MahaQuizzer scores – International

Every year, a few interested souls attempt MahaQuizzer across the world. Here are the results of the 2019 edition, which was held in England, UAE, Australia and the USA.

Pat Gibson tops the international takers of Mahaquizzer, yet again, with 96. Our congratulations to him. Ashwin Kumar, formerly of Puducherry, has topped France with 91. G Krishnamurti and Aniket Khasgiwale (both with 81) are next in our list.

Note: There are some minor changes in the India rankings

1Pat Gibson961174Dove, UK
2Ashwin91633Nice, France
3G Krishnamurti 81422Dubai, UAE
4Aniket Khasgiwale81000Sydney, Australia
5Chris Jones75734Dove, UK
6Prasann Potdar71303Abu Dhabi, UAE
7Caleb Liu67853Oxford, UK
8Ross Evans67000Sydney, Australia
9David Edwards63312Dove, UK
10Ian Fennell62312Dove, UK
11Sriram Padmanabhan62303New York City, USA
12Shafeek MK62000Dubai, UAE
13Keerthi Raghavan56202New York City, USA
14Alok Mohan 55110Dubai, UAE
15Aniruddha Joshi52000Sydney, Australia
16Ian Welham50321Dove, UK
17Haaris Mateen 49321New York City, USA
18K Murali 49110Dubai, UAE
19Sarada Anne47101New York City, USA
20Udatta D45000Sydney, Australia
21Dr R Krishnaprasad44202Abu Dhabi, UAE
22Ashwin CV39202New York City, USA
23Karthik BV36202New York City, USA
24Vishal Dalal33000Sydney, Australia
25Sibi Rajendran31000New York City, USA
26Dr Biju James21101Abu Dhabi, UAE