ASKQANCE 2018 – Results

The Woodstock of quizzing saw a total of 8 quizzes being held over three days, with old and new names turning up in the winners and finalists’ lists. Here are the full results:

1. Mahamahaquizzer, the showdown between the top 16 finishers of Mahaquizzer.

I – Vinoo Sanjay – 295 points
II – Manu Sudhakar – 260 points
III – Jayakanthan R – 241 points
IV – Arul Mani – 240 points
V – Samanth Subramanian – 235 points
V – Rahul Kottalgi – 235 points
VII – Anustup Datta – 220 points
VIII – Thejaswi Udupa – 215 points

2. MegaWhats, the National open quizzing championship.

I – Preetham Upadhya, Anustup Datta, Movin Miranda, Thejaswi Udupa (We Are Like This Wonly) – 201 points
II – Swaminathan Ganesh, Gopal Kidao, Samanth Subramanian, Jayakanthan R (QED) – 164 points
III – Manu Sudhakar, Srinath Bhashyam, Navin Rajaram, Kiran Vijayakumar (Remembrance of Things Fast) – 160 points
IV – Vinoo Sanjay, Govind Grewal, Nikhil Sonde, Pravin Varma (Matunga Manram) – 159 points
V – Rajiv Rai, Abhinav Dasgupta, Sumant Srivatsan, Vibhendu Tiwari (Traveling Pillsbury) – 153 points
VI – Ravi Mundoli, Anil Kumar, Sivakumar Vakkalanka, Naveen Jayakumar (Memory Bank) – 152 points
VII – Anannya Deb, Venkataraghavan Sahasranaman, Suraj Menon, Kunal Sawardekar (Zulfiqar-e-Ingit) – 147 points
VIII – Ramkey, Goach, Shafeeq, Alok (Sheikh Yerboutis) – 101 points

3.  Y Tu MoMA Tambien, the Arts Quiz at asKQAnce

I – Rahul Kottalgi, Anirudh Chari, Aryapriya Ganguly, Amrit Chetia (Aardvarks) – 208 points
II – Gopal Kidao, Swaminathan Ganesh, Samanth Subramanian, Jayakanthan R (QED) – 200 points
III – Navin Rajaram, Srinath Bhashyam, Kiran Vijayakumar, Manu Sudhakar (Remembrance of Things Fast) – 142 points
IV – Mario Fernando, Vijaysarathy, Sreeram, Sankhya (Insignificant Others) – 130 points
V – Naveen Jayakumar, Sivakumar Vakkalanka, Ravi Mundoli, Anil Kumar (Memory Blank) – 84 points
VI – Preetham Upadhya, Movin Miranda, Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa (We Are Like This Wonly) – 75 points
VII – Suraj Menon, Venkataraghavan Sahasranaman, Anannya Deb, Kunal Sawardekar (Zulfiqar-e-Ingit) – 65 points
VIII – Debanjan Bose, Sachin Deshpande, Rohit Rao, Hari Nair – 60 points

4.  Son of Lumiere, the movie quiz at asKQAnce.

I – Balaji Thirumalai, Samanth Subramanian, Gopal Kidao, Jayakanthan R (QED) – 291 points
II – Vinoo Sanjay, Vibhendu Tiwari, Govind Grewal, Nikhil Sonde (Matunga Manram) – 247 points
III – Jinson Chacko, Hrishikesh Varma, Praveen VR, Chandrakant Nair (CIDs from Kerala) – 189 points
IV – Kushan Patel, Rahul Kottalgi, Aryapriya Ganguly, Amrit Chetia (Aardvarks) – 188 points
V – Sivakumar Vakkalanka, Mitesh Agarwal, Santosh Swaminathan, Ashwin Kumar – 187 points
VI – Abhinav Dasgupta, Manu Sudhakar, Navin Rajaram, Kiran Vijayakumar (Remembrance of Things Fast) – 125 points
VII – Preetham Upadhya, Movin Miranda, Rajagopal PS, Arun Ramanathan (Mission 2018) – 92 points
VIII – Anagh Mukherjee, Prithwish Dutta, Abhishek Kapoor, Jyotesh Singh (Caveat Attemptor) – 90 points

5. GS Hiranyappa Memorial History-Geography Quiz at asKQAnce 2018

I – Kunal Sawardekar, Suraj Menon, Venkataraghavan Sahasranaman, Anannya Deb (Zulfiqar-e-Ingit) – 305 points
II – Vinoo Sanjay, Nikhil Sonde, Pravin Varma, Govind Grewal (Matunga Manram) – 250 points
III – Navin Rajaram, Kiran Vijayakumar, Manu Sudhakar, Srinath Bhashyam (Remembrance of Things Fast) – 235 points
III – Anirudh Chari, Rahul Kottalgi, Aryapriya Ganguly, Amrit Chetia (Aardvarks) – 235 points
V – Naveen Jayakumar, Sivakumar Vakkalanka, Anil Kumar, Ravi Mundoli (Memory Blank) – 225 points
V – Kunal Savarkar, Jayashree Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, Anil Vaswani (Hammer and Tongs) – 225 points
VII – Jayakanthan R, Samanth Subramanian, Gopal Kidao, Swaminathan Ganesh (QED) – 217 points
VIII – Preetham Upadhya, Movin Miranda, Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa (We are Like This Wonly) – 140 points

6. Sesame, the General Open quiz at Askqance

I – Swaminathan Ganesh, Jayakanthan R, Samanth Subramanian, Gopal Kidao (QED) – 356 points
II – Vinoo Sanjay, Nikhil Sonde, Pravin Varma, Govind Grewal (Matunga Manram) – 326 points
III – Kiran Vijayakumar, Navin Rajaram, Manu Sudhakar, Srinath Bhashyam (Remembrance of Things Fast) – 302 points
IV – Anirudh Chari, Rahul Kottalgi, Aryapriya Ganguly, Amrit Chetia (Aardvarks) – 301 points
V – Jayashree Mohanka, Sreyashi Dastidar, Debashree Mitra, Preyoshi Ganguly (ShriDevis) – 293 points
VI – Sreshth Shah, P Srikanth, Partha Ghatak, Arindam Dutta (Last Action Heroes) – 267 points
VII – Debanjan Bose, Rohit Rao, Sachin Deshpande, Siddharth Pai (Peter Panchali) – 250 points
VIII – Rajiv Rai, Sumant Srivatsan, Vibhendu Tiwari, Abhinav Dasgupta (Traveling Pillsbury) – 201 points

Congrats all.


This is the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, June 30th

10 AM: Y Tu MoMA Tambien, the arts quiz for teams of 4.

QMs: Chandrakant Nair, Hrishikesh Varma, Lakshana Kripash, Praveen VR.

3 PM: Son of Lumiere, a quiz on movies for teams of 4.

QMs: Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa, Varun Rajiv.

Sunday, July 1st

930 AM: The G.S. Hiranyappa Memorial Quiz, a quiz on history/geography for teams of 4.

QMs: Ashwin Kumar, Nagaratna Patil, Rajagopal PS.

230 PM: Sesame, the general quiz for teams of 4.

QMs: Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange, Santosh Swaminathan.

All these quizzes are open to all .

Venue for all quizzes is the Institute of Agricultural Technologists (IAT) on Queens Road


Please call ++91  8884125047 if you have trouble finding the place

Apart from the open quizzes over the weekend, Mahamahaquizzer and the semis and finals of Megawhats will be conducted on Friday (29th) at IAT – do turn up to watch some of the country’s top quizzers in action.

AsKQAnce 2018 – Schedule

AsKQAnce 2018, KQA’s annual quiz fest – the Woodstock of quizzing (it’s fun?), the Burj Khalifa of buildings (it’s big?), the Pacific of oceans (it’ll be peaceful?), the Silk Board of traffic jams (lots of people?), the Manoj Prabhakar of 90s all-rounders (er… what?), the Tesla Model 3 of heightened expectations (maybe not), the original iPhone launch event of #hype (please stop), the… uh, Thejaswi Udupa of Twitter (…) – is just one month away!

Here’s the final schedule:

Friday, June 29th

1030 AM: MahaMahaquizzer

A showdown between the Top 16 (well, #17 and #18 made it after some dropouts) of Mahaquizzer 2017.

QMs: Avinash Thirumalai, Movin Miranda, Sai Ganesh, Sreyashi Dastidar.

230 PM: MegaWhats (semi finals and finals)

For the 16 qualifiers from MegaWhats 2018.

QMs: Mitesh Agarwal, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Vivek Karthikeyan.

Saturday, June 30th

10 AM: Y Tu MoMA Tambien 

An open quiz on the Arts, for teams of 4.

QMs: Lakshana Kripash, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen Kumar VR, Hrishikesh Varma

3 PM: Son of Lumiere 

An open quiz on Movies, for teams of 4.

QMs: Anustup Datta, Thejaswi Udupa, Varun Rajiv

Sunday, July 1st

930 AM: The G.S. Hiranyappa Memorial Quiz

An open quiz on History/Geography for teams of 4.

QMs: Ashwin Kumar, Nagaratna Patil, Rajagopal PS

230 PM: Sesame

The Open general quiz for teams of 4.

QMs: Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange, Santosh Swaminathan

The venue for all three days is the Institute of Agricultural Technologists (IAT) on Queens Road.

So book your tickets, make your plans, and just come off!

asKQAnce 2018

asKQAnce 2018, the annual KQA jamboree, the original Woodstock of quizzing, is scheduled for June 29th, June 30th, and July 1st.

Here’s what we have lined up.

June 29th, 2018, Friday.

Morning session: Mahamahaquizzer, a showdown between the Top 16 of Mahaquizzer 2017.

QMs: Movin Miranda, Sai Ganesh, Sreyashi Dastidar, Avinash Thirumalai

Afternoon/Evening session: MegaWhats (semi-finals and finals), for the qualifiers from MegaWhats, the team written quiz that will be held countrywide on May 13th, 2018

QMs: Mitesh Agarwal, Vivek Karthikeyan, Venkatesh S

June 30th, 2018, Saturday

930 am: The KQA Arts Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Lakshana Kripash, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen Kumar VR, Hrishikesh Varma

3pm: Son of Lumiere, the KQA Movies Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a (very short) written prelim followed by a (short) final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Anustup Datta, Varun Rajiv, Thejaswi Udupa

July 1st, 2018, Sunday

930am:  The GS Hiranyappa Memorial Quiz, the History & Geography Quiz for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Ashwin Kumar, Rajagopal PS, Nagaratna Patil

3pm: Sesame, asKQAnce’s flagship General Open Quiz, for teams of 4

There will be a written prelim followed by a final for the top 8 teams.

QMs: Arul Mani, Arun Hiregange, Santosh Swaminathan

Outstation teams, go ahead and book your tickets. We’d love to have you all back again this year.

asKQAnce 2017 Day 1 – Mahamahaquizzer Results

After a marathon session lasting five hours and over a hundred questions, these were the final standings of Mahamahaquizzer.

I – Samanth Subramanian – 320
II – Arul Mani – 275
III – Vikram Joshi – 265
IV – Thejaswi Udupa – 254
V – Vinoo Sanjay – 243
VI – Suraj Menon – 229
VII – Rahul Kottalgi – 228
VIII – Ravi Mundoli – 207

Congratulations to all!

Mahaquizzer 2016 – Results

Mahaquizzer 2016 was attempted by 264 participants from 13 cities across India.
Samanth Subramanian from Chennai emerged the Champion with a superlative score of 97 points. He will receive his trophy at asKQAnce 2017 – the 34th Anniversary Quiz Festival of the KQA.

Debashree from Delhi won the Ladies category with a score of 64 points; Jyotesh Singh from Delhi won the college category with a score of 50 points. Our congratulations to them.

The quiz was also attempted by participants in several countries and Pat Gibson from the United Kingdom recorded the highest score among all international participants, scoring 91 points.

The Karnataka Quiz Association thanks all the quiz associations and quizzing groups across the country, as well as all the venue partners, for helping organize Mahaquizzer 2016 successfully.

Indian and International scores are in the tables below:

Mahaquizzer 2016 Scores - India

RankNameScoreTotal *s**s*sCityCategoryPosition
1Samanth S971789ChennaiOpenMAHAQUIZZER
2Rahul Kottalgi801064MumbaiOpenMumbai Winner
3Shouvik Guha791587KolkataOpenKolkata Winner
4Aadisht781147DelhiOpenDelhi Winner
5Vinoo Sanjay771275MumbaiOpen
6Suraj Menon771046BangaloreOpenBangalore winner
7Arun Hiregange701468BangaloreOpen
8Thejaswi Udupa701358BangaloreOpen
9Ravi Mundoli701257ChennaiOpen
10Suresh Ramasubramanian691156ChennaiOpen
11Kunal Sawardekar67835PuneOpenPune Winner
12Debashree641266DelhiLadiesNational Ladies Winner
13Manu Sudhakar641055ChennaiOpen
14Keshava Guha611064GoaOpenGoa Winner
15Annie Sen Gupta601174GoaOpen
16Varun Rajiv60927BangaloreOpen
17Govind Grewal591156MumbaiOpen
18B Sreeram59963ChennaiOpen
19Aditya Gadre59853PuneOpen
20Kiran Vijayakumar59743ChennaiOpen
21Gopal Kidao581367ChennaiOpen
22Rajiv Rai58844MumbaiOpen
23Rajagopal PS57862BangaloreOpen
24Srinath Bashyam57716ChennaiOpen
25Navin Rajaram561156BangaloreOpen
26Chandrakant Nair561046ThrissurOpenThrissur Winner
27Sachin Deshpande551174MumbaiOpen
28Anirudh Chari551165KolkataOpen
30Vibhendu Tewari541055MumbaiOpen
31Nikhil Sonde51954MumbaiOpen
32Abhinav Dasgupta51642MumbaiOpen
33Jyotesh Singh501064DelhiCollegeNational College Winner
34Praveen V.R.501055BangaloreOpen
35Amrit PC50734DelhiOpen
36Venkatesh Srinivasan48844BangaloreOpen
37Rohit Suresh48761CoimbatoreOpenCoimbatore Winner
38Omkar D471064PuneOpen
39Anannya Deb47734MumbaiOpen
40K Shreyas47642MysoreCollegeMysore Winner
41Keerthi Raghavan46844BangaloreOpen
42Rajeev Gowda46835BangaloreOpen
43Samrat Sengupta46734MumbaiOpen
44Venkatraghavan S46642MumbaiOpen
45Rajiv D'Silva46624GoaOpen
46C Yogesh Pai46624CoimbatoreOpen
47Balakrishnan S45844MumbaiOpen
48Sudarshan M. A.45422BangaloreOpen
49Mario Fernandes44835ChennaiOpen
50Pranav R44633CoimbatoreCollegeCoimbatore College Winner
51Atul Mathew431174DelhiOpen
52Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar43532GoaCollegeGoa College Winner
53Aravind Vijayasarathy43523ChennaiOpen
54J Krishnamurthi43523HyderabadOpenHyderabad Winner
55Preetham Upadhya43514BangaloreCollegeBangalore College winner
56Suman Srivathsan43422DelhiOpen
57Gautam Ghosh42954CoimbatoreOpen
58Nandan Krishnaswamy42532MumbaiOpen
59JK Lakshmi42505HyderabadOpen
60Achyuth Sanjay41752BangaloreOpen
61Anand Sivashankar41431BangaloreOpen
62Rohit Rao41422ChennaiOpen
63Arul Mani40945BangaloreOpen
64Preyoshi Ganguly40734DelhiLadies
65Keshav Athreya40523BangaloreOpen
66Sandeep Shankar39835PuneOpen
67Julian D'Costa39624BangaloreCollege
68Apratim M39541DelhiOpen
69Prithwish Datta39532MumbaiOpen
70Siddhant Agarwal38945KolkataCollegeKolkata College Winner
71Ulka Kelkar38853BangaloreLadiesBangalore Ladies winner
72Vidyadhar Gadgil38743GoaOpen
73Pavan Bharadwaj38743MumbaiOpen
74Vinod Krishnan38514DelhiOpen
75Navin Sharma38413MumbaiOpen
76Mithilesh G37615DelhiOpen
77Ritvik Chattopadhyay36844BangaloreCollege
78Pravin Varma36752MumbaiOpen
79Siddhanth Rao36532ChennaiOpen
80Vijaya Sarathy36413ChennaiOpen
81Abhishek Veeraraghavan35633MysoreOpen
82Anurakshat Gupta35523PuneOpen
83Prasanth John Abraham35523KolkataOpen
84Kavin Aadithiyam C35523CoimbatoreCollege
85Abhishek P33954TezpurCollegeTezpur Winner
86Debashish B32752TezpurCollege
87Pranjal Gupta32743PuneCollegePune College Winner
88Sandeep Albert Mathias32651MumbaiCollegeMumbai College Winner
89Manjula S32615ThiruvananthapuramLadiesThiruvananthapuram Winner
90Siddharth Vijayakrishnan32523DelhiOpen
91Abdul Vahid PA31642ThrissurCollegeThrissur College Winner
92Siddarth K.31422BangaloreOpen
93Akul Gurtu31422DelhiCollege
94Balu John31422ThiruvananthapuramOpen
95Ajey Patil30633GoaOpen
96Sudip Kalyan Dey30523KolkataOpen
97Febin Thattil30211MumbaiCollege
98Sujith E29844ThrissurOpen
99Arun AS29642ThrissurOpen
100Tanmay Prusty29431BangaloreOpen
101Vivek Karthikeyan29211BangaloreOpen
103Snehashis Panda28532MumbaiCollege
104Prasanna K28431HyderabadOpen
105Ananya Bhaskar28312HyderabadLadiesHyd Ladies Winner
106Gokul S28312DelhiCollege
107Shantanu Sharma28000MohaliOpenMohali Winner
108Anjaneya Das27743DelhiOpen
109Sneha Vaidyanathan27523BangaloreLadies
110Rahul R.27312BangaloreOpen
111Rahul Kakodkar27312GoaOpen
112Jyothishraj Nambisan27220BangaloreCollege
113Ajai Ragde26963PuneOpen
114Anirudh Anilkumar26743PuneCollege
115Gigi George26413ThrissurOpen
116Sangeeth S Varma26413GoaCollege
117Abhay Vikram26211MumbaiCollege
118Tathagata Chatterjee25743DelhiOpen
119Paul B Gatward25312GoaOpen
120Pranjal Agarwal25220BangaloreOpen
121Arun R.25101BangaloreOpen
122Syed Shakeel Imdad24752PuneOpen
123Arnabh Sengupta24431PuneCollege
124Niyam B. Joshi24431BangaloreCollege
125Rahul Thangaraj24321CoimbatoreCollege
127Praneet Ruperts23532CoimbatoreOpen
128Sankar Roy23422KolkataOpen
129Midhun S23422ChennaiCollege
130Ram Narayan23330ChennaiOpen
131Krishnan Shetty23220HyderabadOpen
132Srisha Haridas22532BangaloreOpen
133Sushila Kamath22523BangaloreLadies
134Abhinav Dhar22431DelhiOpen
135Kishalay Banerjee22321KolkataCollege
136Lakshay Gautam22220DelhiCollege
137Devarshi Ghosh22211KolkataOpen
138Shibin Azad21422ThrissurOpen
140Dr Madhavan VP21312ThrissurOpen
141Aditi Mukund Prabhudesai21220PuneOpen
142Arun Ghosh21211ThrissurCollege
143Vishnu S Kumar21110ThrissurOpen
144CP Ramanuja Desikan21110ChennaiOpen
146Nitish Wagle21000GoaOpen
147Aditya Mallya21000MumbaiOpen
148Raghav Talwar20422DelhiCollege
149Pranav Pawar20211PuneOpen
150Pravin Sharma19211BangaloreOpen
152Harikrishnan MB18651ThrissurCollege
153Adit Vishnu PM18321ThrissurSchoolThrissur School Winner
154Devang Ghia18110MumbaiOpen
155Izhar Ansari17431KolkataOpen
156Satish Iyer17422KolkataOpen
157Abid Abdulla17321ChennaiOpen
158Kunal Roy17211KolkataCollege
159Sreeram Madhavan V17211ThrissurSchool
160Shiva S. Rai17110BangaloreOpen
161Asish Mittal17110MumbaiOpen
162Thejaswi Parameshwaran16413BangaloreLadies
163Raj Magesh Gauthaman16211BangaloreCollege
164Ronit Hazarika16211TezpurCollege
165Geo Thomas16211MumbaiOpen
166Jacob Henry16101KolkataOpen
167Mayank Mehra16000HyderabadOpen
168Shaayak Chatterjee15211PuneSchoolPune School Winner
169Anshul Chaudhary15110DelhiOpen
170Pratheek I.15101BangaloreCollege
171KV Sreeram15000ThrissurOpen
172Sreejesh P. S.15000BangaloreCollege
173Shubham Tiwari15000GoaCollege
174Sohail Nijas14532ThiruvananthapuramCollege
175Shyamgopal Karthik14330BangaloreCollege
176Pranav Joshi14321PuneSchool
177Akhil Siddharth14312BangaloreCollege
178Sri Ram B14312HyderabadCollege
179Sandesh Mohan14211ThrissurOpen
180Karthik P Nair14202ThiruvananthapuramCollege
181Pranav Iyer14110BangaloreCollege
183Raghav Kaushal14000DelhiCollege
184Abeeth S14000ThiruvananthapuramCollege
185Aravind Anil13211ThrissurOpen
186Krishnakumar Ramachandran13211ChennaiCollege
187Harsh Hegde13202GoaCollege
188Debajyoti Adhikari13101PuneOpen
189Rumaiza Fathima13000ChennaiCollege
190Bharat Agarwal13000BangaloreOpen
191Ashwin Kumar13000BangaloreCollege
192Biswajit Saha13000TezpurCollege
193Amey K13000GoaOpen
194Karthik Panigrahi13000DelhiCollege
195Vishesh Saran12321MumbaiOpen
196Nikhil Arora12211MumbaiCollege
197V. Chandrashekar12110BangaloreOpen
198Mudit Bhardwaj12110DelhiCollege
199Varun Rustagi12101DelhiCollege
200Achal S K12000MysoreCollege
201Pranav K11220HyderabadSchool
202Sreeram CH11211ThrissurCollege
203Anjali Sen Gupta11202GoaLadiesGoa Ladies Winner
204Omkar Yarguddi11110PuneOpen
205Dheeraj Tripathi11110DelhiOpen
206Aaditya Kannan11101BangaloreSchoolBangalore School winner
207Rama Subramanian11101HyderabadOpen
208Mustafe Abbas11000PuneOpen
209Annu Kaushik11000ChennaiCollege
210Nikhil B10211PuneCollege
211Harikrishnan NJ10110ThrissurSchool
212Rishabh Mehta10101PuneCollege
213Mukilan Ayyapparaj10101CoimbatoreOpen
214Nikhil Ramesh Murthy10000BangaloreCollege
215Kumar Shashwat9220DelhiCollege
216Anwesha Chattoraj9110DelhiCollege
217Aditya V T9000MohaliCollege
218Riyas Ahmed9000ChennaiCollege
219Sudev NM9000ChennaiCollege
220Rahul Bharadwaj9000BangaloreCollege
221Sreeram RS9000ThiruvananthapuramOpen
222Ashish K S8220DelhiCollege
223Ankur Agraj8220DelhiCollege
224Rishi Aneja8211DelhiCollege
225Naveen Yellamati8110HyderabadOpen
226Anandhu Krishna M8101ChennaiCollege
227Arun H. Garimella8101BangaloreCollege
228Vishal Anand Gupta8000PuneOpen
229Nithin K A8000ChennaiOpen
230Jayaprakash B. K.8000BangaloreOpen
231P. Sridhar Sashank8000BangaloreCollege
232Omkar Ashok Borate7110PuneCollege
234Naval Kishore Sharma7101DelhiSchool
235Govindarajan CV7000CoimbatoreOpen
236Adarsh Pavithran6211ThiruvananthapuramOpen
237Annop N Namboodiri6110ThrissurOpen
238Sekhar S6110ChennaiOpen
239Varun Gupta6000MysoreCollege
240Aditya Phadte5220GoaCollege
241Amrit Prakash5211DelhiCollege
242Pooja Sanghvi5211MumbaiLadiesMumbai Ladies Winner
243Vijay Krishnan G5110ChennaiOpen
245PS Balaji5000CoimbatoreCollege
246Varun R4110ChennaiOpen
247C Pranav4110CoimbatoreSchool
248John Louis4101ThrissurOpen
249Yakshita H3110ChennaiCollege
250Shashank G.3110BangaloreSchool
251Chaitanya Khurana3110DelhiCollege
252Puneet J3110CoimbatoreCollege
253Anoushka Kundu3000PuneLadies
254Bharath Krishna KA3000ThrissurSchool
255Adithya S Menon3000ThrissurCollege
257Jinesh Joshy2000ChennaiCollege
258Anuradha R. G.2000BangaloreLadies
259Vishnu S Kumar1110ThrissurCollege
260Vyshak K1000ThrissurCollege
261Harikiran C.1000BangaloreCollege
262Shubhangi Vandish1000CoimbatoreOpen
263K Bhageerathi1000CoimbatoreCollege

Mahaquizzer 2016 Scores - International

RankNameScoreTotal *s**s*sCentre
1Pat Gibson911899UK
2Chris Jones691376UK
3Krishnamurti G621156Dubai
4Nikhil Soneja58844Dubai
5Ujjwal Deb55743Netherlands
6Ian Fennell521266UK
7Aditya Sriram Sankaran 521174Paris
8Nisha Pillai521046Bay Area
9Raunaq Paul50954Paris
10Alok Mohan50835Dubai
11Nitish Khadiya49633Bay Area
12Marcel Visschers44954Netherlands
13Sriram Padmanabhan44853New York
14Prasann Potdar44642Dubai
15Christophe Spalony440Paris
16Krishnamurthy Viswanathan42743Bay Area
17Michael Dennis Biemans38413Netherlands
18Ian Welham37945UK
20Peter Sells36615Dubai
21Vincent Rousset33642Paris
22Kaushik Ramajayam30321Bay Area
23Sandeepan Chaudhuri29422Dubai
24Ranajeet Soman29303New York
25Frederic Faucheux28633Paris
26Niranjan Murali27431New York
27Kartik T27202New York
28Saee Joshi24853New York
29Shreyas Padmanabhan21000New York
30Vivek Joseph20532New York
31Vinyas Maddi18413Bay Area
32Shruti Murali18413Dubai
33Vishnu Pachuveetil16624New York
34PK Ramesh15422Dubai
35Rahul Bhaskar11220New York

Mahaquizzer 2016

Mahaquizzer 2016, the national solo written quiz contest open to all,  will be held at various locations across India on Sunday,  11 December 2016.

Mahaquizzer is a solo written quiz where participants attempt 150 questions in 90 minutes – this year’s edition is set by Anustup Datta, Alagarsamy AP, Lakshana Kripashankar, Movin Miranda and Hrishikesh Varma. The quiz will have a coordinated start at 10 AM sharp across all venues.

Local coords may charge an entry fee to recover venue and printing costs.  We will publish the All-India rankings in about a fortnight after the event.

Please register in advance. This allows organisers to budget for participants and make proper seating arrangements.

In Bangalore,  there are prizes for the top 10 finishers in the Open category, plus prizes for the top three in the Schools (from Std. VIII onward, inclusive of Std. XII), College (UG & PG) and Ladies categories.

You can view registrations received here.

For previous editions, go to

If you would like to enquire about the modalities of holding the contest in your city, please mail Hrishi Varma (

Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2016

Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2016 was held on 5th February 2016 in various centres.

Ramesh Athreya won the title in this edition, congratulations to him.

Top three positions (Open):
1. Ramesh Athreya – 75
2. Deepak Thomas – 72
3. Mohsin Mustafa – 60

Top three positions (Ladies):
1. Brighty Thomas – 28
2. Rohaina Aqueel Azizuddin – 27
3. Shilpa Nair & Sabiha Bilgrami – tied on 25

Top three positions (Schools – 8th standard & above):
1. Mohsin Mustafa (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 60
2. Rohan Saji John (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 57
3. Elrich Miranda (Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)) – 52

First Place – Students (Female): Rithika Cherukat (50)

Top three positions (Schools – up to 7th standard):
1. Rohita Mahesh (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 32
2. Jason Elijah Miranda (Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)) – 29

3. Jos Roy (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 24

Best Participating schools:
1. Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S) – 60 participants, 259 points by top five
2. Gulf Indian School – 18 participants, 148 points by top five
3. Indian Learners Own Academy (CBSE – I) – 10 participants, 116 points by top five

The youngest participant was Hatim Ali Jukker Wala who was a little more than ten years old.

The detailed results with top-30 ranks in various categories are given here.


Mahaquizzer 2015 Scores and Ranks

Mahaquizzer 2015 was attempted by 292 participants from 13 cities across India. Vinoo Sanjay from Mumbai defended his title and emerged the Champion with a score of 91 points. He will receive his trophy at asKQAnce 2016 – the 33rd Anniversary Quiz Festival of the KQA. Our congratulations to Vinoo on a superlative performance.

Jayashree Mohanka from Kolkata won the Ladies category with a score of 63 points; Siddarth Pai from Bangalore, representing the ICAI won the college category with a score of 51 points; Julian D’Costa from Goa won the school category with 41 points. Our congratulations to them.

The quiz was also attempted by participants in several countries and Kevin Ashman from the United Kingdom recorded the highest score among all international participants, scoring 89 points.

The Karnataka Quiz Association thanks all the quiz associations and quizzing groups across the country, as well as all the venue partners, for helping organize Mahaquizzer 2015 successfully.

Mahaquizzer 2016 will see three new faces join the setting team at KQA. Till then!

India Scores

RankNameScoreTotal *s***CityCategoryPosition
1Vinoo Sanjay911257MumbaiOpenMAHAQUIZZER 2015
2Samanth Subramanian831385ChennaiOpenChennai Winner
3Shouvik Guha821156KolkataOpenKolkata Winner
4Jayakanthan R771376ChennaiOpen
5Rahul Kottalgi731257MumbaiOpen
6Arul Mani691376BangaloreOpenBangalore Winner
7Ravi Mundoli691266ChennaiOpen
8Suraj Menon69716BangaloreOpen
9Varun Rajiv67835BangaloreOpen
10Keshava Guha651284BangaloreOpen
11Aditya Gadre65954MumbaiOpen
12Thejaswi Udupa65523BangaloreOpen
13Annie Sen Gupta64963GoaOpenGoa Winner
14Gopal Kidao64945ChennaiOpen
15Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka631055KolkataLadiesNATIONAL Ladies Winner
16Govind Grewal621257MumbaiOpen
17Sachin Deshpande62743MumbaiOpen
18Srinath TB62633ChennaiOpen
19Rajagopal PS611064BangaloreOpen
20Chandrakant Nair611046BangaloreOpen
21Kiran Vijayakumar60945ChennaiOpen
22J Krishnamurthi58835HyderabadOpenHyderabad Winner
23Amrit PC561147DelhiOpenDelhi Winner
24Anirudh Chari561064KolkataOpen
25Manu Sudhakar56954ChennaiOpen
26P Srikant551367ChennaiOpen
27Arun Hiregange551266BangaloreOpen
28Achyuth Sanjay551046BangaloreOpen
29Hari Parameswaran55835DelhiOpen
31Navin Jayakumar55413ChennaiOpen
32Ani (Lakshmi Josyula)54844HyderabadLadiesHyd Ladies Winner
33Nikhil Sonde54734MumbaiOpen
34Kunal Swardekar53624PuneOpenPune Winner
35Navin Rajaram52844BangaloreOpen
36Suresh Ramasubramanian51936ChennaiOpen
37Siddarth Pai51725BangaloreCollegeNATIONAL College winner
38EM Bhargava51633BangaloreOpen
39Praveen VR51532BangaloreOpen
40Kinshuk Biswas49633KolkataOpen
41Yogesh Pai49624CoimbatoreOpenCoimbatore Winner
42Aniket Khasgiwale49312MumbaiOpen
43Nilay Puntambekar48936MumbaiOpen
44Venkatraghavan S48624MumbaiOpen
45Abhinav Dasgupta47532GoaOpen
46Ajay Jaisinghani47514DelhiOpen
47Alagarsamy AP46844BangaloreOpen
48Anil Kothuri46615MumbaiOpen
49Hari Krishnan46514ThrissurOpenThrissur Winner
50Jayadev Bhaskaran46211BangaloreOpen
51Vibhendu Tewari45752MumbaiOpen
52Ashwin Kumar45523BangaloreOpen
53Gautam Ghosh44523KolkataOpen
54Rohit S44321CoimbatoreOpen
55Anannya Deb44312MumbaiOpen
56Prasanth John Abraham43835DelhiOpen
57Vidyadhar Gadgil43633GoaOpen
58Anand J43422BangaloreOpen
59Rashmi V42844BangaloreLadiesBLR Ladies Winner
60Srisha Haridas42752BangaloreOpen
61Mustafa42725HyderabadCollegeHyd College Winner
62Karthik S42523BangaloreOpen
63Vijay Sarathy42413ChennaiOpen
64Navin Sharma42404MumbaiOpen
66Julian D'Costa41835GoaSchoolNATIONAL School Winner
67Sandeep Shankar41734KolkataOpen
68Debarpan Ghosh41523HyderabadCollege
69Pradyoth C John40835DelhiOpen
70Prasanna K40725HyderabadOpen
71Rithwik K40523ChennaiCollegeChennai College Winner
72Arun AS39505ThrissurOpen
73Abhilash S38624BangaloreOpen
74Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar38303GoaCollegeGoa College Winner
75Arun Ramanathan37523BangaloreOpen
76Prithwish Datta37413MumbaiOpen
76Sandeep Albert Mathias37413MumbaiCollegeMumbai College Winner
78Maitrey Deshpande37404BangaloreOpen
79Samrat Sengupta37312MumbaiOpen
81Arnab Bhattacharya35752MumbaiOpen
82Siddhanth Rao35000ChennaiCollege
83Kunal Roy34514KolkataCollegeKolkata College Winner
84Ramanathan Vignesh34505ChennaiCollege
85Sudip Kalyan Dey34303KolkataOpen
86Karthik Suresh33422MumbaiOpen
87Vasudev Chakravarti33413ThrissurCollegeThrissur College Winner
88Omkar P D33404PuneCollegePune College Winner
89Mithilesh Gurujala33202HyderabadOpen
90S Ramesh32734BangaloreOpen
91Gokul S32413ThrissurCollege
91Swaroop Indira Ramaswamy32413ChennaiOpen
93Prajwal Agrawal32312DelhiOpen
94Bedbyas Datta32211KolkataCollege
95Chirag Mutge31606BangaloreOpen
96Balu John31514ThiruvananthapuramOpenTVM Winner
97Abhay S Kulkarni31312BangaloreOpen
97Jithin Jacob31312BangaloreOpen
99Niranjan Murali31303ChennaiOpen
100Gokul Panigrahi31212PuneOpen
100Geo Thomas31211MumbaiOpen
102Ritvik Chattopadhyay31202BangaloreCollege
102Sreshth Shah31202DelhiCollegeDelhi College Winner
104Anush V Iyer30413BangaloreOpen
105Rama Subramanian30312HyderabadCollege
105Nayan30312GuwahatiOpenGuwahati Winner
107Arjun S Kallapur30202HyderabadSchoolHyd School Winner
108Kavin Aadithyan C29404CoimbatoreCollegeCBE College Winner
109Varun Agarwal29312MumbaiOpen
110Snehashis Panda28211MumbaiCollege
110S Venkatasubramaniam28211ChennaiCollege
112Aditya Sridhar27413BangaloreOpen
113Rajarshi Roy27312BangaloreOpen
113Siddarth Krishnakumar27312ChennaiOpen
115Piyush Singh27211BangaloreOpen
115Sujith E27211ThrissurOpen
117Kapinjal Kishore Sharma27110GuwahatiOpen
118Manaswi "Snats" Gundi27101BangaloreOpen
118Abhay Vikram27101MumbaiCollege
120Nitish Wagle27000GoaOpen
120Ullas Pavithran27000GoaCollege
122Anuj Shetty26404MumbaiCollege
123Tauseef Warsi26000AhmedabadCollegeAhmedabad Winner + College Winner
124Deviprasad V25312ChennaiOpen
125Jinson Chacko25202BangaloreOpen
125Gigi George25202ThrissurOpen
127Jayant Verma25110DelhiCollege
128Priyanka Mukherjee24321KolkataOpen
129Vinod Hariharan24312BangaloreOpen
130Izhar Ansari24211KolkataOpen
131Dr Unnikrishnan Menon24202ThrissurOpen
133Haaris Mateen23312AhmedabadCollege
134Santosh Varma23220ThiruvananthapuramOpen
135Vidyacharan GV23211ChennaiCollege
135Abid Abdulla23211ChennaiCollege
137Aniruddha Mitra23110AhmedabadCollege
137Anurag Panicker23101ThrissurCollege
140Gokul S Nair22202ThiruvananthapuramOpen
140Syed Murtuza Hashmi22202HyderabadCollege
140Rishi Vanukuru22202MumbaiCollege
143Sankalp Awasthi22101PuneOpen
144Saswat P22000PuneOpen
144Ashok Danda22000PuneOpen
146Akshar Varma21312AhmedabadCollege
147Abijit Hariharan21110ChennaiCollege
148Rajat Subhra Banerjee21101KolkataOpen
149Neeraj Bhadra21000MumbaiOpen
149Paul Gatward21000GoaOpen
151Rahul Vemuru20211HyderabadCollege
151Paul Martin P20211ChennaiCollege
153Rahul Thangaraj20202CoimbatoreCollege
154Sankar Roy20110KolkataOpen
155Somashish Ghosh20101KolkataOpen
156Debajyoti Adhikari20000PuneOpen
156Tejas Srinivasan20000MumbaiCollege
159Aneesh Kallapur19202HyderabadCollege
159Sandesh Mohan19202ThrissurCollege
161Sri Ram Burgula19101BangaloreCollege
161Vivek Arte19101MumbaiCollege
161Abdul Vahid PA19101ThrissurCollege
161Meera K19101ThrissurLadiesThrissur Ladies Winner
165Krishna S19000ChennaiSchoolChennai School Winner
166Tushant Mittal18312HyderabadCollege
167Shashwata Pal18202BangaloreCollege
168Vyom Vyas18101AhmedabadCollege
169Kumar Shivam18000GuwahatiCollegeGuwahati College Winner
169Purushottam Gupta18000MumbaiCollege
169Dr Binu Raju George18000ThrissurOpen
169Krishnakumar Ramachandran18000ChennaiCollege
169Viola Rodrigues18000GoaLadiesGoa Ladies Winner
174Sreyashi Dastidar17101BangaloreOpen
174Abhijith B17101MumbaiOpen
176Saishyam Srikanth17000BangaloreSchoolBLR School Winner
177Arun Ghosh MS17000ThrissurCollege
178Shishira R Maiya16211BangaloreCollege
178Amlan Phukan16211GuwahatiCollege
178Balasubramanyam Pattath16211ThrissurCollege
178Govindarajan CV16211CoimbatoreOpen
182Maitreyi Gupta16202GoaLadies
183Abhra Das16110GuwahatiOpen
183S Riyas Ahmed16110ChennaiCollege
185Sowmya16101MumbaiLadiesMumbai Ladies Winner
186K Ramdas16000AhmedabadCollege
187Shrey Shylesh15202AhmedabadCollege
188Amod Sardesai15110AhmedabadCollege
189Mayank Agarwal15101PuneOpen
189Varun Rustagi15101DelhiCollege
191Dr Rajesh Panicker15000ThrissurOpen
191Aakhash Kumar15000CoimbatoreSchoolCBE School Winner
194KV Sreeram14211ThrissurOpen
195Vishnu Prashanth R14101CoimbatoreCollege
196Aaditya Kannan14000BangaloreSchool
196R Talukdar14000BangaloreOpen
196Satish Mudaliar14000BangaloreOpen
196Akshay Seal14000GuwahatiCollege
196Sandipan Goswami14000GuwahatiCollege
196Shajeev S Pillai14000AhmedabadCollege
196Umesh Kumar Dubey14000KolkataOpen
196Sunil Sardesai14000GoaOpen
204Amrit Visa13211AhmedabadOpen
205Harikrishnan MB13202ThrissurCollege
206Arpita N Shetty13110AhmedabadLadiesAhmedabad Ladies Winner
206A Sharan13110ChennaiCollege
206Mukilan A13110CoimbatoreOpen
209Lucky Kaul13101PuneCollege
210Srikant Nair13000AhmedabadCollege
210Anoop Joby Augustine13000ThrissurCollege
210S Ashwin Balaji13000ChennaiOpen
210Sahil H Ramchandani13000GoaCollege
214Samitra K12202BangaloreLadies
215Bhushan Patel12000AhmedabadOpen
215Rohan Shah12000AhmedabadCollege
217Swathi G11110BangaloreLadies
219Samyak Chaturvedi11000AhmedabadOpen
219Nishit Ganatra11000MumbaiOpen
219Harikrishnan NJ11000ThrissurSchoolThrissur School Winner
219Shreyas S11000ChennaiOpen
219DS Aravind11000ChennaiCollege
224Shyam K Pisharody10211ThrissurCollege
225Muhilan M10110CoimbatoreSchool
226Anuradha Kannan10101BangaloreLadies
226Shreya Rao10101BangaloreLadies
226Pratheek I10101BangaloreCollege
229Bedanga Kashyap Das10000GuwahatiCollege
229Akhilesh Balakrishnan10000ThrissurCollege
229Safal Ahmed10000ThrissurLadies
229K Aravind Srinivas10000ChennaiCollege
229Srinath Sundareshwaran10000CoimbatoreOpen
229Shivansh10000KolkataSchoolKolkata School Winner Jt.
229Utkarsh Sinha10000KolkataSchoolKolkata School Winner Jt.
236KS Diwakar9110CoimbatoreOpen
237Aswin Mohan9000ThrissurCollege
237Dr Resmi Menon9000ThrissurLadies
239G Keshav Chandra8110HyderabadCollege
240Abhijit Shinke8000PuneOpen
240Jashkaran Gadhvi8000AhmedabadOpen
240Parikshit Rao8000ChennaiSchool
243Antara Bhattacharya7101MumbaiSchoolMumbai School Winner
244Deepika Shami7000ThiruvananthapuramLadiesTVM Ladies Winner
244Pratyush Pran Sarma7000GuwahatiSchoolGuwahati School Winner
244Omkar Borate7000PuneCollege
244Tej Shah7000AhmedabadOpen
244Dr Akshaya Kumar Das7000MumbaiOpen
244Adithya S Menon7000ThrissurCollege
244Siddharth Prathap7000CoimbatoreSchool
244K Sathes Kumar7000CoimbatoreCollege
252Sharath R Maiya6000BangaloreSchool
252Adarsh Pavithran6000ThiruvananthapuramOpen
252Suchit Dange6000PuneOpen
252Sankara Subramanian S6000PuneCollege
252Karishma B6000AhmedabadOpen
252Shashank Rakesh6000AhmedabadOpen
252P Ajay6000ChennaiSchool
252Rahul Venkatesh6000CoimbatoreCollege
252S Pragadeeshwaran6000CoimbatoreOpen
252Venkatesan MT6000CoimbatoreOpen
252Joseph Francisco da Silva6000GoaOpen
263Aniruddha Mondal5000BangaloreSchool
263Siddhartha Vattem5000HyderabadOpen
263Kushal Shah5000AhmedabadOpen
263Oishani Ghosh5000MumbaiSchool
263Varun RS5000ChennaiSchool
263Sanjay Srinivasan5000CoimbatoreOpen
263Kavin A5000CoimbatoreCollege
270Sneha D Soni4000PuneOpen
270Jugal Thakkar4000AhmedabadOpen
270B R Manjunatha Swamy4000MumbaiOpen
270Ramshad S4000ThrissurCollege
270Vishnu R Nair4000ThrissurSchool
270N Hari4000CoimbatoreCollege
270G Uthresh4000CoimbatoreCollege
278Vishal Panjeta3000BangaloreCollege
278Shiva S Rai3000BangaloreOpen
278Sahit S Bangre3000BangaloreSchool
278Bibhuti Handique3000GuwahatiCollege
278Supriya Ghaytadak3000PuneLadiesPune Ladies Winner
278Gaurav Bagrecha3000AhmedabadCollege
278A Akshaj3000CoimbatoreSchool
285Vishnu S2000ThrissurCollege
285Anandhu Krishna M2000ThrissurCollege
285MS Rajaraman2000CoimbatoreSchool
285N Danwani2000CoimbatoreCollege
289Dibyajyoti Kalita1000GuwahatiOpen
289Dhrubajyoti Burman1000GuwahatiCollege
291Choradia Rahul Sampat0000BangaloreCollege
291S Ramkumar0000CoimbatoreCollege

International Scores

1Kevin Ashman89OpenUK
2Pat Gibson84OpenUK
3Mark Grant83OpenUK
4G Krishnamurti7564OpenDubai
5Andy Tucker70OpenUK
6Alok Mohan6665OpenDubai
7Siddhartha Shankar6441OpenSan Diego
8Iwan Thomas64OpenUK
9Nikhil S6343OpenDubai
10Chris Jones63OpenUK
11Sriram Padmanabhan5566OpenNew York
12Hari Kadappa5363OpenSan Diego
13Aditya Sriram Sankaran48OpenParis
15Siddharth Vij4641CollegeNew York
16Keerthi Raghavan4332OpenNew York
17Ranajeet Soman3451OpenNew York
18Advay Sriram3311SchoolNew York
19Prabhakar Bandaru3140OpenSan Diego
20Saee Joshi2911LadiesNew York
21Dushyant M285CollegeNew York
22Subal Sahni2700OpenSan Diego
23Sarada Anne2620CollegeNew York
24Venkhatesh Ravisekar26OpenParis
25Hariharan Sriram2311CollegeNew York
26Sarah Toporoff23OpenParis
27Raunaq P2111OpenDubai
28Deepika Vasudevan2000OpenNew York
29Vishnu Pachuveetil1500OpenNew York
30Mythreyi Ranganathan1400LadiesNew York
31Mathangi Ramesh1322OpenNew York
32Kim M1211OpenDubai
33Senthil Krishna10CollegeNew York

Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2015

Mahaquizzer Middle East – Kuwait 2015 was held on 30th January 2015 in various centres,
with more than 235 people taking the 100-question test.

Shakir Reshamwala won the title in this edition, congratulations to him.

Top three positions (Open):
1. Shakir Reshamwala – 66
2. Debanjan Bhattacharya – 64
3. Mohsin Mustafa and Rohan Saji John – tied on 62

Top three positions (Ladies):
1. Sudha Eleswarapu – 44
2. Lovely Sasidharan – 41
3. Sabiha Bilgrami – 37

Top three positions (Schools – 8th standard & above):
1. Mohsin Mustafa (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 62
2. R.Vijai Krishnan (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 57
3. Sanjay Samuel Mathew (Gulf Indian School) – 54

Top three positions (Schools – up to 7th standard):
1. Rohan Saji John (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 62
2. Aaron John Thomas (Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S)) – 42
3. Jason Elijah Miranda (Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco)) – 30

Best Participating schools:
1. Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian (Pvt) School (D P S) – 34 participants, 287 points by top five
2. Gulf Indian School – 37 participants, 176 points by top five
3. United Indian School – 10 participants, 155 points by top five

The youngest participant was Diya Desh who was a little more than ten years old.

The detailed results with top-30 ranks in various categories are given here.

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