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MindSweep and MegaWhats 2019

The KQA is pleased to announce the return of its annual multi-city written open quizzing championships, MindSweep and MegaWhats.

Both quizzes will be conducted on 5th May, 2019 in various cities.

MindSweep, the international solo quizzing championship, is a written quiz for solo participants that will require takers to answer 180 questions in two back-to-back sessions of 75 min each. The quiz will commence at 10.30 AM IST.

Registration form and further details are at http://kqaquizzes.org/mindsweep/

MegaWhats, the national team quizzing championship, is a written quiz for teams of up to four that will commence at 3.30 PM IST. The top teams will qualify for a face-off at AsKQAnce, the KQA’s annual quiz fest, which will be held from June 28-30, 2019

Registration form and further details are at http://kqaquizzes.org/megawhats/

Venue details for each city will be notified soon.

If your location isn’t listed and you would like your city to conduct Mindsweep and Megawhats, or for any clarifications, please write to Hrishi Varma at swordthatwasbroken@gmail.com

Prior registration is required for both quizzes, so please register at the earliest using the links mentioned above, and do spread the word