Norwegian Open 2016

The  Norwegian Open Quiz will be held on Saturday 2 April 2016.
Time: 11am start.
Venue: H-302, Third Floor, Humanities Block, St. Joseph’s College, Langford Road, Bangalore.
The Norwegian Open Quiz is an annual solo quiz in written form, set by the venerable Tore Dahl, and is great fun, especially when you scratch your head for the most Polish-sounding name you can think of, come up with Zbigniew Cybulski, and find out 30 minutes later that this, indeed, is the answer.
The quiz will consist of 250 questions – all counting – divided into 10 categories, 5 categories in each half of the quiz.
This year’s edition will be proctored by Nagaratna Patil whose nickname Partikal should alert you the fact that she is always on time.
Start 11 am. Should be done by 1:30 pm, inclusive of corrections.
KQA will give out prizes, as usual, for top five scores, and prizes for best school, college and lady entrants.
There will be an entry fee of Rs. 100 per person to cover costs. Please register beforehand, as this allows us to make just the right number of photocopies. And to organise seating. Register at: