Lone Kid & Lone Cub 2019 – Results

The Karnataka Quiz Association held two solo quizzes for school students on the morning of Sunday, 20th October at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bengaluru. Both quizzes were set & hosted by Gautham Shenoy, Dr. Avinash Thirumalai, Nagaratna Patil and Sriprada Sadagopan.

About 50 enthusiastic students turned up on a Sunday morning to take part in the Lone Kid (for students of classes V – VII) and Lone Cub (for students of classes VIII – X) quizzes. Turnout was a bit lower than usual though, as these quizzes have been attracting almost twice that number for the last few years. It was also disappointing to see fewer than 10 girl quizzers on the day.

A written preliminary round was held as per the standard practice; the change made this year was that a 1/3rd of the prelims featuring audio-visual questions was made common to both sets of quizzers. The prelims were very competitive, with a couple of students missing out on qualifying by narrow margins – 1/2 a mark in some cases, or number of star questions answered in others. The top eight students from middle school (classes V – VII) qualified for the Lone Kid finals, and the top eight students from high school (classes VIII – X) qualified for the Lone Cub finals.



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The common prelims to Lone Kid/Cub in action.

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Suraj Pai of class VI from Aurobindo School was crowned the Lone Kid Champion 2019. He took an early lead in the finals and never let go. Not that there wasn’t stiff competition from the other finalists – just that it seemed to be one of those “so close, yet so far” occasions. A little bit of boldness, in taking a guess even when not fully sure of the answer, would definitely have helped. We had a sibling pair from NPS, Rajajinagar qualify for the Lone Kid finals – Ananthashreyas of class VII and Anaghashree Nair of class V. Anaghasree Nair took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Kid standings:

  1. Suraj Pai, Std. VI, Sri Aurobindo School: 140
  2. Deepak K. Nayak, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 110
  3. Ananthashreyas, Std. VII, NPS-Rajajinagar: 100
  4. Vedant S. Shinde, Std. VII, Presidency RT Nagar: 80
  5. Nikilesh GK, Std. VII, Deens Academy: 70
  6. Shamanth Shastry, Std. VII, Presidency North: 50
  7. Sukrit S,. Std. V, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 40
  8. Anaghashree Nair, Std. V, NPS-Rajajinagar: 30



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Kid quiz from last Sunday – tag yourselves (and any leads on the photographer everyone was actually looking at will be appreciated).

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The Lone Cub finals were a much more closely fought affair, with the lead continuously changing hands and the top three not clear even when the final round began. Dhyan Vyas of class X, NPS Indiranagar narrowly pipped Nidish P (class VIII, St. Paul’s School) and Kushagara Agarwal (class VIII, Presidency NLO) to be crowned the Lone Cub Champion 2019. Nidish and Kushagra ended up tied at the same score; after 5 rounds of tie-break questions, Nidish claimed 2nd place with Kushagra ending up 3rd. Anjana Karthik of class VIII, Sri Kumaran’s School took home the prize for best girl quizzer.

Lone Cub standings:

  1. Dhyan Vyas, Std. X, NPS-Indiranagar: 115
  2. Nidhish P., Std VIII, St. Paul’s: 110
  3. Kushagra Agarwal, Std. VIII, Presidency NLO: 110
  4. Abhineet R.K., Std. X, BGS-NPS: 85
  5. Anjana Karthik, Std. VIII, Sri Kumaran’s: 75
  6. Adithya Acharya, Std. IX, Christ Academy: 70
  7. Shushruth Aanikanti, Std. IX, Jain Heritage: 65
  8. Sagar A.K., Std. X, NPS-Yeshwantpur: 45



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Winners and finalists of the Lone Cub (classes 8-10) quiz conducted by the KQA on Sunday.

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We’ve posted the finals of both Lone Kid 2019 and Lone Cub 2019 quizzes here. Do have a look!

2019 Lone Kid – Finals from madgenius

2019 Lone Cub – Finals from madgenius