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asKQAnce 2017 Day 1 – Megawhats megafinals results

Here are the results of the Megawhats megafinals that concluded Day 1 of asKQAnce.

I – We Are Like This (W)only (Anustup Datta, Movin Miranda, Arun Hiregange, Thejaswi Udupa) – 270 points

II – QED (Jayakanthan R, Samanth Subramanian, Swaminathan G, Gopal Kidao) – 245 points (won the tiebreak for the second place)

III – BMQJ (Varun Rajiv, Santosh Swaminathan, Ashwin Kumar, Bhargava EM) – 245 points

IV – Travelling Pillsburies (Rajiv Rai, Vikram Joshi, Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tiwari) – 230 points

V – Aardvarks (Rahul Kottalgi, Sreshth Shah, Amrit P Chetia, Aryapriya Ganguly) – 223 points

VI – Remembrance of Things Fast (Kiran Vijaykumar, Manu Sudhakar, Navin Rajaram, Srinath Bhashyam) – 181 points

VII – Hammer and Tongs (Shouvik Guha, Jayashree Mohanka, Anil Vaswani, Kinshuk Biswas) – 170 points

VIII – Forecasting Couch (Suresh Ramasubramanian, Nishanth Raman, Ajay Parasuraman, Keshav Atreya) – 135 points

Congratulations to all!

MegaWhats 2017 Semifinals line-up

These are the line-ups of the two MegaWhats 2017 semifinals scheduled for Friday, June 30.

Teams in Semifinal 1 are requested to report by 1330 Hrs latest. The quiz will start at 1400 Hrs. The second semifinal will start at 1600 Hrs; please report by 1515 Hrs at least.

The team “Three Men in a Quiz to say nothing of the Doc” from New Delhi have confirmed their inability to make it, and their slot has been given to the team named Aardvarks Alliance from Chennai.

The line-up was formed simply by ranking the 16 teams by score and sorting into even and odd ranked teams. Ties were resolved by using the first incorrect answer. Please note that request for moving to the other semifinals will not be entertained.

Semi Final 1

1. QED (Gopal Kidao, Jayakanthan R, Swaminathan G, Samanth S) – Chennai
2. We Are Like This (W)Only (Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Ochintya Sharma, Thejaswi Udupa) – Bangalore
3. Sheikh Yerboutis (Alok Mohan, Nikhil Soneja, Ramkey V, Krishnamurthi G) – Dubai
4. SJC Quizzers (Arul Mani, Nagaratna Patil, Avinash Thirumalai, Prithwiraj Mukherjee) – Bangalore
5. Forecasting Couch (Suresh Ramasubramanian, Keshav Athreya, Nishanth Raman, Arun Ramanathan) – Bangalore
6. Hammer and Tongs (Shouvik Guha, Jayashree Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, S Bannerjee) – Kolkata
7. UNCertified Mega-WTF (Aditya Gadre, Kunal Sawardekar, Ramanand J, Shrirang R) – Pune
8. Swami and Friends (Alagarsamy AP, Priyambad P, Lakshmi Josyula, Prasanna Karmarkar) – Hyderabad

Semi-Final 2

1. The Travelling Pillsburys (Rajiv Rai, Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tiwari, Vikram Joshi) – New Delhi
2. Aardvarks (Rahul S. Kottalgi, Aryapriya G, Amrit Chetia, Sreshth Shah) – Mumbai
3. Remembrance of Things Fast (Kiran Vijayakumar, Navin Rajaram, Manu Sudhakar, Srinath Bashyam) – Chennai
4. Memory Blank (Anil Kumar, Dr Navin Jayakumar, Ravi Mundoli, Sivakumar V) – Chennai
5. BMQJ (EM Bhargava, Santosh Swaminathan, Varun Rajiv, Tejaswi P) – Bangalore
6. Aardvarks Alliance (Rajagopal PS, Deviprasad V, Avinash Mudaliar, Srikant P) – Chennai
7. Feni Vidi Vici VG (Aniruddha Sengupta, Rajiv D Silva, Nitish Wagle, V Gadgil) – Goa
8. Tirupur Tughlaqs (Yogesh Pai, Ashwin, Kavin) – Kovai

Mega-Whats 2017 Results.

MegaWhats 2017 was attempted by 145 teams in sixteen centres across India and one centre in Dubai. A team from Kharkiv in Ukraine, also attempted the quiz on a non-compete basis. Teams had to try their hand at 78 questions, across three sections, for a maximum score of 100 points.

As before, we are selecting the Top 10 teams from among the sixteen city-winners, and the next six highest scoring teams to face-off in the semi-finals to be held at asKQAnce 2017 in Bengaluru.

The highest score in the country, 84 points, was recorded by QED from Chennai consisting of Samanth Subramanian, Swaminathan G, Jayakanthan R, and Gopal Kidao.

We Are Like This Wonly comprising Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Thejaswi Udupa and Ochintya Sharma topped the Bangalore edition with 80 points.

The city winners from the following ten cities have qualified for the semi-finals:
  1. Chennai – QED – 84
  2. New Delhi – Travelling Pillsburys – 81
  3. Bengaluru – We Are Like This Wonly – 80
  4. Mumbai – Aardvarks – 79
  5. Dubai – Sheikh Yerboutis – 77
  6. Kolkata – Hammer and Tongs – 72
  7. Pune – UNCertified Mega WTF – 65
  8. Goa – Feni, Vidi, Vici, VG – 62
  9. Hyderabad – Swami and Friends – 57
  10. Coimbatore – Tiruppur Tughlaqs – 49

Victoria’s Secrets from Thrissur just miss out on the sudden death, on the third answer, with a score of 49.

The next six teams to qualify are:
  1. Three Men In a Quiz to Say Nothing of the Doc – New Delhi – 77
  2. Remembrance of Things Fast – Chennai – 76
  3. SJC Quizzers – Bengaluru – 75
  4. Memory Blank – Chennai – 74
  5. Forecasting Couch – Bengaluru – 74
  6. BMQJ – Bengaluru – 73


All these teams are required to confirm their availability for attending the semi-finals of MegaWhats scheduled on Friday, June 30 at 2 PM. Please send an email to venkyiimb@gmail.com confirming your team’s attendance for the same. If any teams drop out, then the team with the next highest score, starting with Aardvarks Alliance from Chennai, will be offered their slot.

A team from DPS Noida, calling themselves Sniper Gang #420 consisting of Ayuj, Jaivardhan, Pranava and Arijit, recorded the highest score among all school teams with 27 points.

A team from IIT Delhi comprising Shreyas, Pratyush, Swapnil and Soumya topped the college category with 46 points.

The Top five scores recorded in Bengaluru included the four teams mentioned in the qualifier lists above, and the fifth place was secured by CIDs from Kerala with 69 points. The school team with the highest score was NPS Indiranagar (24), while NALSAR topped the college track with 43 points.

The team from Kharkiv, Ukraine, made 45 points.

Our congratulations to all the participants, and to the winners.

Many thanks to all the quiz associations, proctors, and others who helped make MegaWhats 2017 city prelims, a success. Hoping to see all of you at asKQAnce 2017 starting June 30. Details scores can be found below.

1QEDChennaiOpen84Natl. Winner (Q)
2Travelling PillsburiesDelhiOpen81City Winner (Q)
3We Are Like This (W)onlyBengaluruOpen80City Winner (Q)
4AardvarksMumbaiOpen79City Winner (Q)
5Sheikh YerboutisDubaiOpen77City Winner (Q)
6Three Men in a Quiz, to say nothing of the DocDelhiOpen77Q
7Remembrance of Things FastChennaiOpen76Q
8SJC QuizzersBengaluruOpen75Q
9Memory BlankChennaiOpen74Q
10Forecasting CouchBengaluruOpen74Q
12Hammer & TongsKolkataOpen72City Winner (Q)
13Aardvarks AllianceChennaiOpen72
14Ingit's BergmenMumbaiOpen71
15Insignificant OthersChennaiOpen70
16CIDs from KeralaBengaluruOpen69
17Answering ServiceKolkataOpen65
18UNCertified Mega WTFPuneOpen65City Winner (Q)
19Debashree, Preyoshi, Dhammo, TanmayBengaluruOpen63
20Logik's AngelsBengaluruOpen62
21Matunga ManramMumbaiOpen62
22Feni Vidi Vici VGGoaOpen62City Winner (Q)
23Thanes of ThaneMumbaiOpen61
24Joint FamilyBengaluruOpen59
25Aaj Kuch Chazzy Karte Hain!DelhiOpen58
26Swami & FriendsHyderabadOpen57City Winner (Q)
27Arsenal of QuizzingKolkataOpen56
28Strolling BonesDelhiOpen55
29Sreekanth, Siddharth, Atul, RamDelhiOpen55
30#Mental DisintegrationChennaiOpen52
31Tiruppur TughlaqsCoimbatoreOpen49City Winner (Q)
32Victoria's SecretsThrissurOpen49City Winner
33Dho Captain Vi CaptainBengaluruOpen49
34Motley CrewPuneOpen49
35Exasperated FarragosChennaiOpen48
36IIT DelhiDelhiCollege46Natl. College Winners
38Commie, MaybeHyderabadOpen45
39We Are Not KooliesTrivandrumOpen45City Winner
40Yem Bee YayHyderabadOpen44
41All the Way from Shamirpet - NALSARBengaluruCollege43BLR College Winners
42Royal Beengaluru TigersBengaluruOpen43
43Thirudoram ThattukadaTrivandrumOpen43
44Magnificent 3 +1MumbaiCollege42
45No NameMumbaiOpen42
463 Patients in a BoatKolkataOpen42
47Rasagola RevolutionariesBhubaneswarOpen42City Winner
48Jai Soviet-/Kyon Bar LikheePuneOpen42
49Salt N' PepperTrivandrumOpen42
50Better call KaulGoaCollege41
52Karthikeya, Askash, Rohan BengaluruOpen41
53Nihal's teamBengaluruCollege41
54Rushabh, Shashwat, Arijiti, SiddhanthChennaiCollege41
55Booze is the Cigarette of Our EnergyDelhiOpen41
57Real MadiraMumbaiOpen37
58Aniruddha Mitra, Siddharth Srivastava, Akshar Varma, Kevin Vegda AhmedabadOpen37City Winner
59Lagags LegorundumHyderabadOpen36
60What were we smokingGoaOpen35
61Cultural saladKanpurCollege35City Winner
62Inshallah Boys Played WellDelhiOpen35
63Unprincipled Wannabees Masquerading as QuizzersTezpurCollege35City Winner
64Jose and the PussycatsBengaluruOpen34
65No QuarterGoaOpen34
66Govind, Shravya and team - IITMChennaiCollege34
67The Feni BonesGoaOpen33
68Three FatesPuneOpen33
69Viewers from the Cheap SeatsBengaluruOpen33
70Anirudh Anil Kumar Methala Perumal PillaiPuneCollege33
71Razz Ma TazzTezpurCollege33
72Introvert Extrovert Ambivert & PervertBengaluruCollege32
73We have a NaiduBengaluruOpen32
74Know NonesenseDelhiOpen32
75Anil, Akhilesh, Harikrishnan, AbhilashThrissurOpen32
76Cherry BombsTrivandrumOpen32
77Kulcha WarriorBengaluruOpen31
78Exasperating Farrago of DistortionsPuneCollege31
79Exasperating FarragoThrissurOpen31
81Baba's Boy and GirlBengaluruOpen30
82Gatti ChutngyMumbaiOpen29
83The Wanderers DelhiOpen29
85Word DocsThrissurOpen29
86Bridge The Duality GapHyderabadCollege28
87Watt Lag gayiMumbaiOpen28
88Koala Bear and his Kamasutra ComradesBhubaneswarCollege28
89We Love DeeteeBengaluruCollege27
90Two WhoBengaluruOpen27
91Sniper Gang #420 No Scope - DPS NoidaDelhiSchool27Natl. School Winners
92Girish Sulagna UtkarshBengaluruOpen26
93Sahi Pakde HainKolkataOpen26
94Allen & CoBengaluruOpen26
95As Bad as it getsMumbaiOpen25
96Ashwin, Ruturaj, Pavan, RohanPuneCollege25
99Old Boys 2.0PuneOpen24
100Troika - NPS IndiranagarBengaluruSchool24BLR School Winners
101Jalaj Maheshwari, Tejas Bagrecha, Nishit Pandya, Rohan Datta AhmedabadOpen24
102Byron's VillaniGoaCollege23
104Doubting ThambithuraiCoimbatoreOpen23
105St Xavier'sMumbaiCollege22
106Deeter Yahin BanegaMumbaiCollege22
107Error:404 Not FoundBhubaneswarCollege22
108PMS: Perpetual Motion SquadDubaiCollege22
109Beer Today, Gone TomorrowDelhiCollege22
110Knight ErrantsBengaluruOpen21
113Gravity BongsKolkataOpen21
114Moti Ke LalBengaluruOpen20
1153 Ps in a PodGoaOpen20
117Men of AlwaysKolkataSchool19
118Polytechnicil PoyitillaThrissurSchool19
119The ConquiztadorsBengaluruCollege18
120Tejas and teamDubaiOpen18
121A Last HurrahGoaCollege18
122Pirates of TorrentzKolkataSchool18
123Gaanchalli Bidi Quiz MaadiBengaluruSchool16
124Chaccaron MacronChennaiCollege16
125All LadiesHyderabadOpen16
126The Step FathersTrivandrumOpen16
131The King of Quiz TimesDelhiSchool13
132Anindya and AsifBengaluruOpen12
133Inglorious BastardsTezpurCollege12
135And then there was one (Aaditya solo)BengaluruSchool11
136Life of ShyTezpurCollege11
137Nothing cooler than absolute zeroBengaluruSchool10
138Quball- Die TamilenCoimbatoreOpen8
139Rajas of CoimbatoreCoimbatoreOpen8
140Tech Biz Pub Mela Sab KhelaBhubaneswarSchool7
141(no name)KanpurCollege7
142The Lone WolfThrissurSchool6
143Black CatKolkataSchool6

Venues – MindSweep and MegaWhats 2017

Here are the list of Indian venues for MindSweep and MegaWhats 2017. In addition to this, MindSweep will be held in the following international locations: SF Bay Area, New York, Croatia, United Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), and Dubai (UAE). We are awaiting confirmations from Kuwait, Ghana and Singapore.


Ahmedabad DAIICT
BangaloreInstitute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen's Road
BhubaneswarOEC Office, 460, Shaheed Nagar
ChennaiPS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004
CoimbatorePSG Institute of Management
GoaThe Centre For Women’s Studies, Goa University, Bambolim.
HyderabadColumbus Hospital - Begumpet
KanpurIIT Kanpur
KolkataThe Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Kolkata Branch,
Flat A-1/2, 1st Floor, Siddhartha Apartments, 31/3 Sahapur Colony,
Block J, New Alipore,
Kolkata 700 053
MumbaiPinstorm, Santa Cruz (West)
Mysore#57, 3rd Cross, Sanmarga, Siddharthanagar, Mys-11
New DelhiCommunity Hall, Maitri Apartments, Sector 10, Plot No 17, Dwarka, New Delhi 75
PuneNew Lecture Hall, Armed Forces Medical College
RaipurSmileBots, 210B,
National Corporate Park, G.E Road
TezpurTezpur University
ThiruvananthapuramFortune IAS Academy, Vellayambalam
ThrissurSt Thomas College
Vadodara (MS only)IAS Study Center, Ellora Park

MegaWhats 2016 – Semifinal lineups

These are the line-ups of the two MegaWhats 2016 semifinals. Teams in Semifinal 1 are requested to report by 1145 AM latest. The semifinal will start at 12 Noon sharp. The second semifinal will start at 1430 Hrs; please report by 1415 Hrs at least. Please note that request for moving to the other semifinals will not be entertained.

The line-up was formed simply by ranking the 16 teams by score and sorting into even and odd ranked teams. Ties were resolved by using the first incorrect answer.

Semi Final 1:

1. We Are Like This (W)Only (Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Ochintya Sharma, Thejaswi Udupa) – Bangalore
2. Metaquizziks (Ashwin Kumar, Rajath, Santosh Swaminathan, Varun Rajiv) – Bangalore
3. The Travelling Pillsburys (Rajiv Rai, Sumant Srivathsan, Vibhendu Tiwari, Vikram Joshi) – Mumbai
4. Memory Blank (Anil Kumar, Dr Navin Jayakumar, Ravi Mundoli, Sivakumar V) – Chennai
5. Hammer and Tongs (Shouvik Guha, Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, Anil Vaswani) – Kolkata
6. Mavericks (Dr Chandrashekar, Nikhil Soneja, Ramkey V, Krishnamurthi G) – Dubai
7. Ingit Bergman (Aniket K, Anannya Deb, Sachin Deshpande, Venkatraghavan S) – Mumbai
8. Swami and Friends (Alagarsamy AP, Krishnamurthi Josyula, Lakshmi Josyula, Prasanna Karmarkar) – Hyderabad

Semi Final 2:

1. Aardvarks (Rahul S. Kottalgi, Aryapriya G, Amrit Chetia, SidB) – Mumbai
2. Remembrance of Things Fast (Kiran Vijayakumar, Navin Rajaram, Manu Sudhakar, Srinath Bashyam) – Chennai
3. Matunga Manram (Balakrishnan Satyam, Govind Grewal, Nikhil Sonde, Vinoo Sanjay) – Mumbai
4. Mega-WTF (Aditya Gadre, Kunal Sawardekar, Ramanand J, Suraj Menon) – Pune
5. Feni Vidi Vici Grouchy (Aniruddha Sengupta, Nitish, Rajiv D Silva, Vidyadhar Gadgil) – Goa
6. QED (Gopal Kidao, Jayakanthan R, Swaminathan G, Samanth S) – Chennai
7. Delhi Rum (Dr Bhattacharya, Ajay J, Apratim, Kapoor) – Delhi
8. Tirupur Tughlaqs (Yogesh Pai, CR Naveen, Manoj Kumar, Kavin) – Kovai


MegaWhats 2016 – Results

MegaWhats 2016 was attempted competitively by 140+ teams across 15 locations in India and one location in Dubai.

Post adjudication of all papers, the highest recorded score across all teams is 72 by We Are Like This (W)only from Bangalore comprising Anustup Datta, Arun Hiregange, Ochintya Sharma and Thejaswi Udupa. Close behind are the Aardvarks from Mumbai with 70; Metaquizziks from Bangalore take third place, pipping Remembrance of Things Fast from Chennai on sudden death with both teams on a score of 68, and The Travelling Pillsburys from Mumbai round off the Top 5 with 67.

As before, the Top Ten teams from among the city winners will join the next six highest scoring teams in the semi-finals to be held as part of ASKQANCE 2016 in Bangalore on June 24. The qualifying cities are Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Goa, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar and Coimbatore.

The non city-winner teams are from Bengaluru (MQ), Chennai (Memory Bank and QED), Mumbai (Travelling Pillsburys and Matunga Manram) and Dubai (The Mavericks). The organizers had pre-announced that teams from Dubai would only be considered in the ‘next 6’ category, and not as a city winner.

Victorious Secret from St James’ School, Kolkata comprising Daibayato Basu, Shourya Sarkar and Spandan Sengupta scored the highest among all school teams with 22, and the team calling themselves Kinky Tailor Sold Her Eye from Bhubaneswar scored the highest among all college teams with 49; they are also the city winners from BBSR and qualify for the semi-finals..

In Bangalore, the six teams who scored above 50 were:
We Are Like This (W)only – 72
Metaquizziks – 68
SJC Quizzers – 59
Forecasting Couch – 56
The Village People – 56
CIDs from Kerala – 52

“For more such team names come to Interrobang 2017” from Bangalore scored the highest among all college teams in the city with 41. “The Quizaders from Arul Mani Land” scored the highest in the school category in Bangalore with 19.

From international locations who took the quiz non-comp, we have received scores from Kuwait, which saw one team comprising Ramesh Athreya, Dr Boby,
R Karthikeyan and Rohan John record a score of 29 points.

All qualifying teams are requested to drop a note to venkyiimb@gmail.com confirming their availability in Bangalore for the semis on June 24. We need clear confirmation from the teams by May 31.

If any team is unable to make it to the semis, their slot will be offered to the next highest scoring team, starting with the team named Ingit Bergman from Mumbai.

Our congratulations to all the qualifiers and a big thank you to all the fellow quiz associations who organized this quiz at various locations.

The detailed results across all centres are given here:

  MegaWhats 2016 Rankings                  
RankingTeam NameCityCategoryScore
1We Are Like This (W)OnlyBengaluruOpen72National Winner (Q)
2AardvarksMumbaiOpen70City Winner (Q)
4Remembrance of things FastChennaiOpen68City Winner (Q)
5The Traveling PillsburysMumbaiOpen67Q
6Matunga ManramMumbaiOpen66Q
7Memory BankChennaiOpen65Q
8MegaWtfPuneOpen64City Winner (Q)
9Hammer and TongsKolkataOpen64City Winner (Q)
10Feni Vidi Vici Grouchy?GoaOpen61City Winner (Q)
13Ingit BergmanMumbaiOpen59
14SJC QuizzersBengaluruOpen59
15Sheikh YerboutisDubaiOpen58
16Insignificant OthersChennaiOpen57
17Delhi RumDelhiOpen56City Winner (Q)
18Asslt'd NutsMumbaiOpen56
19Forecasting CouchBengaluruOpen56
20The Village PeopleBengaluruOpen56
21Bhaag Moti BhaagDelhiOpen53
22Swami And FriendsHyderabadOpen52City Winner (Q)
23CIDs from KeralaBengaluruOpen52
24Rebel AllianceChennaiOpen50
25Kinky Tailor Sold her EyeBhubaneswarCollege49College, City Winner (Q)
26Susa and Soda Bottle OpenersChennaiOpen49
27Varun, Logik, Gajju and PeelerajaBengaluruOpen47
29Vetes VulpesDelhiOpen45
30Vital SignsKolkataOpen45
31Charge of the Quiz BrigadeKolkataOpen44
32Three Guilty, One GoltiChennaiOpen43
33Kede bada HaramkorBhubaneswarOpen43
35We Drink and We Don't Know ThingsDelhiOpen42
36For more such team names come to…BengaluruCollege41College Winner
375000 to 1KolkataCollege41College Winner
38Non College Quizzers from I.I.T. BombayMumbaiCollege40College Winner
39Bulbul Cuckoo Hoopoe MynahBengaluruOpen39
40Tirupur TughlaqsKovaiOpen39City Winner (Q)
41LDF Varum Ellam SheriyakumTVMOpen38City Winner
42Kivi & TeamBengaluruOpen38
43Quizzing for Nirvana!BengaluruOpen38
44Three and A Half MenChennaiCollege38College Winner
45The PolitburoPuneOpen38
46Team WargsPuneOpen38
47Doesn't MatterHyderabadOpen38
48Masters and PadawansPuneOpen37
49MSSSHyderabadCollege37College Winner
50Mission RecognitionChennaiCollege36
51Sankhli SamuraisBengaluruOpen35
52Mother and ChillerPuneOpen35
53Heisenberg: The Man, the Myth, the LegendHyderabadOpen35
54Team ZS (Work life imbalance)PuneOpen34
55Guns, Germs and thighsMumbaiOpen34
56Ishaan, Sohail, ShubhankarDelhiOpen33
57Jayant, Utkarsh, Alan, JayaprakashBengaluruOpen33
58JUST IN TIMEThrissurOpen33City Winner
59Bulbul Cuckoo Hoopoe MynahMysuruOpen33City Winner
60Four horsemen of the apoplecticsKolkataOpen32
61IOSS Shwarman's UnitedDubaiCollege32College Winner
62Bosskey and the HeartistsChennaiOpen32
63Sangeeth, Sreehari, Arunav, AdityaGoaCollege31College Winner
64Megawhatever Floats Your BoatBengaluruOpen31
65The LanternsHyderabadOpen29
66Doctors without OrdersPuneCollege29College Winner
67Pune QuizzersPuneOpen28
68Shreyas and teamBengaluruCollege27
70Martyrs of Succulent KarooChennaiOpen27
71AC and AFMCPuneCollege27
72Mega ScrewupsBengaluruCollege26
73Farzee DegreeKolkataCollege26
75Somali PiratesTVMOpen26
76Dubai IrregularsDubaiOpen25
77Sheyal PanditKolkataCollege25
78QUIZ MAFIAThrissurCollege25College Winner
79Akshay, Devna, RohanDelhiOpen25
80The Kolaveri QuartetMumbaiOpen24
82RBI + 1TVMOpen23
83Deathly SilenceMumbaiOpen23
84Pirates of SomaliaBengaluruOpen23
85Four Wise MonkeysKovaiOpen23
86Soumya, Adarsh, Bikash, PuneetBhubaneswarCollege22
87Nayan, Kalyan, Bhibuti, KamalGuwahatiOpen22City Winner
89Blind Man Driving VolkswagenMumbaiOpen22
91Victorious SecretKolkataSchool22School Winner
94664 Neighbours of the BeastChennaiCollege22
95Toughie DaPuneCollege22
96Pata NahinDelhiCollege21College Winner
97Tera HertzBengaluruOpen21
98VIRYA QUIZCLUBThrissurOpen21
99League of Ordinary GentlemenPuneOpen21
101No team namePuneCollege20
103The FourthsDelhiCollege19
105The Powerpuff GirlsDelhiOpen19
106The Quizaders from Arul Mani LandBengaluruSchool19School Winner
107Anam, Sandipan, AmlanSilcharCollege19City, College Winner
109Prasad, Shashank, Sriram, AdityaMumbaiOpen19
110Salt N PepperTVMOpen19
111Teams are too MainstreamBengaluruSchool18
112Pirates of TravancoreTVMOpen18
113Rituraj, Raj, Hirok, AryamanSilcharCollege18
114BIJU UNITEDThrissurOpen18
115Some Random Thing daBengaluruCollege17
116Mega Banthu MegaBengaluruOpen17
117Somashish and teamKolkataOpen17
118ONCE UPON A TIME IN GECThrissurOpen17
119Ooh La LaChennaiSchool17
120Vishu, Krishna, Siddarth, VishalChennaiSchool17School Winner
121Mysore PakMysuruOpen17
122Half Baked Hash BrowniesBengaluruCollege16
124Three Men in a QuizDelhiCollege16
125Doctor Dope Iyer and HigherKovaiCollege15College Winner
126Trump's WallChennaiCollege15
127The Wise QuackersPuneCollege14
128Chaar AayogDelhiOpen13
129Forty TwoChennaiSchool13
131Haseen KamineyBhubaneswarCollege10
132Ramb-OMysuruCollege10College Winner
133S#!t HappensTVMOpen10
134Les QuizerablesDubaiOpen9
135Kool Town QuizzersBengaluruOpen9
137NIT pickersGoaCollege8
138Four Angry MenKovaiCollege7
139Q Ball ClubKovaiSchool7School Winner
140Suryanarayan and TeamKovaiCollege6
141Mohit, Pritom, MayankGuwahatiCollege5College Winner
142Sanatan and UttamBhubaneswarCollege4
143Karma InsideKovaiCollege3
144NM QuizzersKovaiSchool1

asKQAnce 2015 – Schedule

The Karnataka Quiz Association will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year and is hosting asKQAnce – a three-day festival of quizzing from Friday to Sunday, June 26 to 28, 2015. All the quizzes will be held at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists on Queen’s Road. This is the schedule:

Friday, June 26
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM – MegaWhats Semi Final 1 by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
3:15 PM to 4:45 PM – MegaWhats Semi Final 2 by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
5:00 PM to 8:30 PM – Cannabis Indica – the India Quiz by Navin Rajaram and Hrishikesh Varma

Saturday, June 27
9:30 AM to 1:00 PM – Kibitz Simple – the Sports Quiz by Sohan Maheshwar, Manish Achuth and Alagarsamy AP
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM – MegaWhats National Finals by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar
4:30 PM to 9:30 PM – Son Of Lumiere – the Films Quiz by Santosh Swaminathan and Anustup Datta

Sunday, June 28
10 AM to 1:30 PM – Collected Works – the Arts Quiz by Vivek Karthikeyan and Venky Srinivasan
2:30 PM to 6:30 PM – Sesame – the Open General Quiz by Mitesh Agarwal and Thejaswi Udupa (with breaks for hi-tea and prize distribution for Mahaquizzer/MegaWhats)

The time taken from IAT to the airport is about 75 minutes and the Cantonment railway station is only five minutes away. Please plan your return trip accordingly.

Look forward to seeing all of you at asKQAnce 2015.

Mega-Whats 2015 Results

A total of 129 teams from 16 centres in India and Dubai wrote Mega-Whats 2015. These are the toppers in each category:

Open: QED (Samanth, Swami, JK, Gopal) from Chennai – 86

College: The Fake is a Lie (Abhishek Kapoor, Jyotesh Singh, Anagh Mukherjee, Apratim Mukhopadhyay) from Delhi – 60

School: Les Quizerables (Shrey, Vignesh) & Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Behind (Akhil Nori, Gaurang, Akhil Siddharth, Shaurya), both from Bangalore – 17

These are all the scores after re-correction, with city winners in each category indicated. As was done last year, the top 10 city winners and remaining 6 top scores qualify for the finals. In case any teams drop out, their spots will be filled by the remaining highest team overall. Tie-breaks were resolved by sudden death from the first question.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the city quiz associations and proctors who helped us hold Mega-Whats this year.

1QED (Samanth, Swami, JK, Gopal)Chennai86Open - City Winner (Q)
2Insignificant Others (Sankhya, Sreeram, Vijay Sarathi, Ramanan)Chennai79Open (Q)
3We Are Like This Wonly (Bhargava, Movin, Anustup, Udupa)Bangalore77Open - City Winner (Q)
4Memory Bank (Anil, Ravi, Dr. Jayakumar, Mrs. Jayakumar)Chennai71Open (Q)
5Matunga Manram (Vinoo Sanjay, Balakrishnan S, Nikhil Sonde, Govind Grewal)Mumbai71Open - City Winner (Q)
6Latabai ki Kasam (Vikram Joshi, Sumant Srivatsan, Vibhendu Tiwari, Anil K.)Mumbai70Open (Q)
7Mitesh (solo) (Mitesh, Mitesh II, Mitesh III, I need no fourth)Bangalore69Open (Q)
8Swami and Friends (Alagar Samy, Krishnamurthi J, Lakshmi J, Mustafa Hashmi)Hyderabad67Open - City Winner (Q)
9Hammer and Tongs (Jayashree Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, A. Guha, S. Guha)Kolkata66Open - City Winner (Q)
10Ingit Bergman (Ingit, Shubhankar G., Anannya Deb, Aniket Khasgiwale)Mumbai65Open (Q)
11CIDs From Kerala (Captain, VR, Buffalo, Jithin)Bangalore64Open (Q)
12Aardvarks (Avinash Mudaliar, Ramya M., Rahul Kottalgi, Arjo Ganguly)Mumbai64Open
13Rebels Without A QuizChennai62Open
14Krishnamurthi G, Ramkey V, Alok M and ShafeekDubai61Open - City Winner (Q)
15The Fake is a Lie (Abhishek Kapoor, Jyotesh Singh, Anagh Mukherjee, Apratim Mukhopadhyay)Delhi60Open/College - City Winner (Q)
16Delhi Ke Thugs (Dr. Bhattacharya, Kunal Malhotra, P. Srikant, Shresth Shah)Delhi59Open
16Surreal and Fluoroscent (Salil Bijur, Aadisht Khanna, Ajay Parasuraman, Ashwath V)Delhi59Open
16Sober, High, Higher and Aiyer (Rohit Rao, Anand Aiyer, Siddarth Pai, Jayadev Bhaskaran)Bangalore59Open
16Mega WTF (Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre, Srirang Raddi, Kunal S)Pune59Open - City Winner (Q)
20Concious Recoupling (Ajay Jaisinghani, Tanmay Prusty, Preyoshi Ganguly, Siddharth Sen)Delhi58Open
20ICNH (Anil Raghavan, Harikrishnan, Jaidev, Manu Sudhakar)Thrissur58Open - City Winner (Q)
22Petit Bourgeois (Sahitha, Roshith, Vijay)Delhi56Open
23SJC Quizzers (Arul Mani, Sachin, Nagaratna, Sripradha)Bangalore55Open
23Collected Works of Nexus Baggage (Keshava Guha, Venkatesh Srinivasan, Vivek Karthikeyan, Navin Rajaram)Bangalore55Open
25The Djinns in Jeans (Tothagata C, Vinod Krishnan, Abhinav K, Shreekanth Reddy)Delhi52Open
26Deviprasad, Balaji, Arun, RajuChennai51Open
26Inmaniacs (Gautam Ghosh, Abhijit Banerjee, Bhaskar Datta, Anirudh Chari)Kolkata51Open
28Forecasting Couch (SRS, Logik, Anand, Keshav)Bangalore50Open
29Suvajit C., Prithwish, Karthik Ganesh, Shamika M. Mumbai49Open
30Raunaq, Jonathan, Sumer and SandeepanDubai48Open
31Idivettum Pemariyum (Nilima Rajdev, Justin T, Ashwin Sudhir, Niranjan Sudhir)Trivandrum47Open - City Winner (Q)
32Feni Vidi Vici Grouchy (Nitish Wagle, Vidyadhar Gadgil, Rajiv D’Silva, Aniruddha Sengupta)Panjim47Open - City Winner
33Tirupur Tughlaqs (Yogeesh Pai, Surya, Indumathi, C.R. Naveen)Coimbatore46Open - City Winner
338.5 (Sachin, Varun, Adjitya, Manish)Bangalore46Open
35Megha Vats (Achyuth, Pranjal, Murty)Delhi45Open
36Matric Fail Inc (Bhrigu Talukdar, Akshay Seal, Pranami Tamuli, Amrit Pritam Chetia)Guwahati44Open - City Winner
37Vanar Sena (Sasidhar, Ritvik, Niyam, Keshav)Bangalore43College - City Winner
38The Zero Whats (Chirag, Chetan, Abhay, Rahul)Bangalore42Open
39Kasturiba Nagar KasamusaChennai41Open
39We Are From IINChennai41College - City Winner
414 Monks Without a Straw (Lathish, Debji, Rahul, Nishant)Bangalore40Open
41Bannerghatta Jammers (Abhilash, Debashish, Jayaprakash, Sreyashi)Bangalore40Open
41Soda Bottle Opener Wallahs (Prasanna, Jose, Shilpa, Priyambad)Hyderabad40Open
44Booze is the Cigaratte of Our Energy (Abhinav Dhar, Jyoti Prakash Panda, Saransh Mohapatra, Sheikh Wasim Sajjad)Bhubaneswar39Open - City Winner
45Nishant, Maitrey, KarthikBangalore38Open
45Trivially Challenged (Arko Ganguli, Mayank Majumdar, Shayak Chakraborty, Somashish Ghosh)Kolkata38Open
47Abhijeet, Rithwik, Rushabh, SreeramThrissur37Open
48Abijit, Abid, Kunal, SiddhanthChennai36College
49Deplorable (Pankaj Pukhan, Deepak Padmkumar, Garima Paul, Udita Gaurav)Delhi35Open
49Beer View Mirror (Vijay, Avijeet, Harsimran, Shiva)Bangalore35Open
49Sex and the Old City (Mithilesh.G, Vishal.B, Bharadwaj P., Shreyas.D)Hyderabad35Open
49Atul, Abhishikth, Vamsi, KrishanHyderabad35Open
53Undecided (Shyama, Ananya, Allan, Supreeth)Bangalore33Open
54Sana, Vinod, Varun, RameshChennai32Open
54Srisha, VishnuBangalore32Open
56Some Real Devotees of Kinetic Energies (Debashish, Sarbajit, Devarshi, SRD)Kolkata31Open
57Will Manikam Make It (Katik M, Atishay S, Aditya, Vashistha)Delhi30Open
57Keshy Venks is MassChennai30Open
57NLSIU (Parth, Jeydev, Abhishek, Osho)Bangalore30College
57Why So Studious? (Pranav, Nanjundeshwara, Hans George, Moshir Harsh)Bangalore30College
61Balwant Rai ke Kutte (Shalim, Kapinjal, Jitaditya)Delhi29Open
61Two Night Stand (Sameer Dharur, Murtuza Hashmi, Lokesh Kaza, Sukruth Koundinya)Hyderabad29College - City Winner
61Gokul, Arnold, KhagendraPune29Open
64Girish, Sulagna, UtkarshBangalore28Open
64Old Monks (Dr. Nirmal Joy, Dr. Alby John, Er. Jose Thomas, Er. Munidarshan) Trivandrum28Open
64Nakul H., Subin Gafoor, Vishnu.S. KumarThrissur28College - City Winner
67Abhishek Veeraraghavan, Rama Subramanian and Rahul KhatriMysore27Open/College - City Winner
67Devang Ghia, Sumeet Pai, Suresh RaoMumbai27Open
67Maximus Minimus (Amrit Sharma, Nayan Medhi, Jyotishsman Gogoi, Souvik Bhattacharjee)Guwahati27Open.
67Eleventh Hour (Satwik Raut, Sampad Pattanaik, Baibaswata)Bhubaneswar27Open
71Vivin K, Shreyas and ShreyasDubai26Open
71Totally BlankChennai26Open
73Adda Quiz (Subhasish Dutta, Anubhav Joshi, Abhishek Patiri, Ashutosh Das)Tezpur25Open/College - City Winner
73Sheyal Pandits (Shinjon Chatterjee, Dipanjan Pal, Debtanu Sen, Arnab Auddy)Kolkata25College - City Winner
75Murali, Rajesh Sharma, Rajesh Panicker and PulinDubai24Open
76Shantanu G, Sampuran, KartikPune23College - City Winner
77Mega-Whatevers (Srijit Kumar, Harshvardhan Bhatkuly, Vishwanath Rajan, Ajey Patil)Panjim22Open
77X Factor From Barak Valley (Dipankar Sharma, Aveek Baruah, Amitabh Sharma)Guwahati22College - City Winner
79Ittiam (Venkatramana, Umang, Deepshika)Bangalore21Open
79Whatever!! (Adhithyan, Tharunya, Jyothishraj)Bangalore21College
81Wein Chun (Santhosh, Ashwin, Annirudh, Vishnu)Coimbatore20College - City Winner
81Baba Black Sheep (Sachin B)Delhi20Open
81Team 9 From Outer Space (Ravi, Lochan, Rahul, Itishree)Bangalore20Open
814 Chan Loka (Aditya, Deven, Omkar, Kaustubh)Pune20Open
81The M.A.S.K. (Midhun S, Ashish John, Sudev N.M., Ibrahim Khaleel)Thrissur20College
86Praneet, AusmitaChennai19Open
87Aldona Apples (Kanchan Gatward, Kv Gouthami, Beverly Mendonca, Viola Rodrigues)Panjim18Open
87Subzero (N.Shravya, S. Kaustubh, Tushant, V.Rahul)Hyderabad18College
87Cowboys from Chennai (Kaushik T G, Goutham S.)Mumbai18Open
90Les Quizerables (Shrey, Vignesh)Bangalore17School - City Winner
90Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Behind (Akhil Nori, Gaurang, Akhil Siddharth, Shaurya)Bangalore17School - City Winner
90Kaatu Freakz (Roshan Zain, Arun S, Aravind M J, Athul Ajay)Trivandrum17College - City Winner
90Ashwini’s Boys (Paul Gatward, Ashwini Patil, Anant Prabhu, Linus)Panjim17Open
90Mega Pots (Sahil, Alok, Saswat, Prateik)Pune17Open
95MYZORNIS (Sandipan Goswami, Amlan Phukan, Padmanav Barua, Saurav Das)Guwahati16College.
95Micro-Whats (Toyad Pattanaik, Prateek Mishra, Soumya R. Mohanty, Adarsh K. Mohapatra)Bhubaneswar16School - City Winner
97We Have To Give Now Only? (Tanay Ravi, Aabharan H)Bangalore15School
9712/3 Berley Burlians (Deepayan, Abhijit, Archit, Sanket Tripathy)Bhubaneswar15College - City Winner
97ACubed+D (Anoop Joby, Aravind Anil, Denita Mendez, Abdul Vahid P.A.)Thrissur15College
100Vetla Vettiya Irukom (Harikrishna, Sathya Narayanan, Aravind, Surya Narayanan PCoimbatore14College
100The Piggs Bosons (Atharva, Chaitanya, Kaivalya Karkare, Ashwin Mascarenhas)Panjim14School - City Winner
100Docsons (Binu Raju George, Serin, Unnikrishnan Menon)Thrissur14Open
103M Karthikeyan, Prasath PR, Poorani, GayatriCoimbatore13College
103Ninety-Four (Ajith John Joshua, Saloni,
Manish Agarwal)
103Invictus (Shashank, Rutvik)Bangalore13School
103Bribed the Quiz Master (Animesh Swain, Soham Panda, Anurag Bhol, Mukti Pradhan)Bhubaneswar13Open
103The Infernos (Aaditya R, Aman)Thrissur13College
108Ooh La La MalalaChennai12School - City Winner
108Amateur Mature (Sushant, Anish, Abhishek)Bangalore12Open
108Bajaunga Again (Akshat, Pranav, Surya, Anshuman)Bhubaneswar12School
111Quizards (Anand S Pillay, Akshay B Vinayak, Zaman S Khan, Vishakh ValiathanTrivandrum11College
111Rambo (Sridhar)Trivandrum11Open
111Titans (Deepak Nandakumar, Ashlyn Tom, Kishor S, Akhil O. Asok)Thrissur11College
114Qzer's (Surat S, Nithyaselvan R, Dhilip R, Vivek Kannai K)Coimbatore10College
114Jal Jazeera (Sujit J Patil, Ashish Negi)Delhi10College
114Two and Two More Men (Hassan, Amaresh Sarangi, K. Abhisek, N.S. Swarup)Bhubaneswar10College
114Unusual Suspects (Debajyoti, Nishant, Prajwal)Pune10Open
118Abhijit S Gupta, Sridhar Sashank, Tejas JoshiBangalore9College
118The Quizaders of Arul Mani - Land (Saishyam, Arjun, Rahul, Malavika)Bangalore9School
118Sai Karthik, Siddharth, Keshava, Sunil KumarHyderabad9Open
118Vertigo (Jishnu, Maya, Vishnu, Kannan A.)Thrissur9College
123The InvinciblesChennai8Open
123Yolo, Who Go Solo! (Karthik, Jibran, Siddarth)Bangalore8College
123Erudite Challenge (Spandan Dash, Anwesh Das, Ronisha Das)Bhubaneswar8School
127Spartans (Kishore, Akash, Vishnu, Aravind)Coimbatore3Open
128Vidhya Niketan Public School (Ashwath Sibi, Naresh K, Sivnarayan)Coimbatore2School - City Winner
129Youngster (Antony A. Jaison & co)Thrissur1School - City Winner


The Karnataka Quiz Association will be celebrating its 31st anniversary this year. We will be hosting a series of quizzes as part of ASKQANCE 2014 – a 2.5 day festival of open quizzes.

All quizzes will be held at the Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, June 27, 2014

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM – Megawhats Semi Finals 1 by Arun Hiregange and Kiran Vijayakumar – line-up to be announced in a couple of weeks

3:15 to 4:45 PM – Megawhats Semi Finals 2 – line-up to be announced in a couple of weeks

5:00 PM to 8:30 PM – Capital Punishment – the Social Sciences Quiz by Alagarsamy AP and Rajagopal PS – prelims followed by finals for the Top 8 teams – Teams of 4 or less

Saturday, June 28, 2014

9:15 AM to 12:45 PM – Flying Dutchmen – the Sports and Travel Quiz by Sohan Maheshwar and Venkatesh Srinivasan – prelims followed by finals for the Top 8 teams – Teams of 4 or less

1:45 PM to 4:00 PM – Megawhats National Finals

4:15 PM to 9:30 PM – Son of Lumiere – the Films Quiz by Anustup Datta and Santosh Swaminathan – prelims followed by finals for the Top 8 teams – Teams of 4 or less

Sunday, June 29, 2014

9:15 AM to 12:45 PM – Collected Works – the Arts Quiz by Vivek Karthikeyan and Hrishikesh Varma – prelims followed by finals for the Top 8 teams – Teams of 4 or less

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM – Newton’s Cradle – the Science and Technology Quiz by Navin Rajaram – Written Quiz for teams of 2 or less – Prizes for the Top 3 teams

3:15 PM to 7:30 PM – Sesame – the Open General Quiz by Thejaswi Udupa and Mitesh Agarwal – prelims followed by finals for the Top 8 teams – Teams of 4 or less.

We will also be giving out the trophies for the winner of the 30th Anniversary Mahaquizzer edition held in Dec 2013 and the National Champion of Megawhats 2014 between the prelims and the finals of Sesame. There will also be a KQA-hosted high-tea for all participating teams.

All quizzes will carry an entry fee of Rs 100/team, except for school teams. Prizes for all finalists in all the quizzes. Look forward to seeing all of you in June!

Mega-Whats 2014 – All India Results

A total of 130 teams from 12 centres across India took Mega-Whats 2014. These are the toppers in each category:

Open: MetaQuizziks (Borun, Santosh, Ashwin, Mitesh) from Bangalore – 87

College: Kasturba Nagar Kasamusa (Jayadev, Swaroop, Anand, Siddharth) from Chennai – 59

School: The Good For Nothings (Anand PS, Saeel Pai, R Samyak, Vedang Acharya) from Panjim – 29

These are all the scores, with city winners in each category indicated. The top 10 city winners and remaining 6 top scores qualify for the finals.

Not to be forgotten, our heartfelt thanks to all the city quiz associations that helped us hold Mega-Whats this year.

The Dubai quiz club also arranged to take Mega-Whats 2014 over their weekend, scores have been added separately below.

No.Team NameCityScoreCategory  
1MetaQuizziks (Borun, Santosh, Ashwin, Mitesh)Bangalore87Open (City Winner)
2QED (Swami, Samanth, Gopal, Jayakanthan)Chennai81Open (City Winner)
3Insignificant Others (Sankhya, Sreeram, Vijay, Ramanan)Chennai80Open (Qualified)
We Are Like This Wonly (Anustup, Thejaswi, Ochintya, Sumanth)Bangalore80Open (Qualified)
5Aardvarks (Rahul S. Kottalgi, Aryapriya, Avinash, Ramya)Pune72Open (City Winner)
Hastily Put Together (Vikram Joshi, Vinoo Sanjay, Vibhendu and Bala)Mumbai72Open (City Winner)
7Mega-WTF (Gadre, Ramanand, Suraj, Kunal)Pune70Open (Qualified)
8Mustafa (Debashree, Lahar, Vijay, Vinod)Bangalore67Open (Qualified)
9Feni Vedi Vici and return of VG (Vidyadhar Gadgil, Nitish Wagle, Rajiv D'Silva, Annie Sen Gupta)Panjim66Open (City Winner)
Memory Bank (Saranya, Navin, Pravin, Anil)Chennai66Open (Qualified)
Forecasting Couch (Keshav, Ajay, Sumeer, SRS)Bangalore66Open (Qualified)
12Samy, Mamy, Barmy & Army (Alagar, Lakshmi, Bhargava, Khadiya)Hyderabad65Open (City Winner)
13Hammer and Tongs (Shouvik Guha, Jayashree Jayakar Mohanka, Kinshuk Biswas, Anil Vaswani)Kolkata61Open (City Winner)
Super Mario & Bros (Rohit, Mario, Pranav, Sudharshan)Chennai61Open
15Voulez-Vous Quizzer Avec Moi? (Annanya Deb, Shubhankar Gokhale, S. Venkatraghavan, Abhinav Dasgupta)Mumbai60Open
Inmaniacs (Gautam Ghosh, Abhijit Banerjee, Sudip Kalyan Roy, Anirudh Chari)Kolkata60Open
CIDs From Kerala (Captain, VR, Jithin, Hrishi)Bangalore60Open
18Kasturba Nagar Kasamusa (Jayadev, Swaroop, Anand, Siddharth)Chennai59College (All-India College winner)
19Swalpa Adjust Maadi (Balaji, Devi Prasad, Rajagopal, Arun)Chennai56Open
20We Made It (Abhishek Kapoor, Apratim Mukhopadhyay, Jyotesh Singh, Prateek Vijayvargia)Delhi55Open & College (City Winner)
Collected Works of Nexus Baggage (Venky, JK, Navin, Kivi)Bangalore55Open
22SJC Quizzers (Arul, Mollika,Sripradha)Bangalore54Open
23Family and Friend (Kaushik Chatterjee, Suchishree Chatterjee, Shaayak Chatterjee, Rushi Anandan)Mumbai53Open
Quiz Zara Zara (Dr. S. Bhatta, Priyamvada, Kazi, Amrit)Delhi53Open
25Salil, Maitreya, Nishanth, AbhishekBangalore52Open
26ICNH (Manu Sudhakar, Anil Raghavan)Thrissur50Open (City Winner)
Pilanian Eruption (Srisha, Utsab, KC, Eswar)Pune50Open
PMWP - Pussy Money Weed Peace (Mustafa Hashmi, Aditya Vikram, Rohan Naidu, Krishna Akhil)Hyderabad50Open
Tughluq (Udatta, Ajay, Ninad, Abhinav)Delhi50Open
Samaadhi's Minions (Murthy, Achyut Sanjay, Krittika Adhikary, Kiran)Delhi50Open
31Just In Time (Arun, Abhijit, Rushabh, Ashok)Thrissur48Open
32Undappori (Abid, Ravi, Roshith)Mumbai47Open
NITK (Ashwin, Pranav, Karthik, Soumya)Bangalore47College (City Winner)
34Quad Core Quizzers (Amit Pandya, Debashish, Karthik Ganesh, Sachin)Mumbai46Open
35Rag Tag (Ameya Samant, Suresh Kumar, Nikhil Sonde, Devang Ghia)Mumbai45Open
In It To Win It (Anjan, Lokeshwaran, Kartik, Arjun Murali)Coimbatore45Open (City Winner)
37Psychoceramics (Kshitij, Safal, Anurakshat, Maitreyi)Pune44Open
Every Doctor Has His Day (Dr. Sudhir Pai, Ajit V Rao, Dr. Mathew David, Anirudh)Bangalore44Open
39Post Quiz Bowwow (Samrat, Arnold, Avaneendra, Navin)Pune43Open
Some Real Devotees of Kinetic Energies (Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Somnath Chanda, Sumanta Gupta, SRD)Kolkata43Open
Khaali Peeli (Sarada Anne, Prasanna, Debjit, Anupam)Hyderabad43Open
The Village People (Tanmay, Preyoshi, Sreekanth, Sid Sen)Delhi43Open
43Twain (Prithwish, Sivajit, Kaushik, Vishnu)Mumbai42Open
Quattro (Sachin, Viswesh, Allen, Keshav)Bangalore42Open
45No Mata What You Call Us (Aditya, Bala, Gokul, Prashanth)Delhi39College
Balwantrai Ke Kuttey (Jitaditya, Bhaskar, Sandipan, Atul)Delhi39Open
47Sex Pistols (Veenu, Ashwin, Ananth, Rahul)Panjim38Open
48What's in a name? (Viola Rodrigues, Rhyes D'Souza, Shubham Tiwari, Shashwat Salgocar)Panjim36Open
This is also an important matterGuwahati36Open (City Winner)
Team of 4 (Kamal, Jitamitra, Saswat, Hari)Bhubaneswar36Open (City Winner)
51Docs and Sons (Dr. Unnikrishnan Menon, Dr. Binu Raju George, Niranjan Nair, Suraj Menon)Thrissur34Open
Rohan, Omkar, Payas, VibhavPune34Open
Doctor, Lawyer, Artist, PseudoEngineer (Sameer, Lokesh, Murtuza, Sukruth)Hyderabad34College (City Winner)
Team InfyChennai34Open
Rishi, Nikhil, Kunal, SiddhanthChennai34College
No Clue (Mayur, Mahesh, Arjun)Bangalore34Open
57Samaadhi's Disciples (Ankur Kaul, Anand Rao, Vinayak)Mumbai33College (City Winner)
M & the Chip Monks (Maya, Srikanth, Sumanth)Bangalore33Open
59Tirupur Tughlaqs (Senthil, Yogesh Pai, Prathaban)Coimbatore32Open
60Banda! Bindaas (Omkar, Jyoti Prakash, Sampad, Debashish)Bhubaneswar31College (City Winner)
42 (Ananya, Utkarsh, Pradyoth, Shyam)Bangalore31Open
Surprise Butt-Sex!! (Vishnu, Avaneendra, Balaji)Bangalore31College
63Abki Baari Matahari (Vivek, Abhishek, Anurag, Sumantra)Mumbai30Open
Akhil's Team (Akhil, Gayatri, Rahul, Aditya)Delhi30Open
65The Good For Nothings (Anand PS, Saeel Pai, R Samyak, Vedang Acharya)Panjim29School (All-India School Winner)
Moshir, Kartik, Hans George, Abhishek ShettyBangalore29College
Yaako Doubt (Aditya, Bhargava, Pranjali)Bangalore29Open
68Made in ChinaChennai28College
69The Powerpuff Boys (Lucky Kaul, Yash, Siddharth B Rao, Arjun)Hyderabad27School (City Winner)
Kozhikoddan Vazhapazham (Jinson, Sreejesh, Vishnu, Nandakumar)Delhi27Open
713G (Ramesh, Soundar, Shwetha)Bangalore26Open
72Beltola Kingdom BluesGuwahati25Open
You Tell Me (Barghav, Tanay)Bangalore25School (City Winner)
74Megawhatevers (Aditi, Gokul, Anway, Anurag)Pune23Open
Swedish House MaamiyarsChennai23College
Bajaunga!!! (Adarsh, Akshat, Pranav, Ritesh)Bhubaneswar23School (City Winner)
77Aak Pak Karepak (Pratyush, Akash, Kali)Mumbai22Open
Achint, Sri, KB, ArpitBangalore22Open
79Manjit, Nikhil, Vineet, NishitMumbai21Open
One Short of MajorityChennai21Open
Full Enthu Da (Chaitanya, Keerthan, Rohan, Sumanth)Bangalore21Open
82Most Wanted (Sriram, Aditya, Prasad, Adarsh)Mumbai20Open
RBI (Harita, Siddharth, Saugata)Mumbai20Open
Trivially Challenged (Nihal George, Chirag, Ishan, Prateek)Bangalore20Open
85The Fashionably Late Comers (Tanmay, Khadpe, Mohnish, Kunal)Panjim19School
Legion of Doom (Adwait, Shivam, Shashwat, Sudarshan)Mumbai19School (City Winner)
Babu Blacksheep (Chaitanya, Sharath Babu, Varun Reddy)Bangalore19Open
88Sudarshan, Shakeel, Amlan NasoomGuwahati18College (City Winner)
Pati, Patni aur Woe (Hemant, Haripriya, Vishwas)Bangalore18Open
90Inquizitive (Aditya Trivedi, Arpit Jain, Hindol Hazra, Surbhi Verma)Mumbai17School
Why So Studious??Chennai17College
92Vishnu Vijay, Shibin Azad, Aravind Anil, MidhunThrissur16Open
Logos (Sankar Roy, Rajib Roy)Kolkata16Open
Four Musketeers (Mukilan, Pranav, Surya Narayanan, Atitya Ragul)Coimbatore16College (City Winner)
Nameless WondersChennai16School (City Winner)
Shravan, VivekChennai16College
Three Men and a Goat (Akhil, Gaurang, Shaurya, Amith)Bangalore16School
984 Angry Men (Shyam, Hari, Anand, Akhilesh)Thrissur15School (City Winner)
100Unusual Suspects (Debajyoti, Prajwal, Souvik)Pune14Open
The HobbitsGuwahati14College
AbkiBaar (Abhinash, Joydeep, Amruta)Bhubaneswar14College
103Quiz Mafia (Aswin, Jomy, Samuel, Swathi)Thrissur13College (City Winner)
Team Rocket (Chinmay, Aniruddha, Pratik, Soham)Panjim13School
10513th Legion (Akhil R Nair, Feny Jay, Sivakumar, Vaisak)Thrissur12Open
Jurassic Sparx (Ashwin, Siddharth, Chaitanya, Kaivalya)Panjim12School
Team Thalaiva (Yash, Vishal, Akash, Rajat)Panjim12School
Ellipsis + 1 (Kavin Aadithiyan, Kathikeyan, Gowtham Sriram, Prasath)Coimbatore12College
Sharath, Sai Prasanth, Hari Krishna, Aayush PoddarCoimbatore12College
110Rahul Varma, Sohail NijasThrissur11College
Engicos (Praduya Rane, Akash Kulkarni, Mayur Shet, Suraj Kamat)Panjim11College (City Winner)
Dream Killers (Susan Das, Kaustav Das, Piyush Mishra, Subradeep)Bhubaneswar11School
113Caution: Explosive Brains (Muhammad Hashmi, Yashovardhan Shetty, Pranav Mihir Kandada)Hyderabad10School
Bottom Line (Ananta, Mufaddal)Bangalore10Open
116Xquizite (Nilarghya, Ritabrata, Arunabha)Kolkata9School (City Winner)
Team StresswaGuwahati9College
Cool Town Quizzers (Chandrasekhar)Bangalore9Open
119Kamal KaustavGuwahati8Open
Three and a Half Men (Lokesh, Ajai, Kanishk, Arvind)Coimbatore8College
Siddharth, Karthik, Ankush, BenedictBangalore8Open
122Wonder Wizards (Prateek Mishra, Sankalp Mohanty, Pattanaik)Bhubaneswar7School
FAPS 8th Std (Mihir, George, John, Siddhant)Bangalore7School
Blunders Pride (Deven, Soumya)Bangalore7Open
125Error 404 Team Not Found (Shubham, Siddharth, Hemang, Viplav)Mumbai6School
126Neharika, KritikaPune5Open
Google United (Ayush, Abhed, Sriram, Aditya)Panjim5School
Spartans (Sai Krishnan, Ramanathan, Nishanth, Aneesh)Coimbatore5Open
Team K (Siddharth Mishra, Rahul Dey, S. Dey)Bhubaneswar5Open
Illuminati (Anirudh, Amogh, Atul P, Atul Simha)Bangalore5Open

Dubai scores:

1. Alok Mohan, Shafeek M K, Ramkey V – 56
2. Raunaq P, Jonathan, Zahid R, Sandeepan – 41
3. Anirudh S, Shreyas R, Shreyas S, Sahil G – 33
4. Srini K, Antara J, Ranjani J, Raghu, Ambarish – 21
5. Sherin, Amrutha, Aiswarya – 12

* Answer sheets from Guwahati have not been received so re-correction for them has not been done
** Standings have been updated and names added after receiving answer sheets from Mumbai
*** Dubai results added in separate section
**** Names of team members in Bhubaneswar added

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