgi (Bangalore)
  4. Santosh JS (Bangalore)
  5. Thejaswi Udupa (Bangalore)
  6. Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka (Kolkata)
  7. Keshava Guha (Delhi)
  8. Amrit P C (Delhi)
  9. Nikhil Sonde (Mumbai)
  10. Rajiv Rai (Mumbai)
  11. Praveen VR (Bangalore)
  12. Manu Sudhakar (Kochi)
  13. Dinesh Krithivasan (Chennai)
  14. Chandrakant Nair (Thrissur)
  15. Sourjo Sengupta (Kolkata)
  16. Abhinav Dasgupta (Mumbai)

The semifinals of MegaWhats 2023 will take place on the first day of Askqance 2023. The teams for each semifinal are listed below.

Semifinal 1 @ 230pm

1. ZeF
2. Zero Gravitas
3. Hammer and tongs
4. Feni vidi vici
5. String quartet
6. QA, Bangalore
7. CIDs
8. Nexus

Semifinal 2 @ 345pm

1. Adutha Varsham
2. Matunga Manram
3. Aardvarks
4. In search of lost prime
5. QED
6. QA, Chennai
8. Peter Panchali

VENUES – MindSweep and MegaWhats 2023

These are the confirmed venues for MindSweep and MegaWhats 2023

NOTE: There is no venue in Kozhikode.

1AhmedabadAhmedabad University
2BengaluruInstitute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School, Mylapore
4CoimbatorePSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
5GoaGoa Business School, Taleigao Plateau.
6GuwahatiAssam Engineering College
7HyderabadColumbus Hospital, 1-10-63/4/1,Prakash Nagar Metro Station, Chikoti Gardens (Begumpet) Hyderabad
8Kochi2nd Floor, Ashis Building, Above Ashwas Counseling Centre, Alphonsa Street, Marine Drive, High Court Jn, Kochi
9KolkataThe Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Kolkata Branch,
Flat A-1/2, 1st Floor, Siddhartha Apartments,
31/3 Sahapur Colony,
Block J, New Alipore,
Kolkata 700 053.
10MangaloreConference hall, Vinaya hospital, Pintos lane, Kadri, Mangalore
11MumbaiRajyog Family Restaurant & Bar
12New DelhiThe Print Shop

A29 Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 2, New Delhi 110027
Near Shadipur Metro Station (Blue line)
13PuneSeminar Hall 1, Ground Floor, Instrumentation Building, COEP
14SilcharNew Gallery classroom complex, NIT Silchar
15TezpurTezpur University
16ThiruvananthapuramCollege of Engineering Trivandrum
18ThrissurJose Lecture Hall,
Government Medical College, Thrissur.

Open quizzes on March 8th 2020

The Karnataka Quiz Association will be conducting two quizzes on 8th March (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala.

11:00 amAds Astra – The Advertising Quiz, by Sai and Urmila. A quiz on ads, advertising industry and people from the advertising world. Special focus on women as the quiz is on March 8. It is a written quiz for teams of up to two. Open to all.

2:30pm — The Nexus Open Quiz This will be the 3rd edition of the general quiz conducted by Nexus Consulting. Cash prizes of Rs. 16,000 generously sponsored by Nexus Consulting. There are prizes for best school and college teams as well (mixed teams allowed – no requirement of all team members to be from same school/college). Come by for some #funwithfundas

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.


Venue: Ujjivan head office, Koramangala [map]


You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at www.facebook.com/kqaquizzes or www.instagram.com/kqaquizzes

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

Open Quizzes — February 16th, 2020

The Karnataka Quiz Association will be conducting two quizzes on Sunday, 16th February 2020 at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. [map]

11:00 am: Rosa is a Rosé is a Reisen is a Rose – the Etymology and Languages Quiz, by Debashree and Krittika. A quiz on words, in words! If you’re adamant about your answers you may come up with diamonds. It is a written quiz for teams of up to two. Open to all.


2:30 pm: The February Open Quiz by Priyambad and JK. The Open this month is by two great QMs from the greater Bangalore area (Electronic City and Chennai, respectively). It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.


You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at www.facebook.com/kqaquizzes or www.instagram.com/kqaquizzes

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

Quiz Night at The Courtyard — 11th February, 2020

Join us for edition 14 of Quiz Night at The Courtyard on February 11th (Tuesday) at 8:00 PM.

Ring in Valentine’s Day…eve’s… eve’s… eve – more Valentine’s Day-ish than Valentine’s Daesh – with Love Me Thanda by Thejaswi Udupa and Aditi Surendra, a quiz on love in all its forms and deformities. Love may be all you need, but a teammate wouldn’t hurt either.

A quiz for teams of two. The quiz is open to all

When: 8:00 PM on February 11 (Tuesday), 2020

Venue: The Courtyard, K H Road [map]

Registration: ₹100/person. Prizes for top three finishers.

A prior reservation is not mandatory, but it would be helpful for the folks at the Courtyard to know that you’re coming (if you’re sure that you are coming) – reserve your table by calling them at 73386 77996 Limited parking at the venue.

Note on parking: Very limited parking available at the venue, so ideal to park either near St. Joseph’s college or at the Shantinagar Bus Stand parking lot and walk up.

KQA Sports Quiz Day – 2nd February 2020

Come to the Institute of Agricultural Technologists Sunday, 2nd February 2020 for a day of sports quizzing on shores made of jerseys, where you’re allowed concussion substitutes, the quizzers say it’s team of up to Fore! and the furniture is made of cardboard.


10:00 am: Well Of Course, the 10th edition of KQA’s cricket quiz, conducted by Manish, Sohan and Wisden Sreeram. It’s the end of an era, Manish is retiring! Boys played well, so let’s give him a rousing farewell… till he Afridis his decision.

It’s a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.


2:00 pm: Aiyyo, See – The Olympics Quiz by Rohit Suresh and Ramesh Natarajan. Toh Kyo…n serious?

This is a written quiz for teams of up to two. Open to all.


4:00 pm: Sport to Tarboard – The KQA Sports Quiz by Anuradha and Titash. Will contain sports. May contain cricket or Olympics. May even contain WWE.

It’s a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.


Venue: Institute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road [map]


KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.


You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at www.facebook.com/kqaquizzes or www.instagram.com/kqaquizzes

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

MahaQuizzer and Junior MahaQuizzer – the results

The results of the 16th edition of MahaQuizzer and the inaugural edition of Junior MahaQuizzer are below. Unfortunately, we are yet to receive scores from some centres, and we will update the scores as and when we do.

323 people took Mahaquizzer, and more than a 100 attempted the Junior version. We hope to see more takers, young and old, in the coming years.

The winner of the inaugural edition of Junior Mahaquizzer, with a score of 38, is Antara Bhattacharya, from Mumbai.  Yeldho Shem from Kochi finished second with 34, and Ananya G Upadhya from Bangalore finished third with 33 points.

It is well known that when Usain Bolt turned up for a race, the other runners had three options – Best case: Bolt pulls a muscle. Worst case: they finish with a PB. This year’s MahaQuizzer winner, although not exactly a fast mover like the aforesaid Bolt, is a passable quizzer himself. Dr. Arul Mani, with a score of 99, is the MahaQuizzer for 2019.

This is his third time as the title-holder, and he matches his own record of the highest ever score. He joins Anustup Datta and Vinoo Sanjay as three-time winners.

The next three in the list are also previous MahaQuizzers: Thejaswi Udupa, Rahul Kottalgi, Vinoo Sanjay. Preetham Upadhya, Bangalore’s very own Boy Wonder, is the College topper, finishing with 84 and at #11 in the overall list. The highest scorer among women was Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, a previous winner. She finished with 79.

The winners will be given the trophies at Askqance 2020, which will be held in June.

We also thank all our proctors and fellow quizzing organisations for making this edition a success. See you in December!

**Jan 19 update: There are small changes in the rankings. We had left out the ‘total stars’ column in our earlier list.

**Feb 3 update: There have been changes in School top 10 rankings. Kochi scores were not updated. 

#NameScoreTotal ***s*sCity
1Antara Bhattacharya38303Mumbai
2Yeldho Shem34404Kochi
3Ananya G Upadhya33523Bangalore
4Anand R32431Kochi
5Sreeram Madhavan V31312Thrissur
6Tejas Jade26413Bangalore
7Shashank SK25000Chennai, Anna Nagar
8Ryan Joe George24000Kochi
9Vidur Kaimal23413Bangalore
10Aneek Chatterjee23202Kolkata
11Navneeth M Kumar21101Kochi
12Aarav Jaiswal20101Kolkata
13Kushagra Agarwal19312Bangalore
14Aadit Karve19101Pune
15Karnav Popat19101Kolkata
16Aarman Chopra19101Kolkata
17Nidhish P18211Bangalore
18Pranav P18202Bangalore
19Aditya Kannan17220Bangalore
20Asha Janardan17211Trivandrum
21Shashvat Singh16101Delhi
22Aditya Sivaramakrishnan15211Trivandrum
23Leo Steve Saiju15101Bangalore
24Shrish S Naik15101Bangalore
25Jacob J Thayil15101Bangalore
26S Suraj Kiran15101Chennai, Anna Nagar
27Adithya Kishor15101Trivandrum
28Aditya Acharya14312Bangalore
29Abhinav N14202Bangalore
30Kushal U14101Bangalore
31Advik Acharya14101Kolkata
32Shreyas MN13422Bangalore
33Devadeep Menon13312Calicut
34Rishabh B13211Bangalore
35Nivedita R13202Calicut
36Aaditya S Rao13101Bangalore
37Kiran Thomas Tyson12303Kochi
38Mihir Raddi12101Pune
39Shraddha Rajeev12000Kochi
40Shayak Mitra11413Raiganj
41Amogh R Kadkol11110Bangalore
42Aditya Sharath M11101Bangalore
43Saswat Ray10110Kolkata
44Harigovind P10101Thrissur
45Arihant Satpathy10000Kolkata
46Abhinav Mohan George10000Kochi
47Sukrit Sivaprasad9000Bangalore
48Noel Antony Alex9000Kochi
49Balram Kumar Choudhury8211Kolkata
50Shruti Kartik8202Bangalore
51Pratham Atal8202Mumbai
52Spandan Das8000Bangalore
53Gokul Thejus Menon8000Thrissur
54Esha Chakraborty8000Siliguri
55Anousha Batta7000Kolkata
56Malavika Sha7000Calicut
57Rajarshee Bose7000Siliguri
58Adwaith M. George7000Kochi
59Hrishikesh Varma7000Kochi
60Soujanya Das6000Andul
61Arjun Vivek5101Kochi
62Advika Mulgund5000Bangalore
63Kyishong B Das5000Chennai, Anna Nagar
64Bharath Krishna KA5000Thrissur
65Vaishnavi Yogesh4000Bangalore
66Sahil Thakkar4000Bangalore
67Neha S4000Bangalore
68Arnay Agarwal 4000Bangalore
69Sai Gowrav KS4000Bangalore
70Darshini Bharani Anand4000Calicut
71Avranil Saha4000Siliguri
72Swapnil Deb4000Siliguri
73Himanshu Sankhala3101Mumbai
74Nirmal Anand Kumar3000Bangalore
75Jashn R3000Bangalore
76Sunidhi Das3000Bangalore
77Tanish Jain3000Bangalore
78Prithvika K3000Bangalore
79Karthik Amit3000Calicut
80Mahadevam Ranjith 3000Calicut
81Samyuktha V2101Bangalore
82Vedhanth J2101Bangalore
83Arviya Saara2000Bangalore
84Sakshi C Choradia2000Bangalore
85Srikar G Raghuram2000Bangalore
86Jhanvi Chopra2000Bangalore
87Satvik M2000Bangalore
88Samit Ranjan M2000Bangalore
89Falak Sharma2000Bangalore
90Roudra Mallik2000Andul
91Muhammed Safvan KP2000Calicut
92Grushma S Ganjam1110Bangalore
93Ridhwan1110Chennai, Anna Nagar
94Nithya S1101Bangalore
95Guru Charan1000Bangalore
96Puneet MP Bharadwaj1000Bangalore
97Jatin Jain1000Bangalore
98Shravan H Ahuja1000Bangalore
99Rachith R1000Bangalore
100Tamanna Raghunath Aiyer1000Bangalore
101Harshitha G1000Bangalore
102Harshitha K Jain1000Bangalore
103Poonam Jain N1000Bangalore
104Preeth B1000Bangalore
105Sonal Sunil Kumar1000Bangalore
106Lahari BA1000Bangalore
107Aditi R Jain1000Bangalore
108Sarvesh Patil1000Bangalore
109Rutwik Desai1000Bangalore
110Shrujan SG1000Bangalore
111Maanasi D1000Bangalore
112Inchara Prasad1000Bangalore
113Subhrakanti Adhikary1000Andul
114Afsa Mishael1000Calicut
115Koustav Banerjee1000Raiganj
116Abhijit Das 1000Raiganj
117Rishith R Shekar0211Bangalore
118Akshaay BS0000Bangalore
119Sai Anurag R Angadi 0000Bangalore
120Stuti Nayak0000Bangalore
121Sahil Dashetty0000Bangalore
122Dhanraj N0000Bangalore
123Pranith C Menon0000Thrissur
124Rebacca 0000Calicut
125Tanmay Roy0000Siliguri
#NameScoreTotal *s**s*sCity
1Arul Mani99844Bangalore
2Thejaswi Udupa96514Bangalore
3Rahul Kottalgi95523Mumbai
4Vinoo Sanjay94523Mumbai
6Shouvik Guha90431Kolkata
8Ravi Mundoli87404Chennai
9Rajiv Rai87303Mumbai
10Amrit P Chetia85624Delhi
11Preetham Upadhya84514Bangalore
12Abhishek Kapoor83523Mumbai
13Manu Sudhakar83321Chennai
14Anustup Datta81532Bangalore
15Suraj Menon81523Hyderabad
16Navin Rajaram79422Bangalore
17Jayashree JM79202Kolkata
18Vibhendu Tiwari78413Mumbai
19Arun Hiregange77514Bangalore
20Krittika Adhikary77422Bangalore
21Chandrakant Nair77211Thrissur
22Kiran V76413Chennai
23Sachin Deshpande76404Bangalore
24Aditya Gadre75312Pune
25Kunal Sawardekar73321Pune
26Anannya Deb73110Mumbai
27Syed Mustafa Hashmi71312Hyderabad
28PS Rajagopal70725Bangalore
29Varun Rajiv70633Chennai
30Santosh 691055Bangalore
31Nikhil Sonde69312Mumbai
33Venky Srinivasan69000Bangalore
34Govind Grewal67523Mumbai
35Achyuth Sanjay67312Bangalore
36Samanway Banerjee67202Andul
37Gokul S66321Delhi
38Vinod Sivarama Krishnan66303Delhi
39Dinesh Krithivasan66303Chennai
40Anirudh Chari66303Kolkata
41Praveen VR63303Bangalore
42Prithwish Datta63220Delhi
43Suresh Ramasubramanian62312Hyderabad
44Ranajeet Soman62303Pune
45EM Bhargava61413Bangalore
46Piyush Kedia61101Andul
47Parth SS60101Andul
48Shrirang Raddi59514Pune
49Kunal Malhotra59413Delhi
50Omkar D59312Pune
51Anand Sivashankar59101Mumbai
52Gerleo Nimilan58413Chennai
53Gopal Kidao58312Chennai
54Avinash TN58211Bangalore
55Somasish Ghosh58211Delhi
56Sourjo Sengupta57422Andul
57Alok Prasanna Kumar57303Bangalore
58Abhinav Dasgupta56202Mumbai
59Raghuvansh Ramaswamy55202Chennai
60Sandeep Albert Mathias54211Mumbai
61Nikhil Indla53202Hyderabad
62Yogesh Pai53101Coimbatore
63Gautam Ghosh52211Chennai
64Julian D'Coasta52202Bangalore
65Arnab Bhattacharya52110Mumbai
66Maitrey Deshpande50321Bangalore
67Apratim Mukhopadhyay50312Andul
68Shayak Chakrabarty50000Andul
69Vilas Pavithran49303Goa
70Ani (JK Lakshmi)49211Hyderabad
71Abhimanyu Bharade49110Kharagpur
72Riaz Shaik49101Hyderabad
73Hem Maradja49000Bangalore
74Kishore R 48312Bangalore
75Kumar Kirti Jain48101Delhi
76Sharath Jose48000Chennai
77Prasanna Karmakar48000Hyderabad
78Krishna S Girish47110Bangalore
80Gokul Panigrahi 47000Pune
81Sreekanth Reddy47000Delhi
82D Ghosh47000Kolkata
83Prashant John Abraham46202Mumbai
84Vijay Sampath 46202Mumbai
85Abhilash 45312Bangalore
86Arun Ramanathan 45211Bangalore
87Hiran Roy45211Bangalore
88Viswas Viswam KC45202Calicut
89Arun AS45202Thrissur
90Tanmay Prusty45110Bangalore
91Navin Sharma45101Bangalore
93Shreeram Shetty44211Bangalore
94Muhammed Munavvir VV44202Delhi
95Jinson Chacko44110Bangalore
96Preyoshi Ganguly44000Bangalore
97Ankush Kothari43211Mumbai
98Gigi George43101Thrissur
99Anil Kothuri43101Mumbai
100Vijay Sarathy43101Chennai
101Rashmi Vallabhajosyula43000Bangalore
102Sandipan Goswami42303Guwahati
103Karthik Srinivasan42101Bangalore
104Abhay S Kulkarni42101Bangalore
105Varun PD42101Kharagpur
106Balu John42101Kochi
107Bryan Robert41413Bangalore
108Yogesa M41321Bangalore
109L Calvin41312Chennai
110Atul Mathew41202Delhi
111Arjit Mondal41202Andul
112Roshan Dattatri41110Chennai
113Antara Bhattacharya41101Mumbai
114Bhrigu J41101Delhi
115Nitish Wagle41000Goa
116Sagar Sinha41000Hyderabad
117Siddharth K 40202Bangalore
118Shrey Shylesh40202Delhi
119Abhinav Dhar40101Mumbai
121Pranav Pawar39101Pune
122Arjun Bharadwaj39000Bangalore
123Subhudeep Sarkar38000Andul
124Adheesh Ghosh37220Delhi
125SA Karthik37101Bangalore
126Razia Shaikh37000Hyderabad
127Sarvesh Shenoy36110Mumbai
128Abio Abdulla35220Delhi
129Pavan BG35110Hyderabad
130Latish Venugopal35101Bangalore
131Karthik Ganesan35101Delhi
132Yashashvi Srivastava35000Kharagpur
133Tathagata Chatterjee35000Delhi
134R Keshav Narayan34211Chennai
135KV Sreeram34211Kochi
136Pranami Jamuli34110Delhi
137Varun Murthy34101Delhi
138Nirmalya Biswas34101Siliguri
139Devi Prasad V34000Chennai
140Ujjwal Kiran Das34000Chennai
141Dr Unnikrishnan Menon33211Kochi
142Kasthuri Shankar33101Chennai
143Arunoday Chaudhuri33101Siliguri
144Soumik Choudhury33101Raiganj
145S Chandrasekhar33000Bangalore
146Siddharth Mishra33000Mumbai
147Ritwik Ghosh33000Kolkata
148Arvind Thekkinghat32101Bangalore
149Ajay Kumar KS31000Bangalore
150Pavan Krishnamurthy30202Bangalore
151Saishyam Srikanth30101Bangalore
152Shamsuddin Haider30101Andul
153Ramkumar Shankar30000Chennai
154Col Shankar30000Chennai
156Suraj Menon30000Kochi
157Sairam D28110Bangalore
158Bedanga Kashyap Das28000Guwahati
159Shameem Abdul27110Calicut
160Manas Deep27101Pune
161Paul BE27101Goa
162Akshat A27000Bangalore
163Karthik Subramanya Karvaje27000Bangalore
164Shobhyam Chakravarty27000Kharagpur
165Sourasis Bose27000Andul
166Akhil Ghosh27000Kochi
167Sumeet Kumar26101Bangalore
168Abhijit B26101Mumbai
169Parth Dhar26101Delhi
170Dr Madhavan VP26000Thrissur
171Maitreyi Gupta26000Mumbai
172Sanjay Samuel Mathew 26000Kochi
173Mayur Shett25110Goa
174Sudharshan Narayanan24202Bangalore
175Arnav Singh24101Mumbai
176Dwijesh Athrey24000Bangalore
177Chinmay Deshpande24000Pune
178Md Izhar Ansari 24000Kolkata
179Nikhil Jadav23000Pune
180Arjun A23000Calicut
181Parminder Singh22101Jamshedpur
182Allan Joseph 22000Bangalore
183Sabareenath Madhusoothanan22000Trivandrum
184Shubham Jha 21110Kochi
185Praneeth S Bharadwaj21101Bangalore
186Animesh Jha21101Kharagpur
187Golak Bihari Sarangi21000Bangalore
188Chetan Agarwal21000Bangalore
189Sumukh Herlekar21000Bangalore
190Aditya Singh21000Pune
191Ritwik Johari21000Pune
192Manoj R21000Calicut
193Nikhil Sarkar21000Andul
194Paschatya Manna21000Andul
195Kaustav Mandal20110Kharagpur
196Rithwik Rao20101Bangalore
197Krishnan P20101Thrissur
198George Mohan20101Kochi
199Satish Pai20000Pune
200Govind M Nair20000Delhi
201Rama Mohan19000Delhi
202Kartikay Chadha19000Delhi
203P Srivatsav18110Chennai
204Shivam Saxena18101Kharagpur
205Deepanshu Sinha18101Kharagpur
206Madhur Tike18101Mumbai
207S Ashwin18000Chennai
208Sutanu Banerjee18000Andul
210Ananthu CV17101Thrissur
212Sandeep Kaimal 17000Bangalore
213Manjula S17000Trivandrum
214MD Samir Alam17000Delhi
215Abir Sen17000Siliguri
216Tanuj Kumar 16101Pune
217Amit Kumar Jha16101Raiganj
218Smitha M George16000Trivandrum
219Sagnik Shankar16000Pune
220Ananya Kumari 16000Pune
221Prajot Patne16000Pune
222Anirudh Kumar16000Delhi
223M Sharat Chandar16000Coimbatore
224Bikram Roy16000Siliguri
225Chaitanya Khemani16000Siliguri
226Arvind S15211Goa
227Ronit Muduli15110Jamshedpur
228Jyotirmoy Sen 15110Raiganj
229Prajwal V15000Bangalore
230Amit Agarwal 15000Pune
231Anubhav Saboth15000Kharagpur
232Hemansh Kashyap15000Kharagpur
233Avi Sankritya15000Kharagpur
234Chetana Rohit T15000Delhi
235Arighna Chattopadyay15000Andul
236Souvik Ghatak15000Raiganj
237Ihsan Ahmed K15000Kochi
238Sulagna Nandi14110Raiganj
239Appu S14000Trivandrum
240Vishwas Bunyan14000Chennai, Anna Nagar
241Divya P14000Mumbai
242Kaustav Nath14000Andul
243Avijit Sutradhar14000Raiganj
244Abhranil Ray13101Raiganj
245Aravind A13000Trivandrum
246Sneha Ranjan13000Pune
247Rinusha Rajan13000Mumbai
248Rudra Sankar Saha 12101Raiganj
250Joshua Fernandes12000Bangalore
251Aman Goyal 12000Pune
252Maitreyi Swaroop12000Kharagpur
253Venkatesh Jaiswal12000Kharagpur
254Subhashis Chakraborty12000Raiganj
255Dr RR Varma12000Kochi
256Resmi Menon12000Kochi
257Inakshi Kar11202Kharagpur
258Sheersha Saha11101Raiganj
259Subikash Paul11000Andul
260Biswajyoti Bhowmik11000Raiganj
261Praveen Jaya Raj10110Coimbatore
262Parijat Choudhury 10000Bangalore
263Ashish Harshavardhan10000Kharagpur
264Sekhar S10000Chennai
265Krishna Kumar Choudhury10000Kolkata
266Biswadeb Sarkar10000Andul
267Pankaj Agarwal10000Siliguri
268Anwita Bhowmick 10000Raiganj
269Rasna Kishor9000Trivandrum
270Yashwi Mishra9000Pune
271PS Balaji9000Chennai
272Rayshma R9000Coimbatore
273Ankesh Saha9000Siliguri
274Prachi Niradi8101Belagavi
275Afsal Sebastian8000Trivandrum
276Advay Deshpande8000Pune
277Tamal Dey8000Siliguri
278Kiron Susan Joseph Sebastine 8000Kochi
279Alisha A Asukar7101Belagavi
280Omkar M Kokitkar7101Belagavi
281Aarti M Nimbalkar7101Belagavi
283Mayur Munde6000Mumbai
284Moumita Das6000Chennai
285Poonam Mense6000Belagavi
286Pooja R Chigunkar6000Belagavi
287Harleen Kaur5000Bangalore
288Rahul Vishal 5000Bangalore
289Deepro Ghosh5000Kharagpur
290Ahemadraza Mukkeri4000Belagavi
292Vikram Saha4000Siliguri
293Kishore MA 3000Trivandrum
294Aakash Pralhad3000Mumbai
295Vishwajeet Parasharam Patil3000Belagavi
296Sonali Goral3000Belagavi
297Sivasubramaniyam C3000Coimbatore
298Arun AS2000Trivandrum
299Sumaiya Banu2000Chennai, Anna Nagar
300Aditya Udayakumar2000Thrissur
301Cyril Sandesh2000Belagavi
302Bhanu Prakash Nandam1000Chennai, Anna Nagar
303Subhajit Patra1000Andul
304MD Zaid A Honnapur1000Belagavi
305Rumana Noor Monim1000Belagavi
306Shivakumar Panchakattimath 1000Belagavi
307Shubham S Kamati1000Belagavi
308Goutam A Bhaderi1000Belagavi
309Vishaya V Desai1000Belagavi
310Abhijeet Yuvaraj Kadam1000Belagavi
311Sachhidanand P Gangadharmath1000Belagavi
312Aidesham Jamadar1000Belagavi
313Vinayak Sarvade1000Belagavi
314Laxmi Sheetal Velapure 1000Belagavi
315Santosh R Bevoor1000Belagavi
316Annappa T Patil1000Belagavi
317Anjaney Betasur1000Belagavi
318Eva Mohini0000Bangalore
319Prantik Pandit0000Andul
320Pooja C Birade0000Belagavi
321Aishwarya B Naik0000Belagavi
322Mahalaxmi N Unakal0000Belagavi
323Santosh M Sutar0000Belagavi

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