Quizzes on Sunday 6 December 2009

We will hold three quizzes on Sunday, 6th December 2009, at The Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

Ranking Junior College Quizzes

Team Quiz
Open to PUC/Std. XI and XII only
Teams of three members
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- per team
Unlimited entries per college
Max Rule: No more than two teams per college in the finals.

Solo Quiz
Open to PUC/Std. XI and XII only
Two contestants per college
Entry Fee: Rs. 25 per entrant.

QM: Arul Mani

Team Quiz Prelims: 1000hrs
Solo Quiz Prelims: 1030hrs
Team Quiz Finals: 1100hrs-1200hrs
Solo Quiz Finals: 12noon to 1245hrs.

Team Quiz: Rs. 3000/-, Rs. 2250/- and Rs. 1500 plus prizes for all finalists
Solo Quiz: Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500 plus prizes for all finalists

Chronosynchlastic Infundibulum
A written quiz on Speculative Fiction

50 questions
Teams of two members
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/-

Prizes: Rs. 1500, Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 750/-

QM: Thejaswi Udupa

1330hrs to 1500hrs

Those who’d like to know more about the quiz may send a mail with the subject-header WTF SF? to thejaswi.udupa @gmail.com

The Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz

Open to all
Teams of four members
Entry Fee: Rs. 50/-
Free entry for school teams ( VIII-X)

QMs: Gautam Shenoy, Siddharth Shanker, Jaidev Karunakaran and Anil Raghavan of Insert Cool Name Here

Registrations: 1500hrs
Prelims and Finals: 1530hrs-1830hrs

Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 800/-, Rs. 700/- and Rs. 600/- for other finalists.

We will also hold The Karan-Arjun Quizzes for Stds III and IV and the National Open Quizzing Championships: Mega-Whats 2009 at the same venue on 13th December 2009, the following Sunday, at the same venue.