Go Ogle Prelims on 5 September 2020

The third contest in our Go Ogle Redux series will be held on two Saturdays in September.

Prelims on 5th at 8 pm, and Finals on 12th, also at 8 pm.

You need a team of 4 members, and a capacity for persistence in the face of many things.

If you missed it, you can try it and view answers here.

Our qualifiers, for the finals on Saturday:

Ashutosh and Ayushman: 7.5
Wrichik Basu: 15
Jayakanthan, Samanth, Gopal, Swami: 39
Atul Mathew, Somashish Ghosh, Prithwiraj Mukherjee: 10
Adit Vishnu, Nishit Pandya, Julian D’Costa, Sabyasachi Basu: 22
Shafeeq S, Ashwin Menon, Prasanth John Abraham, Jyothi Mohan: 14
Debashree: 16
Shashwat, Aniruddh: 10

On Discord: https://discord.gg/tRnJde