This account of the KQA and its activities was written by Wing Commander Mulky when the first KQA site went up in 1997-98. We’ve retained the write-up in full–some minor details have been added where required.

The Karnataka Quiz Association (KQA for short) was founded in 1983 by eight quiz enthusiasts with the objective of putting the game on an organized basis and regulating and coordinating quizzing activity in Bangalore and other centres in Karnataka. In the first year of functioning it had only 14 activities. Presently, it has over 100 programmes in a year. Organized quizzing is done at seven different levels – Open (irrespective of age), Inter-Collegiate, Inter-Junior College, Inter-High School, Inter-Middle School, Inter-Lower Primary (IV Std) and Inter-Lower Primary (III Std). Apart from general quizzes, we do quizzes on specialized subject like Science, Movies, Music, Literature and so on. Most of the programmes are team events but we do conduct a few singles events in three different categories to identify individual talent.

KQA has devised a ranking system as for other games by assigning graded points for each quiz and integrating the points over a season. At the end of each season, ranking lists are published.

Apart from these organized quizzes, we conduct quizzes for various institutions like schools, colleges, clubs, corporate houses and social service organizations whenever requests are received.

KQA sends out regular notifications of forthcoming quizzes and other activities by email. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email arul.mani@gmail.com.

We organize at least one quiz in each category in a year out of our own funds– a total of 40 quizzes are thus held. The remaining quizzes are conducted by us on behalf of sponsors. We acknowledge the support we have received from the following sponsors:-

Texas Instruments

The Ventures Group

Sri. P Bhavanishanker of Ram Philar Group of Companies

The Canara Union, Malleswaram

Interest in quiz usually grows through quiz clubs whose members meet frequently and exchange quiz questions and answers. Amongst these are Meta-Quizziks (whose team is also in the top rung), Infosys Technologies, RVCE, BMS College and others in Bangalore. Outside Bangalore, active quiz clubs exist in KREC, Surathkal and KMC, Manipal.

KQA conducts quizzes every year as memorials to the late Ganesh Nayak and the late Vidhyasagar Rajan, two quizzers who died in their prime. In addition KQA is a registered society working on a non-profit basis and conducting its activities on shoestring budgets. Its policy is to promote the game, not to glamorize it with extravagant prizes. Prizes awarded in KQA contests are only tokens of recognition of merit and are usually in the shape of book coupons. . Our fees for conducting quizzes for other organizations barely cover the honorarium of the quiz masters, conveyance, slide-making and maintenance of the audiovisual equipment. KQA is more interested in earning goodwill than money.

We have a panel of quiz masters who take turns in conducting quizzes. Prominent among them are Ochintya Sharma, Arul Mani, Dibyendu Das, Kiran Vijayakumar, Movin Miranda, Anustup Datta, Avinash Thirumalai, Madhav Nair, Mitesh Agarwal, Thejaswi Udupa and others.

The top quizzers of Bangalore are acknowledged as amongst the country’s best. G. S. Hiranyappa, Dr. Murali Mohan, Movin Miranda, Anustup Datta, Kiran Vijayakumar, Dibyendu Das, Ochintya Sharma, Thejaswi Udupa, Dr NVS Krishnan, Debashree Mitra, Avinash Thirumalai and Santosh Swaminathan can withstand the fiercest of competition.

KQA’s steady progress over the years has earned for Bangalore the sobriquet Quiz Capital of the South/of India. Celebrated quiz masters from outside the city have openly expressed the opinion that they like doing a quiz in Bangalore because of its distinctive quiz culture.

For more information about our organization, booking us for quizzes and making monetary or other contributions, please contact any of the following:

Mitesh Agarwal

Phone : 98452-59423, email : mitesh.agarwal@gmail.com

Thejaswi Udupa

Phone : 72596-49219, email : thejaswi.udupa@gmail.com

Santosh Swaminathan

Phone : 98449-53179, email : santosh.swaminathan@gmail.com