Open Quizzes on Sunday, April 7

The KQA will be conducting three quizzes on 7th April (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. ( on Google Maps)

1030AM: The Bangalore and Karnataka Quiz – the quiz that got too big for one city and swallowed up the state as well: questions on and about the city, the state, the state of the city and the state… you get the idea.

It is a written quiz for teams of two or fewer. Open to all. Registration: ₹100/team.

1PM: The South Indian Cinema Quiz – if you prefer star power or Power Star, feel qualified or Kollyfied, Senthil would or Sandalwood… this is the quiz for you.

It is a written quiz for teams of two or fewer. Open to all. Registration: ₹100/team.

4PM: Solus Rex Finals – at long last, the finals to the year-long Solus Rex is here! After two rounds of elimination, come watch the last ten quizzers left standing battle it out for the win through rounds of general questions and two devious topical rounds on ‘Aviation’ and ‘Cocktails’.

KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

Open quizzes on Wednesday, March 13, and Sunday, March 17, 2019

Quiz Night at the Courtyard on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

QMs: Anuradha Santanam and Sreyashi Dastidar

Edition 3 of Quiz Night at The Courtyard (in association with the KQA) is here! Come to the Courtyard (in Shantinagar) at 8 PM on March 13 (Wednesday) for a quiz celebrating Women’s Day with startling and fun facts and trivia about women around the world. The quiz is set and conducted by Anuradha and Sreyashi with contributions from women quizzers across the country.

A general quiz for teams of two. The quiz is open to all

Registration: ₹100/team.

A prior reservation is not mandatory, but it would be helpful for the folks at the Courtyard to know that you’re coming – reserve your table by calling them at 73386 77996. Limited parking at the venue.

KQA Quizzes on Sunday, March 17, 2019 at Ujjivan

The KQA will be conducting two quizzes on 17th March (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. ( on Google Maps)

1030AM: Irish Stew by Quizician

Set by the venerable Team Quizician, it’s a general quiz on odds-and-ends, bits-and bobs, and other stuff-in-the-fridge. In other words, a quiz.

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer. Open to all.

4PM: The KQA Music Quiz, aka Toto Recall by Berty and Juno

The boys are back in town to host one of the most popular quizzes on the calendar. A quiz on music, enough said. Some exposure to memes may occur.

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer. Open to all.

KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

Results of quizzes held on March 3

Solus Rex Semifinals by Thejaswi Udupa and Arun Hiregange

Here are the top 10 who make it to the finals of Solus Rex

1. Ravi Mundoli – 275 points
2. Hrishikesh Varma – 256 points
3. Anustup Datta – 249 points
4. Sachin Deshpande – 248 points
5. Ashwin Kumar – 211 points
6. Santosh Swaminathan – 194 points
7. Rohit Suresh – 193 points
7. Pranav R – 193 points
9. Ajay Parasuraman – 191 points
10. Varun Rajiv – 190 points

KQA History Quiz by Urmila Lakshmanan and Rajat Gururaj

I – CIDs From Kerala (Ravi Mundoli, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma) – 339 points

II – Remembrance of Things Past (Debashree Mitra, Manu Sudhakar, Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan) – 272 points

III – KD (Rajat, Nishanth Raman, Rahul Jadhav) – 245 points

IV -SJC Quizzers (Arul, Nagaratna, Prithwiraj) – 196 points

V- Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair) – 157 points

VI – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA, Santosh J Swaminathan) – 148 points

VII – Cabal (Kishore Rajendra, Shishira+2) – 87 points

VIII – Gang of Four (Dr Krishnan, Sumeer Kumar +2) – 76 points

Pop Ki Kamai, the KQA Pop Culture Quiz by Sai Ganesh and Debasish Mishra

I – The Boney Kapoors (Anuradha, Vishnu, Sahil, Raju) – 115 points

II – MQ (Varun Rajiv, Santosh J Swaminathan, Mitesh Agarwal, YOTA) and We Put the Culture in Pop Culture (Ravi Mundoli, Priyambad Pattanayak, Venky Srinivasan, Manu Sudhakar) – 110 points

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Death & Taxes (Asawari Ghatage, Abhishek Ahluwalia, Ajay Parasuraman, Aparna Suresh)

CIDs From Kerala (Jinson Chacko, Chandrakant Nair, Praveen VR, Hrishi Varma)

SJC Quizzers (Nagaratna Patil, Prithwiraj Mukherjee, Arul Mani)

Peter Panchali (Sachin Deshpande, Siddarth Pai, Debanjan Bose, Hari Nair)

Mayank Mujumdhar, Mukunth Raghavan, Aditya Morarka, Saurabh S

Dramedy of the Commons (Arun Ramanathan, JP, Rajat Gururaj, Satish)

Sumeer, Avantika, Kunal

Results of KQA Sports Day and quizzes held on Feb 17

Here are the results of the quizzes held as part of KQA’s Sports Day on Feb 3, 2019

Well, Of Course – the KQA Cricket Quiz by Manish, Sohan and Sreeram

I – Ramkey, Anil, Vijay TSR, Sankhya
II – Venky, Alagarsamy, Lahar, Keshava Guha
III – Sreshth Shah, Hemant Brar, Karthik Krishnaswamy, Shayama Das Gupta

Other finalists, in no particular order:

Sachin Deshpande, Kaushik Guha, Atul Mathew, Debanjan
Ramesh Natarajan, Gaurav Sundararaman, Varun Mithra +1
Titash, Madhu, Ramesh Soundarajan, Sumantara
Rohit Suresh, Konga + 2

My Left Foot – the KQA Football Quiz by Captain, Hrishi

I – Rohit Suresh, Sachin Deshpande (44, 19*)
II – Aaditya, Siddharth (34, 13*)
III – Anannya Deb, Aditya Gadre (34, 10*)
IV – Alagarsamy AP, Keshava Guha (33, 12*)
V – Vijay TSR, Sankhya (33, 9*)
VI – Anil, Ramkey (32,9*)
VII – Raghuram, Sourav (31, 11*)
VIII – Pranjal, Prasanth (31, 12*)

The KQA Sports Quiz

I – Venky, Alagarsamy, Yaggy, Keshava Guha
II – Ramkey, Anil, Sankhya, Vijay TSR
III – Anannya Deb, Ingit, Aditya Gadre, Pradeep Ramarathnam

Here are the results of the Open quizzes held on Feb 17, 2019

February Open Quiz by The Sreedevis (Preyoshi, Sreyashi, Debashri)

I – Santosh J Swaminathan, Venkataraman R +2  (295 points)
II – Hrishikesh Varma, Nikhil Nayak, Vishnu, Ramachandran S (270 points)
III – Sachin Deshpande, Amit Pandya, Tanmay Prusty, Utkarsh, Nav (230 points)

KQA SciTech Quiz by Rajagopal PS, Venky Srinivasan, Arun Ramanathan

I – Ajay Parasuraman, Mukunth Raghavan, Rishi Rajasekharan, Julian D’Costa (177 points)
II – Santosh J Swaminathan, Praveen VR, Ashwin Kumar, Hrishikesh Varma (171 points)
III – Preetham Upadhya, Thejaswi Udupa, Anustup Datta, Ochintya Sharma  (164 points)

Open Quizzes on Sunday, March 3, 2019

The KQA will be conducting three quizzes – two of them open to all – on 3rd March (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. ( on Google maps)

930AM: Solus Rex Semi-Finals by Thejaswi Udupa and Arun Hiregange.

After putting the general public through their paces back in November 2018, the top 16 masochists qualifiers are in the crosshairs of the QMs with rounds of both general quizzing and specialist topics to determine the finalists. It’ll be a hoot to watch!

Quiz for pre-determined qualifiers – audience welcome.

1230PM: The KQA History Quiz by Urmila Lakshmanan and Rajat Gururaj

We will leave ‘what is history?’ to historians like E.H. Carr, but the issue of ‘what is history quiz?’ can be more readily answered by our QMs. A history quiz for and about all ages.

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer. Open to all.

3.30 PM: Pop Ki Kamai by Sai Ganesh 

The 9th edition of the pop culture quiz by Sai ‘city’s finest QM’ Ganesh is here! The annual quiz on movies, music, comics, TV, theatre, internet, and an ominous ‘…other forms of pop culture.’

The format may have a few complications that are Sai ‘well-received’ Ganesh’s stock-in-trade, but it is basically a direct finals quiz for teams of four or fewer. Open to all.

KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

Open Quizzes on Sunday, February 17, 2019

The KQA will be conducting two quizzes on 17th February (Sunday) at the Ujjivan head office in Koramangala. (Grape Garden address on Google maps)

11 AM: The February Open (Ruckus) Quiz by the Sreedevis (Sreyashi, Preyoshi and Debashree) – after the great success of the first such quiz in December, the second ruckus quiz of the KQA calendar has arrived!

What is a ruckus, you ask? No more #foreveralone. Farewell to feeling in-team-idated because you can never find teammates. Everyone present gets randomised into teams on the spot. It’s that simple. Just bring yourself (and a pen). No prelims either. Isn’t that just the best?

It is a finals-only quiz with teams to be formed on the spot. Open to all.

3PM: The KQA Science and Technology Quiz by Venkatesh, Rajagopal and some Schrodinger’s QMs who may or may not be contributors. As the name suggests, it’s a quiz tinged with science and technology (beyond using the magic of Powerpoint and projectors to run it).

“It’s great fun.” – Werner Heisenblurb.

It is a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer. Open to all.

KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

KQA Sports Day on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Come to the IAT on Queen’s Road on February 3 (Sunday) for a day of sports quizzing on shores made of jerseys, where you’re allowed 4-4-2 members per team, the quizzers see yellow before seeing red, and the answer sheets are made of sandpaper. (Venue on maps:

10AM: Well of Course, the 9th edition of KQA’s cricket quiz, conducted by Manish Achuth, Sohan Maheshwar and Wisden Sreeram.

It’s a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer.

2PM: My Left Foot, the KQA Football Quiz by Manchester United fans Chandrakant Nair and Hrishi Varma

It’s a written quiz for teams of two or fewer.

4PM: The KQA Sports Quiz by Anuradha Santanam, Rajagopal PS and Sachin Deshpande aka (not that) Sachin/(but neither that) Talent.

It’s a prelims/finals quiz for teams of four or fewer.

KQA yearbooks will be available at the venue.

You can also get the latest updates on the KQA by following us at or

If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of the KQA Quiz Announcements WhatsApp group, please have them send a WhatsApp message to +91 9902444486

AsiaSweep 2018–Results and Rankings

A total of 116 teams from 18 cities, in India and abroad, wrote AsiaSweep in December 2018. We had several teams bunched together within a few points of each other. After some back and forth, we are glad to announce that we have a new winner this year:

Shouvik Guha and Subhendu Roy of Kolkata win AsiaSweep with  77 points out of a possible 127.

Navin Rajaram and Ashwin from Bangalore take the second spot with 75.

We have a tie on the third spot between the Bangalore team comprising Thejaswi Udupa and Anustup Datta, and the Kolkata team featuring Anirudh Chari and Abhijit Banerjee. Both teams scored 74. One point behind them, on 73, we have Arun Hiregange and Hrishikesh Varma tied with Landmark Venky and Anannya Deb. It’s ties all the way down after that, starting with some fancy but unfancied Chennai teams

Props to the several solo participants who took the quiz: Santosh Swaminathan, Devangshu Datta, a schoolkid in Bangalore named Dhyan who made 16 all by himself, and several more. Very nice to see two all-women teams, and to see one of them  an all-women team win a city title. A school team from Bangalore, Daksh and Ananya, made 23.

We missed having Mumbai this year, and despite our best efforts have not been able to get several other cities such as Madurai, Raipur, and Shillong on board. Please spread the word, and help us get more cities across India to participate. Till next year!

The rankings:

RankingCityTeam Member 1Team Member 2Score (Points)    
Round 1 Round 2 (Out of 35)Round 3 Round 4 Total (Out of 88)
1KolkataShouvik GuhaSubhendu Roy252082477
2BangaloreNavin RajaramAshwin252082275
3BangaloreAnustup DattaThejaswi Udupa2423101874
3KolkataAnirudh ChariAbhijit Banerjee2216102574
5BangaloreAnannya DebVenky192182573
5BangaloreArun HiregangeHrishikesh Varma201882773
7ChennaiRavi MundoliSamanth S202062672
7ChennaiAlagarsamyG Krishamurthi1921102272
7BangaloreChandrakant NairPraveen VR1919102472
10BangaloreRajagopalAvinash Thirumalai2221101871
11KolkataJayashree J MohankaKinshuk Biswas2219101970
13Kuala LumpurNicholas PangJude Day2016102268
14Kuala LumpurMovin MirandaMinhow Chong1921101767
15Abu DhabiRhovee VistanR. Krishnaprasad171482362
16SingaporeRavi AvvaPradeep Ramanathan171681960
16Dona PaulaAnnie SenguptaRajiv D'Silva151981860
18ChennaiKasthuri SP Srikant171941959
19TrivandrumManu SudhakarSangeeth Varma142081557
19New DelhiKartikayAurko171262257
21BangaloreNishanth RamanMaithrey Deshpande121881755
22New DelhiShreySomashish191281554
22BangaloreSumeerRiccu Varghese181481454
24BangaloreAnush IyerArun Prasad161581453
25HyderabadRiaz ShaikhRazia Shaikh141841551
25BangaloreKrittika AdhikaryArjun Bharadwaj181741251
27ThrissurAnil RaghavanArun AS121481650
27KolkataGautam GhoshAuritro Chowdhury161541550
29BangaloreBhargavGaurav Radhakrishnan17851049
30TrivandrumBalu JohnAjith Prabhakar912101748
30ChennaiC V AshwinR Sibi181261248
32Dona PaulaDoc SekharVidyadhar Gadgil1015101247
33SingaporeRama KrishnanPranav Venkat15961545
33New York CityRaghuvansh RKartik T191241045
36Dona PaulaAshwin KrishnanNitish wagle151361044
37HyderabadBalajiKrishan Shetty14781443
37BangaloreSantosh Swaminathan141081143
41KharagpurAbhimanyu BharadeShubham13961440
42Dona PaulaAmey PatelLucy Kaul11981038
42HyderabadNikhil IndlaSomak Ray101261038
44HyderabadFrancisSai Sundar16821137
44MohaliAdeetya TantiaDevwrat Dube1398737
44AhmedabadAbhinav DharVyom Vyas10961237
47CoimbatoreSVG Krish CR Naveen1956636
47Bhubaneswar Saransh MohapatraAlankar Devta13114836
47Bhubaneswar Baibaswata JenaAdarsh Kumar Mohapatra8881236
47HyderabadAabhaas DasguptaSri Hari Raju11841336
51New DelhiSreekanthSumantra13102934
52JamshedpurUjjwal GuptaVed Vineet6981033
53Indore Aditya GuliaAkshaj Raman1454932
55New York CityAvinash BSai Mali1542930
55ThrissurDr. Madhavan VPSreeram Madhavan1174830
58Dona PaulaRoshan DattahiEeshan Ghaisas1146829
58KolkataDevangshu Datta9101929
60AhmedabadPrabodh Katti-4841228
61HyderabadShriya AtmakuriVij Vasu992727
61New DelhiAchintyaVarun882927
63HyderabadRaad ShaikhHafsa Shaikh6142426
63New DelhiAkshayPartha1282426
65New DelhiSahilHarshit962825
65JamshedpurAshwin KumarApoorv Kumar772925
67SingaporeShree Patwardhan973524
67HyderabadSyed Shakeel ImdadAjit Singh Yadav682824
67ThrissurAravind AnilRohit Satish Nair6521124
67Indore Kaivalya KarkarePaaras Bhardawaj1054524
67JamshedpurMohit BhattTanuj Kukreti684624
67AhmedabadAnuradha DharwadkarIpshita Paul1452324
73SingaporeAnjan RainaPraneeth Tammiraju1243423
73TrivandrumAlbin BinoyMadhavan Mohan980623
73HyderabadAnuj BothraDinesh P1052623
73BangaloreDaksh (School)Ananya464923
73BangaloreThejaswi ParameshwaranSukanya P1332523
78Dona PaulaMayur ShettViola Rodrigues474722
78New DelhiEshaanRajiv864422
81Dona PaulaPaulArvind1060521
83Dona PaulaRithvik D'SouzaAshwin Narayanan842620
83AhmedabadShashank TyagiNishit Pandya662620
85New DelhiNishantVibha1030619
85Indore Ashwin MathurAatmik Jain940619
85Bhubaneswar Abhishek RathVedant Giri720918
85ChennaiMadhu SrinivasSrikara Prasad652518
85Indore Gaurav Pai742518
85AhmedabadSriram Ratan630918
91CoimbatoreVishnu Sanjay472417
91HyderabadDhanushSomi Reddy264517
94Bhubaneswar Toyad PatnaikPrateek Mishra632516
94KharagpurSangeeta RoyAnnwesha Bhattacharya750616
94JamshedpurRitu RaiRohit Mishra532616
94BangaloreDhyan (School)432716
94AhmedabadShreshth M Senthil Kadir442616
94MohaliTanmay Roy-810514
94Indore Nisham SinghArya Baranwal242614
94Indore Amar MishraDarpan Choudhary432514
94JamshedpurParminder SinghDehit Garaga070714
94BangaloreKaif (School)Krishnan540514
104CoimbatoreSharat ChandarRoshan Krishna R252312
104Indore Udit BhatSunny Soni640212
104JamshedpurPranav Kumar SinghSithanshu Kumar041712
108JamshedpurVaibhav JhaAmitesh Jha130711
108BangaloreDeepak (School)Vedant432211
110MohaliPrateek PranjalRitoban Datta421310
111MohaliAkash DeepAnshu05128
111JamshedpurSaransh SuryaUtkarsh Gupta02158
113BangaloreShashank ( School)Arun Karthik22037
114MohaliAditya )School Team)Prithvi10236
115Indore Aditya Agarwal03014
116Indore Palash BhatGavish Soni00011


MahaQuizzer 2018 International Scores & Rankings

As always, a bunch of enthusiastic quizzers across the world attempted MahaQuizzer. Pat Gibson, multiple time WQC winner tops yet again.

We thank the takers and the proctors for putting themselves through MahaQuizzer yet again.

Rank Name ScoreLocation CategoryComments
1Pat Gibson79LondonOpen
2Chris Jones64LondonOpen
3Pradeep58SingaporeOpen2*, 2**
4Lipsa Nag58ParisOpen2*, 2**
5Vincent Rousset55ParisOpen
6Iwan Thomas44LondonOpen
7Ian Fennel42LondonOpen
8Raghuvansh Ramaswamy40New YorkOpen
9Shree39SingaporeOpen1*, 2**
10Gordon Taylor39LondonOpen1*, 1**
11Svyatoslav Malenkyy38Vinnytsia (Ukraine)Open
12Krishna Prasad36Abu DhabiOpen
13Nicholas Pang35Kuala LumpurOpen
14Pravin Varma33SydneyOpen
15Kartik T28New YorkOpen
17Sai Mali21New YorkOpen
18Biju James18Abu DhabiOpen
21Minhow Chong15Kuala LumpurOpen
22Haaris Mateen15New YorkCollege1*
23Santosh Prasad14ParisOpen1**
26Avinash B9New YorkOpen
27Tejaswini Pedapati2New YorkOpen

MahaQuizzer 2018 – Results & Rankings

MahaQuizzer 2018 was attempted by 274 people in 18 cities across India.

We have a new winner this year – Thejaswi Udupa becomes the tenth person to hold the title of MahaQuizzer, and the first national winner from Bangalore since 2013. Our congratulations to him.

The Wing Commander GR Mulky for Quizzing Excellence will be presented to him at Askqance 2019 – the 36th Anniversary quizfest of the KQA.

We also have two new entrants in the Top 10, with Krittika Adhikary (Rank #3) winning the Ladies Category after writing from Bangalore. Bangalore’s very own Boy Wonder, Preetham Upadhya topped the College category with an outstanding 71 and finished at 4th spot in the national rankings. Three of the top 10 this year are former winners of MahaQuizzer.

The national school category topper is Antara Bhattacharya (#129) with a score of 20, from Mumbai.

The Top 16 places will also qualify for Mahamahaquizzer, which will be held at Askqance 2019.

The Karnataka Quiz Association thanks all the quiz associations and quizzing groups across the country, as well as all the venue partners, for helping organize MahaQuizzer 2018.

Rank Name ScoreTotal Stars2*1*Location
1Thejaswi Udupa74844Bangalore
3Krittika Adhikary711156Bangalore
4Preetham Upadhya71826Bangalore
5Rahul Kottalgi69954Mumbai
6Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka69624Kolkata
7Debashree Mitra661156Bangalore
8Santosh Swaminathan66541Bangalore
9Rajiv Rai65716Mumbai
10Arul Mani641165Bangalore
11Sachin Deshpande63844Bangalore
12Souvik Guha621257Kolkata
13Ashwin Kumar62734Bangalore
14Kaustubh C62633Delhi
15Kunal Sawardekar61624Pune
16Hrishikesh Varma59312Bangalore
17Anustup Datta58743Bangalore
18Suresh Ramasubramian58624Bangalore
19Ravi Mundoli58312Chennai
20Chandrakant Nair58312Bangalore
21Alok Prasanna Kumar 57725Bangalore
22Annie Sengupta57633Goa
23Samanth S57532Chennai
24Amrit Pritom Chetia56844Delhi
25Aniruddh Chari56844
26Jyotesh Singh56716Delhi
27Dinesh Krithivasan55734
28Kiran Vijayakumar53532Chennai
29Varun Rajiv53523Chennai
31Praveen VR52422Bangalore
32Manu Sudhakar50734Thiruvananthapuram
33G Krishnamurti50532Chennai
34P Srikant50523Chennai
35Govind Grewal49642Mumbai
36Nikhil Sonde48532Mumbai
37Prithwish Datta48523Mumbai
38Aniket Khasgiwale47633Hyderabad
39Arun Hiregange47422Bangalore
40Abhishek Kapoor 46633Mumbai
42Venky Srinivasan46303Bangalore
43Parthasarathi G45853Serampore
44Gopal Kidao45431Chennai
45Sangeeth S Varma45413Thiruvananthapuram
46Anannya Deb44642Bangalore
48Aditya gadre44422Mumbai
49Sandeep Shankar44301Pune
50Vibhendu Tewari43734Mumbai
51Keshav Athreya 43321Bangalore
52Avinash TN42422Bangalore
53Ani 42220Hyderabad
54Bala 40624Mumbai
55Navin Rajaram40422Bangalore
56Abhinav Dasgupta40321Mumbai
57Samanway Banerjee40211Serampore
58Rithwik K39312Bangalore
59Samrat 38523
60Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar37404Mumbai
61Rajiv D'Silva37321Goa
62Nikhil Indla36624Hyderabad
63Navin Sharma36514Mumbai
64Kavin Aadhityan36202Coimbatore
65Mustafa 35532Hyderabad
66Vinod Krishnan34633Delhi
67Aurko Sen 34624Delhi
68Anshul Nasery34514Mumbai
69Pronami Tamuli33523Delhi
70Sourjo Sengupta33523Serampore
71Atul Mathew33211Delhi
72Vidyadhar Gadgil33101Goa
74Shafeeq S32532Bangalore
75Anil Kothuri32422Mumbai
76Prashanth John Abraham32303Delhi
77Riccu Varghese32211Bangalore
78Abhimanyu Bharade31514Kharagpur
79Arnab Bhattacharya31431Mumbai
80Arun Ramanathan31312Bangalore
81Apratim Mukhopadhyay30523Serampore
82Piyush Kedi30523Serampore
83Sreekanth Reddy P30413Delhi
84Maitrey Deshpande30413Bangalore
85Arun A S30202Thrissur
86Kinshuk Biswas30110Kolkata
87Dinabandhu Patra29532Mumbai
88Vijay Sarathy29422Chennai
89Gautam Ghosh29312Kolkata
90Ajith Prabhakar29202Thiruvananthapuram
91Omkar Dhakephalkar29101Pune
92Kumar Shobit29101Jamshedpur
95D Ghish28211Kolkata
96Vijay Sampath28101Mumbai
97Pranav P28101Pune
98Abhay Kulkarni27422Pune
99Riaz Shaikh27413Hyderabad
100Prasanna Karmarkar27330Hyderabad
101Achintya Sharma27211Delhi
103Gokul S Nair27211Chennai
104Chandrashekhar Rao26523Goa
105Snehashis Panda26422Ahmedabad
106Gopal Panigrahi26303Pune
107Kasthuri Shankar26202Chennai
108Balu John26202Thiruvananthapuram
109Baibhab Patnaik26101Kharagpur
110Ajey Patil26000Goa
111Bryan Robert25422Bangalore
112Rumaiza Fathima24312Thiruvananthapuram
113Tauseef Warsi24101Mumbai
114Abhijit Singh23431Tezpur
115Krishnan Shetty23211Hyderabad
116Abhinav Dhar23101Ahmedabad
117Somak Ray23101Hyderabad
118Adeetya Tantia23000Mohali
119Arjun Bharadwaj23000Bangalore
120Harikrishna M B 23000Thrissur
121Vishal Sudan22211Pune
122Bedbyas Datta22211Kolkata
123Rohit Sathish Nair22211Thrissur
124Manjula S21404Thiruvananthapuram
125Nishit Pandya21312Ahmedabad
126Deviprasad V21211Chennai
127Ashwin CV 21101
128Razia Sheikh21000Hyderabad
129Rajat Gururaj20413Bangalore
130Antara Bhattacharya20321Mumbai
131Syed Shakeel Inidad20321Hyderabad
132Eeshan Ghaisas20312Goa
133Roshan Dattatri20211Goa
134G Pranav Hari20110Chennai
135Dr. Unnikrishnan20101Thrissur
136Vinod Rajamani20000Mumbai
137Debashish Basistha19321Tezpur
138K N Chakraborty19312Ahmedabad
139Tathaghata Chatterjee19211Kolkata
140Ved Vineet19211Jamshedpur
141Praneet Ruperts18321Coimbatore
142Raad Sheikh18312Hyderabad
143Millen Kanabar18211Mumbai
144Izhar Ansari18211Kolkata
145Mayur Shett18202Goa
146CR Naveen18110Coimbatore
147Minakhi Prasad Misra18110Mumbai
148Kartikay Chadha 18000Delhi
149Rama Subramanian 17202Hyderabad
150Srihari Raju 17101Hyderabad
151Paras Bharadwaj17000Indore
152Kishore R16312Bangalore
153Tanuj Kumar Kukreti16211Jamshedpur
154Aditya Sanket16211Jamshedpur
155Viola Rodrigues16202Goa
156Ajay Kumar KS16110Bangalore
157Bharg Mankodi16101Ahmedabad
158Sreejesh P S 16000Bangalore
160Nikhil Arora16000Delhi
161Kaivalya Karkare16000Indore
163Aabhas Dasgupta15101Hyderabad
164Aswin Anilkumar15101Thrissur
166Apoorv Kumar14312Jamshedpur
167Subhadeep Sarkar14211Serampore
168Suryadipta Biswas14000Pune
169Ajeet Singh Yadav 13321Hyderabad
170K V Sreeram13202Thiruvananthapuram
171Manas Deep 13110Pune
172Sourasis Bose13101Serampore
173Sankalp Kurli 13101Jamshedpur
174Ritwik Ghosh 13101Jamshedpur
175Thejaswi Parameshwaran 13101Bangalore
176Daattarya Aggarwal 13000Delhi
177Aravind Anil13000Thrissur
178Rajarshi Roy13000
179Rakesh T P 12202Thrissur
180Ghosh Dastidar (?)12110Kolkata
181Mayank Mehra12101Hyderabad
182Paul Atward(?)12000Goa
183Crishna 12000
184Sahil H R 12000Goa
185Asit Mukherjee11321Serampore
186Roshan Desai11312Jamshedpur
187Debajyoti Adhikari11211Pune
188Subhashish Dutta11202Bangalore
189Biswajit Saha 11110Tezpur
190Nabasindhu Das11101Kharagpur
191Sibi Rajendran11101Chennai
192Siddhartha Gautam 11000Tezpur
193Sneha Ranjan 11000Pune
194Vishnu Prashanth11000Coimbatore
195Anupriya Singpuri11000Jamshedpur
196Sutanu Banerjee10101Serampore
197Abshishek Panchal 10101
198Shamsuddin Haider10000Serampore
199Rahul Nambiar9211Ahmedabad
200Rahul Kumar Yadav9110Mumbai
201R Saisundar9110Hyderabad
202R Keshav Narayan9101Chennai
203Albin Binay9000Thiruvananthapuram
204P Harsha Raghuram9000
205Harshit Rai9000Bangalore
206Shreshth 8101Ahmedabad
207Sundar Srinivas H8101Mumbai
208Abhishek Acharya8101Mumbai
209Sibin Thomas8000Bangalore
210Ananya Patil Rao 8000Bangalore
211Jayaprakash BR 7202Bangalore
212Ipshita Paul7110Ahmedabad
213Amit Agarwal 7101Pune
214Yadu Aravind Menon 7101Jamshedpur
215Vikrant Saha 7000Delhi
216Hafsa Shaikh 7000Hyderabad
217Vaibhav Jha 7000Jamshedpur
218Sahana Nag7000Bangalore
219Akshaj Raman7000Indore
220Paritosh Pant7000Indore
221Aditya Gulia7000Indore
222R Y Srikala Prasad6101Chennai
223Parminder Singh6101Jamshedpur
224Mangesh Gawankar6000Jamshedpur
225Suman Kumar Niyogi5110Serampore
226Ranit Paul5101Serampore
227Ishan Bakshi5101Jamshedpur
228Tanmay Roy5000Mohali
229Ananth Srivastav 5000Bangalore
230Md Kaif Ali Khan 5000Bangalore
231Salik Borbora5000Bangalore
232Madhavan Mohan 5000Thiruvananthapuram
233Balasubramiam Pattath5000Hyderabad
234Pranav Kumar Singh4110Jamshedpur
235Shashank Kasala 4000Bangalore
236V Chandrashekar4000Bangalore
237Writankar Kundu 4000Pune
238Pauras Vyas 4000Ahmedabad
239Adnan Azmat4000Jamshedpur
240Anupam Jain 4000Hyderabad
241Shreyas Shenoy4000
242Subikash Paul3110Serampore
243Pranay Dodla 3101Hyderabad
244Amitesh Jha3101Jamshedpur
245Rajib Roy3101Serampore
246Utkarsh Gupta3000Jamshedpur
247Madhur Tike3000Mumbai
248Akshat Mall3000Mumbai
249Tarun Chintam2110Hyderabad
250Jeet Dhariyani 2000Ahmedabad
251Naimesh Pramanik 2000Kharagpur
252Samrat Dutta2000Serampore
253Rajeev Mark2000Hyderabad
254Aditya Agarwal2000Indore
255Akash Deep1000Mohali
256Shitanshu Kumar1000Jamshedpur
257Ujjwal Gupta1000Jamshedpur
258Deepak Nayak 1000Bangalore
259Venkatesh CH1000Hyderabad
260Samraj Seth0000
261Margaret Mathi0000Pune
262Shraboni Banerjee0000Serampore
264Vedant Shinde0000Bangalore
265Ashish Ram0000
266Soukhya Hardi 0000Mumbai
267Agasthya Purohit0000Mumbai
268Shivam Agarwal0000Mumbai
269Deepak Singh0000Mumbai
270Roshan Krishna0000Coimbatore
271Sharat Chandar0000Coimbatore
272Harshitha 0000Hyderabad
273Sagar Sharma0000Indore
274Gavish Soni0000Indore

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