Open Quizzes on December 15th

The KQA will be conducting two open quizzes on December 15 (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. (map)


11:00 am: EXXCELLENT – 30 Years of the Simpsons, a written quiz by Santosh & Siddharth that celebrates three decades of The Simpsons, the longest running primetime TV show in the United States that’s considered by the setters to be the country’s greatest achievement since faking the Moon landings.

It is a written quiz for teams of up to two. Open to all.

2:30 pm: The G.S. Hiranyappa Memorial Open Quiz by Debashree, Krittika and Thejaswi – a quiz instituted in memory of KQA stalwart G.S. Hiranyappa who passed away in 2017. It is a quiz on topics close to his heart: history, geography and other social sciences.

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of up to four. Open to all.


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