World Quizzing Championships on Saturday 4 June 2016

The 2016 edition of the World Quizzing Championships will be held in Bangalore on Saturday, 4 June 2016. The venue is the Command Hospital Auditorium, Bangalore. As this is part of an Air Force campus, it is advised that you carry some form of ID with you. Also note that the entrance to Command Hospital will be from Cambridge Road and not HAL Airport Road.

The event will commence at 3 pm, and requires the taker to attempt two packs of questions. Each pack contains four topics, and the taker is allowed an hour in which to attempt the questions–thus two hours for writing, and an extra hour for corrections and so on. The quiz is open to solo contestants, of all ages.

KQA will provide prizes for the top 5 finishers in the Open category,  and top 2 finishers in College, School (up to Std XII) and Ladies categories. In addition, each of the eight topic winners will get a book coupon. An entry fee will be collected at the venue to recover photocopying costs.

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