XIX Vidyasagar Rajan Memorial College Quiz and Solus Rex – Results

The XIX Vidyasagar Rajan Memorial quiz for colleges was held on 14 October 2012. 14 teams took part in the prelims, which was set by Dr. Arul Mani, from which 8 teams qualified to the finals. The prelims had 30 questions to be answered in 20 minutes from a printed sheet. The cut-off was 10.5.

At the end of a closely fought final, this is how the teams finished:

1. BMS College of Engineering – 139.5
2. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology – 117
3. National Law School – 102.5
4. St. Joseph’s College – 87
5. PES Institute of Technology – 67
6. St. Joseph’s College (Viswesh and team) – 65
7. BMS College of Engineering – 20
8. East-West Institute of Technology – 17

The finals was researched and co-hosted by Venkatesh S and Varun Rajiv.
All finalists received prizes.

The 2012 edition of KQA’s Solus Rex quiz was conducted yesterday by Thejaswi Udupa in an all-new format! 37 participants took a 30-questions preliminary round, from which the top 15 qualified into three semis (cutoff was 10.5 and the highest 18) grouped in the boustrophedon format.

Each semis had 5 participants attempting a written round, a list-it and 20 questions. These 20 questions were also open to the other semi-finalists to “pounce” on.

At the end of the three semis, the top 6 finalists (top 2 from each semi-final) were identified and a short finals followed.

Standings at the end:
1. Arul Mani
2. Anustup Dutta
3. Varun Rajiv
4. Santosh Swaminathan
5. Rajagopal PS
6. Sandeep Mathias

The other nine semi-finalists in order of their scores were:
7. Praveen VR
8. Abhijit Bhattacharya
9. Venkatesh Srinivasan
10. Pradeep Ramarathnam
11. Rashmi Vallabhjosyula
12. Raouf
13. Navin Rajaram
14. Hrishikesh Varma
15. Sumer Kumar