You can download a PDF copy of all the Mahaquizzer papers and their accompanying answer keys here. You can also download the MindSweep and AsiaSweep questions from this page. Click on any of the links below to open the files or right-click to save to your computer.

AsiaSweep 2017–Questions

AsiaSweep 2017–Answers

MindSweep 2017–Questions only

Part I

Download (PDF, 865KB)

Part II

Download (PDF, 774KB)

MindSweep 2017: Answers

Part I

Download (PDF, 874KB)

Part II

Download (PDF, 781KB)

Mahaquizzer 2016–Questions Only

Download (PDF, 505KB)

Mahaquizzer 2016–Answer Key

Download (PDF, 4.05MB)

MindSweep 2016–Questions Only

Part I:  

Download (PDF, 769KB)

Part II:

Download (PDF, 804KB)

MindSweep 2016–Answer Keys

Part I:

Download (PDF, 783KB)

Part II:

Download (PDF, 526KB)

Mahaquizzer 2015–Questions Only

Download (PDF, 733KB)

Mahaquizzer 2015–Answer Key

Download (PDF, 815KB)

MindSweep 2015–Questions Only
Part I

Download (PDF, 844KB)

Part II

Download (PDF, 662KB)

MindSweep 2015–Answers Only
MindSweep 2015 Part I Answer Key
MindSweep 2015 Part II Answer Key

MahaQuizzer 2014 Questions

MahaQuizzer 2014 Answers

MindSweep 2014 Part I

MindSweep 2014 Part II

MindSweep 2014 Part I–Answer Key

MindSweep 2014 Part II–Answer Key

Mahaquizzer Middle East 2014 – Questions

Mahaquizzer Middle East 2014 – Answers

Download (PDF, 4.44MB)

Download (PDF, 324KB)

Download (PDF, 322KB)

MindSweep PushUp # 1 – Questions

Mahaquizzer 2013 (May) Questions

Mahaquizzer 2013 (May) Answers

Mahaquizzer Middle East 2013 – Questions

Mahaquizzer Middle East 2013 – Answers

MindSweep 2.0 – Questions I
MindSweep 2.0 – Questions II

MindSweep 2.0 – Answers I
MindSweep 2.0 – Answers II

Mahaquizzer 2012 – Questions
Mahaquizzer 2012 – Answers

Mahaquizzer 2011
Mahaquizzer 2011 Answers

Mahaquizzer 2010
Mahaquizzer 2010 answers

Mahaquizzer 2009
Mahaquizzer 2009 answers

Mahaquizzer 2008
Mahaquizzer 2008 answers

Mahaquizzer 2007
Mahaquizzer 2007 answers

Mahaquizzer 2006
Mahaquizzer 2006 answers

Mahaquizzer 2005
Mahaquizzer 2005 answers

MindSweep 2012

Selected quizzes from the 2010-2011 season


Selected quizzes from the 2009-2010 season


Quizzes at ASKQANCE 2008





Other quizzes from the 2008-2009 season