Go Ogle Redux Numbah 4

The Prelims for Go Ogle Redux will be posted at 8:30 pm today on three locations. Here, on our FB page and our server on Discord. No prior registration is required–even though the poster says so. That is only meant to  make you read the rules.

The quiz is open to teams of 4 members.
You will have to collaborate via WhatsApp or Discord messaging to answer the quiz, which will be on a Form (Google/MS)
The prelims are timed for 30 minutes, and will be held today (3 October 2020)
The answers will be given out immediately after the prelims on Discord.
The finals take place next Saturday.
Go Ogle is a fun quiz (for the setters) in that it attempts to frustrate those who Google. We don’t discourage you from Googling. The quiz might.

There are good prizes, but they will be given out only after the pandemic has blown over a little bit. Today’s Go Ogle is set by Avinash Gajju Thirumalai, Venkataraman Ravindra and Arul Mani.

PRELIMS will start working at 8:45: Click here