MegaWhats 2019 – Scores & Rankings

The elimination round of MegaWhats 2019 was attempted by 92 teams in 17 centres across India and Dubai. 

Remembrance of Things Fast (Debashree Mitra, Manu Sudhakar, Navin Rajaram and Kiran Vijaykumar) from Bangalore topped the prelims with a score of 70. Aardvarks (Aryapriya Ganguly, Rahul Kottalgi, Amrit Chetia and Shaswat Salgaoncar) were close behind with a score of 68. Hammer & Tongs (Jayashree Mohanka, Anil Vaswani, Partha Sarathi Ghatak, Sourjo Sengupta) from Kolkata were third with 64 points.

The top 10 city winners and the next 6 highest-scoring teams will face off in the semi-finals to be held at asKQAnce 2019 to be held in June.

The city winners are:

  1. Remembrance of Things Fast, Bangalore (70)
  2. Aardvarks, Mumbai (68)
  3. Hammer & Tongs, Kolkata (64)
  4. QED, Chennai (64)
  5. Zulfiker-e-Fidel, Hyderabad (61)
  6. Sheikh Yerboutis, Dubai (56)
  7. Vetes Vulpes, Delhi (52)
  8. Slippery Nipples, Goa (45)
  9. We Are Not Coolies, Thiruvanathapuram (43)
  10. Tirupur Tughlaqs, Coimbatore (38)

These are the other semifinalists, in order:

11. Mahavinoo Orchestra, Mumbai (60)

12. Travelling Pillsburys, Mumbai (59)

13. Forecasting Couch, Bangalore (58)

14. Answering Service, Kolkata (56)

15. Memory Blank, Chennai (56)

16. MQ, Bangalore (55)

All semifinalists are requested to email before 31-May confirming if your team will attend the semis during asKQAnce. If a team drops out, then the team with next highest score will be offered the slot.

The others in the top 20, in order are:

17. East India Company, Bangalore (54)

18. Peter Panchali, Bangalore (54)

19. Insignificant Others, Chennai (54)

20. We are Like This Wonly, Bangalore (54)

College winner: Math Quizzers (Aditya, Julian, Nishit, Basu) from Bangalore top the college category with a score of 39. The top-placed school team is Donde Esta Kachodi from Delhi (Apoorv Sinha, Shashvat Singh, Harshil Goswami and Abhishek Sehgal) with a score of 13

Our congratulations to all the participants and to the toppers. We extend our thanks to all the quiz associations, proctors and others who helped us conduct the event.

Hope to see you all at asKQAnce!

RankCityTeam NameScoreCategory
1BangaloreRemembrance of Things Fast70Open
3KolkataHammer & Tongs64Open
6MumbaiMahavinoo Orchestra60Open
7MumbaiTravelling Pillsburys59Open
8BangaloreForecasting Couch58Open
9KolkataAnswering Service56Open
10DubaiSheikh Yerboutis56Open
11ChennaiMemory Blank56Open
13BangaloreEast India Company54Open
14BangalorePeter Panchali54Open
15ChennaiInsignificant Otthers54Open
16BangaloreWe are Like This Wonly54Open
17BangaloreCIDs from Kerala52Open
20DelhiVetes Vulpes52Open
22DelhiD’ Caveat Attemptor50Open
23BangaloreSumo Yet So Near47Open
24MumbaiAmar Tomar Naam Vietnam Vietnam47Open
25BangaloreSwami and Friends45Open
26GoaSlippery Nipples45Open
27DelhiAbid & Team45Open
28ThiruvanathapuramWe Are Not Coolies (Mostly)43Open
29BangaloreNishanth & Team42Open
30HyderabadMaami and Friends42Open
31MumbaiChete Chete Khabo41Open
32DelhiSreekanth & team40Open
33DelhiAkshay & team39Open
34BangaloreMath Quizzers38College
35CoimbatoreTirupur Tughlaqs38Open
36DelhiBedyas & team38Open
37ChennaiSukruth & Team33Open
38HyderabadNikhil & Team33Open
39GoaGadgil & team32Open
40DelhiAtul & Team31Open
41ThrissurArun & Team30Open
42BangaloreJose and the Pussycats29Open
43HyderabadRiyaz & Team29Open
44DelhiPMS. I Love You29College
44AhmedabadVast Deference29Open
45ThiruvanathapuramKla Kla Klu Kli Kle28Open
47MumbaiMIT Gaye Barbaad Ho Gaye27Open
48GuwahatiDegeneration X27Open
49BangaloreTeam #926Open
50BangaloreSchrodinger's Felines26Open
51BangaloreError 40426Open
52BangaloreYeh POBG Wala Hai Kya26Open
53CoimbatoreKavin and Team26Open
55BangaloreNLS-A Gaslighters25College
56Guwahatibeltola Kingdom Blues23Open
58BangaloreTwilight Zone22Open
59ThrissurAnil & team22Open
60BangaloreChord Road Cabal21Open
61ThrissurArun & Team21Open
63MumbaiOne By421Open
64ChennaiAlmost There20Open
65MumbaiIIT Bombay20college
66DelhiAyush & team20Open
67SiliguriUnsocial Network20Open
68KolkataCorpse Sell Out19.5Open
69GoaAnjali & team19Open
70CoimbatoreHari & Team18college
71DelhiMunavir & team18College
72GoaAave Baba Savkaas17Open
73ThrissurCollege team with no name16College
74AhmedabadDPS Bopal16college
75DubaiMurali and Team16Open
76ChennaiSwami, Johm Frutman15Open
77BangaloreAnimesh & team13Open
79CoimbatorePraghadeesh and Team13college
80DelhiDonde esta Kachodi13School
81BangaloreVarma Kurma Burma Shawarma12School
82BangaloreK Then11Open
83AhmedabadUmbrella Academy11Open
84AhmedabadDeath by Pounce10college
85MohaliWolves of Wall Street10Open
87KolkataQuizlamic Extremists3School
88KolkataSchool Team with no name3School
89BangaloreJunaid & Khushboo2Open
90ThrissurSchool team with no name2School
91ThrissurShanthi & team1College