Open Quizzes on Sunday, June 2

the end is nigh! The last Ujjivan quizzes* of the regular season: we’ll be conducting two open quizzes on June 2 (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. (Grape Garden address on Google maps)

 The rescheduled date for the Mulky Memorial Quiz – to be conducted at the Canara Union in Malleshwaram – will be announced shortly.

11AM: The History of Ideas Quiz, by Hrishi and Navin.

From the QMs: ‘Everything is either history or an idea’ – this is the excuse for setting a gen quiz when the QMs are bereft of ideas. Come by for an enjoyable spread that covers everything from the Hussars to Modi Sarkaar, Huegenots to Kedarnath, Hasidic to Vedic… you get the point.

It is a written quiz for teams of up to two. Open to all.

3PM: The June Open Quiz by JK and Priyambad

The last monthly open general will be conducted by two of the best non-Bangalore quizzers in the country: JK from Chennai and Priyambad from Electronic City. Don’t let Priyambad’s commute be in vain – attend in large numbers for what is sure to be an excellent quiz!

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.

But wait, one last hurrah (an Endgame, if you will) to see us out into the good night: Askqance 2019, the annual quiz fest of the KQA will be held from June 28-30. 3 days, 8 quizzes (6 of them open). Assemble! All details at

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