With little under two months remaining for KQA’s 3-day quizzing extravaganza AsKQAnce, here’s the schedule in full detail!

Friday (28th June)

10 AM to 1 PM: Mahamahaquizzer The national final for the top 16 qualifiers from KQA’s inter-city written quiz, Mahaquizzer. Come watch the best minds duke it out etc etc.

QMs: Navin Rajaram, Sreyashi Dastidar, Sujata Sharma, Venkatraman Ravindra

2 PM onwards: MegaWhats National Final: The 16 qualifiers from cities across India converge for the national final of MegaWhats, the KQA’s inter-city team written quiz (duke, best minds etc.).

2 PM to 330 PM: Semifinal 1
345 PM to 515 PM: Semifinal 2
530 PM to 730 PM: Final

QMs: Krittika Adhikary, Manish Achuth, Rashmi Vallabhajosyula, Thejaswi Udupa

8-830ish PM: 4 Edge Pub Quiz A pub quiz in association with Bangalore pub quizzing royalty 4 Edge Quizzing! A fun pub quiz that’s open to all, venue and details TBD. Note: This quiz is still ironing out venue gremlins; exact time and location will be notified closer to the date.

QM: 4 Edge Quizzing

Saturday (29th June)

930 AM to 1 PM: Parts Unknown — the Travel and Living quiz. What is travel and living, you ask? A journey or destination or anything there is travel, anything that happens during a journey or at a destination is living.

QMs: Jaidev K, Jayaprakash, Nikhita Thomas

A prelims/finals open quiz for teams of up to four.

2 PM to 330 PM: As Seen on TV Quiz, a quiz on um, things seen on TV. So that’s not just TV shows but also live events, news, even the static. Anything that our QMs deem fit to tenuously connect to the topic at hand.

QMs: Mahendra Balu, Nagaratna Patil, Vivek Karthikeyan

A written open quiz for teams of up to two.

345 PM to 715 PM: Bizkashi – the Business Quiz Once again we attempt to bridge the gap between business quizzing and quizzing for pleasure with a quiz that will be accessible to all but flavoured by the world of business. That is, we’re disrupting business quizzes. Seeing as this is late-stage capitalism’s world and we merely live in it, a quiz on business is a quiz on life itself.

QMs: After a corporate boardroom coup that has resulted in exiling their co-QMs to Mumbai, Rohit Suresh and Venky Srinivasan take sole control

A prelims/finals open quiz for teams of up to four.

Sunday (30th June)

930 AM to 1 PM: The G.S. Hiranyappa Memorial quiz on topics near and dear to his quizzing heart: history, geography and the social sciences.

QMs: Debashree Mitra, Keshav Athreya, Maitrey Deshpande

A prelims/finals open quiz for teams of up to four.

2 PM to 7 PM: Sesame — the Open General Quiz Our flagship general quiz is back in a new avatar… that’s the same well-received avatar as last year.

Sesame will have a tiered format with a prelim, a play-in semi final, and a nine-team final incorporating the top 6 from the prelim and top 3 from the semi-final.

QMs: Abid Abdulla, Mollika Maiti, Preetham Upadhya, Sachin Deshpande, Sripradha S

A prelims/semi/finals open quiz for teams of up to four.

Venue: The Institute of Agricultural Technologists (IAT) on Queen’s Road https://goo.gl/maps/YndqYDAGH1giNi3U6

There will be prizes for all the finalists, and slightly better prizes for 1-2-3. Book coupons galore, so keep your suitcase empty if you fancy your chances.

Registration for each quiz is Rs. 200/team — only on-the-spot registrations, so just turn up on the day!

Hope to see you (yes, you) there, and please spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, Hood (is anyone on Hood?)… even send this along with a “GM 🙏🏼” to your quiz and non-quiz WhatsApp groups.

For further details, updates or any queries on AsKQAnce and other quizzes, follow us on Twitter and IG at @kqaquizzes or join our Quiz Announcement WhatsApp group using the link https://chat.whatsapp.com/EEsx1FuBmWCLqqwR408CWc