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Lone Kid & Lone Cub 2019 – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held two solo quizzes for school students on the morning of Sunday, 20th October at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru. Both quizzes were set & hosted by Gautham Shenoy, Dr. Avinash Thirumalai, Nagaratna Patil and Sriprada Sadagopan.

About 50 enthusiastic students turned up on a Sunday morning to take part in the Lone Kid (for students of classes V – VII) and Lone Cub (for students of classes VIII – X) quizzes. Turnout was a bit lower than usual though, as these quizzes have been attracting almost twice that number for the last few years. It was also disappointing to see fewer than 10 girl quizzers on the day.

A written preliminary round was held as per the standard practice; the change made this year was that a 1/3rd of the prelims featuring audio-visual questions was made common to both sets of quizzers. The prelims were very competitive, with a couple of students missing out on qualifying by narrow margins – 1/2 a mark in some cases, or number of star questions answered in others. The top eight students from middle school (classes V – VII) qualified for the Lone Kid finals, and the top eight students from high school (classes VIII – X) qualified for the Lone Cub finals.



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The common prelims to Lone Kid/Cub in action.

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Suraj Pai of class VI from Aurobindo School was crowned the Lone Kid Champion 2019. He took an early lead in the finals and never let go. Not that there wasn’t stiff competition from the other finalists – just that it seemed to be one of those “so close, yet so far” occasions. A little bit of boldness, in taking a guess even when not fully sure of the answer, would definitely have helped. We had a sibling pair from NPS, Rajajinagar qualify for the Lone Kid finals – Ananthashreyas of class VII and Anaghashree Nair of class V. Anaghasree Nair took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Kid standings:

  1. Suraj Pai, Std. VI, Sri Aurobindo School: 140
  2. Deepak K. Nayak, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 110
  3. Ananthashreyas, Std. VII, NPS-Rajajinagar: 100
  4. Vedant S. Shinde, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 80
  5. Nikilesh GK, Std. VII, Deens Academy: 70
  6. Shamanth Shastry, Std. VII, Presidency North: 50
  7. Sukrit S,. Std. V, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 40
  8. Anaghashree Nair, Std. V, NPS-Rajajinagar: 30



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Kid quiz from last Sunday – tag yourselves (and any leads on the photographer everyone was actually looking at will be appreciated).

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The Lone Cub finals were a much more closely fought affair, with the lead continuously changing hands and the top three not clear even when the final round began. Dhyan Vyas of class X, NPS Indiranagar narrowly pipped Nidish P (class VIII, St. Paul’s School) and Kushagara Agarwal (class VIII, Presidency NLO) to be crowned the Lone Cub Champion 2019. Nidish and Kushagra ended up tied at the same score; after 5 rounds of tie-break questions, Nidish claimed 2nd place with Kushagra ending up 3rd. Anjana Karthik of class VIII, Sri Kumaran’s School took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Cub standings:

  1. Dhyan Vyas, Std. X, NPS-Indiranagar: 115
  2. Nidhish P., Std VIII, St. Paul’s: 110
  3. Kushagra Agarwal, Std. VIII, Presidency NLO: 110
  4. Abhineet R.K., Std. X, BGS-NPS: 85
  5. Anjana Karthik, Std. VIII, Sri Kumaran’s: 75
  6. Adithya Acharya, Std. IX, Christ Academy: 70
  7. Shushruth Aanikanti, Std. IX, Jain Heritage: 65
  8. Sagar A.K., Std. X, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 45



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Cub (classes 8-10) quiz conducted by the KQA on Sunday.

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We’ve posted the finals of both Lone Kid 2019 and Lone Cub 2019 quizzes here. Do have a look!

2019 Lone Kid – Finals from madgenius

2019 Lone Cub – Finals from madgenius


KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held its 16th edition of the Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz on Sunday, 20th October 2019. After a common written prelims, separate finals for 10+2/PUC students and undergraduate college students were held.


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PU/college quiz in progress.

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The KQA Senior School (10+2/PUC) Solo Championships had an interesting field in that several high school students (VIII-X) qualified and did well even though they were technically punching above their weight. Some version of this might have occurred in the Collegiate Grandmaster Finals as well. The schoolkids needed to get back home after a long day, and that was perhaps why the upsets were fewer.

Aaditya Kannan had run away to 120 points after Santosh Swaminathan finished his set. At the end of the second set, he was still in the lead, albeit by a somewhat reduced margin of 50 points. Abhineet, Samuel and Rohith Paul put up determined fights instead of giving up, and made a lot of ground in this section. The first two are both high school students–KQA congratulates them for this solid performance.

Anusree Ashit took home the prize for the best woman entrant.

The final placings:

  1. Aaditya Kannan (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 170
  2. Abhineet (HIGH SCHOOL) BGS INTL. 120
  3. Samuel (HIGH SCHOOL) ST. JOHN’S HS 113
  4. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 105
  5. Anusree Ashit (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 98
  6. Sanjana Kartik (SENIOR SCHOO)L MAIS 95
  7. Adithya Acharya (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 93
  8. Aaditya S Rao (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 65



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PUC lone wolf finalists and winners – and look, they got certificates this time (hi @one_yand_aaf_gurlphrend)

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Julian Costa of IISc won the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster title for 2019.

He qualified for the 12-question shootout after the finals a little ahead of a close field comprising Saishyam Srikanth, Rohith Paul and Aswin Anilkumar, but then went on to build up a more substantial lead in a format that required strategising for a low-scoring round. Rohith, a Class XII student, did very well to finish third, after missing out narrowly on a podium finish in the Senior School finals.


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The college solo shootout by @al_lude

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Final placings; the top four will hold the title of KQA College Grandmaster.

  1. Julian Costa IISC 175
  2. Aswin Anilkumar CHRIST DEEMED 143
  3. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 137
  4. Saishyam Srikanth ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 127.5
  5. Rohit Ravichandran ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 80
  6. Aaditya Kadambar IISC 78
  7. Raj IISC 45
  8. Jayanth N. BMSCE 20



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Winners and other finalists of the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Championship – congrats all! (Tag yourselves, please)

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A full list of the Collegiate Rankings will go up on the KQA website shortly.

For those interested, the prelims of the college quiz can be viewed here.


MindSweep 2019

The MindSweep 2019 results are finally here.

Apologies first for the delay. The team is in transition, and we’ve had plenty hiccups this year.  We should have things sorted in time for next year.

The incomparable Pat Gibson wins again, but not by a mile and a half as usual. This time he pips the indefatigable Anne Hegerty by a mere 3 points. Jayakanthan finishes third, a little ahead of Ishan Chugh.

Among our categories, Ishan Chugh topped Arts with 25; the Social Sciences title went to Annie Sengupta and Debasree Mitra jointly (20); Food saw five quizzers sharing top spot on 18: Pat Gibson, Anne Hegerty, a strange new one named Samanth Subramanian, Paul Uijen (Netherlands) and Michael-Dennis Biemans ( Netherlands);  Pat Gibson took the  Sciences title with a magisterial 24;  a stranger named Varun Rajiv topped popular Culture with 22;  Anne Hegerty ran away with the Reading title on 26.

The top 10 scores are as follows:

Pat Gibson 126
Anne Hegerty 123
Jayakanthan 114
Bourbaki/Ishan Chugh 112
Joe Trela 103
Samanth Subramaniam 102
Thejaswi Udupa 96
Annie Sen Gupta 93
Debasree Mitra 90
Varun Rajiv 84

The rankings may be perused here:

NameCountry/CentreThe ArtsSocial SciencesFoodThe SciencesPopular CultureReadingTotal
1Pat GibsonBurton on Trent, England221918242023126
2Anne HegertyBurton on Trent, England191618232126123
4Bourbaki/Ishan ChughDelhi25197221821112
5Joe TrelaUSA171517211419103
6Samanth SubramaniamNY171618162114102
7Thejaswi UdupaBangalore17191716151296
8Annie Sen GuptaIndia / Goa16201618111293
9Debasree MitraBangalore10201219161390
10Varun RajivBangalore161311122211184
11Mark RyderUSA18111316111483
12Josh KosmanUSA198716171582
13Sachin DeshpandeBangalore1214815141881
14Manu SudhakarBangalore201081981378
15Paul UijenNetherlands/Utrecht1111181910877
15Jyotesh SinghDelhi141582210977
15Navin RajaramBangalore1712111617477
18Jayashree Jayakar MohankaKolkata121415205975
18Somasish GhoshDelhi16961751275
18Kiran VijayakumarBangalore201181212975
21Chandrashekar RamanujanBangalore111815815774
22Krittika AdhikaryBangalore101671971473
23Preetham UpadhyaBangalore111761712972
24Gordon TaylorBurton on Trent, England141591312871
25Krishnamurthy Viswanathan BAQC131451791270
26Ujjwal DebNetherlands/Utrecht138718101369
26Michael-Dennis BiemansNetherlands/Utrecht116181812469
26Syed Mustafa HashmiIndia/Hyderabad111462171069
29Chris JonesBurton on Trent, England131179151368
30Mario FernandoChennai1612613101067
31Chandrakant NairBangalore16851812766
32Guido ter StegeNetherlands/Utrecht111014714662
32Preyoshi gangulyBangalore101312811862
34Suresh RamasubramanianBangalore81316107660
34Prasann PotdarUAE/Abu Dhabi81212911860
36Arun HiregangeBangalore1269189559
37Pranav RChennai11951511758
37Sarada AnneNY61311109958
37Keshav AthreyaBangalore11129811758
40Gerleo NimalanChennai111131113756
41J K LakshmiIndia/Hyderabad8713136754
42Sourjo SenguptaKolkata958716853
42Anirudh ChariKolkata91210731253
44Raghuvansh RamaswamyNY6671016752
45Vinod S. KrishnanDelhi1398105651
46Aditi ChatterjiNetherlands/Utrecht1051278850
47Kishore RBangalore8371013849
48Bryan RobertBangalore6712512648
48Jinson ChackoBangalore1068107748
50Bedyas DattaDelhi11444131147
51Prasanna KarmarkarIndia/Hyderabad4411158446
52Piyush KediaKolkata752915745
53Svyatoslav MalenkyyVinnytsya, Ukraine864116944
53Anush V. IyerDelhi1154613544
53Razia ShaikhIndia/Hyderabad5614115344
56Nikhil IndlaIndia/Hyderabad3104712743
58Abhimanyu BharadeDelhi683713542
59Ian WelhamBurton on Trent, England9621041041
61Riaz ShaikhIndia/Hyderabad549123740
61Raad ShaikhIndia/Hyderabad497123540
63Sibi RajendranNY744710739
63Ajay JaisinghaniDelhi637122939
65Abid abdullaDelhi843711538
65V Sri NageshIndia/Hyderabad1054721038
67Roopam ChoudhuryGuwahati694510337
67Anuj ShettyBangalore371910737
69Nitish WagleIndia / Goa57776436
70Gautam GhoshChennai663104635
70Abhieet BalakrishnanTHRISSUR553106635
70Arjun BharadwajBangalore59395435
70Krishan ShettyIndia/Hyderabad364109335
74Chris GrandisonBurton on Trent, England55159934
74Tanmay PrustyBangalore64874534
74Sahil H.R.India / Goa234610934
77Swaminathan SChennai26749533
77Ashwin CVNY36658533
77Devarshi GhoshKolkata622114833
80Kavin AadhithyanCoimbatore59354632
80Rajat GururajBangalore65356832
80Viola RodriguesIndia / Goa147114532
83Vinid SChennai122345531
84Abhimanyu DasBangalore510734130
84Dinesh SwamyIndia / Goa31686630
86Gigi GeorgeTHRISSUR354111529
86Sumeer KumarBangalore871111129
88Shankha Ghosh DastidarKolkata83367128
88Alok Prasanna KumarBangalore1010828
88Vidyadhar GadgilIndia / Goa46196228
91R KeshavChennai33496227
91Gaurav RBangalore451124127
91Mayur ShettIndia / Goa13747527
94Bibhuti HandiqueGuwahati54285226
94Prithwiraj MukherjeeBangalore33557326
94Krishna KinnalBangalore43258426
97Sankar RoyKolkata046100525
97Sathya Narayanan DCoimbatore512411225
100BIJU JAMESUAE/Abu Dhabi64552224
101Annway GhoshKolkata32229523
102Tathagatha ChatterjeeDelhi54162422
102G. AkshayDelhi44164322
106Bhrigu TalukdarGuwahati54402520
106Nayan Jyoti MedhiGuwahati63415120
106Adarsh DasDelhi13049320
109Paul GatwardIndia / Goa44036219
110Govind MenonChennai35331318
110Vedang PuranikMohali60245118
112Mihir JayaramanBangalore11361416
113Calvin LChennai11164114
113Ashwin RChennai14512114
113Mridul Ram KalitaGuwahati53221114
116Assis SequeiraIndia / Goa01260312
117Shishira MaiyaBangalore36211
118R Roshan KrishnaCoimbatore43021010
120Vivek MittalIndia/Hyderabad2231019
120Hafsa ShaikhIndia/Hyderabad0032409
123Savitri RaneIndia / Goa0322018
124SREEMATHYUAE/Abu Dhabi1120127
125Hariharan S Coimbatore3120006
125Melchior TellesIndia / Goa2112006
128Sayantan AdhikaryKolkata0102205
129Subhadip Sinha RoyKolkata0011204
132Ayan MazumderKolkata0101002
133Sharath MaiyaBangalore1100002
134Arpan Kumar SanyalKolkata0000000

Till next year; Sunday, 10 May 2020 to be precise.

Also, please send flowers/shoutouts/ spiders to the new setting team:

Urmila Lakshmanan, Nagaratna Patil, Donna Eva, Dibyendu Das, Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa and  Arul Mani

Results of quizzes held on May 13

From the Horse’s Mouth, by Debashree Mitra and Navin Rajaram

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Anustup Datta, Mitesh Agarwal, Thejaswi Udupa – 405 points
II – Arul Mani, Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee – 330 points
III – Siddharth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Roshan Kate, Rohit Rao – 239 points

The Unseeded Open

I – Venkataraman Ravindra, Rijul Ballal, Gaurav Radha Krishna, Bhargav BS – 235 points
II (Tie) – Yogesh Pai, Aditi Pai, Sumeer Kumar, Ranvijay Sharma – 215 points
II (Tie) – Girish, Pranshuman, Siddharth, Utkarsh – 215 points

Results of quizzes held on April 7 & 21

Results of quizzes held on April 7:

After fielding 250 questions, and almost as many bad jokes by the quizmasters Arun Hiregange and Thejaswi Udupa, here are the top 8 of Solus Rex 2018/19.

I – Anustup Datta – 335 points
II – Santosh Swaminathan – 310 points
III – Varun Rajiv – 280 points

IV – Hrishikesh Varma – 205 points
V – Ashwin Kumar – 195 points
VI – Rohit Suresh – 175 points
VII – Pranav R – 140 points
VIII – Sachin Deshpande – 100 points

Congratulations to Anustup Datta on being crowned Solus Rex, and to the rest of the finalists for making it a good fight.

The Karnataka/Bangalore Quiz, by Meghavi Gowda, Kaustuba KV, Lingaraj GV

I – Karthik Shashidhar, Thejaswi Udupa – 24 points
II – Gururaj Deshpande, Sachin Deshpande – 23.5 points
III – Sohan Maheshwar, Naveen N – 23 points

The South Indian Movie Quiz, by Kaustuba KV, Kishore Rajendra, Shishira Maiya

I – Alagarsamy P, Thejaswi Udupa – 49.5 points
II – Nishant Raman, Manish Achuth – 43.5 points
III – Prashanth Vijay, Arun Ramanathan – 38 points

Results of quizzes held on April 21:

The Artefacts Quiz, by Lokesh Kaza and Vivek Karthikeyan

I – Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR – 46.5 points
II – Navin Rajaram, Arun Hiregange – 42.5 points
III – Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa – 35 points

The April Open Quiz, by Anuradha Santhanam and Berty Ashley

I – Shilpa, Satish Roy, Satyakant, Jayanth Mahadevan, Thejaswi Udupa – 169 points
II – Navin Rajaram, Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Pranav Iyer, Nikhil Dhaigude – 155 points
III – Sohan Maheshwar, Nishant Raman, Samir Agrawal, Tryambak M – 140 points

Congratulations to everyone!

MahaQuizzer ME 2019 – Results

Here are the results of our annual Middle East version of MahaQuizzer. Our congratulations to all the winners!

MahaQuizzer ME – Kuwait 2019: Ramesh Athreya

Runner-Up: Jayadeep Premnath

Third: Arjun. P. Sujith

Johan James (DOB 4/12/2007) was the youngest participant this year!

The top three finishers in the Ladies category:

1. Nirmala James (31 points)

2. Lovely Sasidharan (27 points)

3. Brighty Thomas (26 points)

Sharon Maria Thomas was the topper among girls in the Student category.

The Top 3 in the school categories (Class VIII and above):

1.Arjun P Sujith (47 points) (Class VIII, Indian Community School, Senior Girls)

2. Aaron John Thomas (44 points) (Class XI, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt.) School (D P S))

3. Kurian Thomas Mattam (40 points) (Class VIII, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt.) School (D P S))

The Top 3 in the school categories (Up to Class VII)

1.Sharon Maria Thomas (36 points) (Class VII, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt.) School (D P S))

2. Caleb Kurian George (26 points) (Class VII, Indian Community School, Amman Branch)

3. Aniket Tharun (19 points) (Class VI, Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S))

4. Ashutosh Srinath Bhat (19 points) (Class VII, Indian Educational School)

The schools with most participation:

1.Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt.) School (D P S) – 71 participants (Total score of top 5: 196)

2. Gulf Indian School – 8 participants (Total score of top 5: 141)

3. Indian Educational School (Bhavans) – 16 participants (Total score of top 5: 105)

Detailed results below:

Open category:

1Ramesh Athreya709Open
2Jayadeep Premnath486Open
3Arjun. P. Sujith473School
4Shakir Reshamwala455Open
5Aaron John Thomas444School
6Imran Khalil Hanwari434Open
7V Vishwanath423Open
8Debanjan Bhattacharya414Open
9Kurian Thomas404School
11Tarun Sunil Malayil393School
12George Thomas386Open
13Fahaad Ahmed385School
13Shobith K C385Open
15Aswin Murali374Open
16Sharath Menon373School
17Noel Frederic372School
18Sharon Maria Thomas (Ms.)363School
19Nevin Salu351School
20Sanjay Mathew Roy345Open
21Siyan Biju Thomas343School
22Clarin Menezes (Ms.)333School
23Arjun Biju324School
24Gladwin Sabu V.323School
25Abdul Qadir Kandapath314Open
25Ranganathan Rajagopal314Open
27Nirmala James (Ms.)312Ladies
28Shaikhan Reshamwala305Open
29Sunil Varghese Malayil304Open
30James Daniel296Open

Schools (Grades VIII and up):

RankNameSchoolClassTotal *
1Arjun. P. SujithIndian Community School, Senior Girls8473
2Aaron John ThomasFAIPS, Ahmadi11444
3Kurian ThomasFAIPS, Ahmadi8404
4Tarun Sunil MalayilFAIPS, Ahmadi9393
5Fahaad AhmedGulf Indian School11385
6Sharath MenonFAIPS, Ahmadi11373
7Noel FredericIndian Educational School8372
8Nevin SaluGulf Indian School10351
9Siyan Biju ThomasFAIPS, Ahmadi9343
10Clarin Menezes (Ms.)Indian Central School10333
11Arjun BijuLearners Own Academy (CBSE - I)11324
12Gladwin Sabu V.Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)9323
13Yash AlvaGulf Indian School10292
14Adit KashyapFAIPS, Ahmadi8282
14Rishav DasFAIPS, Ahmadi10282
16Neketra Lalit Trivedi (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi12272
17Siddarth SunilIndian Community School, Amman Branch10264
18Mekhna Sara Binoy (Ms.)Gulf Indian School10262
19Jos RoyFAIPS, Ahmadi10261
20Bharath MenonFAIPS, Ahmadi11254
21Tabitha Liju James (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi8233
22Rohan RajuFAIPS, Ahmadi9232
23Mishaal KandapathFAIPS, Ahmadi10191
23Nandakishore SajuUnited Indian School12191
25Rajalaxmi P (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi11190
26Ahmed HamzahIndian Central School11182
27Umeshkumar SivakumarIndian Community School, Khaitan Branch9181
27Jehan Sharukh BhathenaIndian Community School, Senior Girls11181
29Bram MickyFAIPS, Ahmadi8172
30Eleena Sarah Mathew (Ms.)Indian Educational School10171

Schools (Up to Class VII):

RankNameSchoolClassTotal Marks*
1Sharon Maria Thomas (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi7363
2Caleb Kurian GeorgeIndian Community School, Amman Branch7263
3Aniket TharunFAIPS, Ahmadi6192
3Ashutosh Srinath BhatIndian Educational School7192
5Jeshurun KandasamyFAIPS, Ahmadi7184
6Joel George SassilIndia International School7172
7Noel Stephen PachikaraFAIPS, Ahmadi7162
8Adarsh HarishIndian Educational School7161
9Unni Narayanan AsokFAIPS, Ahmadi7151
10Ankit MohanFAIPS, Ahmadi6142
11Arhant SaikiaFAIPS, Ahmadi7141
12Kamalini Ramesh (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi6140
13KhaleelFAIPS, Ahmadi6132
14Ruben Alphonso FernandesGulf Indian School7131
15Savithri Bindu Asok (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi7130
16Harry John ChavarattuGulf Indian School6120
16V.PrabaharranFAIPS, Ahmadi7120
18Shaun ThomasFAIPS, Ahmadi6111
18Vamsee Sreeram VavilalaFAIPS, Ahmadi7111
20Aditya RajFAIPS, Ahmadi7110
20Saafalya M Sunish (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi7110
22David John IdicullaIndian Educational School7103
23Aaditya BijuLearners Own Academy (CBSE - I)591
23Kartikeya Rahul ZadeIndian Educational School691
23Syed ArshudeenFAIPS, Ahmadi791
26Arnav GautamFAIPS, Ahmadi682
27Aaqib Ahmad MazhariFAIPS, Ahmadi681
27Manasvi Kunde (Ms.)FAIPS, Ahmadi781
27Helen Maria Jaison (Ms.)Gulf Indian School781
27Aundre BoseFAIPS, Ahmadi781
31Patrick William WadakkanIndian English Academy School (Don Bosco)780

Results of Quizzes held on March 17

Irish Stew, by Anustup Datta and his Quizician crew

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa – 293 points
II – Arul Mani, Venkat Ravindra, Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee – 268 points
III – Arun Hiregange, Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR, Jinson Chacko – 240 points

The KQA Music Quiz, by Berty Ashley and Arjun Mohan

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa – 690 points
II – Sai Ganesh, Nishant Raman, Manish Achutha, Sohan Maheshwar – 515 points
III – Anuradha Santhanam, Debanjan Bose, Sachin Deshpande, Praveen VR – 510 points

Results of quizzes held on March 3

Solus Rex Semifinals by Thejaswi Udupa and Arun Hiregange

Here are the top 10 who make it to the finals of Solus Rex

1. Ravi Mundoli – 275 points
2. Hrishikesh Varma – 256 points
3. Anustup Datta – 249 points
4. Sachin Deshpande – 248 points
5. Ashwin Kumar – 211 points
6. Santosh Swaminathan – 194 points
7. Rohit Suresh – 193 points
7. Pranav R – 193 points
9. Ajay Parasuraman – 191 points
10. Varun Rajiv – 190 points

KQA History Quiz by Urmila Lakshmanan and Rajat Gururaj

I – CIDs From Kerala (Ravi Mundoli, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma) – 339 points

II – Remembrance of Things Past (Debashree Mitra, Manu Sudhakar, Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan) – 272 points

III – KD (Rajat, Nishanth Raman, Rahul Jadhav) – 245 points

IV -SJC Quizzers (Arul, Nagaratna, Prithwiraj) – 196 points

V- Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair) – 157 points

VI – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA, Santosh J Swaminathan) – 148 points

VII – Cabal (Kishore Rajendra, Shishira+2) – 87 points

VIII – Gang of Four (Dr Krishnan, Sumeer Kumar +2) – 76 points

Pop Ki Kamai, the KQA Pop Culture Quiz by Sai Ganesh and Debasish Mishra

I – The Boney Kapoors (Anuradha, Vishnu, Sahil, Raju) – 115 points

II – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Santosh J Swaminathan, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA) and We Put the Culture in Pop Culture (Ravi Mundoli, Priyambad Pattanayak, Venky Srinivasan, Manu Sudhakar) – 110 points

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Death & Taxes (Asawari Ghatage, Abhishek Ahluwalia, Ajay Parasuraman, Aparna Suresh)

CIDs From Kerala (Jinson Chacko, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma)

SJC Quizzers (Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Arul Mani)

Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair)

Mayank Mujumdhar, Mukunth Raghavan, Aditya Morarka, Saurabh S

Dramedy of the Commons (Arun Ramanathan, JP, Rajat Gururaj, Satish)

Sumeer, Avantika, Kunal

Results of KQA Sports Day and quizzes held on Feb 17

Here are the results of the quizzes held as part of KQA’s Sports Day on Feb 3, 2019

Well, Of Course – the KQA Cricket Quiz by Manish, Sohan and Sreeram

I – Ramkey, Anil, Vijay TSR, Sankhya
II – Venky, Alagarsamy, Lahar, Keshava Guha
III – Sreshth Shah, Hemant Brar, Karthik Krishnaswamy, Shayama Das Gupta

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Sachin Deshpande, Kaushik Guha, Atul Mathew, Debanjan
Ramesh Natarajan, Gaurav Sundararaman, Varun Mithra +1
Titash, Madhu, Ramesh Soundarajan, Sumantara
Rohit Suresh, Konga + 2

My Left Foot – the KQA Football Quiz by Captain, Hrishi

I – Rohit Suresh, Sachin Deshpande (44, 19*)
II – Aaditya, Siddharth (34, 13*)
III – Anannya Deb, Aditya Gadre (34, 10*)
IV – Alagarsamy AP, Keshava Guha (33, 12*)
V – Vijay TSR, Sankhya (33, 9*)
VI – Anil, Ramkey (32,9*)
VII – Raghuram, Sourav (31, 11*)
VIII – Pranjal, Prasanth (31, 12*)

The KQA Sports Quiz

I – Venky, Alagarsamy, Yaggy, Keshava Guha
II – Ramkey, Anil, Sankhya, Vijay TSR
III – Anannya Deb, Ingit, Aditya Gadre, Pradeep Ramarathnam

Here are the results of the Open quizzes held on Feb 17, 2019

February Open Quiz by The Sreedevis (Preyoshi, Sreyashi, Debashri)

I – Santosh J Swaminathan, Venkataraman R +2  (295 points)
II – Hrishikesh Varma, Nikhil Nayak, Vishnu, Ramachandran S (270 points)
III – Sachin Deshpande, Amit Pandya, Tanmay Prusty, Utkarsh, Nav (230 points)

KQA SciTech Quiz by Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan, Arun Ramanathan

I – Ajay Parasuraman, Mukunth Raghavan, Rishi Rajasekharan, Julian D’Costa (177 points)
II – Santosh J Swaminathan, Praveen VR, Ashwin Kumar, Hrishikesh Varma (171 points)
III – Preetham Upadhya, Thejaswi Udupa, Anustup Datta, Ochintya Sharma  (164 points)

AsiaSweep 2018–Results and Rankings

A total of 116 teams from 18 cities, in India and abroad, wrote AsiaSweep in December 2018. We had several teams bunched together within a few points of each other. After some back and forth, we are glad to announce that we have a new winner this year:

Shouvik Guha and Subhendu Roy of Kolkata win AsiaSweep with  77 points out of a possible 127.

Navin Rajaram and Ashwin from Bangalore take the second spot with 75.

We have a tie on the third spot between the Bangalore team comprising Thejaswi Udupa and Anustup Datta, and the Kolkata team featuring Anirudh Chari and Abhijit Banerjee. Both teams scored 74. One point behind them, on 73, we have Arun Hiregange and Hrishikesh Varma tied with Landmark Venky and Anannya Deb. It’s ties all the way down after that, starting with some fancy but unfancied Chennai teams

Props to the several solo participants who took the quiz: Santosh Swaminathan, Devangshu Datta, a schoolkid in Bangalore named Dhyan who made 16 all by himself, and several more. Very nice to see two all-women teams, and to see one of them  an all-women team win a city title. A school team from Bangalore, Daksh and Ananya, made 23.

We missed having Mumbai this year, and despite our best efforts have not been able to get several other cities such as Madurai, Raipur, and Shillong on board. Please spread the word, and help us get more cities across India to participate. Till next year!

The rankings:

RankingCityTeam Member 1Team Member 2Score (Points)    
Round 1 Round 2 (Out of 35)Round 3 Round 4 Total (Out of 88)
1KolkataShouvik GuhaSubhendu Roy252082477
2BangaloreNavin RajaramAshwin252082275
3BangaloreAnustup DattaThejaswi Udupa2423101874
3KolkataAnirudh ChariAbhijit Banerjee2216102574
5BangaloreAnannya DebVenky192182573
5BangaloreArun HiregangeHrishikesh Varma201882773
7ChennaiRavi MundoliSamanth S202062672
7ChennaiAlagarsamyG Krishamurthi1921102272
7BangaloreChandrakant NairPraveen VR1919102472
10BangaloreRajagopalAvinash Thirumalai2221101871
11KolkataJayashree J MohankaKinshuk Biswas2219101970
13Kuala LumpurNicholas PangJude Day2016102268
14Kuala LumpurMovin MirandaMinhow Chong1921101767
15Abu DhabiRhovee VistanR. Krishnaprasad171482362
16SingaporeRavi AvvaPradeep Ramanathan171681960
16Dona PaulaAnnie SenguptaRajiv D'Silva151981860
18ChennaiKasthuri SP Srikant171941959
19TrivandrumManu SudhakarSangeeth Varma142081557
19New DelhiKartikayAurko171262257
21BangaloreNishanth RamanMaithrey Deshpande121881755
22New DelhiShreySomashish191281554
22BangaloreSumeerRiccu Varghese181481454
24BangaloreAnush IyerArun Prasad161581453
25HyderabadRiaz ShaikhRazia Shaikh141841551
25BangaloreKrittika AdhikaryArjun Bharadwaj181741251
27ThrissurAnil RaghavanArun AS121481650
27KolkataGautam GhoshAuritro Chowdhury161541550
29BangaloreBhargavGaurav Radhakrishnan17851049
30TrivandrumBalu JohnAjith Prabhakar912101748
30ChennaiC V AshwinR Sibi181261248
32Dona PaulaDoc SekharVidyadhar Gadgil1015101247
33SingaporeRama KrishnanPranav Venkat15961545
33New York CityRaghuvansh RKartik T191241045
36Dona PaulaAshwin KrishnanNitish wagle151361044
37HyderabadBalajiKrishan Shetty14781443
37BangaloreSantosh Swaminathan141081143
41KharagpurAbhimanyu BharadeShubham13961440
42Dona PaulaAmey PatelLucy Kaul11981038
42HyderabadNikhil IndlaSomak Ray101261038
44HyderabadFrancisSai Sundar16821137
44MohaliAdeetya TantiaDevwrat Dube1398737
44AhmedabadAbhinav DharVyom Vyas10961237
47CoimbatoreSVG Krish CR Naveen1956636
47Bhubaneswar Saransh MohapatraAlankar Devta13114836
47Bhubaneswar Baibaswata JenaAdarsh Kumar Mohapatra8881236
47HyderabadAabhaas DasguptaSri Hari Raju11841336
51New DelhiSreekanthSumantra13102934
52JamshedpurUjjwal GuptaVed Vineet6981033
53Indore Aditya GuliaAkshaj Raman1454932
55New York CityAvinash BSai Mali1542930
55ThrissurDr. Madhavan VPSreeram Madhavan1174830
58Dona PaulaRoshan DattahiEeshan Ghaisas1146829
58KolkataDevangshu Datta9101929
60AhmedabadPrabodh Katti-4841228
61HyderabadShriya AtmakuriVij Vasu992727
61New DelhiAchintyaVarun882927
63HyderabadRaad ShaikhHafsa Shaikh6142426
63New DelhiAkshayPartha1282426
65New DelhiSahilHarshit962825
65JamshedpurAshwin KumarApoorv Kumar772925
67SingaporeShree Patwardhan973524
67HyderabadSyed Shakeel ImdadAjit Singh Yadav682824
67ThrissurAravind AnilRohit Satish Nair6521124
67Indore Kaivalya KarkarePaaras Bhardawaj1054524
67JamshedpurMohit BhattTanuj Kukreti684624
67AhmedabadAnuradha DharwadkarIpshita Paul1452324
73SingaporeAnjan RainaPraneeth Tammiraju1243423
73TrivandrumAlbin BinoyMadhavan Mohan980623
73HyderabadAnuj BothraDinesh P1052623
73BangaloreDaksh (School)Ananya464923
73BangaloreThejaswi ParameshwaranSukanya P1332523
78Dona PaulaMayur ShettViola Rodrigues474722
78New DelhiEshaanRajiv864422
81Dona PaulaPaulArvind1060521
83Dona PaulaRithvik D'SouzaAshwin Narayanan842620
83AhmedabadShashank TyagiNishit Pandya662620
85New DelhiNishantVibha1030619
85Indore Ashwin MathurAatmik Jain940619
85Bhubaneswar Abhishek RathVedant Giri720918
85ChennaiMadhu SrinivasSrikara Prasad652518
85Indore Gaurav Pai742518
85AhmedabadSriram Ratan630918
91CoimbatoreVishnu Sanjay472417
91HyderabadDhanushSomi Reddy264517
94Bhubaneswar Toyad PatnaikPrateek Mishra632516
94KharagpurSangeeta RoyAnnwesha Bhattacharya750616
94JamshedpurRitu RaiRohit Mishra532616
94BangaloreDhyan (School)432716
94AhmedabadShreshth M Senthil Kadir442616
94MohaliTanmay Roy-810514
94Indore Nisham SinghArya Baranwal242614
94Indore Amar MishraDarpan Choudhary432514
94JamshedpurParminder SinghDehit Garaga070714
94BangaloreKaif (School)Krishnan540514
104CoimbatoreSharat ChandarRoshan Krishna R252312
104Indore Udit BhatSunny Soni640212
104JamshedpurPranav Kumar SinghSithanshu Kumar041712
108JamshedpurVaibhav JhaAmitesh Jha130711
108BangaloreDeepak (School)Vedant432211
110MohaliPrateek PranjalRitoban Datta421310
111MohaliAkash DeepAnshu05128
111JamshedpurSaransh SuryaUtkarsh Gupta02158
113BangaloreShashank ( School)Arun Karthik22037
114MohaliAditya )School Team)Prithvi10236
115Indore Aditya Agarwal03014
116Indore Palash BhatGavish Soni00011


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