MindSweep 2014–Results

Vikram Joshi wins MindSweep 2014 with a score of 119 points, followed by Pat Gibson on 110 and Dan Melia on 93.

Anne Hegerty who placed 4th also recorded the highest score by a woman quizzer in this edition–90.

Samanth Subramanian who has represented Sri Lanka in the past finished fifth with 88 points.

In the categories, Gibson won The Arts, Science & Technology and Travel, while Joshi takes the titles for Cinema, Music and Food. He also shares Business with Mitesh Agarwal, and Sports with Andy Tucker and Chris Jones. Samanth won the Literature title with a score of 15, and Jayakanthan takes the Social Sciences title.

295 quizzers from 11 countries took part in the third edition of MindSweep. KQA thanks quizzing groups in India and abroad for their continued support.

Rankings are based on the best 8 scores. In case there are ties, we look first at total score, and then at higher scores among the lowest scores that both players recorded. If there are disputes/questions over rankings, please mail arul.mani@gmail.com.

Thank you, those who took the trouble to turn up and write.

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