Mega-Whats 2011–Acknowledgments

232 teams sat for Mega-Whats across 12 cities this year.

Our thanks go out to QFI-Chennai, K-Circle and HQC, Hyderabad, BCQC in Pune, BQC in Mumbai, Kutub Quizzers in New Delhi, SEQC in Goa, CQC in Coimbatore, and to the quizzing communities in Kolkata, Thrissur, Thiruvananthapuram and Mysore for organising venues and prizes.

Thanks to all our proctors for kindly volunteering to put their faces, and voices, to our questions (always a high-risk job) —Siby Kuriakose in Panaji, Prof. Vijayakumar in Thiruvananthapuram, Dr. Vijayanath in Thrissur, Rudradeep Bhattacharjee in Kolkata, Yaggy and Krishnan in Mumbai, Kaustuba Venugopal and Ram Narayan in New Delhi, Varun Shenoy in Mysore, Mr. Devarajan in Hyderabad, and  a special word of thanks to two people who stepped in at the last minute to proctor, thereby saving us much bother and embarrassment–Ms. Nithya in Coimbatore, and Gaurav Keskar in Pune.

This is perhaps the best place to acknowledge the hard work  put in by several KQA guys. Ashwan Lewis, who set up a trouble-free interface for registrations and took that headache off our shoulders, the team of  Navin Rajaram, Landmark Venky, Hrishi Varma and Ashwan who kept in touch with other cities, and Appu, DD and Mitesh for organising the Bangalore venue and dealing with registrations on the day.

The Mega-Whats Face-off will occur during the KQA Anniversary in June 2012 and will feature the winners from each of the 12 cities. The four other places in the semi-finals will go to the teams that achieved high scores and a place in the top 15 without actually winning a city.  These teams are Insignificant Others (78/Chennai), We Are Like This Wonly (75/Bangalore), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (70/New Delhi) and Mad O’ What (64/Mumbai). A limited ranking list is up at TOP 80 MW2011