Curieous & Curieouser – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association conducted the 1st edition of Curieous & Curieouser, a day dedicated to quizzes on all things scientific, on Sunday, 10th November 2019. Quizzes for students of high school and PUC/10+2 were held in the morning, with the afternoon session dedicated to the undergraduate college science quiz. The quizzes were researched & hosted by first time quiz masters Dr. Vinod Nayak and Aswathy Joseph, along with Dr. Avinash Thirumalai.

Despite security fears due to the Ayodhya judgement the previous day, teams from 18 different schools turned up on for the high school science quiz. One good sign was that a significant number of teams were coming to a KQA event for the first time, or were from schools that had dropped out of the quiz circuit in recent years. Turnout from the PUC/10+2 standard cohort was badly affected though, with only 2 teams turning up.

After a hard fought & competitive written preliminary round, 9 teams representing 8 different schools made it into the finals. A couple of teams narrowly missed out on the finals – either by half a point, or because they’d answered one less starred question. A fine solo effort by Aditya Kannan (1st PUC) of PSBB Learning Leadership Academy saw him qualify to the finals along with 8 high school teams.

First time entrants John Tom & Athul PS from The Amaatra Academy topped the prelims. They continued their good performance in the finals, and despite losing about 20 points early on, went on to win the quiz handsomely. Competition for other podium places was intense, with Abhineet RK & Pranav Bhat (BGS National Public School) pipping Vidur Kaimal & Meenakshi SV (Shishu Girha Montessori & High School) into 2nd place.

Suchitra Shankar & Shruti Kartik (Shishu Griha Montessori & High School) won the best all girls team prize.

Final rankings-

  1. John Tom & Athul PS (The Amaatra Academy) – 182.5
  2. Abhineet RK & Pranav Bhat (BGS National Public School) – 145
  3. Vidur Kaimal & Meenakshi SV (Shishu Griha Montessori & High School) – 135
  4. Nidish P & Srivatsan (St. Paul’s English School) – 115
  5. Priyangshu Kar & Abraham Paul (NPS, Koramangala) – 110
  6. Adyath Chennakeshav & Kisna Shetty (St. Joseph’s Boys High School) – 100
  7. Aadithya Kannan (PSBB Learning Leadership Academy) – 85
  8. Suchitra Shankar & Shruti Kartik (Shishu Griha Montessori & High School) – 82.5
  9. Jacob J Thayil & Leo Steve Saiju (Christ Academy) – 80



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Junior and senior category winners from C&C – the science quiz.

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Ochintya Sharma and Appu Hiregange helmed the undergraduate college science quiz, with one QM even traveling direct from the airport to the venue after cyclone Bulbul-induced flight delays. Sadly, college turnout was abysmal, with teams from only 5 colleges showing up. It didn’t take away anything from the standard of quizzing though – teams were evenly matched for the most course, and came up with some very good answers. After running neck-and-neck with the other teams till about halfway of the finals, Julian & Raj of IISc ran up a huge score & won the quiz comfortably. It was a 1-2-3 podium finish by teams from IISc too – Nikhil & Aaditya narrowly beating Kaustubh & Upamanyu into 2nd place.

Final College rankings –

  1. Julian & Raj (IISc) – 260
  2. Nikhil & Aaditya (IISc) – 140
  3. Kaustubh & Upamanyu (IISc) – 135
  4. Rohith & Gaurang (IISc) – 120
  5. Adithya & Nabarun (IISc) – 110
  6. Godwin & Shashank (St. Joseph’s College) – 100
  7. Chinmay & Adit (IISc) – 95
  8. Allan & Praneet (St. Joseph’s College) – 75
  9. Karthik & Shreerang (St. Joseph’s College) – 40

Lone Kid & Lone Cub 2019 – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held two solo quizzes for school students on the morning of Sunday, 20th October at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru. Both quizzes were set & hosted by Gautham Shenoy, Dr. Avinash Thirumalai, Nagaratna Patil and Sriprada Sadagopan.

About 50 enthusiastic students turned up on a Sunday morning to take part in the Lone Kid (for students of classes V – VII) and Lone Cub (for students of classes VIII – X) quizzes. Turnout was a bit lower than usual though, as these quizzes have been attracting almost twice that number for the last few years. It was also disappointing to see fewer than 10 girl quizzers on the day.

A written preliminary round was held as per the standard practice; the change made this year was that a 1/3rd of the prelims featuring audio-visual questions was made common to both sets of quizzers. The prelims were very competitive, with a couple of students missing out on qualifying by narrow margins – 1/2 a mark in some cases, or number of star questions answered in others. The top eight students from middle school (classes V – VII) qualified for the Lone Kid finals, and the top eight students from high school (classes VIII – X) qualified for the Lone Cub finals.



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The common prelims to Lone Kid/Cub in action.

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Suraj Pai of class VI from Aurobindo School was crowned the Lone Kid Champion 2019. He took an early lead in the finals and never let go. Not that there wasn’t stiff competition from the other finalists – just that it seemed to be one of those “so close, yet so far” occasions. A little bit of boldness, in taking a guess even when not fully sure of the answer, would definitely have helped. We had a sibling pair from NPS, Rajajinagar qualify for the Lone Kid finals – Ananthashreyas of class VII and Anaghashree Nair of class V. Anaghasree Nair took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Kid standings:

  1. Suraj Pai, Std. VI, Sri Aurobindo School: 140
  2. Deepak K. Nayak, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 110
  3. Ananthashreyas, Std. VII, NPS-Rajajinagar: 100
  4. Vedant S. Shinde, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 80
  5. Nikilesh GK, Std. VII, Deens Academy: 70
  6. Shamanth Shastry, Std. VII, Presidency North: 50
  7. Sukrit S,. Std. V, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 40
  8. Anaghashree Nair, Std. V, NPS-Rajajinagar: 30



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Kid quiz from last Sunday – tag yourselves (and any leads on the photographer everyone was actually looking at will be appreciated).

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The Lone Cub finals were a much more closely fought affair, with the lead continuously changing hands and the top three not clear even when the final round began. Dhyan Vyas of class X, NPS Indiranagar narrowly pipped Nidish P (class VIII, St. Paul’s School) and Kushagara Agarwal (class VIII, Presidency NLO) to be crowned the Lone Cub Champion 2019. Nidish and Kushagra ended up tied at the same score; after 5 rounds of tie-break questions, Nidish claimed 2nd place with Kushagra ending up 3rd. Anjana Karthik of class VIII, Sri Kumaran’s School took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Cub standings:

  1. Dhyan Vyas, Std. X, NPS-Indiranagar: 115
  2. Nidhish P., Std VIII, St. Paul’s: 110
  3. Kushagra Agarwal, Std. VIII, Presidency NLO: 110
  4. Abhineet R.K., Std. X, BGS-NPS: 85
  5. Anjana Karthik, Std. VIII, Sri Kumaran’s: 75
  6. Adithya Acharya, Std. IX, Christ Academy: 70
  7. Shushruth Aanikanti, Std. IX, Jain Heritage: 65
  8. Sagar A.K., Std. X, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 45



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Cub (classes 8-10) quiz conducted by the KQA on Sunday.

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We’ve posted the finals of both Lone Kid 2019 and Lone Cub 2019 quizzes here. Do have a look!

2019 Lone Kid – Finals from madgenius

2019 Lone Cub – Finals from madgenius


KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held its 16th edition of the Collegiate Grandmaster Quiz on Sunday, 20th October 2019. After a common written prelims, separate finals for 10+2/PUC students and undergraduate college students were held.


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PU/college quiz in progress.

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The KQA Senior School (10+2/PUC) Solo Championships had an interesting field in that several high school students (VIII-X) qualified and did well even though they were technically punching above their weight. Some version of this might have occurred in the Collegiate Grandmaster Finals as well. The schoolkids needed to get back home after a long day, and that was perhaps why the upsets were fewer.

Aaditya Kannan had run away to 120 points after Santosh Swaminathan finished his set. At the end of the second set, he was still in the lead, albeit by a somewhat reduced margin of 50 points. Abhineet, Samuel and Rohith Paul put up determined fights instead of giving up, and made a lot of ground in this section. The first two are both high school students–KQA congratulates them for this solid performance.

Anusree Ashit took home the prize for the best woman entrant.

The final placings:

  1. Aaditya Kannan (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 170
  2. Abhineet (HIGH SCHOOL) BGS INTL. 120
  3. Samuel (HIGH SCHOOL) ST. JOHN’S HS 113
  4. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 105
  5. Anusree Ashit (SENIOR SCHOOL) PSBB LLA 98
  6. Sanjana Kartik (SENIOR SCHOO)L MAIS 95
  7. Adithya Acharya (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 93
  8. Aaditya S Rao (HIGH SCHOOL) CHRIST ACAD. 65



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PUC lone wolf finalists and winners – and look, they got certificates this time (hi @one_yand_aaf_gurlphrend)

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Julian Costa of IISc won the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster title for 2019.

He qualified for the 12-question shootout after the finals a little ahead of a close field comprising Saishyam Srikanth, Rohith Paul and Aswin Anilkumar, but then went on to build up a more substantial lead in a format that required strategising for a low-scoring round. Rohith, a Class XII student, did very well to finish third, after missing out narrowly on a podium finish in the Senior School finals.


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The college solo shootout by @al_lude

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Final placings; the top four will hold the title of KQA College Grandmaster.

  1. Julian Costa IISC 175
  2. Aswin Anilkumar CHRIST DEEMED 143
  3. Rohith Paul (SENIOR SCHOOL) NPS KMLA 137
  4. Saishyam Srikanth ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 127.5
  5. Rohit Ravichandran ST.JOSEPH’S COLLEGE 80
  6. Aaditya Kadambar IISC 78
  7. Raj IISC 45
  8. Jayanth N. BMSCE 20



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Winners and other finalists of the KQA Collegiate Grandmaster Championship – congrats all! (Tag yourselves, please)

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A full list of the Collegiate Rankings will go up on the KQA website shortly.

For those interested, the prelims of the college quiz can be viewed here.


Results of quizzes held on May 13

From the Horse’s Mouth, by Debashree Mitra and Navin Rajaram

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Anustup Datta, Mitesh Agarwal, Thejaswi Udupa – 405 points
II – Arul Mani, Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee – 330 points
III – Siddharth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Roshan Kate, Rohit Rao – 239 points

The Unseeded Open

I – Venkataraman Ravindra, Rijul Ballal, Gaurav Radha Krishna, Bhargav BS – 235 points
II (Tie) – Yogesh Pai, Aditi Pai, Sumeer Kumar, Ranvijay Sharma – 215 points
II (Tie) – Girish, Pranshuman, Siddharth, Utkarsh – 215 points

Results of quizzes held on April 7 & 21

Results of quizzes held on April 7:

After fielding 250 questions, and almost as many bad jokes by the quizmasters Arun Hiregange and Thejaswi Udupa, here are the top 8 of Solus Rex 2018/19.

I – Anustup Datta – 335 points
II – Santosh Swaminathan – 310 points
III – Varun Rajiv – 280 points

IV – Hrishikesh Varma – 205 points
V – Ashwin Kumar – 195 points
VI – Rohit Suresh – 175 points
VII – Pranav R – 140 points
VIII – Sachin Deshpande – 100 points

Congratulations to Anustup Datta on being crowned Solus Rex, and to the rest of the finalists for making it a good fight.

The Karnataka/Bangalore Quiz, by Meghavi Gowda, Kaustuba KV, Lingaraj GV

I – Karthik Shashidhar, Thejaswi Udupa – 24 points
II – Gururaj Deshpande, Sachin Deshpande – 23.5 points
III – Sohan Maheshwar, Naveen N – 23 points

The South Indian Movie Quiz, by Kaustuba KV, Kishore Rajendra, Shishira Maiya

I – Alagarsamy P, Thejaswi Udupa – 49.5 points
II – Nishant Raman, Manish Achuth – 43.5 points
III – Prashanth Vijay, Arun Ramanathan – 38 points

Results of quizzes held on April 21:

The Artefacts Quiz, by Lokesh Kaza and Vivek Karthikeyan

I – Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR – 46.5 points
II – Navin Rajaram, Arun Hiregange – 42.5 points
III – Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa – 35 points

The April Open Quiz, by Anuradha Santhanam and Berty Ashley

I – Shilpa, Satish Roy, Satyakant, Jayanth Mahadevan, Thejaswi Udupa – 169 points
II – Navin Rajaram, Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Pranav Iyer, Nikhil Dhaigude – 155 points
III – Sohan Maheshwar, Nishant Raman, Samir Agrawal, Tryambak M – 140 points

Congratulations to everyone!

Results of Quizzes held on March 17

Irish Stew, by Anustup Datta and his Quizician crew

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa – 293 points
II – Arul Mani, Venkat Ravindra, Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee – 268 points
III – Arun Hiregange, Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR, Jinson Chacko – 240 points

The KQA Music Quiz, by Berty Ashley and Arjun Mohan

I – Santosh Swaminathan, Thejaswi Udupa – 690 points
II – Sai Ganesh, Nishant Raman, Manish Achutha, Sohan Maheshwar – 515 points
III – Anuradha Santhanam, Debanjan Bose, Sachin Deshpande, Praveen VR – 510 points

Results of quizzes held on March 3

Solus Rex Semifinals by Thejaswi Udupa and Arun Hiregange

Here are the top 10 who make it to the finals of Solus Rex

1. Ravi Mundoli – 275 points
2. Hrishikesh Varma – 256 points
3. Anustup Datta – 249 points
4. Sachin Deshpande – 248 points
5. Ashwin Kumar – 211 points
6. Santosh Swaminathan – 194 points
7. Rohit Suresh – 193 points
7. Pranav R – 193 points
9. Ajay Parasuraman – 191 points
10. Varun Rajiv – 190 points

KQA History Quiz by Urmila Lakshmanan and Rajat Gururaj

I – CIDs From Kerala (Ravi Mundoli, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma) – 339 points

II – Remembrance of Things Past (Debashree Mitra, Manu Sudhakar, Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan) – 272 points

III – KD (Rajat, Nishanth Raman, Rahul Jadhav) – 245 points

IV -SJC Quizzers (Arul, Nagaratna, Prithwiraj) – 196 points

V- Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair) – 157 points

VI – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA, Santosh J Swaminathan) – 148 points

VII – Cabal (Kishore Rajendra, Shishira+2) – 87 points

VIII – Gang of Four (Dr Krishnan, Sumeer Kumar +2) – 76 points

Pop Ki Kamai, the KQA Pop Culture Quiz by Sai Ganesh and Debasish Mishra

I – The Boney Kapoors (Anuradha, Vishnu, Sahil, Raju) – 115 points

II – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Santosh J Swaminathan, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA) and We Put the Culture in Pop Culture (Ravi Mundoli, Priyambad Pattanayak, Venky Srinivasan, Manu Sudhakar) – 110 points

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Death & Taxes (Asawari Ghatage, Abhishek Ahluwalia, Ajay Parasuraman, Aparna Suresh)

CIDs From Kerala (Jinson Chacko, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma)

SJC Quizzers (Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Arul Mani)

Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair)

Mayank Mujumdhar, Mukunth Raghavan, Aditya Morarka, Saurabh S

Dramedy of the Commons (Arun Ramanathan, JP, Rajat Gururaj, Satish)

Sumeer, Avantika, Kunal

Results of KQA Sports Day and quizzes held on Feb 17

Here are the results of the quizzes held as part of KQA’s Sports Day on Feb 3, 2019

Well, Of Course – the KQA Cricket Quiz by Manish, Sohan and Sreeram

I – Ramkey, Anil, Vijay TSR, Sankhya
II – Venky, Alagarsamy, Lahar, Keshava Guha
III – Sreshth Shah, Hemant Brar, Karthik Krishnaswamy, Shayama Das Gupta

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Sachin Deshpande, Kaushik Guha, Atul Mathew, Debanjan
Ramesh Natarajan, Gaurav Sundararaman, Varun Mithra +1
Titash, Madhu, Ramesh Soundarajan, Sumantara
Rohit Suresh, Konga + 2

My Left Foot – the KQA Football Quiz by Captain, Hrishi

I – Rohit Suresh, Sachin Deshpande (44, 19*)
II – Aaditya, Siddharth (34, 13*)
III – Anannya Deb, Aditya Gadre (34, 10*)
IV – Alagarsamy AP, Keshava Guha (33, 12*)
V – Vijay TSR, Sankhya (33, 9*)
VI – Anil, Ramkey (32,9*)
VII – Raghuram, Sourav (31, 11*)
VIII – Pranjal, Prasanth (31, 12*)

The KQA Sports Quiz

I – Venky, Alagarsamy, Yaggy, Keshava Guha
II – Ramkey, Anil, Sankhya, Vijay TSR
III – Anannya Deb, Ingit, Aditya Gadre, Pradeep Ramarathnam

Here are the results of the Open quizzes held on Feb 17, 2019

February Open Quiz by The Sreedevis (Preyoshi, Sreyashi, Debashri)

I – Santosh J Swaminathan, Venkataraman R +2  (295 points)
II – Hrishikesh Varma, Nikhil Nayak, Vishnu, Ramachandran S (270 points)
III – Sachin Deshpande, Amit Pandya, Tanmay Prusty, Utkarsh, Nav (230 points)

KQA SciTech Quiz by Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan, Arun Ramanathan

I – Ajay Parasuraman, Mukunth Raghavan, Rishi Rajasekharan, Julian D’Costa (177 points)
II – Santosh J Swaminathan, Praveen VR, Ashwin Kumar, Hrishikesh Varma (171 points)
III – Preetham Upadhya, Thejaswi Udupa, Anustup Datta, Ochintya Sharma  (164 points)

Results of Open quizzes held on December 16

Here are the results of the three quizzes held on December 16 at Ujjivan:

Pilferages – The Genre Fiction Quiz by Nagaratna Patil and Vivek Karthikeyan

I – Anustup Datta, Preetham Upadhya (34.5 points)
II – Santosh Swaminathan, Venkatesh Srinivasan (31.5 points)
III – Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma (27 points)
IV – Shubharup, Bala (7 points)

ComiKaze, the Comics quiz by Siddarth Pai and Debanjan Bose

I – Thejaswi Udupa, Santosh Swaminathan (32 points)
II – Gautam Shenoy, Sohan Maheshwar (29 points)
III – Amulya Shruthi, Hrishi Varma (28 points)

IV – Preetham Upadhya, Muhasin (21 points)
V – Venkatesh Srinivasan, Vivek Karthikeyan (19 points)
VI – Rajat, Bala (13 points)
VII – Ahil, Hari (12 points)
VIII – Mayank (11 points)

The December Open (Ruckus) Quiz by team MQ

I – Satish Roy, Satyakant Y, Thejaswi Udupa (231 points)
II – Sukanya Remesh, Mayank Roy, Hrishi Varma (201 points)
III – Preetham Upadhya, Mohd. Farhan, Rahul Jadhav, Dhyan Vyas (156 points)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Results of Open Quizzes held on November 1

Here are the results of today’s quizzes at KQA

Yell Iruve, a quiz on zoology, by Siddharth Pai and Jayadev Bhaskaran

I – Anustup Dutta and Thejaswi Udupa – 60 points
II – Arun Hiregange and Navin Rajaram – 57 points (tie broken by stars)
III – Ravi Mundoli and Ashwin Kumar – 57 points

IV – Hrishikesh Varma and Praveen VR – 52 points
V – Avinash Thirumalai and Arul Mani – 50 points
VI – J Krishnamurthy and Chandrakant Nair – 45 points
VII – Sachin Deshpande and Shreyas Karanth – 41 points
VIII – Rajagopal PS and Arun Ramanathan – 37 points

Solus Rex prelims, by Arun Hiregange and Thejaswi Udupa

The following quizzers make it to the semi finals to be held later in the calendar year

I – Santosh Swaminathan – 38 points
II – Varun Rajiv – 30.5 points
III – Hrishikesh Varma – 30 points
III – Ajay Parasuraman – 30 points
V – Ashwin Kumar – 29 points
V – Rajagopal PS – 29 points
VII – Ravi Mundoli – 28.5 points
VIII – J Krishnamurthy – 27.5 points
VIII – Manu Sudhakar – 27.5 points
X – Arul Mani – 27 points
X – Navin Rajaram – 27 points
XII – Sachin Deshpande – 26.5 points
XIII – Rohit Suresh – 26 points
XIII – Anustup Dutta – 26 points
XIII – Sreshth Shah – 26 points
XVI – Pranav R – 25.5 points
XVI – Chandrakant Nair – 25.5 points

The Nexus Open Quiz by Nexus Consulting

I – We Are Like This (W)only (Anustup Dutta, Arun Hiregange, Thejaswi Udupa) – 209 points
II – CIDs From Kerala (Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, J Krishnamurthy, Ravi Mundoli) – 201 points
II – KC and the Sunshine Band (Navin Rajaram, Rajagopal PS, EM Bhargava, Ajay Parasuraman) – 201 points

IV – BMQJ (Santosh Swaminathan, Ashwin Kumar) – 178 points
V – Manu Sudhakar, Anush Iyer, Sreshth Shah, Rabin Jacob – 165 points
VI – Peter Panchali (Debanjan Bose, Siddharth Pai, Ashish Saligram, Sachin Deshpande) – 158 points
VII – SJCE Quizzers (Arul Mani, Avinash Thirumalai, Nagaratna Patil) – 149 points
VIII – AIQMK (Alagarsamy, Arun Prasad, Rohit Suresh, Pranav R) – 141 points

Best school team – Akkan Just Quiz (Varun, Vignesh, Prajwal, Mehul)
Best college team – Eternal Losers with Spotless Minds (Gaurav, Anirudh, Surya, Bhargav)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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