Quiz Night at the Courtyard on Wednesday, September 11

Join us for edition 9 of Quiz Night at The Courtyard (in association with the KQA) on September 11 (Wednesday) at 8 PM.

Set and conducted by Titash, the theme this month is Travel – Monday must be Madurai, Tuesday is for Belgium, but Wednesday? It must be Shantinagar. Pack your bags for a journey around the world in one quiz – some turbulence may be experienced, but it’s smooth sailing all the way!

A quiz for teams of two. The quiz is open to all

Venue: The Courtyard in Shantinagar. (Maps: https://g.page/thecourtyardcommunity?share)

Registration: ₹100/team.

A prior reservation is not mandatory, but it would be helpful for the folks at the Courtyard to know that you’re coming (if you’re sure that you are coming) – reserve your table by calling them at 73386 77996 Limited parking at the venue.

Note on parking: Very limited parking available at the venue, so ideal to park either near St. Joseph’s college or at the Shantinagar Bus Stand parking lot and walk up.

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