Go Ogle Redux November

If you missed the prelims, access them here:


The finals of Go Ogle Redux will be held at 8:30 pm, on Saturday 21 November 2020.  This will be a five round affair with one cryptic round and four never-before and never-again new rounds.

The finalists are:

1. Curry Troops – Nikhil Gupta, Adheesh Ghosh, Adil Jacob

2. Strangers in Discord; Abhishek, Sohail, Paul, Arnuv

3. DireWolves, Atul, Prithwiraj, Bedbyas, Somasish

4. Pramod, Allen, Sachin

. FTL:: Aditya, Andrew, Ghanashyam, Apaar

6. B2B: Anirudh S, Swetha G, Nidhi S

7. The Moops of Spain (Jayakanthan, Ashwin, Gopal, Swami)